8 Wrestlers Who Recently Got Re-Married And 7 Who Recently Split

Not all marriages are meant to last forever. Many reports claim that up to 50 percent of marriages in the United States of America end in divorces, with the divorce rates for subsequent marriages even higher. The marriages in professional wrestling are no different. Despite relationships in wrestling now becoming more serious than they used to be a few years ago, we see marriages ending as frequently as they did back in the day.

Remarriages are also as common as they used to be, and this article looks at eight wrestlers who have managed to find love again, after going through a divorce or two at some point. Interestingly, some of the long-lasting marriages we’ll be discussing have at least one person who had gone through more than a solitary divorce (and the list doesn’t feature Ric Flair, mind you).

Additionally, relationships in wrestling have lately been resulting in marriage almost always, with John and Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, Bayley and Aaron Solow, and John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie shortly set to join a long list of wrestlers who have married after dating for years. However, not every relationship has had a fairy-tale ending, with many relationships ending horribly. The following article also discusses seven such relationships or marriages that recently died.


15 Re-Married: Sting (to Sabine Glenn)

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It’s safe to say that Sting, real name Steve Borden, has been a model wrestler in more ways than one. From turning down big-money WWE offers in favor of staying true to himself to being a innovative safe worker inside the ring, aspiring wrestlers ought to look up to him. However, his life outside of the squared circle wasn’t always wonderful, as he’s claimed to have often cheated on his first wife Sue Borden, whom he remained married to between 1986 and 2010.

He became a born-again Christian after his divorce and has since married Sabine Glenn. Since his second marriage in 2015, he has refrained from drugs and infidelity. Wrestlers’ coming clean and remarrying feels as good as an underdog’s world title triumph, and we’ll be discussing the battles many other wrestling legends have undergone to lead a happy life today in this article.

14 Split: Zack Ryder and Emma

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2017 has been a terrible year for Emma. She was forcibly asked to do the Emmalina gimmick and make a fool out of herself for absolutely nothing before she was given the pink slip out of nowhere. While her professional life has seen her fall from grace, her personal life hasn’t been a bed of roses either. In April, numerous reports confirmed that she had amicably parted ways with her long-term boyfriend Zack Ryder, with their touring with different brands rumoured to be the reason behind the split.

However, Long Island Iced Z quickly moved on, kindling romance with Impact Wrestling bombshell Laurel Van Ness. Emma, who now works under her real name Tenile Dashwood, recently unsuccessfully discussed a monster deal with World Wonder Ring Stardom. Here’s hoping the Australian beauty goes on to enjoy the career she deserves.


13 Re-Married: Drew McIntyre (to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel)

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Personal decisions often end up costing wrestlers big in their career. One such questionable decision that Drew McIntyre made almost cost him his WWE career: marrying an unstable woman. He was embroiled in a domestic abuse case involving him and his then-wife Taryn Terrell. He quickly transformed from The Chosen One to become a comedic jobber, as a result. On the back of a divorce and numerous stellar performances for leading indie promotions, he’s now earned the trust of Triple H and, by extension, WWE. The Scottish wrestler has also remarried during his time away from the company, with his walking down the aisle with American doctor Kaitlyn Frohnapfel.

His ex-wife, who was recently seen on Impact Wrestling, has also remarried, as she married her motorcyclist boyfriend Joseph Dryden in 2015. Here’s hoping the former NXT Champion goes on to achieve things that were expected of him when Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself personally anointed him the future face of the company.

12 Split: Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore has proved that he was the one carrying his giant friend Cass and not the other way around, through his stellar work with 205 Live. However, the reaction he now receives is not solely because of his heelish antics. The dirt sheets managed to alter the perception of his fans with what now seem WWE-fed stories, but what made his fans find him truly annoying was his cheating on his ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan. With the duo portraying similar characters, many expected them to become an on-screen item in the future, but the NXT talent highlighted that she had little to no interest in pairing up with him when she hit out at him on social media, claiming to have been cheated on. The Certified G, however, doesn’t seem the type of guy to fret over a break-up, and his current form very much suggests so.


11 Re-Married: Beth Phoenix and Edge

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A great number of hardcore wrestling fans don’t seem to know it, but Edge has been married just one time fewer than Ric Flair. Edge’s marital history has essentially taken a back seat to his controversial relationship, but we’ll ensure the Edgeheads know everything about his marriages. His first marriage saw him marry Val Venis’ sister Alannah Morley in November 2001 and a one-year marriage to Lisa Ortiz followed in 2005.

His most stable marriage thus far has been to fellow WWE Hall of Famer and Royal Rumble entrant Beth Phoenix. The couple married in October 2016, four years after their respective retirements. The Glamazon, who herself had been married to Canadian indie wrestler Joey Carolan before, now raises her two daughters with The Rated-R Superstar in Asheville, North Carolina.

10 Split: Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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Del Rio and Paige's relationship seemed doomed to fail from the start. The couple began dating shortly after Del Rio made his return to WWE in late 2015 and were rumored to hook up around the same time Del Rio was dating Charlotte Flair. The couple went public in mid 2016 and from the get-go, controversy seemed to follow them everywhere. Later on in 2016, Paige proposed to Del Rio in the ring at an independent wrestling event, which seemed way too quick for a proposal.

Then of course, there was the domestic disturbance that took place in an airport earlier this year. Paige's family even came forward on social media saying Paige was in an unhealthy relationship and they were worried for her. Paige recently returned to WWE television after over a year off with a neck injury and when she came back, she tweeted that she was single again. There aren't any details as to why the relationship ended after so much drama, but many saw a split coming.


9 Re-Married: Randy Orton (to Kimberly Kessler)

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One may not realize that Randy Orton is younger than Karl Anderson, Bobby Fish and Luke Harper. Fewer persons know that the 13-time world champion had, in fact, been divorced once. Retaining a compelling character has ensured that fans care very little about his personal life. He married Samantha Speno at 27, and the couple remained married until 2013 but split after deeming their marriage to be “irretrievably broken.”

He soon found yet another outsider whom he fell in love with, and he exchanged vows with her, Kimberly Kessler, two years later, in November 2015. The Apex Predator, when he doesn’t hit RKOs out of nowhere, takes care of his three kids and three step-kids. Here’s hoping his current marriage lasts as long as that of his Evolution partner Triple H.

8 Split: Luke Gallows and Amber O’Neal

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Luke Gallows has been reduced to a joke in WWE after coming off as a fearsome monster in NJPW, but he who has formerly portrayed Festus seems more than happy to take home the guaranteed WWE money. However, he can’t essentially spend all the green he makes by being mean on his family as his The Club partner Karl Anderson does, as he recently divorced Amber O’Neal. With the North Carolina-born female talent 10 year older than the one-time Raw Tag Team Champion, it’s not surprising that the marriage ended after just three years. Aged 43, she continues to take indie bookings and even wrestled for WrestleCade and Womens of Wrestling recently. He, on the other hand, will likely be in Vince McMahon’s plans for at least two more years.


7 Re-Married: Batista (to Sarah Jade)

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Batista, real name Dave Bautista, was so awesome that people hardly ever cared about his personal life and age. Many fans are still in the dark about the fact that he’s the second oldest Evolution member, only behind Ric Flair and, much like The Nature Boy himself, his marital history is also a tad bit flashy. The Animal married Glenda Bautista at 21, 12 years before his WWE debut. His first marriage yielded two daughters, who are both older than Sasha Banks.

He married Angie Bautista in the same year of his first divorce, with his second marriage lasting eight years.

His third and most recent marriage took place when he was already a grandfather, as he married competitive pole dancer Sarah Jade in October 2015. We hope he doesn’t equal or surpass The Naitch in the number of marriages.

6 Split: Kaitlyn and P.J. Braun

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WWE showed massive faith in Kaitlyn when they made her Divas Champion just a few days into her main roster run, but she chose to leave professional wrestling for good four years into her wrestling career. She, the winner of NXT Season 3, went on to have a decent career as a bodybuilder-cum-fitness coach and even married fellow bodybuilder PJ Braun; however, her marriage didn’t even last as long as her wrestling career, as she divorced him in September 2017.

Kaitlyn, real name Celeste Bonin, revealed one month after her divorce that she’d been embarking on a battle with drug, alcohol addiction and suicidal thoughts for over a year then. Here’s hoping she turns her life around and has a successful career in whatever interests her now.


5 Re-Married: Kurt Angle (to Giovanna Angle)

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Kurt Angle has seen everything a professional wrestler can ever see. He’s main-evented WWE Pay-Per-Views, spent a decade with Impact Wrestling, earned a WWE Hall of Fame induction, became a General Manager and had a wrestler revealed as his son. His career off the screen has been equally dramatic, as he won a Olympic gold medal before entering the business, saw his wife become a poor man’s Stephanie McMahon, became addicted to pills, saw his wife divorce him to later marry his colleague and become a born-again Christian to encourage others to give up addiction.

The most significant off-screen event, however, took place in 2012, when he married Hollywood actress Giovanna Angle. With his half-Italian half-Mexican wife, he has three kids, thereby making him a father of five kids – with his first marriage yielding two kids.

4 Split: Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda

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Although Bray Wyatt is often made to look a fool, very few wrestlers of his age can boast of accomplishing the things he has achieved in wrestling. However, no other wrestler of his age has been at the centre of as much controversy as he’s been in the past year – excluding Paige, of course. The Eater of the World apparently walked out on his family, including his ex-wife Samantha Rotunda and two kids to start a relationship with WWE announcer Jojo Offerman.

The former WWE Champion and SmackDown Tag Team Champion had been married to his ex-wife for over five years, and it’s safe to say that his off-the-screen drama won’t change the way the Vince McMahon sees him, as the company has been open to giving people second chances.


3 Re-Married: Bret Hart (to Stephanie Washington)

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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has earned quite a reputation because of his outlandish claims he makes about his sex life. Bret Hart, however, is viewed as a saint by a good number of fans, but The Hitman himself has claimed in his autobiography that he regrets cheating on his ex-wife Julie Smadu, whom the five-time WWE champion remained married to for twenty years, between 1982 and 2002. His subsequent marriage to Cinzia Rota didn’t prove half as successful as his first, as he divorced her three years into their marriage in 2007.

His latest marriage, however, has proven solid, as the married couple of seven years have been able to beat his prostate cancer and overcome the stigma surrounding an older man marrying a younger woman.

2 Split: RVD and Sonya Szatkowski

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Rob Van Dam has been unique in a lot of ways, and his marital history not being unique would have been a huge unjust. The former WWE Champion married Sonia Szatkowski at the height of his ECW fame in 1998. The couple remained together as he toured the world with WWE, Impact Wrestling, ECW and other indie promotions. It was only in September 2015 that his marriage ended, with the couple going through one of the most amicable separations the business has ever seen. Their divorce hasn’t been finalized, though.

Wrestling’s coolest guy wasted no time in finding love again, however, as he now dates a stunner, who also wrestles for indie promotions, Katie Forbes. At the age of 46, he’s still in a great shape, and it looks as though he still has a mini WWE run left in him.


1 Re-Married: Vickie Guerrero And Kris Benson

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Unlike many of the other entries on this list who got re-married after a previously failed marriage, Vickie Guerrero was left a widow, as her husband Eddie passed away in late 2005. Eddie's well-documented drug and alcohol problems took a toll on their marriage and they briefly separated in the early 2000s, but got back together after Eddie overcame his addictions.

Following Eddie's death, Vickie soon landed a job with WWE and became a regular on-screen character for several years until parting amicably with the company a few years ago. Not long after her departure, Vickie married Kris Benson and now refers to herself as Vickie Benson on her Facebook page. Here's hoping Vickie has found happiness as she's now started a career in medical administration.


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