8 Wrestlers Who Love Brock Lesnar And 7 Who Hate Him

Brock Lesnar is often referred to as the beast incarnate. Does that sound like someone you want to be friends with? Brock Lesnar’s face looks like it would crack if a sincere smile happened to come across it. Does that sound like someone you want to be friends with? Brock Lesnar looks like a throwback to a cave man who may very well be able to rip off your arm and beat you to death with them. Does that sound like someone you want to openly decry? Yet somehow, despite all that, there are people who fall under the category of friends and haters of Brock. Keeping that incredible piece of information in mind, we decided to put together this list of this talented wrestler and intimidating man’s list of biggest proponents and detractors.

While we don’t have a personal relationship with Brock Lesnar or any of the people we’ve chosen to list here, we do have public statements to rely upon. In that light, we searched in order to bring you this list of the people who’ve said the most about Brock on either end of the spectrum. We’ve also done our very best to decipher when comments seem to be meant to set up a wrestling storyline and left those comments out. Additionally, we didn’t limit ourselves to in-ring workers, instead including anyone who made their name in the business, no matter the company.

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17 LOVE: Stone Cold Steve Austin

via cagesideseats.com

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a lot of things. One of the biggest draws in the history of the wrestling business, a multiple time champion in several wrestling companies, and someone who took a long time to stop feeling the need to get back in the ring. Extremely passionate about the business, its fans and what he thinks will help it in the future, it seems counter-intuitive that he would count Brock as one of his friends considering how Brock sees the business. Polar opposites of one another in that regard, the pair still are able to see eye to eye on things like their passion for hunting among other things. The fact that he has defended Brock’s mentality on twitter and has out and out stated “we’ve always been friends” in reference to him speaks pretty loudly.

16 HATE: The Big Show

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As gigantic and intimidating as The Big Show appears on WWE television, from most accounts he appears to be a big teddy bear in the back. Seen as a locker room veteran today, his positive reputation in the industry is due in part to sacrifices he has made for others such as those in the early 2000s which played a part in making Brock Lesnar a WWE ass kicker. That is why he had some angry words for his former co-worker when he walked away from the company and business to try his hand at football “Brock, listen to me because I'm telling you the truth from the heart - I'm pissed at you. I did a lot for him when I came over to Smackdown. I worked hurt with herniated discs in my back, chewing Vicodins like they were M&Ms just so I could stand up straight and get to the ring, to do my match, to take an F-5 or a belly-to-belly or whatever I had to do to get him over”. While the two could have put aside those differences to a degree in the years since, it is clear that Show’s opinion of the man took a major hit at the time.

15 LOVE: Bill Goldberg

via ewrestling.news

Bill Goldberg is a former athlete (professional football) who made his way to professional wrestling after that career ended and has made several public statements about seeing wrestling as a business. Remind you of anyone else? Two men who took part in one of the worst WrestleMania matches ever together, it appears that experience didn’t affect their friendship at all. After all, neither seems to be overly concerned about how the fans view them, so why should it have? In fact, Goldberg has continuously mentioned that he sees Brock as one of his few wrestling friends in interviews over the years. ““Whatever Brock wants to do, I’m in his corner. He’s a good buddy of mine and we talk frequently.” “Brock’s the only one I talk to”. It really doesn’t get any clearer cut than that, does it?

14 HATE: Chris Jericho

via sportskeeda.com

We’re just going to come out and say, Chris Jericho is a badass. While a past backstage altercation with Bill Goldberg, a man who is much larger than him, proved he had balls of steel when word got out that he got in Brock’s face we were astonished. Not sure whether Brock was taking liberties with Randy Orton during their 2016 SummerSlam match, Jericho made his way to the gorilla position to find out if Brock’s brutal forearm shots were planned. Coincidentally Brock happened to make his way to the back and took offense at what was being said and according to reports the two nearly came to blows. Reportedly Lesnar pushed Chris at one point and not one to back down, Chris got up in his grill to the point that their foreheads were touching. While this seems like an isolated incident it certainly speaks to the way Chris views Brock.

13 LOVE: The Undertaker

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A lot of people seem to think there is some legitimate heat between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker but it seems like they couldn’t be any further from the truth. The fact that reports claim that The Undertaker himself handpicked Brock as the man to finish his vaunted WrestleMania undefeated streak, if true, that is amazing. Even if that isn’t entirely accurate, the fact that Taker, a man whose career was built on respect, actually laid down in the middle of the ring for Brock at the show of shows is an incredible honor. We can’t imagine the world where The Dead Man was willing to lie down for a man who he didn’t hold in high regard. The fact that footage also exists of Brock psyching Taker up before his Mania match against Bray Wyatt also shows the way the see one another.

12 HATE: Kenny Bolin/Sylvester Terkay

via bookbigtalent.com

Considering that both of these men never reached major success in North America and were involved in an altercation with Brock, we’ve decided to give you two for the price of one in this entry. Kenny Bolin was a longstanding manager in WWE developmental during the timeframe Brock was preparing to become a WWE star and despite thinking he was friends with The Beast, things went awry quickly. According to Bolin, Lesnar threatened to kill him one night after an OVW live event when he thought he put his hands on Brock’s woman.

“Now he comes over and gets in my face. I'm going, "What the heck is the matter with this guy?" So he's nose to nose with me. He says, "You ever touch her again and I will f--king kill you. I said, "Alright Brock, point made." Things became physical between the two before fellow trainee and former MMA fighter Sylvester Terkay stepped in and put an end to things. “Now he comes over and gets in my face. I'm going, "What the heck is the matter with this guy?" So he's nose to nose with me. He says, "You ever touch her again and I will f****** kill you. I said, "Alright Brock, point made". “Terkay comes charging in, gets in Brock's face and says, "Hey if you want to fight somebody, why don't you fight somebody your size that's capable of fighting you." He says, "You wanna fight? Fight me." Brock looked at him and walked away”. Clearly, Kenny has understandably held onto the event as he retold the story of that night as recently as 2015.


10 LOVE: CM Punk

via wrestlenewz.com

Anyone who has followed the career of CM Punk and paid attention to what he has had to say during interviews will be able to attest that he doesn’t have a lot of friends in the business. The fact that he and long-time friend Colt Cabana have even fallen out, as evidenced by the fact they no longer follow one another and twitter and insiders have back up those claims, shows how difficult he can be. Yet somehow, Punk, who has attempted to distance himself from the wrestling world, has had positive things to say about Brock.

“Right at the beginning, [Lesnar] was excited about it. He offered to help. He said, Bug me any time you want, I’ll answer all the stupid questions you got,’ and then he gave me some advice. Brock’s a nice guy when he wants to be.” For some people that may not be evidence of a strong relationship but in the case of Punk, an anti-social man, the fact that he reached out to Lesnar in the first place tells the story better than we can.

9 HATE: Dean Ambrose

via youtube.com

Dean Ambrose is an interesting man. Judging by his unorthodox style in interviews, it seems like just about everything rolls off his back but that perception proved to be false during his appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast. Speaking about his WrestleMania 32 opponent, Brock Lesnar, Dean had some very choice words for him. “Artistically, Brock didn’t want to do anything, if we’re going to be perfectly honest. Brock’s gonna Brock. He’s all about Brock. I had a vision for that match to be the craziest thing imaginable, you know what I mean, and I was trying to pitch everything to everybody and had every idea. I put so much effort in and so much work in, and other people did too, and I was met with laziness.” Add another man to the list of public Brock detractors.


7 LOVE: Kurt Angle

via sportzmode.com

Kurt Angle may be the only man whose level of credibility could ever compete with Brock Lesnar and that may be the main reason why their friendship appears to be so strong. Two natural athletes who spent years single-mindedly working towards the goal of competing at an international level in amateur wrestling, they also made the transition to pro wrestling remarkably quickly. With so much in common, it seems all too natural that they would become long lasting friends, something Kurt has confirmed in interviews. Kurt has referred to Brock as one of his best friends in the business and also told a story about Brock insisting that he dropped a title to him in NJPW. Evidently, the company asked Brock who he would drop the belt to and he said “Why don't you get Kurt Angle over here?' It was Brock Lesnar's choice to lose the title to me and I felt honored by it".

6 HATE: Ken Shamrock

via wwe.com

Ken Shamrock is an absolute UFC and MMA legend who was one of the first two men inducted into UFC Hall of Fame, but he also spent several years working in the professional wrestling world. No longer on top of the world in either industry, it seems like he has made a little cottage industry for himself out of commenting on and analyzing Brock Lesnar’s MMA career. Perhaps you could say that the fact that he routinely downplays his abilities and work ethic speaks to the way he feels about Brock. “Brock Lesnar has to finish this in the first round”. “When you're a professional athlete, you have to do something for a period of time”. “His striking is Horrible”. All of these quotes from Ken about Lesnar seems to paint a picture in our minds of what he thinks of his commitment and who he is as a man.

5 LOVE: Shelton Benjamin

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Even some of the most massive WWE fans may be completely unaware that Brock and Shelton share a long history both in and out of professional wrestling. A pair of amateur wrestlers who went to the same college as one another, Shelton even had a hand in coaching Brock for a time, they were roommates and when Brock joined the WWE, they formed a tag team in developmental. Both making the jump to the main roster in the following years, they no longer teamed together but Shelton’s role in Team Angle saw them interact in the ring multiple times. Close enough that Brock is the godfather of Shelton’s children and Benjamin is the godfather of two of Brock’s kids, it is abundantly clear that they have deep seeded affection for each other.

4 HATE: Dan Severn

via best-of-pro-wrestling.blogspot.com

Another man who made his name in UFC and transitioned to the WWE, the third ever inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame has spoken about Brock too but dropped the façade of professionalism. “I think that Brock Lesnar should count his lucky stars, he has been given opportunities that, did he deserve? Nope”. Then during a Reddit AMA, he compared himself to Brock and seem offended that they are even considered in the same boat. “He’s acting like he’s the first wrestler to hold a belt in both wrestling and UFC. Yet, I carried my NWA title out to the cage, and it sat next to my UFC title. Brock never did that”. “One of us has never tested positive for PEDs, and one of us have not”. “The point is, Brock has done a total of NINE matches in his entire career. I did EIGHT in one year while under contract with the WWE. So once again, there IS no comparison”. Ouch.

3 LOVE: Paul Heyman

via foxsports.com

When looking at the list of friends Brock has made within the business it just slaps you in the face that one of these people is not like the others. Among former competitors and athletes who seem to be intimidating stands a man whose figure brings to mind a middle-aged dad more than anything else. However, no matter what Paul Heyman looks like, his personality is every bit as intense as Brock’s explosive agility is and most importantly he has had his onscreen charge’s back since the start. Standing at his side during many of his WWE performances, Paul was also there for him during his MMA career, co-wrote Brock’s autobiography and they seem inseparable. The fact that Paul had severed all of his WWE ties prior to Brock returning but has worked there ever since shows the strength of their relationship too. Also, there is the fact that Paul is the godfather to the two children Brock didn’t make Shelton the godfather of.

2 HATE: Jim Cornette

via wrestlingnews.co

There are few men in the history of the wrestling business that can speak faster than Jim Cornette and are happier to share their take on anyone and everyone in the business. As one of the leaders of OVW, the developmental territory Brock Lesnar once trained in, Jim interacted with the future Heavyweight Champion and has shared his feelings about him too. “We used to call him Block Lesnar here in OVW for block-head, not in front of him now, behind his back everybody did”. Surprisingly that is nothing compared to the fact that Jim claims to have threatened to shoot him with a gun. According to the veteran manager and booker, Brock had a checkered history with him after he had press slammed his wife in the ring and was too rough and disrespectful. In response, Jim claims to have literally threatened to shoot him if he did it again. Wow Jim, wow.

1 LOVE: Rena “Sable” Mero

via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

A former wrestler for the WWE who had a huge hand in the ascent of the Attitude Era, Rena Mero, otherwise known as Sable, added a lot of sex appeal to the WWE at the time. Now, she has been gone from the business for years and is known best in some circles as Brock Lesnar’s wife and mother of his children. An intensely private person who has made it clear time and time again that he doesn’t like to have people around, Rena may be the only person who has figured him out enough to make a life with him. The only person on this list that is actually involved romantically with him, not only should Sable love Brock, hopefully, she is in love with him which made her the obvious number one choice.

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