8 Wrestlers Who Recently Got Married And 7 Who Recently Split

Wrestler-wrestler marriages used to be rare back in the day. Although the wrestlers were on the road more than 300 days of the year, they remained married to women who are involved in the wrestling business then. Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and numerous other wrestlers found love outside the company. However, such marriages have become more common these days. Having said that, many wrestlers seem excellent at ensuring their fans don’t know about their marital status. However, given the nosy nature of a good number of WWE Universe, we’ve seen information regarding talents’ marital status being reported by dirt sheets.

The following article discusses eight such marriages that WWE Universe don’t seem to be aware of. Additionally, I’ll also be discussing seven marriages or relationships that recently came to an end. Marriages and divorces are so common in the wrestling business these days, so it’s possible that one or two changes in marital history of prominent wrestlers take place after I’m done writing this article. You can mention those in the comments’ section.

There are a few notable mentions, too. Everyone and their dog knows about John Cena and Nikki Bella being engaged, but not a lot of people know that the latter’s mother, Kathy Colace herself, recently married a prominent wrestler. She tied the knot with John Laurinatis not so long ago, thus ensuring every female in their family is either engaged or married to a prominent wrestler. Another separation that should have been on the list was the Bray Wyatt-Samantha Rotunda one.

15 Hitched: Aiden English and Shaul Guerrero

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Life on the road isn’t always a bed of roses, even for the wrestlers’ families, and Eddie Guerrero’s daughter Shaul Guerrero ought to be aware of that having seen her father be on the road more than 300 days of the year. Her plight hasn’t improved, as she now finds her WWE husband follow the same schedule as her father did. Yes, she’s married to SmackDown Live’s second-best artist in Aiden English. Despite his schedule making them sleep time zones and continents apart, they’ve managed to keep the flame alive, as they’re pictured dining at a romantic set-up, Cinderella’s Royal Table, last month. The couple met during their NXT days, but her failing to prove good at what her father was world class at meant she had to become a pole dancer.

14 Split: Rob Van Dam and Sonia Szatkowski

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Even the fans who call CM Punk and Christian Phil Brooks and Jay Reso don’t seem to know a lot about Rob Van Dam’s personal life, besides his penchant for Mary Jane, of course. The WWE Grand Slam Champion, despite his ECW-esque lifestyle and perpetually being high, managed to be in a marriage for almost two decades. He even called time on his full-time wrestling career in 2008 to become a caregiver when his wife, Polish actress Sonya Szatkowski, was diagnosed of colon cancer. His 18-year marriage, however, ended in July 2016 when she, who had fully recovered then, filed for divorce in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. He has since moved on, as he now dates a voluptuous American indie wrestler named Katie Forbes.

13 Hitched: Bo Dallas and Sarah Backman

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It’s only a matter of time before Bo Dallas turns on The Miz to a loud pop, potentially claiming the Intercontinental Championship in the process. Although his in-ring career was in a rut until very recently, his personal life has been near impeccable for a while now. His NXT Championship triumph coincided with his marriage to eight-time World Arm Wrestling Championship winner Sarah Backman. Despite his being on the road with Curtis Axel, The Miz and Maryse on more than 250 days of a calendar year, they don’t seem to enjoy the luxury to do the stuff most couples do; they seem to delight in each other’s company nonetheless, as evidenced by her Instagram stories. Here’s hoping he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his more successful brother, Bray Wyatt, blindly.

12 Split: Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke

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Many wrestling insiders claim that Dana Brooke slept her way to the main roster despite not possessing the ability required to hang with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Although it’s easy to spread rumors, especially with the Internet Wrestling Community being excellent gossip mongers, her hooking up with philanderer Dolph Ziggler shortly after pulling off the worst Ric Flair strut to date in mid-2016 made a lot of fans buy the rumor. Many expected the relationship to not last, with The Showoff moving to SmackDown Live, and WWE Universe’s prediction came to fruition when dirt sheets reported that they were no longer an item earlier this year. Most divorces or break-ups I’ve discussed in this article left a considerable number of fans unhappy, but most fans rejoiced Ziggler’s breaking up with the former bodybuilder for reasons only those who rejoiced are aware of.

11 Hitched: Neville and Natalie Satterley

Some matches are really made in heaven, with the 5-foot-8 Neville and the Cruiserweight Championship title being one. However, there’s one thing that suits him more than the purple title – his wife. He dons the Newcastle United strip as though it’s a smart casual clothing as she dons pretty skirts on her Instagram posts. He plays FIFA with his colleagues, while she claims to be a member of Ravenclaw, one of the Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They’re a lovely couple, but most WWE fans don’t seem to be aware of his marriage. He tied the knot with Florida-resident Natalie Satterley, a truly lovely woman, in 2015. He doesn’t seem keen on bringing his wife to WWE shows though she’s proud of his accomplishments inside the squared circle.

10 Split: Alberto El Patron and Angela Velkei

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The controversy surrounding Alberto El Patron and Paige has rendered Bray Wyatt’s cheating on his wife with Jojo Offerman not newsworthy. The Anglo-Mexican couple have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons so frequently that the Internet Wrestling Community have hardly any time looking up the Unified GFW World Heavyweight Champion’s marital history. In fact, he was essentially cheating on his now-separated wife Angela Velkei when he was violating Wellness Policy with Paige although he claimed that their marriage had ended one year before her filing for divorce on the back of her cruel treatment towards him. Their divorce hasn’t been confirmed yet although Paige has been calling him her husband for a long time now. Here’s hoping the wrestling world doesn’t witness a Chris Candido and Sunny 2.0 or Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth 2.0.

9 Hitched: Curt Hawkins and Lizzie Karcher

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Curt Hawkins recently made the headlines when he went 100 WWE matches without a victory. Not to say he wasn’t one already, but he became a meme overnight, with many internet fans poking fun at his win-loss record. X-Pac and many other wrestlers came to his rescue, though, when they claimed that he had been bagging hefty WWE paychecks despite the losses. While it looks as though he won’t be around for a very long time (not all jobbers turn into Jinder Mahal, do they?), his personal life has been perfect enough for him to never worry about missing out on becoming a successful wrestler at WWE. Marrying Elizabeth Karcher in late 2015, he, the spiritual successor to Brooklyn Brawler, even has a daughter with her, who was born only earlier this year.

8 Split: Victoria and Lee Varon

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We’ve seen numerous wrestling marriages end unceremoniously, We saw Kurt Angle’s wife marry his then-colleague Jeff Jarrett to become Karen Jarrett. We’ve seen Hulk Hogan end his 26-year marriage to Linda Claridge. However, no divorce has been as nasty as Victoria’s. Victoria admitted to being John Cena’s on-road girlfriend while she was still married to Lee Varon, but that didn’t end her marriage. What did was her discovering her husband’s alleged extra-marital relationship with a waitress who was working at her restaurant, The Squared Circle. She even shamed her online, uploading her pictures to Twitter. Karma, however, came back to bite her as images and videos in which she could be seen in compromising positions were leaked online recently.

7 Hitched: Drew McIntyre and Kaitlyn Frohnapfel

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Should Heath Slater be considered a serious contender for The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship or Sheamus and Cesaro’s Raw Tag Team Championship, we’ll witness every member of 3MB either holding or fighting for a WWE title today. A few years ago, though, we were in a position where seeing at least one member of the annoyingly entertaining stable at WWE was a distant dream. Drew Galloway, who’s now working with NXT Champion, Bobby Roode, in particular, was seeing his career dwindle, after failing to live up to The Chosen One moniker. He has turned his life around so much, breaking ties with Tiffany to marry American doctor Kaitlyn Frohnapfel in 2016, after dating her for a long time. With his career and personal life all in the right track, one can expect the 32-year-old Scottish heavyweight to become a huge WWE star.

6 Split: Kaitlyn and P.J. Braun

Kaitlyn left WWE shortly after being forced to work undercard feud to pursue a full-time bodybuilding career with her new husband PJ Braun. She was making headlines, surprisingly for all the right reasons, as she came off as an inspiration to those who were trying to be healthy. She even made numerous fitness magazines’ covers, but her personal life wasn’t as pleasant as she might have hoped when she said yes, as the marriage ended after a measly three years.

In February 2017, she announced that she was splitting from her husband. She has since had her private media leaked, as hackers made public her naked pictorials and a short clip in which she can be seen undressing. She hasn’t been rattled despite the drama as she continues to train hard, as evidenced by her Instagram pictures.

5 Hitched: Batista and Sarah Jade

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Batista recently added to his impressive dating resume by hooking up with competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade. Following his most recent WWE stint, The Animal got serious with Jade and the two wound up getting married in October 2015. Batista has been keeping himself busy since his WWE departure by landing prominent movie roles while his lovely wife won Miss Pole Dance America in 2016. Since Batista has now been out of the WWE for three years, a lot of fans may have missed this pairing. In any event, this is Batista's third marriage, as he was married young to a mystery woman named Glenda, then his second wife Angie in the late 90s to mid 2000s. Hopefully Batista is able to make this one last.

4 Split: Luke Gallows and Amber O’Neal

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Marriages that see indie darlings marry each other seem wonderful. Luke Gallows was in one such marriage, as the hardcore section of WWE Universe loved seeing him together with Amber O’Neal. Their marriage, however, lasted only three years as they’re now going through a rocky phase, which is almost certain to culminate in a divorce in the event of their not being divorced already. In numerous podcasts, including Talk is Jericho, the former Raw Tag Team Champion was called newly single; he even called her his ex-wife on Cheap Heat podcast. Rumor has it that their split came off a WWE segment in which he featured alongside Dana Brooke; the indie wrestler ripped the bodybuilder a new one on Twitter after that segment, and he’s been single since not long after.

3 Hitched: Jason Jordan and April Elizabeth

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With WWE inventing a storyline in which Kurt Angle is Jason Jordan’s biological father, his recent marriage has largely gone under the radar. He tied the knot with April Elizabeth earlier this year, with his wedding coinciding with his SmackDown Tag Team Championship triumph. His career has received an unforeseen boost that many fans truly find bizarre, but his wife remains his biggest fan, as she retweets every WWE tweet that mentions him. He’s had a stellar year, marrying the person he loves, finding himself involved in a storyline with Kurt Angle and readying himself for a Intercontinental Championship bout with The Miz at SummerSlam, one of the four biggest PPV WWE produces every year. Though he can surely not be as successful as his storyline father, he, at 28, can proceed to do things in the squared circle most wrestlers can only dream of, with the support of his new wife.

2 Split: Zack Ryder and Emma

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Zack Ryder finds himself in a rut despite his shock WrestleMania victory last year, as injuries and a lack of direction now finds him playing second fiddle to Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner Mojo Rawley. His romantic life has also been uninspiring despite his recently breaking up with rebellious Emma. The couple were often spotted at corny locations such as Disneyland and the beach, and they seemed the hottest couple in any wrestling roster. However, with Emma’s travelling with the red brand and one half of The Hype Bros wrestling for Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, they’ve been unable to keep the love alive. They recently broke up amicably. Although Emma has shifted her focus to furthering her in-ring career, he has moved on to an equally pretty woman, Laurel Van Ness.

1 Hitched: Tyler Breeze and Audrey Marie Tyler

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It looked as though Tyler Breeze’s WWE career was doomed upon his being promoted to the main roster. However, forming an alliance with fellow former jobber Fandango, he’s revived his career as he now produces the most interesting segments on Tuesday nights consistently. He may brand his wife Audrey Marie Tyler his lucky charm as his stocks began skyrocketing only on the back of the wrestling couple tying the knot in September 2016. The couple met when they were wrestling for FCW and NXT in early ‘10s; she didn’t possess the talent to become as prominent a wrestler as one half of The Fashion Police as WWE elected not to renew her contract upon its expiry in 2013. They have managed to keep the love alive despite their travelling schedule proving a menace. Here’s hoping she returns as his valet soon.

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