8 Wrestlers Who Look Better Than They Did Five Years Ago And 8 Who Look Worse

It is crazy how quickly a person can go from looking great to not even being remotely attractive. People spend thousands of dollars to look good and then in a matter or a year or two, that person could look terrible. Millions of people go to the gym and work their bodies into tip-top shape. Those people spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes even months, doing push-ups, sit-ups, lifting weights, and running to get their body looking sexy. The amount of time it takes to get that amazing beach bod is crazy! What may be even crazier is how quickly that stellar bod can go back to looking mediocre at best. For the months it took to get it looking great, it may take just a few weeks of laziness and slips in what people eat for the body to take on a rounder, more squishy form.

Now, in the world of wrestling, whether you have huge muscles and a full head of hair, or you are 400 pounds and bald, it does not really matter as fans will always remember what you used to look like. What will come next though is a list of eight wrestlers who look like they have hit the gym and changed their diets drastically, and eight wrestlers who have taken more than a few days off from the gym and may have consumed a bit too much McDonald's over the past five years.


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Ric Flair, who is currently signed to the WWE under its Legends program, is getting up there in age. It is tough to put someone as old (67) as Flair is on this list, only because everyone ages and people who are already old, tend to age faster. Even so, this 16-time World Champion looks worse than he did five years ago. This past half decade has been almost as bad for Flair as 2000-2005 was...go ahead and look at the change.

Though Flair has never exactly been built like a body builder, his frame has always stayed pretty consistent over his four-decade career. But lately it seems as if all the years of kiss stealin' and jet flying have gotten the better of the Nature Boy.


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Jake "The Snake" Roberts changed the business of wrestling. While many other wrestlers had used trash talk and other sorts of attempts to get into their opponents' heads, Roberts was the first to do it intensely. The Snake used very dark charisma in his matches, along with his own unique ring psychology.

Unfortunately for Roberts, his career came to end in large part due to drug abuse. Along with shortening his career, the drugs also caused his body to deteriorate. Five years ago, Roberts no longer looked like The Snake, but rather another wrestler who would eventually succumb to addiction. Now though, with help from Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts has gotten his life back together. Pictures today show that Roberts is looking much better. In fact, Roberts may actually look better right now than he did when he was wrestling in the 90s.


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Enzo Amore is an interesting character. The NXT alumnus and tag team partner to Big Cass has made quite an impression on the WWE Universe. Though he has only been on RAW for less than a year, he is already one of the most quoted wrestlers in the company. Even more amazing than that though is that he had no experience when the WWE gave him a chance at the Performance Center.

While he is not awful looking, Amore is definitely different looking worse than he was five years ago. With more facial hair, more tattoos, and a different wardrobe, Enzo has effectively made himself look crazier than he did in 2011 as a clean-cut former football player. It has not seemed to affect his following though, so he should be thankful for that.

13 BETTER: Goldust

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If this article was about people who have looked different every time they reappeared in a wrestling company, then Goldust would be number one on the list. The second generation star has consistently battled weight problems while at the same time battling addiction. It's safe to say that the former Intercontinental Champion has looked different through all five (yes five) separate stints in the WWE.

Recently however, with the help of DDP Yoga, Goldust is in the best shape of his career. He looks good and has some of the best matches of the year during his run with Cody Rhodes in 2015. Currently sitting at 232 pounds, Goldust probably can't imagine going back to his old ways, tipping the scales north of 300 during parts of his career.


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Tammy Lynn (Sunny) Sytch is a WWE Hall of Famer who is widely regarded as the first WWE diva. In her prime, Sunny was quite possibly the most attractive woman to ever be involved in wrestling. Her girl next door charm has endeared her among fans until this day.

Today, Sunny is still an attractive woman, but she is nowhere near what she was five years ago standing on that Hall of Fame stage. Sadly it's been a sharp decline for the once sought after Sunny, who has put on a ton of weight since 2011. Some attribute the decline in her physical appearance to drug abuse, as Sytch has been arrested numerous times since last appearing on WWE television. But hey if you still have a thing for her, you can see ALL of Sunny in her pornographic debut film Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.


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Triple H is one of the most successful wrestlers of all time and is shaping up to be regarded just as high in the WWE corporate office. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for WWE. Not only has Trips reshaped the face of the WWE over the past five years, but he has also transformed his body in the process.

While Triple H has always looked good, towards the end of his run as a full-time wrestler, his looks began to suffer. But when the former WWE World Champion cut his hair his body seemed to change overnight. Perhaps the transition away from wrestling full-time allowed him to hit the gym more religiously. He arguably looked better during his most recent title reign than he did during the Attitude Era. At 47 years old, we may start to see Triple H's body start to fade, but everyone seems to age differently, so you never know. Just look at his father in law.

10 WORSE: Chris Hero

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It's been a hard decline for Chris Hero over the past five years. We don't care how agile he is for his size, Hero has put on so much weight it's a wonder how he even lasted in NXT as long as he did. Hero may have had a chance if the WWE would have debuted him as part of The Shield wearing riot gear, but there is no way he would have been on Vince McMahon's show looking like he does today.

Thought by many in the IWC to be the best in the world, Hero looked absolutely huge when facing off against Cody Rhodes earlier this year. The two men put on a heck of a match, but speaking completely objectively, only one person looked like a wrestler.


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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been famous since he was about 19 years old. He played college football for the 1991 National Champion Miami Hurricanes. After failing at pursuing a professional football career, The Rock signed with the WWE and had a great career in wrestling. The Rock was so successful on WWE programming, that he was able to jump right into Hollywood after wrestling. Johnson has appeared in 32 movies to this date and has at least three more scheduled to be released next year.

While Dwayne Johnson has always been known for being a huge guy, he has gotten even bigger over the past five years. A report on him stated that he ate somewhere around 8,000 calories a day while filming Hercules. In the past five years, The Rock has went from big (in GI Joe) to huge (in Pain in Gain) to giant (in Hercules). Currently the Brahma Bull has started to lose a bit of his mass, but you better believe that if a role includes bulking up, The Rock is up for it.

8 WORSE: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker is without a doubt one of the most iconic figures in wrestling history. His legend grows by the day, and as he goes in and out of retirement, fans can't help but notice that he looks different every time he returns. Ironically the man who is called "The Deadman" looks closer to death with every passing appearance on WWE programming.

Gone are the days of the broad-chested, fear inducing ring general, who ran the WWE locker room for over two decades. Now we have a tall old man who has visibly dyed hair, and is losing muscle definition by the day. With that being said, if Taker still has some gas in the tank, he can still be an asset for the WWE, even if he doesn't look like the same guy who went 21-0.


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Big Show has been wrestling for the WWE since 1999 and has been one of their most consistent wrestlers. Big Show has always been known as a huge man, but most of that looked to be fat during his later years. He is listed at 7 feet tall and 450 pounds, so he is no small person, but over the past five years, his look has definitely changed. His hair, or lack of, and facial hair have both stayed the same, but his physique has slimmed down dramatically. Five years ago, if you were watching WWE and Big Show came out, you would see a huge, fat man. Today, when Big Show comes out, you see a huge, ripped man. Today he resembles the man he was during his WCW days, rather than the internet hated "Big Slow".


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Matt Hardy is currently wrestling for the TNA, but he is best known for when he was signed for the WWE. Hardy is a 10-time Tag Team World Champion, and is currently the hottest thing in professional wrestling. Though Hardy is at the top of his game, his weight has always seemed to hit peaks and valleys. A few years back was mocked online as "Fat Hardy", only to lose a ton of weight and become ripped again in 2015.

Now as "Broken" Matt Hardy, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion has taken another physical change. This time around he looks as if he stuck a fork into an electrical socket, with his streak of blonde hair, and his constant ramblings of the Seven Deities. It may look good for wrestling purposes, but it must be harder for him to walk the streets every day.


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Despite having a career that started in the 1980s, Al Snow is probably the most famous for his stints in ECW and WWE. During that time Snow would run around with a mannequin head named...um head, with the crowds chanting "WE WANT HEAD".

While Snow has always been a fit wrestler, in recent  years he has become an even larger, more muscular man. Pictures taken recently will cause some heads to roll in amazement. It is interesting that Snow all of a sudden decided to start working out even harder after he was not competing in wrestling matches anymore, but whatever the case, Al Snow went from a very fit man to an eye-poppingly fit man. Perhaps it was to intimidate his buddy Mick Foley, so he would stop poking fun at him.


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Christy Hemme was the winner of 2004 WWE Diva Search. For winning that, she received $250,000 and a contract with the WWE. As a Diva, she was not very successful and was out of the company by the end of 2005. She has been more popular as a ring announcer and wrestling valet since. After leaving the WWE, Hemme went to the TNA where she wrestled again. Today though, she is just a ring announcer and interviewer for TNA.

While Hemme is no bad looking woman, she is definitely not the same as five years ago. She is still only 36 years old, but she has aged very quickly since hitting 30 years old. The feature that you can most see her aging is her face, which for a model/wrestler who relies on her looks, is not very good. Do not get me wrong, Christy Hemme is still a very pretty girl, but she is nothing like the Christy Hemme we knew in 2011.


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Bubba Ray Dudley is most famous for his stints in WWE, TNA, and ECW. He is most famous for his time with the WWE, but was very successful when competing with the other two companies as well. Dudley is one of the most decorated tag team wrestlers of all time as he is the only person (with D-Von) to hold the ECW, IWGP, NWA, TNA, WCW, WWE, and WWE Tag Team Championships. They were also the first tag team to ever be inducted into TNA Hall of Fame.

Bubba Ray Dudley decided to branch away from his tag team partner while in TNA, and developed a new personality; Bully Ray. With that new personality came a new look as well, and the former TNA World Champion lost a ton of weight. Most notable were his biceps, which seemed to go from blubber, to Hulk Hogan sized pythons.


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James "The Sandman" Fullington is best known for his work with Extreme Championship Wrestling, but also made appearances for the following companies: World Championship Wrestling, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Xtreme Pro Wrestling, and the WWE. The Sandman was able to break an ECW record by holding the ECW World Heavyweight Championship five times.

Since his retirement Fullington has let his body go. Sandman was always more slim than muscle, but he is shell of his former self. Also, he has clearly aged a lot over the past five years. He is now 53 years old, so it is not that surprising considering that is around the age when people begin to look old. It is a shame, but everyone inevitably shows their age.


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Oleg Aleksandrovich Prudius, who is better known as Vladimir Kozlov, is a now retired wrestler who is best known for his time with the WWE. He has won the WWE Tag Team Championship once (partnered with Santino Marella). Though he was a professional wrestler, Kozlov is also trained in freestyle wrestling, rugby, football, sambo, kickboxing, judo, jujutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts.

When Kozlov was working as a wrestler, he was never fat, but he was never ripped like some of the other wrestlers. He had a lot of muscles, but he did not have the strongest looking pectoral and abdominal muscles. Kozlov also did not have any facial hair. Today though, Kozlov has muscles on muscles on muscles. He is jacked beyond belief and has a full beard to go along with those muscles. It looks like he worked his abs for months and the rest of his body matches that. What Vladimir Kozlov has done in retirement is extremely impressive. He looks nothing like he did when he was released by the WWE in 2011.

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