8 Wrestlers Who Love Scott Steiner And 8 That Hate Him

Scott Steiner is among the most controversial figures in wrestling history. His career peaked in WCW with a legendary run there. Scott teamed with his brother Rick Steiner as a tag team that completely changed the division for the better. Most would name the Steiner Brothers as the greatest tag team in WCW history.

Following his run as a tag wrestler, Scott completely changed his look and started a singles career with The Big Poppa Pump character. His incredible heel work saw him become one of the final new main event stars as he captured the WCW Championship.

Steiner went on to the WWE and had a terrible run. His attitude rubbed many of the other wrestlers the wrong way and Steiner’s tenure ended rather quickly. TNA hired him and he had some decent moments but made even more enemies. The one constant throughout his career is developing negative relationships. Steiner refuses to hold anything back and is very vocal about his feelings towards people that wronged him. On the contrary, there are also many other wrestlers that have enjoyed him with friendships being formed through the years. We’ll look at the career and backstage drama to follow the legend by naming the eight wrestlers that love Scott Steiner and the eight that hate him.

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16 Love: Kevin Nash

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The hottest time period in WCW saw the New World Order grow into a force and Kevin Nash was a huge part of the nWo. During that time, Nash and Scott Hall had a long feud against Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner for the WCW Tag Team Championship. The singles careers of Steiner and Nash saw both of them get to the top of WCW in the final years. and they entered a feud once again in singles matches.

Through the many matches against one another, Nash and Steiner developed a close friendship. They even worked together again as members of The Main Event Mafia in TNA. Steiner and Nash have been seen having laughs catching up at wrestling conventions and autograph signings. Nash has a very smooth personality that likely makes it easier to get along with hotheads like Steiner. In addition, Kevin showed up to Steiner's restaurant launch just recently. Now that's friendship.

15 Hate: Diamond Dallas Page

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Scott Steiner started to become the most unpredictable man in the wrestling business during the later years of WCW and his vicious heel character carried over to the backstage area. One person to feel the wrath of Steiner was Diamond Dallas Page. Steiner allegedly threatened Page’s wife Kimberly backstage due to some sort of issue between the two.

DDP tried to defend the honor of his wife by confronting Steiner and it culminated in a huge fight. Steiner destroyed Page with witnesses claiming Steiner may have murdered Page if other wrestlers weren’t around to break it up. DDP had to develop a disdain for Steiner for harassing his wife and beating him up. Steiner has shown no remorse when asked about the incident in various shoot interviews.

14 Love: Scott Hall

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Much like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall came to WCW and worked several programs with Scott Steiner. They developed a friendship that lasted many years and Hall was one of a few wrestlers to visit the grand opening of the Shoney’s restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia that is owned by Steiner. The mini-WCW reunion, with Hall showing support, just proved the friendship with Steiner is still going.

It's rather interesting than Steiner is a good friend of Nash and Hall, as Steiner absolutely loathes other Kliq members Shawn Michaels and Triple H, but Hall doesn’t hold it against him. In wrestling, the political landscape makes it impossible for everyone to get along. Everyone you meet will dislike at least one friend of yours. Hall doesn’t let it get in the way of the positive relationship he has with Steiner.

13 Hate: Shawn Michaels

The animosity between Shawn Michaels and Scott Steiner started in the early 90s during The Steiner Brothers run in the WWE. Following his departure, Steiner went to ECW and Paul Heyman always allowed his talent to have freedom on the microphone. Steiner randomly insulted Michaels for being “feminine” during his days and doing a borderline striptease entrance. Another stint working together did not help make peace.

Steiner returned to the WWE as a singles star in 2002 and Michaels came out of retirement for another run. They didn’t work together, but their dislike for each other continued to grow. Steiner trashed Michaels in interviews following his second release for abusing power and being a fake tough guy. Michaels has never spoken out about Steiner publicly, but the facts show there’s a strong dislike between the two.

12 Love: Jeff Jarrett

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One promoter and fellow wrestler to strike up a great relationship with Scott Steiner is Jeff Jarrett. They worked together as two of the top heels in the final year of WCW’s existence. Jarrett then brought Steiner over to TNA following Scott’s tenure with WWE. Steiner worked for TNA for many years and it saw him align with Jarrett in the heel Planet Jarrett faction.

Their friendship has survived to this day with Steiner speaking out on behalf of Jarrett against the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regime running TNA. Jarrett apparently knows the real Steiner behind his intensity and appreciates him as a talent as well. Steiner was one of the first names announced for Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion. GFW has failed to generate momentum, but Jarrett hopes it can take off and he’ll likely try to keep Steiner there.

11 Hate: Jackie Gayda

Jackie Gayda has never vocally expressed her hatred of Scott Steiner, but a viral video has to make it a reality. A memorable match for the wrong reasons on Raw featured Steiner teaming with Stacy Keibler in an inter-gender match against the tag team of Rico and Gayda. Steiner and Gayda were the two legal competitors at one point.

This led to Steiner making a rude remark to Jackie, asking her if she was in the ring to engage in sexual activities. Naturally, he said it in a far more offensive manner before tagging in Keibler. Gayda was embarrassed by Steiner and new viewers continue to find the video online with it once featured in "Botchamania." Jackie did nothing wrong here and has every reason to dislike Steiner for crossing the line with his poor choice of words.

10 Love: Sting

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Most of Scott Steiner’s better friends in pro wrestling came from his time in WCW. Steiner spent the majority of his career there and it only makes sense that he’d become tight with Sting. They worked together numerous times in both singles and tag team action and their friendship came to fruition when they were members together in TNA’s Main Event Mafia.

Sting turned heel for a short time period in the faction, partly due to the fact that his good friends were there working alongside him. Steiner is one of the members that helped Sting ease into the role before their characters evolved. Sting has said that Steiner's a bit off the chain, but he enjoyed him for the person he was under it. They go way back and it has made Sting grow to accept Steiner and his ways.

9 Hate: Vince McMahon

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There is no hiding the fact that Vince McMahon was not fond of the WCW made stars to come over to the WWE. McMahon won The Monday Night Wars and wanted to rub it in the faces of his former rivals. Scott Steiner was one of the WCW stars to allow his contract to expire before trying his luck in the WWE following The Monday Night Wars ending.

Steiner's return at MSG saw the fans react like he was the biggest star in the company. Things looked great, but he was booked horribly. Steiner lost his two big feuds in the main event picture to Triple H and moved into completely irrelevant feuds way below his stature. McMahon clearly didn’t like his WCW background or his unpredictable attitude, which makes him a risky person to employ.

8 Love: Rick Steiner

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The bond between brothers is always strong, but it goes to another level in wrestling. Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner teamed together for many years achieving great success. If the WWE wasn't afraid of Scott having a live microphone, they'd absolutely be clear cut Hall of Famers that deserve the honor for the legacy they left as a team.

Many of the brother tandems working together have had a few rough times with business getting in the way of family. That's never happened to the Steiners as they've always been united through the years. Rick and Scott are still close as can be to this very day. They still make rare appearances together at conventions and Rick also showed up to the opening of Scott’s Shoney’s restaurant.

7 Hate: Eric Bischoff

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Scott Steiner's last stint in TNA created several new enemies for Big Poppa Pump. as Steiner went to Twitter to rant about the people running the company, including Eric Bischoff. Most of the tweets were very personal and directly towards Bischoff. Steiner believed Eric came into TNA with a huge ego and ruined the company the same way he did with WCW. Not only did Steiner go after Eric, but he went after Garett Bischoff as well (his son).

TNA tried to push Garett as the next big star but fans completely rejected it. Steiner chimed in, calling out Eric for nepotism and continuing to sink TNA with his horrible decisions. Bischoff responded with shots at Steiner, claiming he was bitter and a “steroid junkie.” The two continued to exchange insults online for quite some time until Bischoff influenced TNA into filing a lawsuit against Steiner.

6 Love: Petey Williams

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In a rarity for TNA, the storyline between Scott Steiner and Petey Williams actually worked out quite nicely. Williams was very talented, but sat on the sidelines failing to make an impact in the X Division. They decided to have him work as the protégé of Steiner and adopt his trademark bleach blonde hair. Williams was already jacked, so the workout aspect of the gimmick was simple to transition into.

Steiner and Williams produced entertaining segments and had legs to do more as a tag team. Sadly, it ended quickly but Williams loved his time with Big Poppa Pump. Williams revealed on The Art of Wrestling podcast that he had the time of his life working with Steiner. The X Division star confirmed Steiner was indeed as unpredictable as everyone says, but showed respect and provided fun moments.

5 Hate: Ric Flair

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The drama between Ric Flair and Scott Steiner has been going on for years. It all started in the early 90s when WCW hoped to give Steiner a big singles push for the first time in his career. Steiner worked against Flair and their match was an utter disappointment. Steiner believes that Flair purposefully put out a poor performance to try to ruin his singles push. An impartial Lance Storm even agreed with Steiner’s claims in an interview.

The war continued, with Steiner trashing Flair in shoot promos on WCW television in the later years. Steiner hated him in the WWE as well, claiming Flair sucked up to Triple H and Shawn Michaels to keep a job. The feeling is mutual as Flair implied Steiner is jealous of the success he's endured and of others as well.

4 Love: Buff Bagwell

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Scott Steiner’s friendship with Buff Bagwell started in WCW when they were both members of the New World Order. Steiner and Bagwell teamed for a few months and grew close. They were two controversial personalities in the locker room that happened to gravitate towards each other. Steiner remained tight with Bagwell for many years after WCW died and following their flops in the WWE.

There were a couple of projects featuring promotions hoping to create something special. Bagwell and Steiner were on almost all of them together. The amount of time spent together made them buddies that went pass the wrestling world. Bagwell was another one of the wrestlers to take time out of his schedule to support Steiner’s Shoney’s restaurant opening. They both may have their fair share of detractors, but they can find friendship with each other.

3 Hate: Triple H

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Scott Steiner's second WWE tenure started with a bang. Steiner destroyed Matt Hardy and Chris Nowinski to one of the biggest pops in wrestling history at Survivor Series in 2002. WWE instantly put him in a World Championship program against Triple H as the top feud on Raw. They had some of the worst matches you’ll find on the WWE Network. There was no chemistry and it caused WWE to sour on Steiner.

Steiner blamed Triple H and raged against him the second he left the company. Her claims that Triple H was not talented and only got his spot as the top star in the company due to his relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Steiner even used the term “Kevin Federline of pro wrestling” to describe Triple H. The only time Triple H responded was by saying Steiner puts the blame on others because he wasn’t good enough to make it in the WWE. In the words of Hunter, "you always got to blame someone for not making it."

2 Love: Booker T

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Scott Steiner’s singles ascension as the top heel in WCW’s final year came at the same time as Booker T becoming the top face. They had a great feud and were the final two stars created in WCW. Booker and Steiner even made appearances together in the 90s on shows such as Charmed and The Jersey. The two remained friends for years with TNA being the place they reunited, this time as teammates in The Main Event Mafia.

Booker and Steiner had similar career paths that earned the respect of the other. Many years of tag team success followed by main event runs at the end of WCW and having to rebuild their careers after it ended made them kindred spirits. Booker has great words to share when asked about his memories working with Steiner and their friendship.

1 Hate: Hulk Hogan

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Scott Steiner's biggest enemy is without a doubt Hulk Hogan. Steiner and Hogan appeared to get along in WCW and even in the early years in TNA. Out of nowhere, Steiner started unleashing epic rants against Hogan on social media. Steiner claimed he was speaking on behalf of all of the unhappy wrestlers in TNA that felt their careers were being ruined by Hogan making poor decisions due to his large ego.

Steiner's insults ranged from insulting him for putting himself over to having his daughter Brooke Hogan join TNA. Things escalated when Steiner was accused of harassing Hogan’s wife at the airport during WrestleMania 31 weekend. Steiner stated it was all a lie by Hogan and security cameras backed it up, as he wasn't charged with anything. Hogan has a low opinion of Steiner and Steiner wants to beat Hogan up badly. Some people are just meant to hate each other.

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