8 Wrestlers Who Landed Smoking Partners Recently And 7 Who Split From Theirs

Professional wrestling now has fewer bombshells than it used to do in the past. With more women with real talent entering the business as of late as opposed to potential cover models being signed by WWE in the past, we now have more ‘normal-looking’ women than we’ve ever done. Relationships in wrestling have also changed in so many ways that we now see more longer-lasting relationships than we’ve ever done in the past. However, break-ups and new relationships happen at a frequency that rivals that of yesteryear.

The following article lists eight wrestlers who’ve recently landed smoking partners and seven who’ve recently split from ones. Relationships in wrestling are really tough, as wrestlers are on the road all the time and face so many temptations. Some couples in WWE tour on different brands, which makes things even tougher. These just show you that it's not all about looks when it comes to relationships working. There are certain obstacles that just can't be accounted for.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the article, with the first entry being the coolest person to be involved in the wrestling business. We’re not talking about James Ellsworth. We’re not talking about Joey Ryan, either.

15 Landed: Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes

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Rob Van Dam’s 17-year marriage to Sonya Szatkowski ended in mid-2016, with the couple claiming that they’d irreconcilable differences. Undeterred, the ECW and WWE legend landed a bombshell, even before his wife took to court. His new girlfriend, Katie Forbes, is an indie wrestler, has been with him for almost two years now, and the couple seem to be having an amazing time together, as they’ve often been seen doing yoga, working out, cycling, hitting the beach and clubbing together .

The age difference between the wrestling couple is there for everyone to see but, with fellow wrestling legends Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair already proving that age difference is hardly a hurdle when it comes to finding true love, RVD can definitely work on making their relationship not just work but also ensure longevity.

14 Split: Davey Richards and Angelina Love

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Married wrestling couples seeking divorce has been uncommon as of late, but Impact Wrestling couple Davey Richards and Angelina Love have bucked the trend by recently filing for divorce. Not so long ago, we published an article on recent wrestling marriages, and it saddens us to include them in an article that discusses recent divorces, for they’d been married for just a few days over two years.

The former The Beautiful People member has described herself as Single Mama on her Twitter handle, and the former Knockouts Champion seem to be genuinely enjoying her motherhood, as evidenced by her social media posts. The former ROH World Champion, on the other hand, is on a wrestling hiatus to pursue medicine (yes, the $100,000-a-year job medicine).

13 Landed: Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce

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Although most wrestlers have had a decent year – even Dolph Ziggler has won (and vacated) the United States Championship title – a few in WWE has been less fortunate. Tye Dillinger, for instance, has been largely underutilized, but his personal life ought to render him enough comfort, as he’s now said to be dating one-half of the most over women’s tag team in wrestling, The Iconic Duo, in Peyton Royce. The couple now have contrasting travel schedule, with the woman performing predominantly at Full Sail University and the man travelling the world with SmackDown Live. It seems as though they may need to spend even more time apart, as the promotion of The Riott Squad seems to have delayed the main-roster call-up of The Iconic Duo.

12 Split: Zack Ryder and Emma

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Zack Ryder has had a weird year. Sustaining a major injury, he was on the sidelines for what felt like an eternity. His recovery period saw him break up with his long-term girlfriend Emma and, to make things worse, his former brother Mojo Rawley blindsided him not long after he made his SmackDown Live return. Nobody seems to be aware of the reason why the talented couple parted ways, but it’s easy to put the blame on their working for different brands.

Emma doesn’t seem very keen on another relationship, as she seems to be more focussed on getting her wrestling career back on track, after being future-endeavored by WWE. The Long Island Iced-Z, on the other hand, has moved on quickly, landing a wrestling partner who’s among the more attractive female wrestlers today.

11 Landed: Zack Ryder and Laurel Van Ness

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Not a lot of people seem to be aware of Zack Ryder’s new relationship with Impact Wrestling star Laurel Van Ness, real name Chelsea Green, and understandably so. The couple have elected to keep their relationship low-key, restricting their public display of love only to a few social media uploads. While it’s alleged that he and Emma parted ways only because their erratic travel schedule tainted the relationship, it’s amusing how the former Intercontinental Champion has elected to date a wrestler who works for a different promotion altogether. With Impact Wrestling recently shifting base to Canada, it’s going to be difficult to make the relationship work, but he ought to have learned a lesson or two from his previous relationship that would help his newest relationship not fail.

10 Split: Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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No other wrestling couple – including John Cena and Nikki Bella and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – made headlines more often in 2017 than Paige and Alberto Del Rio, whose Periscope tirades, constant no-showing and spousal abuse claims gave dirt sheets field days. After having ‘Papi’ inked on her body and proposing in front of tens of wrestling fans at an indie show, the couple have parted ways, and it’s safe to assume that the breakup will help them both lead better lives, with either wrestler said to have a negative influence upon each other, at least according to their families. The Mexican wrestler currently plies his trade with Impact Wrestling, while the British bombshell has returned to WWE, leading a faction also comprising Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

9 Landed: Bray Wyatt and Jojo Offerman

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Much like most other wrestlers – with the above-mentioned exclusion of Tye Dillinger – Bray Wyatt has had a topsy-turvy year, winning his maiden WWE Championship in February and going through a divorce later in the year. His career has gone downhill since his dropping the title as he’s been in forgettable feuds since, with his ongoing rivalry with Woken Matt Hardy his only notable feud in almost 12 months. His private life, however, has seen him make mammoth progress, as he, a rotund – pun very much intended – 300-pound man’s managed to land WWE’s 24-year-old damsel in JoJo, real name Jojo Offerman, recently.

The couple have opted against sharing their couple pictures online, as their doing so will not only draw negative responses but also hurt the eerie persona he portrays on television.

8 Split: Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad

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Austin Aries has had a difficult year although he may not be open to admitting it. Made to play second fiddle to Neville in WWE’s fourth biggest show, 205 Live, the Impact Wrestling alumnus quit the company to become a notorious face on the indie circuit. Although he has managed to not just stay relevant but also win numerous indie titles and make headlines consistently, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever be as popular as he was during his WWE stint. Additionally, his personal life has also recently taken a huge slump, with his parting ways with ex-fiancee Thea Trinidad, who now performs as Zelina Vega for NXT. She’s currently managing NXT Champion Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, while he tours the world as a top-tier indie talent.

7 Landed: Big Cass and Carmella

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Although WWE has elected to finally acknowledge the fact that Big Cass and Carmella are an item, they haven’t been together for a very long time. Given how prominently the couple have been featured on WWE television, it’s easy to think that they’ve been together for an eternity, but they’ve been only together only since 2015. With Cass now nursing his long-term injury on the sidelines and her being one of the most important wrestlers on the SmackDown Live roster, it’s safe to say that they now don’t spend as much time as they spend together while performing together for NXT. However, with WWE seemingly coming up with WWE Draft or Superstar Shake-Up every weekend, the couple will look forward to wrestling for the same brand in the future.

6 Split: Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke

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Dolph Ziggler is an enigma, for he doesn’t seem to have a lot in common with a lot of wrestlers. His relinquishing the United States Championship title recently only makes him more enigmatic. His personal life, however, is just like that of most other wrestlers. He has been able to land numerous bombshells during his WWE stint, such as Nikki Bella and even Sunny. His most recent romantic relationship saw him be with the newest member of Titus Worldwide in Dana Brooke, but the relationship didn’t last long, as they chose to break up just a few weeks into the relationship. On the back of their break-up, The Show Off has remained single, while she’s gone on to see her bodybuilder boyfriend pass away prematurely.

5 Landed: Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley

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Given how attractive Finn Balor is, it’s not surprising that he’s landed a smoking partner. However, what’s surprising is the fact that the smoking partner is someone who doesn’t travel with him often. It’s WWE’s Cathy Kelley, who predominantly features in WWE’s YouTube videos. Although the couple have remained silent about their relationship, many pictures that fans have clicked confirm that they’re dating, at the very least. With most Raw female wrestlers such as Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and Bayley all in relationships, it’s understandable how the Irish wrestler has been forced to look elsewhere for a romantic partner. With the YouTube star’s stock continuously rising, though, the couple may get to travel together very soon. Here’s hoping WWE’s cutest couple go on to become on-screen couples in the future.

4 Split: Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox has been with the WWE for such a long time, but, given the fact that she’s had better performers around her, her talent has largely gone under-appreciated. However, it’s not just her talent that’s gone under the radar, for her personal life has also not garnered as much attention as those of other female wrestlers such as Sasha Banks, Paige and Bayley. The captain of Raw’s female Survivor Series team was, in fact, in a serious romantic relationship with former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. The English wrestler broke ties with the African-American bombshell, and it looks as though they’ve both remained single since, with the former Nexus leader working for British indie promotions and her being a fringe player on Raw.

3 Landed: Sonya Deville and Christina Heath

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Here’s the list’s only LGBT couple. When Sonya Deville, WWE’s only open lesbian, debuted on the main roster alongside Paige, many fans, especially those from the gay community, were happy for her, for it meant her years of hard work paid off. However, no one should have surely been as happy as her girlfriend Christina Heath, whom she has been dating for many months now. The couple met while receiving their MMA training, with her girlfriend still pursuing a career as a fitness trainer and MMA fighter. It remains unknown if they’re still together, though, as they’ve both refrained from speaking about their relationship in public a lot. Here’s hoping they continue to not just represent the LGBT community but also prove that the society is now open to letting them shine.

2 Split: Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

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Legend has it that a wrestler will automatically succeed when the character he portrays on television reflects his real-life persona. Perhaps, that’s the reason why Enzo Amore has been able to be as successful as he is today. However, the flip side to his success is his being a major jerk in real life. His being a big-mouth d-bag has certainly helped him making high-profile friends, but that has also resulted in his allegedly cheating on his girlfriend Liv Morgan. While she elected to slam him on Twitter, he has only focussed on furthering his wrestling career, by carrying 205 Live on his shoulder. The Certified G is now flirting with 240-pound wrestler Nia Jax on television, while she’s trying to get some recognition as one-third of The Absolution rip-off in The Riott Squad.

1 Landed: Seth Rollins and Sarah Alesandrelli

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While many still have doubts over Seth Rollins’ ability as a draw, he continues to be as prolific as his predecessors Shawn Michaels and CM Punk, at least in terms of the number of smoking partners he’s been able to land. Just a few years ago, he was caught in a love triangle that ended horribly with Zahra Schreiber and Leighla Schultz. Having learnt a lesson or two from his mistakes, he’s now dating Sarah Alesandrelli, who calls herself a professional goofball on her Twitter account. Unlike most proper goofballs, though, she looks stunning; in fact, she’s more stunning than the above-mentioned two women, and it looks as though their relationship has been smooth thus far, with the couple even taking the time out to go to Iceland for Christmas amidst his busy schedule.

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