8 Wrestlers Who Might Still Be Juicing (And 7 Who Gave It Up)

In any sport where you are expected to look a certain way, it can be difficult to attain the results that you want and a lot of athletes wind up using steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs in order to achieve their goals.

Wrestling was one of the most common places for that to happen and while it may no longer be commonplace and accepted, that doesn't mean that it never happens. Just one look at a dramatic change in a wrestler's look will lead to speculation, despite what they might say. Fans have just been lied to so many times that it's hard to take someone at their word.

Of course, WWE now has regular drug tests to defeat this issue but there are still loopholes around this, meaning some wrestlers do still juice to this day. Yet, for as many wrestlers that might still use steroids, many have also given them up and now lead a clean life. Whether it was due to being busted by a Wellness Policy Violation, or whether it was for their own health, these wrestlers managed to finally get off the juice.

This article will look at eight wrestlers that might still be juicing, as well as seven who have given it up.

15 Still Juicing: Alberto El Patron

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Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) has always been in good shape, there is no doubt about that. But when he made his return to WWE for a second run with the company his physique had dramatically improved.

Of course, it makes sense that a wrestler would want to look better when returning to the biggest stage possible, but the difference was staggering and while it may have all been down to hard work, El Patron could have had some help along the way with juicing before he got back to WWE's strict policies.

This could be supported by the fact that El Patron was actually suspended by WWE towards the very end of his run after violating their wellness policy, and while it might not have been for steroids, it does seem very convenient.

14 Gave It Up: Randy Orton

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Speaking of people who have been suspended by WWE, Randy Orton currently boasts two strikes to his name for violating WWE's wellness policy, with a potential third strike meaning he would be released by the company.

Thankfully, for fans of The Viper, the experienced WWE star is very unlikely to earn a third and final strike because he has given up the juice and now lives a cleaner life as he begins to look towards the end of his career.

Now focused on being a family man, something he is very proud of, it is unlikely Orton would want to set that sort of example and with his job hanging on the line if he was to do it again, it's best for everyone involved he stays clean.

13 Still Juicing: Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar's decision to return to UFC for one fight opened up a whole can of worms about the Beast and WWE's famous wellness policy. After defeating Mark Hunt it seemed like Lesnar was on cloud nine and back on top of the fighting world.

That was until he got busted by UFC's drug testing for taking performance-enhancing drugs and his result was overturned and UFC suspended Brock Lesnar for competing. So, if Lesnar was busted in UFC, why hasn't he been in WWE?

Well, this caused a major problem for WWE as they were forced to admit part-time talent are not tested in the same way as the main roster which leads to obvious complaints. With Lesnar juicing for his UFC return and not being tested in WWE it's unknown if he is doing the same for his wrestling shows.

12 Gave It Up: Mr. Kennedy

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At one point it seemed that Mr.Kennedy would be one of WWE's biggest stars but for several different reasons, varying from injuries to drugs to backstage politics, it didn't end up that way.

Whilst he still had a good career, Kennedy may look back and think he could have done better and perhaps that's the case. However, he was a rarity in wrestling where he opened up and admitted to taking steroids and apologized to fans for his behavior.

In an open letter following the end of his WWE run he admitted that he screwed himself for various reasons, but thankfully he solved any problems he had and got off the juice and ended up having a solid career outside of WWE.

11 Still Juicing: Vince McMahon

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The boss, the man who enforces the wellness policy to stop his talent being on the juice is also very likely to still be on it himself. One of the biggest advocators for steroids, his use of the drug is commonly known and almost landed him inside a jail cell at the peak of the drug scandal.

The sad deaths of popular stars such as Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero forced WWE's hand in putting its drug policy in place, but that is the key, forced. WWE would likely have never implemented its current rules had incidents such as those not taken place.

Chances are, Vince is probably exempt from being tested in the same way part-time athletes are, after all, he makes the rules, who is going to tell him otherwise? But for a man of his age to be in the shape he is, it would not be a shock to find out he is still on the juice.

10 Gave It Up: Gregory Helms

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Gregory Helms was named in an article by Sports Illustrated in 2007 as one WWE Superstar who was using steroids to enhance his look and aid his career, an article which certainly had an effect on his career. Several wrestlers who were named in that article saw their role on the roster get lessened and Helms' role seemed to diminish following the article's publication.

Helms would eventually find himself on the outside of the WWE Universe working for places such as TNA, having to fix his life and get back on the straight and narrow. Thankfully, everyone's favorite superhero did exactly that and is now off the juice and focusing on the final stages of his wrestling career.

9 Still Juicing: Scott Steiner

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Has there ever been a more obvious wrestler on the juice that Scott Steiner? It's almost as if I don't have to write a post to justify his inclusion in the list because it is that obvious.

Just one look at his body and it makes the saying 'a picture paints a thousand words' proven to be true. Whilst he may believe that he looks in great shape, the reality is that Steiner looks incredibly unnatural and fans know exactly why. On top of Steiner's ridiculous physique, he's been prone to instances of rage in the past, including threatening to kill DDP and also laying death threats against Hulk Hogan through his wife Jennifer at an airport. The evidence all stacks up against Big Poppa Pump.

8 Gave It Up: Chris Masters

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From the moment he showed up in WWE it was clear that 'The Masterpiece,' Chris Masters was on the juice. He was the exact body type that Vince McMahon is known to love and it was very obvious he was getting some extra help to earn those results.

If you take a look at Masters nowadays you will notice he is much smaller than he was at the peak of his career. Granted, he still looks very impressive, but he is certainly not the same man that performed in the WWE and that is because he has gotten himself off the juice.

There were many reports that he went through some tough times getting off steroids, having bouts with mental health, but it is something he achieved and he is better for it.

7 Still Juicing: Roman Reigns

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Seeing wrestlers be suspended from WWE in this era is always a major shock as most fans don't expect to hear it. So when WWE's top dog was suspended for violating the wellness policy it really took fans by surprise.

Roman Reigns is in brilliant shape, even if he covers the majority of his body when he performs, but behind all that gear he is in terrific condition. However, could that be with the help of a little juice?

Speculation arose when he was suspended and still remains around the Big Dog, but for his sake, it would be best if he wasn't, as a second suspension could really derail his push. After all that WWE has done to position Reigns as their face of the company, could you imagine what a failed test would mean?

6 Gave It Up: Billy Gunn

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The reason that Billy Gunn is no longer working for WWE is purely down to his decision to take steroids and PED's, he was caught and fired by the company. The New Age Outlaws member was taking them to aid his powerlifting career but ultimately brought an end to his WWE one.

Gunn has continued wrestling outside of WWE and is now no longer on the drugs, which is likely due to his powerlifting days coming to an end as well. Whether this means he will one day return to WWE remains to be seen, but at least he is clean. The fact that he is friends with Triple H likely means he'll eventually be welcomed back into the fold, as have countless others.

5 Still Juicing: The Rock

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The Rock is possibly the biggest celebrity in the world right now, not just in the WWE Universe, but his acting career and amazing charisma have seen him become a global pop culture icon.

There can be no doubt that The Rock doesn't work out, just one look at his Instagram would highlight his crazy work ethic but there is no doubt there has been an incredible change in his physique over the years.

Take a look at the WWE Network at The Rock's body size during the end of his full-time WWE run in comparison to when he shows up nowadays, the change is extraordinary. With WWE not testing part-time talent, there is no real proof for or against, but given his huge fanbase it would be a massive disappointment if he was ever caught on the juice.

4 Gave It Up: Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle is back in WWE and looking great. Now the Raw general manager, Angle has returned to the ring on two occasions and is a WWE Hall of Famer, an incredible accomplishment and it is great to see one of the best ever back where he belongs.

But the only reason Angle is able to do or achieve any of those things is because he has gotten clean and given up the juice, the drugs, and alcohol and got himself straight and sober.

Angle slipped down a dark path towards the end of his WWE run, something he continued outside of the company after refusing help. But thankfully, Angle managed to turn his life around and get sober and his legacy continues to grow because of it.

3 Still Juicing: Triple H

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Triple H looks better now than he did when he was performing full time at the peak of his career. While people might say that's because he has lots of free time now to work out, the fact is, he is probably busier with his new roles in the company than when he was an active wrestler.

The Game often looks better than the majority of the main roster when he rocks up for his one or two matches a year and a lot of fans and critics have pointed that he might be taking steroids or some other form of drug to help him achieve these results.

His own nutritionist recently caused a stir by saying WWE allows talent to take certain things (which are all banned by UFC), but quickly changed his story. Perhaps that's because he outed his boss for taking them, who knows.

2 2: Gave It Up: DDP

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All the wrestlers on this list who gave up juicing have done so for different reasons and have done very different things about it, however, nobody has had quite the transformation as Diamond Dallas Page.

Not only has DDP recovered himself and got off steroids and other problems, which in itself is an accomplishment, but DDP has gone on to help so many others, not just in wrestling, get clean and recover from addiction.

His DDP Yoga program is touted by those that use it as an incredible therapy for pains and aches and the work he has done is simply brilliant and proves what you can do when you put your mind to it.

1 Still Juicing: Jinder Mahal

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When it comes to the conversation of wrestlers still doing steroids, one person who always comes to mind is Jinder Mahal. Just ask Ryback and he will flat out tell you that the former WWE Champion is taking steroids.

The fact Mahal has been called out for it on several occasions, with former wrestlers pointing to certain signs on his body as indicators that he is on the juice is a major sign that he could be.

Afterall, when it comes to people doing a full 180 in terms of their body, Mahal really has transformed himself, a decision that certainly played a factor in his recent main event push. There is no doubt Mahal looks incredible, but there is also a strong chance he is juicing to achieve that.

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