8 Wrestlers Vince Would Love To Fire And 7 Triple H Would Want To Get Rid Of

They have to agree on one before they pull the trigger... 8 Wrestlers Vince Would Love To Fire And 7 Triple H Would Want To Get Rid Of.

"You're FIIIRED!"

Fans have heard these infamous words throughout Vince McMahon's tenure running the company. Today, Vince is still going strong and controls most of what goes on in his company. Enter Triple H. Triple H is no outsider and has been with WWE since 1995. Triple H has been a major power in the company since becoming a member of "The Kliq." Today, Triple H is literally running certain aspects of the company, namely NXT. Despite Triple H's many years in WWE, it's obvious Vince has the business sense while Triple H has the wrestling mind.

Vince McMahon clearly sees dollar signs in the bodybuilder type wrestler with the look that’s larger than life. However, Triple H isn't beholden to this rule. Triple H caters more towards who is over with the fans regardless of their look, hoping good wrestling skills will bring people to watch. Also, Triple H is looking to the future whereas Vince seems stuck the past, bringing back the likes of Goldberg, and The Rock. From a business standpoint, there is immediate value in those past stars, but Triple H knows he can't build a future looking backwards.

Considering the different tastes in talent between Triple H and Vince McMahon, there are clearly superstars that Vince wouldn’t mind firing for various reasons. In contrast, there are superstars that Triple H would also love to get rid of but can't because of support from either the fans or Vince McMahon himself. Still, Vince McMahon and Triple H are clearly not fans of certain superstars. This list details 8 superstars that Vince McMahon would love to fire and 7 that Triple H would love to get rid of.

15 Vince Would Fire: Shinsuke Nakamura


While Shinsuke Nakamura was a big signing for Triple H and a big part of NXT, "The Artist" has fallen out of favor with Vince McMahon. During a huge number one contender’s match for the WWE Championship, Nakamura went toe to toe with Vince McMahon’s golden boy, John Cena. While Nakamura would surprisingly come out victorious, a botched back suplex dropped Cena on his head. Cena would avoid serious injury, but the scare infuriated Vince. Nakamura was rumored to receive a dressing down, and Nakamura would lose his title match against Jinder Mahal.

Nakamura isn’t your typical Vince McMahon superstar. He’s not a seven foot bodybuilder, and he’s from the independent circuit. The only thing keeping Nakamura in WWE is the fan support and possibly Triple H, who is protective of his NXT signings. Still, as long as Vince is in charge, Nakamura needs to walk carefully having already received one strike from the Chairman.

14 Triple H Would Fire: Brock Lesnar


Yes, if there was ever someone that Triple H would want to see leave, believe it or not, it would be the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, BrrrOCK LLLesnar!” Lesnar’s exorbitant contract expires soon, and Triple H would love to see him walk rather than offer “The Beast” with another lucrative contract.

Triple H is a great businessman and certainly understands the value of Brock Lesnar, but Triple H isn’t Vince McMahon. While Vince McMahon is stuck in the past, bringing in part-timers for the short term, Triple H is looking towards the future. Triple H knows he’s getting the company when Vince finally relents, and he knows he can’t build a future with Brock Lesnar. Unlike McMahon, Triple H is thinking long term and creating a roster with guys he signs and builds up in NXT. That’s the future Triple H would rather see moving forward. Triple H wants to see money going towards younger full-time talent, rather than shipping more millions to Lesnar for limited dates.

13 Vince Would Fire: Sasha Banks


For whatever reason, Vince McMahon has it in for Sasha Banks. Sasha has been in grueling matches with Charlotte Flair, many of them “firsts” for the Women’s Division. "The Boss" has huge fan support, rivaling the support of even Bayley. She was a member of the “Four Horsewomen” in NXT and is a huge part of the ongoing “Women’s Revolution.” Yet, Vince still isn’t impressed. Despite being a 4 time Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha’s booking has been very bizarre. She’s never had a reign last longer than a month. Rumors circulated that Vince wasn’t pleased with Sasha’s first ever Hell in a Cell match for the Raw Women’s Title after Sasha failed to break through a table. Whatever the reason, the botched finish soured Vince even further despite her large following.

12 Triple H would fire: Shane McMahon


The Shane McMahon situation is a bit complicated. Shane McMahon is Triple H’s brother-in-law, and while that should help Triple H’s stock it actually works against him. Despite Shane being the son to inherit the family company, much like McMahon Sr. did with his son Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Shane resigned from WWE to "pursue outside ventures." Triple H and Stephanie remained in the company throughout Shane's absence, and appeared to be the clear heirs of the company.  Now, Shane has returned to ensure he gets at least half of what is owed to him from birth. If this sounds like a Game of Thrones plot it's not far off. Shane wants a piece of that pie and is a threat to Triple H's full control. If Shane O Mac ever leaves the company again, the “King of Kings” most likely won’t be welcoming him back.

11 Vince Would Fire: Baron Corbin


Baron Corbin is a lot like the superstar Vince would cater towards. Corbin is a tall powerhouse and has a unique look. His mic skills are decent, and he’s a recipient of the Money in the Bank contract as well as an Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy winner. Corbin was another product of the farm system that WWE loves to flaunt and was pushed almost on day one on the Smackdown brand, feuding with WWE’s biggest stars, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles and The Miz.

However, Corban would lose his title match after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and rumors circulated that the loss stemmed from backstage heat.  Corbin reportedly spoke out against the WWE doctor, Joseph Maroon, when he made light of a study as proof that all football players eventually develop CTE. Corbin spoke out and officials didn't take kindly to it. Maroon is a loyal company man and ripping the doctor, right or wrong, obviously isn’t going to sit well with Vince.

10 Triple H Would Fire: Enzo Amore

#HowYouDoin? 🥇

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Enzo Amore should be a success story for the company to tout. He’s not an “Indy darling,” and has come up shining from the WWE system. With his tag team partner, Big Cass, Enzo got insanely over in NXT and later on the main roster. Enzo has split with Big Cass and is now in the Cruiserweight Division drawing for 205 Live. The problem with Enzo is his mouth and ego.

Enzo really does think he’s “a certified G. and a bonafide stud” bragging about his WWE status like he’s a big shot. Enzo has reportedly brought guests backstage to the WWE locker room and made an open appearance at the McGregor/Mayweather fight.

If it were up to Triple H, surely Enzo and his ego would have been "future endeavored" by now. However, Vince McMahon sees Enzo as an asset to the Cruiserweight Division. "The realest guy in the room" still gets a great reaction and, despite his antics, Enzo has been given a chance to sink or swim. Right now, to Triple H's chagrin, Enzo's still treading water, “how ya doin'?”

9 Vince Would Fire: Paige


Let’s be honest, it’s anyone’s guess how Paige is still employed in the company. She’s the fiancée of Alberto Del Rio who didn’t leave WWE on great terms and has been involved in several public violent altercations. Vince has disapproved of the relationship since day one and fans are beginning to see why. Paige has taken it upon herself to take time off for neck surgery and has been suspended twice for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy, once for an illegal substance. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige is reportedly not returning to Total Divas. Maybe Vince has plans for her as part of the “Women’s Revolution" when she's cleared to wrestle.  Or maybe he just wants her to job to Nia Jax when she returns to make an example out of her. One thing is certain, any more Wellness violations and WWE won’t be “her house” any longer.

8 Triple H Would Fire: Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan is another embodiment of a Vince McMahon pet peeve. Bryan is a small, “injury prone,” “King of the Indies” wrestler that normally Vince would never push. However, with Bryan now retired from the ring, Vince wants to capitalize on Bryan’s popularity, keeping him on WWE television as General Manager of SmackDown. Right now Vince is happy. The “Flying Goat” is still in the WWE and not wrestling for a rival company like Global Force Wrestling/Impact Wresting. Vince retains Bryan popularity without having him wrestle and interfere with Vince's push of Roman Reigns. However, if Triple H had his way, Bryan would be gone.

Despite Triple H putting Bryan over at WrestleMania XXX, Triple H and Bryan haven’t always seen eye to eye. Triple H and Bryan were seen backstage shouting at each other after Triple H stopped Bryan’s match after Triple H believed Bryan was concussed. Bryan was furious. Lest the fans forget the curious booking of Bryan when he was white hot, there is likely still animosity between Triple H and Bryan. Where Vince would be leery of letting Bryan go and losing his presence in the WWE and on Total Bellas, Triple H isn’t concerned about such things and would probably be saying “YES!” if Bryan left WWE.

7 Vince Would Fire: Titus O’Neil


Strangely, Titus O’Neil isn’t in Vince’s favor and is walking a thin line currently. This is odd considering Titus has many of the features Vince looks for in a superstar. Titus is 6’6”, above average on the mic and, despite his size, can move well in the ring. Titus has the chiseled body but can’t seem to get any breaks for a big man. To make matters worse, Titus got himself in hot water for “unprofessional conduct” involving Vince himself. Titus was suspended but is still working in the company today at 40 years old. Still, it’s highly unlikely that Vince McMahon is a fan of the “Titus Brand” but Titus' charity work, "Celebrity Dad of the Year" award and support from his friend, Batista, has kept Titus Worldwide from being defunct, at least for now.

6 Triple H Would Fire: Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho and Triple H have a history of not getting along in the WWE. The business is a dog-eat-dog world and when Chris Jericho came to the WWE, Triple H saw Jericho as a threat to his own rise. Both Triple H and Y2J were rising to the top about the same time, and Triple H did everything he could to keep Jericho down. After a two year hiatus from the company, "The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla" would return to WWE, and a seemingly vindictive Triple H still held a grudge against Jericho and mocked him as a “savior” behind the scenes. While Jericho seems to have no problem with Triple H currently, Jericho represents a company that Triple H is still bitter towards, WCW and a man that threatened his rise to the top of WWE. Chris Jericho. "You just made the list!"

5 Vince Would Fire: Lana


Lana is female version of a perfect Vince McMahon wrestler. Lana is blonde, tall and beautiful making wrestling skills optional. "The Ravishing Russian" was featured heavily as Rusev’s manager (and now wife) and a big part of the storylines involving “The Bulgarian Brute.” Unfortunately, Lana broke the cardinal rule in wrestling: never break character.

During a storyline in which Lana and her husband were feuding against each other, Lana posted pictures of their wedding, happily married and contrary to their relationship in the storyline. The WWE Creative Team was forced to change plans and pair Lana and Rusev once again on television. Though it seems like Creative and Vince McMahon still have plans for Lana, with her wrestling career sans Rusev and new gimmick, her stock in the WWE isn’t nearly as strong as it was. Lana’s wresting skills are poor and with the parting of ways with Eva Marie, the supermodel looks may not be enough for Vince to keep Lana around.

4 Triple H Would Fire: Paul Heyman


Although not a wrestler, there is another personality that Triple H would love to be rid of and "ladies and gentlemen, (his) name is Paul Heyman." Heyman has pretty much been invaluable in promoting his client, Brock Lesnar. He’s been Lesnar’s mouthpiece and hasn’t disappointed. However, Heyman is notorious for butting heads with McMahons, especially Triple H’s wife, Stephanie, when both were members of the Creative Team at the same time. If Lesnar leaves after this coming WrestleMania, you can bet Heyman is gone too. Heyman was (maybe still is) a thorn in the side of the McMahon family, formerly running a rival company, ECW, and conflicting with Stephanie.  It's unlikely that Triple H wants to retain Lesnar’s advocate and probably hates dealing with him now.

3 Vince Would Fire: Finn Balor


Finn Balor may be the representation of everything Vince hates in a wrestler. Balor has subpar mic skills, short stature and is a notorious “indie darling.” Even worse, with Finn being injured during the match where he would become the first ever Universal Champion, Balor is likely to be perceived as "fragile." While Balor, is excellent in the ring, Vince sees him as an injury prone “spot monkey.”

In a company with Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor just doesn't have "the look" of someone that can win an actual fight.  The Demon character is Balor’s only saving grace in Vince McMahon’s mind. However, being another Triple H guy and being a huge favorite among fans may be the only reasons we see any semblance of a push for "The Demon."  Though, a world title is definitely out of the question.  Fans should just be glad seeing him in WWE at this point.

2 Triple H Would Fire: Darren Young


Darren Young provided WWE with some positive publicity after Young came out as the first active openly gay wrestler in WWE back in 2013. WWE handled the situation perfectly, and Young along with his Tag Team partner, Titus O’Neil, seemed to be in line for a serious push. Unfortunately, an injury and inconsistent booking hurt the "Prime Time Players" and left Young’s career in limbo.

“Mr. No Days Off” appeared to receive a singles push as Bob Backlund’s protégé and mimicked Donald Trump’s slogan to “Make Darren Young Great Again.” Unfortunately, more erratic booking ensued, and Young became, once again, injured. Sadly, Young’s impact has been underwhelming, and there’s no doubt Young may be at the top of the list to be future endeavored. Yet, Vince McMahon may be leery about releasing Young in fear of possible backlash from the LGBT community. Still, with the injuries and inconsistent booking, no one would be surprised if soon Darren Young became “Mr. All Days Off” from WWE.

1 Vince Would Fire: Sami Zayn



Undersized, not a big icon... Notice a pattern here? Sami Zayn's booking has been very poor on the main roster and it's just another example of an NXT star not getting a fair shake once making it to the main roster. Vince has not given Zayn a chance to carry the title or come out on top in a meaningful feud and let it lead to bigger things. Zayn's mic skills are good enough when need be and we all know the kind of matches he's capable of doing. However, it seems Vince just isn't too keen on another underdog character like the one Zayn seems to portray. Fortunately for Zayn, he's pretty tight with Triple H so his job is safe for now, but Vince wouldn't keep him around long if it were up to him.

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8 Wrestlers Vince Would Love To Fire And 7 Triple H Would Want To Get Rid Of