8 Wrestlers Who Constantly Cheated On Their Partners And 7 Who Were Always Faithful

Being a pro wrestler for the WWE is a hard life. It means they are on the road for upwards of three hundred days a year, away from their homes and their families. This also makes it particularly hard on the partners of the wrestlers who are seldom home. It can be made infinitely more emotionally draining if you do not trust your partner while they are out travelling across the USA and the world, spending lots of time with other people.

Throughout WWE history, there have been countless wrestlers who have given into the temptation to be unfaithful. In most cases, they cheated on their partners with another wrestler. Although cheating should not be tolerated, it is also not that surprising that they become involved with other wrestlers. After all, they constantly spend time on the road together and see each other quite frequently (pay per views, house shows, live shows). This provides ample opportunity for wrestlers to become attracted to each other and, since they are away from their families, opportunity to become more involved with each other.

It would be very unfair to cast this upon all wrestlers in the industry, however. It should be noted that there are just as many wrestlers who do not give in to the temptation to become unfaithful. They stand by their morals and stick by their partners, and children if they have any. Just because they are a pro wrestler does not make them a bad partner. Many of the top stars in WWE are married and have not been caught up in any infidelity scandals.

There is no clear-cut formula for determining which wrestlers might be more likely to stray from their partners and who will always stay loyal. It does not matter if they are the top guy in WWE, or if they are merely enhancement talent. Continue reading to learn about some of the wrestlers who cheated on their partners, and which wrestlers were always faithful.


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Let’s just get this one out of the way. In WWE, John Cena speaks about “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” as being his mantra. While he may always live that way on camera and comes across as a good guy in WWE, Cena is not exactly the most loyal guy out there. He was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau, when he first started with the WWE and later married her. The marriage ended poorly with Cena publicly declaring he would never get married again. While all this was going on, there was abundant speculation about Cena’s lack of loyalty to his wife. He was believed to have been in an affair with Mickie James that cost James her boyfriend, Kenny Dykstra (who then got fired from WWE as well).

Of course, Cena has been in a relationship with Nikki Bella and he finally proposed to her at WrestleMania 33. Hopefully Cena remains faithful to Nikki Bella and has matured and put his “playboy” days behind him.

14 Faithful: AJ STYLES

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AJ Styles is by far one of the most talented and most popular wrestlers on the entire WWE roster right now. Although he is a talented heel, fans just find it so hard to boo him so much so that the WWE had no choice but make him a face. Styles also comes across as a very good guy behind the scenes. He has not been linked to any scandals in his personal life and seems very happy with his family life. Styles, a devout Christian, has been married to Wendy Jones since 2000. After having wrestled in several companies and toured all over the world in his 17 years of marriage, Styles has remained completely loyal to his wife. That should speak volumes about the type of man AJ Styles is.


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By far one of the most shocking inclusions on the cheater side of this list is The Undertaker. He has been a part of WWE for over 25 years and had one of the most impressive careers in the business. He's been renowned as the most loyal company man in WWE history. The Undertaker is a legend who will is a guarantee to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Outside of the WWE though, The Undertaker is on his third marriage. In 2007, he was still married to his second wife, Sara, when he started dating Michelle McCool. While he was still married to Sara, The Undertaker had started looking elsewhere and got involved with Michelle McCool. He eventually got a divorce from Sara, and eventually got married to Michelle McCool in 2010. They have a child together now which is good news for the couple, but hopefully they can last together.

12 Faithful: KEVIN OWENS

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Kevin Owens may be one of the best heels in WWE right now, but he is the furthest thing from a bad guy outside of WWE. Owens is very much a family man, and has been married to his wife, Karina Elias, since 2007. They have two children together, Owen and Elodie Leila. Owens is clearly very proud of his family since he frequently refers to his wife and children on Twitter. Owens is not shy to display his love for his wife. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Owens said, “She’s the backbone of our family and, since the moment we met, knew how passionate I was about this. It’s all I can do. I wouldn’t be able to hold a nine-to-five. That’s not a knock on anybody who does it. I just don’t think I’d be able to, so for her to be supportive is great.”

Those glowing words sound as if they are coming from a man who is truly in love with his wife.


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Unfortunately for Bray Wyatt, news of his infidelity was publicized back in June 2017. Wyatt got married to Samantha in 2012 and they have two daughters together. Samantha filed for divorce in June 2017, after alleging that Wyatt was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Wyatt sought to keep his ex-wife from talking about the divorce to prevent her from ruining his reputation, but she fought back saying he is attempting to “pull the wool over the public’s eyes.” The alleged affair with JoJo was seemingly verified when Wyatt was seen arriving to Raw with JoJo by his side.

Neither Wyatt nor JoJo have since made any sort of public comment about the alleged affair but it should be safe to say that they still seem to be seeing each other. While the divorce proceedings will probably be bitter, hopefully Wyatt and JoJo are happy in their relationship together.

10 Faithful: THE MIZ

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The Miz landing on this side of the list might surprise a few people, but it’s true. He portrays an egotistical character on screen who thinks he is better than everyone; someone who most might think would easily be tempted to be unfaithful. The Miz in real life is not that type of guy. He married Maryse in February 2014 after several years of dating. There has never been anything to suggest he has been nothing but loyal to her in the several years they have been together. The Miz has even said that having Maryse return to be his manager on TV has given him renewed confidence in himself and revitalized him. He is fortunate to have her on TV with her since he is happier with her.


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Seth Rollins is another one of those wrestlers who had their infidelities leaked to the media. When he was just starting out on the main roster in WWE, Rollins was engaged to Leighla Schultz. Everything was seemingly going well for Rollins personally and professionally. As Rollins was in the midst of being pushed as a main-event heel aligned with The Authority, nude photos of Zahra Schreiber were posted on his Twitter accounts. Schrieber was, at the time, an NXT wrestler, who Rollins was dating while engaged. Needless to say, the developments reflected poorly on Rollins. It cost him his relationship and caused a whole lot of embarrassment for the WWE, as all his tweets are automatically linked to a feed on the WWE homepage. This means that the nude photos that were somehow posted on Rollins’ Twitter account was also republished on the WWE site.

8 Faithful: DANIEL BRYAN

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Daniel Bryan is regarded one of the top babyfaces in WWE and is one of the most popular WWE superstars right now. The good news is that Daniel Bryan is a genuine good guy in that he is mostly the same way in his personal life. Bryan married fellow WWE superstar Brie Bella in April 2014 and were dating for nearly three years prior to that. In May 2017, their first child was born, Birdie Joe Danielson. Daniel Bryan has always come across as being very down to earth and like a genuine good guy, so it should not really be that surprising to see him land on this side of the list. He and Brie Bella both seem to be really in love with each other and happy with their low-profile way of living.


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Triple H can (probably rightfully) be accused of underhanded political machinations behind the scenes in WWE that got him to the place he is in. There is no reason to believe that Triple H has ever been anything but loyal to his wife, Stephanie McMahon. They have been married for over 13 years now, and there is nothing to suggest he has been anything but faithful to her.

However, Triple H does have a history of being unfaithful to one of his former partners, Chyna. Triple H and Chyna were in a real-life relationship while he and Stephanie McMahon were in an on-screen relationship. At some point, Triple H got involved with Stephanie when they developed real life feelings for each other. Although this ended up well for Triple H and McMahon, Chyna understandably did not react well. Chyna would end up getting fired from the WWE, while Triple H went on to become the COO of WWE.

6 Faithful: ROMAN REIGNS

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Say what you will about the on-screen character of Roman Reigns. Yes, he is being forced down the throats of the WWE Universe by Vince McMahon. Yes, he is seemingly being anointed the guy for WWE (no pun intended). All that could be true, but there should be no doubts about the type of man Roman Reigns is when he is off-screen.

Reigns is a good-looking guy who could have easily given into temptations and hook up with another wrestler or someone else on the side, he has remained loyal to his wife, by all accounts. In fact, Roman Reigns married Galina Becker in 2014, who he had previously met in college. They met before he got started in the wrestling industry and got married just around the same time he was started to receive his main-event push in WWE.


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The whole Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy scandal was arguably one of the largest infidelity scandals in WWE. This is one extramarital affair that found its way into a storyline. The long and short of this story is that Matt Hardy and Lita were together, but Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge, who just so happened to be one of Matt’s closest friends. Edge was married to Lisa Ortiz at the time he was having an affair with Lita. It found its way onto WWE television since everyone knew about what happened, and created extreme heel heat for Edge and Lita at the time.

Edge was the one who lasted the longest in WWE and likely became the most successful of the three involved, even though he was the one who wrecked his own marriage and lost a close friend. Edge is now married to former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix and with him being able to be at home with her, with the two retired, it's likely Edge has broken his bad habits.

4 Faithful: BROCK LESNAR

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Nobody is going to come out and accuse Brock Lesnar of being unfaithful. It’s just not the smart thing to do. In all seriousness, Lesnar has never been caught up in any reports of being unfaithful. He married Sable in May 2006 and have two sons with her, plus a stepchild.

Although he was previously engaged to Nicole McClain, there was nothing to suggest any unfaithfulness on Lesnar’s part. The two are still on good terms, as the two have a son together. Still, Lesnar seems happy living a very private life with his family, and there is nothing to suggest that will change any time soon. That is part of the reason why Lesnar and his family live on a private farm in Saskatchewan, away from civilization.


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Batista was one of the biggest stars in the WWE during the mid-2000s, where he had a prolonged run as one of the top faces on SmackDown. Batista engaged in high-profile storylines with the likes of The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, and John Cena before leaving the company. Despite mostly being a face during his popular run in the 2000s, Batista was far from a loyal guy in his personal life. There were reports that during his second marriage to Angie, he was cheating on her with some of the Divas on the roster. He was known to be involved with Melina for a short while following his divorce. He also later revealed that he had dated Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes. Although he recently married pole dancer Sarah Jade, Batista has developed a reputation for being someone with a tendency to sleep around.

2 Faithful: MICK FOLEY

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Mick Foley is another one of those wrestlers who just never seemed like the type of guy who would cheat on his partner. He never really lived a lifestyle of wild partying like some of the other wrestlers did during the Attitude Era. Mick Foley married his wife, Collette, in 1992 and they have been together ever since. Foley has shown his dedication to his wife and has never gotten caught up in any infidelity allegations. In fact, many WWE Divas who worked with Foley always said he was the most trustworthy male star to hang around because they knew just how faithful he was to his wife.

Mick is a father to four children and has long advocated for equality for the female wrestlers. Many female wrestlers look up to Foley because his advocacy and the fact that he remains happily married and is someone who never try to date a co-worker.


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The Chairman of the Board, Vincent McMahon, is on this list?? Okay, so maybe he isn’t an active wrestler and probably for good reason. But he is the one guy who made WWE what it is today and turned it into such a large company. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon has to assume a very unflattering spot on this list as a man who cannot be described as loyal. Even though he has been married to Linda McMahon for over 50 years, McMahon cannot get a pass since he has been a notorious cheater.

Vince admits he repeatedly cheated on Linda in an interview with Playboy. On top of that, McMahon was also involved in several highly questionable scenes with WWE Divas. At least Vince followed through on his marriage vow that there would never be a dull moment with him!

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