8 Wrestlers Who Loved Being In The nWo And 7 Who Hated It

More than 20 years after it was formed, fans of all ages are still feeling the impacts of the New World Order wrestling faction today.

When Hulk Hogan turned villain for the first time in his professional wrestling career, it took the world of sports entertainment to new heights. New storylines came into place, the WWE had to adjust and launch a new Attitude Era, more wrestlers came to change history, and more and more fans tuned in on Monday nights to watch.

The nWo is one of the greatest wrestling factions ever and perhaps the greatest of all-time. The nWo was home to many legendary wrestlers and a legendary basketball player. But only so many wrestlers actually enjoyed their time there. Meanwhile, a handful of Superstars look back on their nWo careers with embarrassment and regret.

Here is a list of eight Superstars who enjoyed time in the nWo, and a list of seven who hated it.

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15 Loved It: Horace Hogan

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Bonus points to someone who can get the name of Horace's uncle.

Yeah, no other person with blood relations to Hulk Hogan was able to come close to having a career like The Hulkster, but if there was somebody, it would be his real-life nephew Horace.

When the nWo formed into two sides, Horace joined his uncle's Hollywood faction to face off against Wolfpac. Horace was never a big draw in the company. He didn't win any championships and didn't headline any pay-per-views, but it has to be somewhat cool to hang out with your Hollywood celebrity uncle on television and make big bucks off of it.

Hogan would sign with the WWE after WCW was bought out, but he never got anything going and his career ended as quickly as it started.

14 Hated It: Miss Elizabeth

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You know the story: The real-life wife and on-screen girlfriend of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage captured the hearts of millions across the world. Elizabeth's angel-like looks and sweetheart personality made her a fan favorite for fans of the '80s and '90s. However, her and Savage had a real-life divorce and the Macho Man would leave the WWE on fairly bad terms.

But in WCW, the two reunited when both joined the nWo faction and worked together. However, Elizabeth's run in the nWo just didn't work. They tried making her a heel but it simply wasn't there. She was always a babyface and just showed up with a big alliance and never got the push.

You could just tell by her face she wasn't comfortable being there. She'd undoubtedly like all of us to forget her run as a heel in the faction.

13 Loved It: Dennis Rodman

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Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest NBA players to ever step onto a court, but nobody's going to deny the guy was a jerk. Kicking a camera man, fighting players, and his horrible persona towards others made him a disgraceful human being. Hey, sounds like an ideal bad guy in WCW.

Rodman joined WCW and became part of the nWo in March of 1997. All he really did was stand beside Hulk Hogan and try to look cool wearing a stupid hat and silly sunglasses. Fox Sports reported that his salary was slightly over $1 million in 1999. That's all Rodman had to do. Show up on WCW television and act like Hogan's security guard.

He had the easiest life when it came to his NBA suspension. Rodman barely had to wrestle and without a doubt, embraced his exposure and easy money by wearing the nWo attire.

12 Hated It: Dusty Rhodes

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The American Dream was one of the most accomplished and popular Superstars during his days in the professional wrestling industry. The Hall of Famer also has his real-life sons Cody Rhodes and Goldust carrying on their father's legacy.

But for Dusty, his time in WCW was one we'd like to forget, but the nWo faction was the Donald Trump of presidential victories. One that should have never happened. He started out as one of the few Superstars to fight against the faction for the first few years. But at Souled Out 1998, Rhodes revealed the black and white attire that showed his allegiance to the faction.

Rhodes didn't actually talk about hating it, but he really went nowhere and it was one of the more forgettable points of his career.

11 Loved It: Buff Bagwell

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Buff Bagwell was actually a forgotten gem in WCW. Because he wasn't one of the original 'big three' members of the nWo, people forget how great of a heel he truly was. He didn't have much success, though. He would win five Tag Team Championships in WCW - but no singles titles.

Bagwell did relish his time in the nWo, though. He even talked about it during an interview with Two Man Power Trip Wrestling:

"It was the absolute best. It was like saying hey man you finally made it...Everyone just stopped and not another name was assumed and everyone said that’s it, Buff Bagwell is perfect."

He was never able to reach the main event card, but Bagwell was that ideal sidekick the main members needed. He'd feud with Rick Steiner, Lex Luger, and other enemies for the nWo. The legacy of Bagwell is being in their group, so no doubt he enjoyed his tenure with them.

10 Hated It: Randy Savage

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If it weren't for Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage would be recognized as the top WWE Superstar of the '80s and early '90s. But their real-life hatred towards one another was fueled by the competitive nature of being the top guy in the world of professional wrestling. When Savage and Hogan went to WCW, they had to put their differences aside and help their company win the Monday Night War.

So Eric Bischoff's brilliant idea was to have Hogan attack Savage at Bash at the Beach 1996, to form the nWo. Okay, so that worked out. But having Savage go from nWo fighter to nWo member was a disaster from the get-go. Savage's character was lost entirely in the shuffle and his career would never be the same.

Though Savage never openly admitted he hated being in the nWo, joining the group led to the the decline of his career. We're sure he would stay as his own babyface character if he got a do-over.

9 Loved It: Ted DiBiase 

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The Million Dollar Man was all about playing an arrogant, rich and snobby boss character during his career. There's a reason he's in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ted DiBiase was the leader of the Million Dollar Corporation, one of the more dominant and historic factions in the WWF. But in 1996, DiBiase became the latest WWE legends to jump over to WCW. Right away, he joined the nWo, becoming the fourth member of the faction.

He went by Trillionaire Ted and his role was to be the financial leader of the group. DiBiase's character worked out very well for a group that's mission was to be powerful in money and in in the ring. DiBiase's tenure with WCW was short-lived, but his character played out perfectly in the nWo. It was his joining of the faction that opened the door for more members to join.

8 Hated It: Scott Steiner

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Let's make one thin clear: Scott Steiner has made it clear there are a lot of things he doesn't like. He doesn't like meeting fans (no seriously, don't even approach him if you meet him). He doesn't like the current WWE product, he hates Triple H and he hated Hulk Hogan enough to the point that he threatened to kill him - thus getting banned from being at the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

But if there's one thing Steiner really had to hate, it must have been his time in WCW. He really was an accomplished Superstar, but he was also lost in the shuffle because he wasn't one of the 'big three.'

His Big Poppa Pump gimmick didn't exactly work out. Steiner was just another one of the many Superstars in WCW and never got the chance to shine the way he was before he joined them. Given how he blames all of his problems and struggles on everyone but himself, one must think he has plenty of regrets in being part of the nWo.

7 Loved It: Eric Bischoff

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Gosh, this one's too easy.

Eric Bischoff was the one who had the idea of forming the nWo in the first place. He said he got the idea after watching a power alliance in Japan form a similar storyline and faction than the New World Order. Bischoff was the one who somehow convinced Hulk Hogan to turn bad guy and form the alliance. It was the nWo that changed the industry of pro wrestling and put WCW on top of the Monday Night War during the late '90s.

With all the money and power, Bischoff threw himself in as the boss/manager of the faction. He did everything in his power to boast the nWo's dominance. He's the one who loved the group so much that he kept reuniting them over-and-over again until the company fell apart and was bought out by WWE.

Do you now believe us when we say he loved the nWo?

6 Hated It: Sting

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There were a lot of things that WCW did wrong, but what they did to Sting in joining the nWo was among the worst.

You see, he was basically the one Superstar WCW had that NEVER joined or aligned himself with the nWo. As the majority of the WCW roster found themselves donning the black and white at some point, Sting came out most nights to fight all of them by himself.

During the late '90s, however, things changed. It became Hollywod nWo vs. Wolfpac nWo. Sting turned heel by joining Kevin Nash's alliance, and went from the iconic white and black face paint to red and black. It was right around this time when the company began to fall apart, and not even Sting himself could save it.

You think he enjoyed being part of that group? Neither did we.

5 Loved It: Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was one of the top wrestlers McMahon had in WWE under his Razor Ramon gimmick. However, Hall made the choice to jump to WCW for more money after McMahon refused to help get him over as one of the company's cream of the crop wrestlers.

Well, Hall's legacy will forever be linked to his tenure as the nWo. He and Kevin Nash were already part of the villainous outsiders alliance, but Hall embraced every bit of time in the nWo with Hogan. He still reflects on his days and is often advertising the faction's merchandise on his social media.

Scott Hall was a Superstar in both companies he wrestled in, but the nWo is what forever changed his career. Yeah, Razor Ramon was cool, but there was nothing like being part of one of the most iconic feuds ever.

4 Hated It: The Giant

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Most of you know him as Big Show.

He was a rising star in WCW, getting over as a seven-foot monster and was one of the first guys to feud with the nWo. He fought Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship in a losing effort shortly after the group was formed. Shortly after that, The Giant became a member of the nWo.

The Giant only stayed in the faction for a short time. Once he left the group, Giant became a main event star, once again fighting against the nWo while feuding with Lex Luger and Sting.

Big Show eventually got sick of being under the nWo card and joined WWE in 1999. In Monday Night War documentaries, he cited his frustrations about how most wrestlers either joined or got beat up by the nWo far too often. Obviously, his career got even better when Vince McMahon took him in. For that, we know that Big Show/Giant didn't enjoy his nWo days.

3 Loved It: Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had the same path to becoming stars in the nWo. Vince McMahon couldn't match their WCW offers. Eric Bischoff offered them more money and creative control and they took the offer. Nash and Hall had Hogan joined the nWo, adding a third name to the duo of The Outsiders.

Nash's Hall of Fame career will always be linked to his time in the nWo. He wasn't a great wrestler on his own and was never one to put on great main event matches. But aligning himself with Hogan was the smartest move he made. The nWo would not be the same without the billed seven-foot tall monster.

Obviously, Nash's power, creative control, and selfishness meant the nWo would break up, divide into a pair of factions until coming together again. That led to the downfall of WCW, but he obviously has no regrets in joining the nWo. It's how we'll remember him best.

2 Hated It: Bret Hart

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Bret Hart just never had the chance to shine in WCW.

As we all know, he left WWE after Vince McMahon convinced him to take more money from his rivalry company. Hart was screwed at Montreal and tried to revive his career under Bischoff's leadership. Well, WCW wasted Hart. He never got a chance to be their main star because it was all about the nWo. So what do they do? They put Hart in the nWo. As if having the big three wasn't enough.

In interviews, Hart talked about how the nWo was "garbage." And we can't blame him - turning him heel and still not giving him a push was a terrible decision by the writers and control team.

Hart had to retire from wrestling after suffering multiple concussions in WCW. His tenure was one everyone looked forward to but would like to forget. Hart would be the first one to tell you his time in the nWo was a mess and a waste.

1 Loved It: Hollywood Hogan

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Hollywood Hogan knew it was a huge risk to take the All-American character and become a heel. He had major doubts about it, but went with the plan. Now when we look at Hogan, we can see how he changed the industry in two different ways.

First, he became Vince McMahon's main guy and gave millions of fans across the world a guy to cheer for. Hogan was the ultimate wrestler of the '80s and early '90s. Second, he pulled off the greatest heel turn in history when he hit Randy Savage with the Leg Drop at Bash at the Beach 1996. The fans went against Hogan, like WCW wanted. They were so ashamed and shocked that it made Sting, Goldberg and other wrestlers mega stars - simply for fighting against the evil empire Hogan created.

Hogan's face character was getting super boring the way John Cena's has been for the past five years. He completely revived his career and became even more awesome, cool legendary, rich, and famous with his heel turn.

Hogan knows best, if you catch my drift.

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