8 Wrestlers Who Are John Cena's Friends And 7 Who Are His Enemies

Over the course of his career, John Cena has grown into one of the most polarizing yet most popular superstars in the WWE, as the 15 time World Champion has had his share of fans and haters in his path to greatness. Cena is now a veteran of the WWE, having been in the company for over 15 years and now starting to work in lesser matches but still has that drive in him which made him what he is right now. Cena obviously has a ton of haters in the WWE Universe, with most of the more mature fans not being able to stand him for his gimmick, but he still has his share of fans in the Universe nonetheless because of his work in and out of the ring.

In the locker room, Cena seems to have been an influential figure for a number of years now as he has a lot of influence on Vince McMahon as well. This has sparked rumors from people that he continuously wants his character to be on the top with a title around his waist, as Cena’s achievements are both hated and celebrated, depending on who you ask in the locker room. John’s actually a cool dude outside the wrestling ring and has his share of friends who love to work out or hang out with him; Cena’s also actually pretty friendly to the newcomers and always helps them settle into the environment.

Of course, because there are friends, there will also be enemies in the company as well. We’ve seen cases of so many wrestlers publicly voicing their anguish towards the leader of the Cenation with personal cases of how Cena screwed them, and these people still have a lot of animosity towards him. Obviously Cena isn’t a saint either, burying a number of superstars in order to get to where he is, and he’s done some very questionable things in his personal life as well. Let’s have a look at 8 wrestlers who are John Cena's buddies, and 7 who would call him their enemy.

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21 Daniel Bryan - Friend

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Daniel Bryan is a good guy, plain and simple - not only in the WWE, but also outside it as the former World Champion seems to be in good terms with almost everyone on the roster. The same rings true towards John Cena, as both of them have been hanging around for quite a bit in the past few years now. Bryan is married to Brie Bella while John is dating Nikki, and both are almost family right now, spending time with each other and getting to know each other very well. Cena and Bryan have had their share of problems in the past and even though they don’t see eye-to-eye on specific things in the company, they are pals outside the ring and Bryan is quite fond of Cena which can be seen on Total Divas, where both of them are featured. This bond between them continues to grow as Bryan hopes Cena can become family if he marries Nikki, but until then the leader of the Cenation and the ultimate underdog keep a strong relationship between them.

20 Alex Riley - Enemy

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Alex Riley was a prominent up and coming mid-carder after his entertaining stint as the manager of The Miz, only to get his career ruined by John Cena. Apparently Cena had some unknown, unreasonable heat with Riley and kept going after him every day at work. Riley, being the junior, had to listen to his superior, as Cena would often thrash him for not working right in the ring and always told him to do things better, in spite of Riley performing his matches to the best of his abilities. Apparently, Riley once caught Cena going through his backpack and found some vitamins, as if he was going through it in order to find a reason to get Alex Riley fired. Cena’s resentment for Riley is still pretty mysterious, as Riley didn’t seem to be anyone who’d want to have beef with him and just did his things as well as he could. In the end, Riley would be buried, going on to job in NXT while Cena moved on with his fame. It’s no secret that Riley hates him to the core for destroying his career without any reason whatsoever, and even though Alex has never been vocal about it, you can expect how much he resents Cena.

19 Cesaro - Friend

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John Cena might have his share of enemies in the locker room, but his rather cool attitude and helpful nature towards the newer talent often gets him more friends than enemies. That’s the case with Cesaro, who has been close to Cena for sometime now as the two have bonded over. Like Cena, Cesaro is known for his inhuman strength which has been on display for the last few years as he has hit the “Cesaro Swing” to even the mightiest of opponents; Cesaro is the training partner for Cena as well. They both hit the gym together and take each other to the limit and have loads of fun with each other while training together. Their closeness was again showcased when Cesaro went to visit Cena (who was undergoing shoulder surgery in January this year) to offer him moral support. Cena should be pleased to know that the Swiss Superman has his back, as the two share quite a bond in the WWE right now.

18 Kenny Dykstra - Enemy

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Kenny Dykstra was a part of the “Spirit Squad” as the male cheerleader gang had nothing to do with John Cena, never even really interacting with him. But on a personal side, Kenny would have a beef and distinct hate for Cena because of all the things he did to him during his time in the WWE. During his stint with the company, Kenny was dating WWE Diva Mickie James, and apparently Cena broke up their relationship when Kenny discovered that James was cheating on him with Cena. Kenny was then drafted to Smackdown, and released from the company sometime later. Since then, Kenny has gone on various rants where he has revealed dirt on the personal side of Cena in the backstage, as he claimed him to be lobbying for Randy Orton’s dismissal from the company. Kenny has also stated on how Cena made their relationship bad, as he didn’t want to talk or shake hands with him and only boiled the hate Kenny had. We can’t be sure on whether all of this is true or not, but knowing some of Cena’s personal dirty laundry, we can’t exactly dismiss the hate Kenny is spreading about Cena.

17 Sheamus - Friend

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John Cena has a history of being quite friendly with international superstars who join the WWE, and he hit it off with the Irishman in Sheamus as well. Cena would not only put over Sheamus when he came to the WWE, as Sheamus beat Cena for the WWE title, but was also pals with him in real life as both of them became close. Cena would look after his friend backstage and help him adapt to life in the WWE, as well as helping establishing him as a top superstar by relinquishing his title to him. Cena and Sheamus’ friendship is quite evident, as pictures of both of them dining together and often even working out together have surfaced online in the past few years, as they seem to hit it off pretty well considering that their rise in the company was pretty similar. Cena would be glad that he has the backing of the Irishman, who can definitely stand up for him whenever needed as he loves to fight.

16 Mr. Kennedy - Enemy

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John Cena is known for his influential status in the back, and often uses it for his own good and other’s misery. Mr. Kennedy felt the power of backstage politics when Cena decided to “bury him” along with his friend Randy Orton. Mr. Kennedy was a promising wrestler who was plagued by injuries and addiction during his WWE days, but felt the wrath of the backstage power of Cena when he and Orton complained to management of Kennedy’s brash wrestling style which hurt people. Kennedy would be fired because of this, and had to say this about Cena: "Besides some personal burials that have taken place… I'm just not a huge fan." He also went on to state that when you’d make a mistake in WWE, they’d just stand and smile while stabbing you in the back. We’d assume he’s talking about Cena’s involvement, as he's one of the guys Kennedy really despises from his stint in the company.

15 Chris Jericho - Friend

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“The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla’” Chris Jericho has the reputation of being very warm to up and coming superstars as he often puts over the youngsters by taking defeats from them, so that they can ride on it and go onto bigger things. Jericho and Cena might have had some very heated feuds in the past, but behind the scenes they seem to be pretty warm with each other. They’re superb chemistry in the ring is because of their chemistry outside it, as they often hang out with each other, with Jericho regarding Cena as a good buddy. They also seem to have some crazy stories together, as Y2J stated off one incident where he got so drunk that Cena had to drag and tuck him into bed, as he woke up to see Cena drinking beer and scrolling through his music. Well as we all know, the strongest of friendships often are results of crazy incidents like these and Jericho seems to be quite close to Cena in real life, which is always good for the leader of the Cenation.

14 Batista - Enemy

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Batista rose alongside John Cena in the WWE, as both of them won a lot of titles in their different brands before being finally properly pit together in 2010. Batista would leave the WWE in the same year, and points to Cena as one of the reason’s he left the company. He states on how the PG environment didn’t suit him, and how Cena was the core of the reason WWE becoming PG. He said: “I think, you know, they did the whole PG direction thing, I think that works for Cena; the little kids love him, cause he’s a great character, he’s someone they can look up to. The girls love him, good looking guy, says all the right things, does all the right things, but the hardcore fans can’t stand him. He is Mr. Hokey, Mr. PG… to me; he killed hardcore, edgy wrestling.” Woof. That’s some hate towards the man. Even though one can’t really point to Cena at how WWE books him or the shows, you can’t really blame Batista for hating what Cena stands for and his influence in the product as the Animal doesn’t seem to be scared of revealing his disliking for the 15 time World Champion.

13 Samoa Joe - Friend

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Samoa Joe has some history with John Cena, as the two were buds way back in the days when both of them were trying to break through in the WWE. Back in the days when Cena and Joe were both in UPW(a developmental territory for the WWE), they hanged out with each other a lot and trained together in order to make it big in the WWE. They were very close at the time as Cena often went to Joe’s house to eat dinner with Joe’s family. According to Cena himself, Joe had quite an influence in his “Doctor of Thuganomics” gimmick as both would practice their rap after dinner at Joe’s house. In a recent interview, Joe stated of his admiration for Cena and spoke on how he was never doubtful that Cena would become a big star, as the both who were best of pals at the time can again reignite their friendship as they are now both in high positions in the WWE.

12 Mickie James - Enemy

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Mickie James was on top of the WWE’s Women’s Division in 2008, and was the girlfriend of Kenny Dykstra at the time as well. That was until she fell in love with John Cena, and hanging around John Cena kept her at the top with a belt with her. Kenny was drafted to Smackdown when he discovered their relationship, but things quickly turned sour for Mickie who wanted to date Cena, but the later said no. When Cena would keep ignoring her and later on went onto marry his high-school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau, James would not be able to cope with it and “flipped out” because of it. That resulted in Mickie being drafted to Smackdown, and later being a victim of the awful “Piggy James” angle and was also fired soon after. Although she persisted that she was “still friends” with John, we can assume her hate for Cena ruining her personal and professional life, as she not only lost her way personally but also lost her job in the WWE because of Cena’s horrible nature.

11 Michael Cole - Friend

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Okay so Michael Cole isn’t technically a wrestler, but he’s a big part of WWE’s proceedings nowadays and is actually pretty close to John Cena himself. Yeah they might have gone through some heated arguments on WWE TV in the past, but they seem to be great friends in real life. Cole has been open about them having a relationship like Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin had back in the days, as they both seem to pretty close inspite of going through many draft splits and seperations in the past. Also, Cole is apparently quite into Cena’s “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” gimmick and contributed to it as well as it was developing, as the two’s bond off-screen seems to be pretty solid. Apparently Cena and Cole also travelled together a few years ago, as they are called the modern day Ross and Austin because of their relationship and Cole seems to be very fond of Cena going by his comments on him.

10 Tyler Reks - Enemy

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Tyler Reks was another promising up and coming superstar who felt the wrath of John Cena, as the leader of the Cenation humiliated him to the point where anyone would hate him. Reks was a lower-mid carder who didn’t appear on WWE TV that much, and his finisher was a Burning Hammer which looked a bit like Cena’s Attitude Adjustment. According to Tyler, Cena saw Reks’ botched finisher in a show and apparently jokingly told him to get a new finisher, which Reks took as a joke. Months later in a match at Bragging Rights, Reks would again use it on Santino Marella, but this time would feel the power of John Cena. After the match, he went backstage only for Cena to yell at him and call him an idiot for using this finisher. He’d asked Reks whether he liked working here and even said “find a new finisher or you’re fired”. Cena wouldn’t even allow Reks to apologize to him, humiliating him in front of everyone else. One couldn’t blame Reks for hating Cena after a stunt like that, as the poor Reks went onto be fired later on with Cena not even getting a threat for yelling at Reks like that.

9 Randy Orton - Friend

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This might be a shocker considering the amount of heated rivalries the Viper Randy Orton and John Cena have gone through in the past, as the both have competed against each other in numerous times to fight for being the face that runs the place. Inspite of going through rivalries which had incidents like Orton punt-kicking Cena’s father, various extreme matches and intensity to their matches, they are actually pretty close in real life. They are actually best friends right from their time at Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW) as both have had similar rise in the WWE, becoming its top dogs in a few year’s time. Orton and Cena have been pictured hanging out together in numerous occasions in the past, and Cena even called him “the best performer of our generation” which showcases how strong their friendship really is. Orton might have a reputation of being a prick to some, but he’s very warm and close to John Cena, as their friendship is still strong because of the obstacles they have had to go through in their careers.

8 Chavo Guerrero - Enemy

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Chavo Guerrero has been one of the more outspoken superstars ever since leaving the WWE, as the nephew of Eddie Guerrero seems to have a distinct hate for the character of John Cena. Chavo went on a huge twitter rant a few years back, burning any opportunity at coming back at the WWE as he stated on how he’ll stop watching wrestling if Cena would break the 16x record of Ric Flair. He also went onto say that Cena only has better mic skills than him, and that he would defeat Cena with both his eyes closed and a hand tied behind his back. He keeps on ranting on how Cena can’t wrestle inspite of being in the business for over a decade, and also stated on how the other wrestler has to carry him in the match. It seems like Chavo just can’t stand John Cena which is weird, but he seems to have some harsh works for the wrestling ability of Cena and also his impact in the company.

7 Nikki Bella - Friend

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Nikki Bella and John Cena have almost never interacted with each other in WWE TV, but the two are actually dating for the past 4 years now. Both being the stars of “Total Divas” for quite some-time now, Nikki and Cena officially started dating in 2012 and became a major part of the show, with many of its storylines going through their relationship. Bella has stuck with Cena through his highs and lows in the past few years, always supporting him in every decision he makes. She has also been vocal on how she is practically waiting for him to propose a marriage to her, with her sister Brie being married to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and how she can’t wait to make family plans together. Inspite of John being a bit annoying and hesitant at taking their relationship to the next level, Nikki has a strong relationship with him and admires everything about him as Cena can definitely be proud of having a stunning woman like Nikki supporting him in his life.







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