8 Wrestlers Who Are Friends With Stephanie McMahon And 7 Who Are Her Enemies

Stephanie McMahon is the only daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and perhaps one of the best-known WWE TV personalities of this generation. She has been voted the most hated wrestler by PWI twice in her career and still continues to portray one of the most hated women in Sports Entertainment.

Stephanie has been appearing on WWE TV in the past three decades and has since married former World Champion Triple H and given birth to three daughters.

Even as a mother Stephanie continues to be the most powerful woman in WWE. She helps with booking and controls almost everything that happens with the Women's Division. But with this power, comes a lot of hate.

The Vincess has brushed shoulders with a lot of wrestlers over the past few years and not all of them have walked away from WWE on good terms. As a boss, Stephanie has proved many times that she has the power to make the big decisions in WWE and if she dislikes someone then she will be the reason their career is over.

That being said, there are a lot of people that have grown to love Stephanie over the past few years. She is a talented wife and mother, she is an incredible figurehead for the WWE. She is also one of the most charitable people in the company.

There have been many rumours online about Stephanie and the way she treats many of the staff backstage in WWE, but it still seems that there are more people that love her than hate her. She may be the most powerful woman in the company, but her real life character is so much different to the one she portrays on screen. The former Women's Champion is well aware that she is now considered to be a role model for many little girls and has become one worthy of being looked up too.

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18 Friend: Seth Rollins

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Over the past two years, Seth Rollins has been the Superstar chosen to represent The Authority and everything they stand for. Rollins has fought with some of the biggest stars in WWE and always had Stephanie in his corner.

Stephanie and Triple H have helped to mould Seth Rollins into the Superstar that he is today and it seems that he truly thanks, both authority figures for this. Before he was taken under the wing of Stephanie and Hunter, Seth was not half the heel Superstar that he eventually became and that is mostly due to the help from these two stars. Even though they are currently at odds on WWE TV, it is obvious that outside of wrestling, these two are still close friends.

17 Enemy: Shane McMahon

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One of the biggest storylines currently in WWE revolves around the fact that Stephanie and Shane McMahon have no love lost for each other. The siblings have often come to blows inside a WWE ring with Shane returning back in February and revealing that he was only back because Steph was running WWE into the ground.

As with many siblings, these two often fight it out for their father's affection, even though it seems that Stephanie has already won that fight. The battle itself continues. Right now Raw and SmackDown are in a ratings war to prove which McMahon is a better booker so that they can then win the affections of their father WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon. We know that Shane and Stephanie love each other but that doesn't mean they have to be the best of friends; especially in business.

16 Friend: Triple H

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It's hard to not love your wife, but Triple H manages to go home and to work with Stephanie and has done so for more than a decade. The duo were involved in some of the most insane storylines in WWE history more than ten years ago and still remain together, just as strong as they were when they first married.

Now the couple have three beautiful daughters and somehow manage to split their time between being major shareholders in the biggest wrestling company in the world, appearing on WWE TV, and being a loving family. This is something that would take hard work and a lot of mutual acceptance. Triple H and Stephanie are definitely cut out for both as they have proved time and again.

15 Enemy: Rob Van Dam


The former ECW Champion was once the new guy on the roster in WWE and back in 2002 it seemed likely that Rob Van Dam was set to lift the World Championship. That was until Stephanie stepped in. The Billion Dollar Princess then began to favour Triple H over Rob and it was Hunter that then lifted the title instead.

Stephanie was dating Hunter at the time and it seems that she favoured him over RVD because of this personal connection. Rob spoke about the way creative held him back in a lot of interviews after he departed from the company and headed over to TNA, but it seems it wasn't a lasting problem since Van Dam returned to the company a few years later.

14 Friend: Becky Lynch


The Irish Lasskicker has gone through some hard times in her life and it was wrestling that allowed her to finally see the light. After being trained in Ireland by none other than former NXT Champion Finn Balor, Becky Lynch has realized her dream of becoming a WWE Superstar and was brought up to the main roster last year by Stephanie McMahon.

Becky has stated on many occasions that she respects Stephanie for everything she is doing within WWE as well as the fact that she is a woman in a position of power in a male-dominated industry. Stephanie works hard on a daily basis, gives all her time to some of the most worthy charitable causes, and always looks incredible doing it. What is not to like?

13 Enemy: CM Punk

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It is hard to narrow down the people that CM Punk does hate, but The McMahon's are definitely on the list. One of the reasons Punk left WWE was because he found out that he was going to have to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXX and he was not open to it as he felt the main event was rightfully his.

Triple H obviously felt this was disrespectful and the two have failed to see eye to eye ever since. WWE fired CM Punk on his wedding day, something that he is not likely to forgive the company for anytime soon. Obviously, the McMahons are the faces that run the company so Punk's anger and dislike will be aimed towards them. Stephanie is an enemy by association.

12 Friend: Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella has had a long career in WWE and that is mainly thanks to the company bringing the Bella Twins back in 2013 and deciding to launch Total Divas around them.

If the company had never brought them back then they would have become a footnote in WWE history, but instead, Nikki is now the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, and now that the title has been retired, the reign will never be broken or equaled. This reign was not all Nikki's doing since Stephanie is heavily involved in the booking of the Women's Division. It's obvious that she was the one pulling the strings and allowing Nikki to break AJ Lee's (more reason for Punk hatred) record that was created back in 2014.

11 Enemy: Paul Heyman

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Paul Heyman and Stephanie have often collided when it came to the creative insights of WWE. One of the biggest feuds of the early 2000s was between Stephanie and Paul Heyman. Heyman was controlling SmackDown and Steph was the one pulling the strings on Raw and this then led to Heyman's firing.

The reason for this was said to have been because Heyman's SmackDown show was fairing better than Steph's and she was not happy about it. It was said that Heyman was hard to work with and wouldn't listen to criticism so it was time for the company to part with him. During Heyman's famous documentary it was made blatantly obvious that the pair did not like each other but they are now both forced to work together on Raw.

10 Friend: Trish Stratus

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Stephanie and Trish Stratus have mutual respect for one another, they were rising up in WWE when women were not supposed to be fighters. They started a revolution long before it was cool and they became very good friends in doing so.

Both women are now mothers and still continue to work hard for their families while the mutual bond that they created during their years in the WWE spotlight together will always be there. Along with Lita, these three women are some of the hardest ones to come out of WWE over the past few decades and Lita has even since returned to work for the company in a backstage role. Maybe it's true what they say, wrestling friends are the best kind of friends.

9 Enemy: Chris Jericho

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Much like the Rob Van Dam situation, Stephanie favoured Triple H over Chris Jericho but unlike RVD, Y2J was given the Championship. However, thanks to Stephanie he was made to look like a joke of a Champion.

From 2001-2002 Stephanie treated Jericho as her lackey and it didn't help him get over with the WWE Universe at all. This hurt Jericho as Champion and didn't do a lot when it came to Jericho being seen as a worthy Champion going forward in his career. Jericho and Stephanie had a painfully awkward few years after this and now appear to be somewhat friendly with each other. However, there is a find line between enemy and friend here. Frenemy?

8 Friend: The Rock

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The Rock has probably one of the best deals with WWE. He can return to the company whenever he wants, and while he's there he can say whatever he wants, do whatever he wants, and even promote his own movies.

Triple H and Stephanie were even open to stepping into a feud with The Rock and former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey a few years ago, which shows how much Steph and Triple H respect The Rock and everything he has done for WWE. The Rock doesn't have to keep returning to the company, but he does it because of the friends he made during his career that are still there, the fans, and the respect he has for The Authority. Who knows, maybe we will even see The Rock face Triple H and WrestleMania?

7 Enemy: Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn only had a short stint in WWE but in the time she was with the company, she managed to make an enemy out of Stephanie McMahon. The story states that Kaitlyn approached McMahon while she was backstage having a private discussion, something that the Divas Champion refused to respect.

Steph then scolded the Diva for this and a few weeks later the muscular Diva was forced to drop the Divas Championship to AJ Lee. That wasn't the end of it either since Stephanie then created a segment on Raw where she warned Kaitlyn to never interrupt her again. This didn't make any sense to the casual fans and seemed like it was just Steph's way of airing her dirty laundry. Kaitlyn asked for her release from the company not long after as well.

6 Friend: Brie Bella

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Brie Bella only ever won one Championship during her lengthy WWE career but back at SummerSlam 2014, she achieved something much greater. Brie Bella was given the honor of being able to step into the ring with Stephanie McMahon.

Steph hadn't wrestled for many years leading up to this but because of Daniel Bryan's injury, he was unable to compete and so the women decided to settle the score instead. Brie is a huge fan of Stephanie and loved the fact that she was able to step in the ring with the former Women's Champion. While the match definitely wasn't match of the night, it did the job that it was intended for and Brie was allowed to retire with an accomplishment that not many women can compare to.

5 Enemy: AJ Lee

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It is no secret that AJ Lee and Stephanie McMahon have a lot of heat between them. AJ and the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon have clashed on WWE TV many times with Steph obviously always coming out on top.

AJ referred to Stephanie as 'Boss Lady' on Monday Night Raw and the duo then had a short Twitter war after AJ accused Stephanie of not using her stature to help women's rights. McMahon tweeted thanking Patricia Arquette for raising the profile of women's rights before AJ then told Stephanie that she should use her voice in her own company and help change the fact that women's were only paid a fraction of the amount the men were despite being almost equal to them on screen and in merchandise sales.

4 Friend: Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks was one of three NXT Superstars that Stephanie welcomed to the main roster back in the Summer of 2015 and officially began the 'Divas Revolution.'

Banks has admitted many times that she sees Stephanie as her biggest role model. She looks up to Steph for everything she has achieved in WWE and doesn't actually view her as her boss, but as someone, she aspires to be. Even though Sasha herself is a former NXT and WWE Women's Champion she still considers herself to be learning her craft in WWE and with Stephanie helping book the Women's Division and giving the women direction going forward, it seems the females of WWE have a very bright future ahead of them. Stephanie is owed her due for helping feature the women in a prominent light.




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