8 Wrestlers Who Shame Their Family (And 7 Who Do Them Proud)

Wrestling is one of the biggest sports communities there is. Whether it’s independent or WWE, there are hundreds of wrestlers stepping into the ring. While many are striving to make their dreams come true and make their already famous wrestling families proud, others can bring shame to their storied families. Whether it’s a horrendous gimmick, social media ranting, or crazy backstage rumours; these wrestlers have their families cringing in embarrassment.

There’s been lots of crazy stories over the years about wrestlers, some of which made fans shake their heads. While these stories are well-known to the public, others have long been backstage secrets. If a wrestler’s family were to find out what their relative was up to, they’d act like they didn’t know them.

Even though there’s been plenty of embarrassing wrestlers, there are a few who make their families proud. Whether they’re winning championships, headlining WrestleMania, becoming a Hollywood star, or carrying on a wrestling dynasty; they’re proud to hold their heads up high. Their families are so proud of the wrestler, that they can often be seen ringside cheering the wrestler during a match.

With so many wrestlers on the scene, it’s hard to decipher which ones are shameful while others are proud. So to determine which wrestler shames their family, you need to look at the dirtsheet stories, the wrestler’s past actions, and their public persona. This list is compiled with a variety of big name wrestlers, 8 who shame their family and 7 who make them proud. Let’s take a look at who made the list.

15 Shame: Reby Hardy

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Prior to becoming Mrs. Matt Hardy, Reby made a name for herself as a Playboy model and independent wrestler. Although, she never reached the same success as many female wrestlers before her, Reby became a prominent name as Matt Hardy’s new lady. The mom of two played a significant role in Matt’s broken persona during his tenure in Impact Wrestling.

Well, if any of you following Reby on Twitter, you know she loves to speak her mind, which sometimes gets her into trouble. After leaving Impact Wrestling, Matt has been embroiled in a legal battle to regain the rights to his “broken” character. Throughout the lawsuit, Reby has been very vocal on social media. She’s gone on rants badmouthing the owners of the company. In fact, she even went as far as to post Jeff Jarrett's arrest records online.

14 Proud: Charlotte Flair

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As the daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte comes from a wrestling dynasty. Originally she had no interest in becoming a wrestler. But following the death of her younger brother Reid, she decided to carry on his dream of being a wrestler. After signing with WWE in 2012, she set out to make a name for herself instead of being known only as Ric Flair's daughter. In the five short years she's been with WWE, Charlotte has made a huge impact.

She’s a former NXT Women’s champion and four-time Women’s champion. Just like her father, Charlotte has created her own wrestling group called The Four Horsewomen. Charlotte and the rest of The Four Horsewomen have become popular role models for young girls. Just recently, the ladies had their own Barbie dolls released by Mattel. Being such an inspirational role model to everyone; Charlotte is making the Flair family proud.

13 Shame: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie, the daughter of Vince has become an important figure both onscreen and behind the scenes. Holding the position of Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie is responsible for creating a positive image for the company. She along with the company have been featured heavily in the news for all the work that they do.

Even though Stephanie is a smart woman and holds an executive position, she sometimes says things that portray her in a negative light. Who can forget the backlash she received when she compared the 9/11 attacks to her father’s steroid trial. It was a moment fans prefer to forget. Most recently, Stephanie has come under scrutiny for claiming she was the mastermind behind WWE’s Women’s Revolution. Yet, the Women’s Revolution began when fans voiced their outrage on social media at the Divas not getting enough airtime.

12 Proud: The Rock

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Wrestling runs on both sides of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's family. His father is the famous Rocky Johnson, while his mother is the daughter of the legendary Peter Maivia. With an extensive family of wrestlers, it’s no surprise that Dwayne followed in their footsteps. Debuting in the WWE in 1996, it was obvious that Dwayne was going to be a star. His feud with Stone Cold kept viewers tuning in during the Attitude Era of wrestling. As his wrestling career began to rise, Dwayne caught the attention of Hollywood.

Shortly, after his Saturday Night Live gig, he landed a role in the movie The Mummy Returns. As more movie roles started to come in, Johnson left WWE to pursue his acting career. Today, he's considered one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

11 Shame: Shaul Guerrero

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Coming from the Guerrero family, Shaul had wrestling in her blood. As the oldest daughter of the late Eddie Guerrero and former general manager Vickie, Shaul had a feel for the wrestling business all her life. At the age of twenty, she decided to begin her wrestling career. She was quickly signed by WWE, where she spent a majority of her time in their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling where she won the Divas championship.

Yet, Shaul’s wrestling career would soon come to an end when she was released by the company in 2014. Various reasons were given for her release, but one rumour is that Shaul had developed a reputation as a prima donna. Reports say that she had a tendency to act snobbish to fans and she would often get into arguments backstage with other wrestlers. If Shaul does have a diva attitude, let’s hope that doesn’t rub off on her husband Aiden English.

10 Proud: Natalya

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As a third-generation wrestler, Natalya comes from a long line of wrestling royalty. She's the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, niece of Bret Hart, and granddaughter of the legendary Stu Hart. Natalya is proud of her heritage and boasts about her family every chance she gets. Throughout her decade in the WWE, she's managed to create a nice legacy.

Not only is she a former Divas champion and was recently Smackdown’s Women’s champion, she’s also a star on the show Total Divas. Natalya's parents Jim and Ellie are featured on the show and have become stars in their own right. One episode showed Natalya surprising Jim and Ellie with a renovation after their home was destroyed by a flood. Although Natalya's accomplished a lot with her wrestling, it's her big heart that has a positive influence on the Hart family.

9 Shame: Alberto Del Rio

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Del Rio hails from a Mexican wrestling dynasty. As the son of famed luchador Dos Caras, It’s no doubt Del Rio made his family proud when he signed on with WWE in 2010 and became a Heavyweight champion. But it’s Del Rio’s recent actions that earned him a spot on the shame list. In the summer of 2016, Del Rio began a relationship with WWE Diva Paige. Del Rio was going through a divorce and his ex-wife claimed his affair with Paige was the cause.

But that wasn’t the end of the couple’s turbulent relationship. Both Del Rio and Paige were suspended by the WWE due to failing their wellness policy. Tensions between Del Rio and Paige grew in their relationship, leading to an altercation at an Orlando airport. Police were called in to break up the fight and despite an investigation, no charges were filed against Del Rio.

8 Proud: The Bella Twins

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Like many of the female wrestlers during the Divas era, Nikki and Brie Bella were subjected to two minute matches along with serving as valets for guest hosts. Frustrated with their booking, the twins took a break from the company in 2012. After a year hiatus, the twins returned to WWE and rejuvenated their career. Fans immediately noticed an improvement in the women's wrestling skills, which lead Nikki to become the longest-reigning Divas champion.

Aside from their accomplishments inside the ring, the twins have become entrepreneurs by creating their own brand of wine and a clothing line called BirdieBee. They’ve also become stars of the reality show Total Divas, which showcases their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. The twins are so well-loved, they scored their own spinoff Total Bellas which exclusively features their entire family. Looks like Nikki and Brie may not be the only Bellas skyrocketing to fame.

7 Shame: Bray Wyatt

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What many don’t know is that Bray Wyatt hails from a wrestling family. His father is Mike Rotunda aka IRS Man, while Bray’s brother is former NXT champion Bo Dallas. As the leader of the WWE faction The Wyatt family, Bray has become a main staple on television. Earlier this year, Bray reached a milestone when he won the WWE championship, which had been a longtime coming for the star.

But a recent scandal has put a damper on Bray’s accomplishments and left a bad name for the Rotunda clan. In June a news article stated that Bray and his wife were in the midst of a divorce. The reason for the couple’s split was Bray’s affair with ring announcer Jojo Offerman. Soon afterwards, photos of the new couple surfaced online confirming the rumours. Bray's relationship with Jojo shed a new light on the man behind the Bray Wyatt persona.

6 Proud: Roman Reigns

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With Samoan heritage, Reigns comes from a long line of wrestlers. His cousins include The Rock and The Usos. In November 2012, Reigns along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins made their debut as The Shield. The trio became a popular faction and showed that they were a dominant force to the rest of the locker room. Although, Ambrose and Rollins were popular with fans, it was Reigns who would become the breakout star. Roman’s look and charisma is what lead Vince McMahon and WWE officials to push him as the company's top guy.

He’s already a three-time WWE champion and recently won the Intercontential championship to become a Grand Slam champ. He’s also main-evented three WrestleMania cards in a row, "retired" The Undertaker, and was passed the torch by John Cena. Even though fans detest Reigns status as the top guy, his family is surely proud of him.

5 Shame: Vince McMahon

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It's no doubt that Vince McMahon is a wrestling genius. After inheriting the company from his father, Vince has done a great job of carrying on the WWE. Throughout the decades, he's created new stars and given fans history making matches. Although Vince is considered a wrestling pioneer, fans tend to have a love/hate relationship with him. Vince's onscreen antics have left fans in disgust and we're pretty sure his family feels the same way. But none of that compares to his offscreen behaviour.

It is rumoured that Vince is a notorious womanizer. He admitted that he cheated on his wife Linda, which almost lead to the demise of their family. Plus, there's been lots of harassment allegations directed towards the Chairman, claims that he denied. Between his crazy onscreen and offscreen behaviour, it's no surprise that Vince is on the shame list.

4 Proud: Mick Foley

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Mick Foley is a hardcore legend. He’s best known for his extreme matches, which saw him jumping off the top of Hell in a Cell or being hit with barbed wire. While Foley is known as a hardcore wrestlers by many fans, in real life he’s a family man.

Mick and his wife Collette are parents to four kids. Their family has been featured on a WWE network reality series, Holy Foley. Most of the episodes consisted of being a protective father as he dealt with his daughter's new boyfriend, who also works for WWE. We also got to see Mick's supportive side as his son Dewey and daughter Noelle expressed interest in pursuing wrestling careers. Aside from being a family man, Foley is also a humanitarian. He’s worked with dozens of charities throughout the years and his celebrity status has helped raise money for worthy causes.

3 Shame: Ric Flair

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The sixteen-time world champ has always called himself a player. His persona was based largely on a high-flying, partying lifestyle. As fans would learn throughout the course of Ric’s career, that moniker fits with his real life as well. He’s been married 3 times and recently claimed that he’s been with over ten thousand women. The latter fact is something that The Nature Boy should have kept private.

Aside from his philandering ways, Ric’s also a heavy drinker. His alcohol problems have been the source of wrestling news. A few years ago, an intoxicated Ric was kicked out of an airport after going on a rant. Ric’s drinking got so out of hand that he was rumoured to have up to 20 drinks a day. While Ric's drinking days are over, there's no denying that The Nature Boy's hard partying ways will remain part of his legacy, for better or worse.

2 Proud: Cody Rhodes

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As the youngest son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Cody was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like his famous father and his brother Dustin, Cody’s rise to fame as a wrestler began in WWE. During the course of his career he partnered with wrestlers such as Hardcore Holly, Randy Orton, and Ted Dibiase Jr.

Cody’s accomplishments in WWE include winning the Intercontinental championship twice and becoming a three-time tag team champion. Yet, there were some drawbacks to Cody’s WWE career. He faced a slew of terrible gimmicks, which included Stardust. After nearly ten years with the WWE, Cody left to join the independent wrestling circuits. He’s currently signed on to Ring of Honor, where he’s the ROH champion. He’s also wrestled in matches for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he’s worked alongside Kenny Omega and the famous Bullet Club. We're sure his family is very proud.

1 Shame: Randy Orton

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Being the son of “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Randy grew up around wrestling. So it’s no surprise that he would want to continue the family legacy. For the past fifteen years, Randy has been one of WWE’s top guys. As a thirteen time world champion, he’s left a lasting impression on fans with his accomplishments.

Even though Randy is a good wrestler and has achieved lots of success, his behaviour offscreen is what has caused controversy. Prior to pursuing a wrestling career, Randy briefly served in the Marine Corps before being discharged for bad conduct. Orton’s bad conduct would continue once he got signed to WWE. One alleged incident had him bullying former Diva Amy Weber. Reports say Orton used to vandalize Weber’s belongings and rumour has it he even left a smelly "souvenir" in her gym bag. The alleged rumours of bullying have painted Randy Orton in a negative light. He was still fairly young when the situation occurred and one can only hope that he’s matured with age.

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