8 Wrestlers WWE Should Take Off Television And 8 They Should Push

The great thing about the WWE is that you never know who could become a main eventer in the near future. Daniel Bryan’s rise to prominence at Wrestlemania 30 showed us that the fans can have a voice and subsequently use that voice to change the direction of storylines. That’s why it’s not inconceivable to think that a jobber could become a main eventer tomorrow, just look at the Modern-Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal!

Likewise, there are some who have become main eventers that we now want to see the back of. Do you want to know why the Attitude Era was as popular as it was? Because there was a rotation of top guys in the main event. That constant rotation meant fans were always invested in the product. Several guys were pushed at the same time, giving everyone a superstar they could relate with.

Quite frankly, there are some wrestlers who we don’t need to see on television anymore, they’ve been over-exposed to us and for their own sake, they need a break. While there others who haven’t had sufficient television time, and with the right spotlight, they could become stars.

Here are 8 wrestlers who could use a break and 8 wrestlers who could use a push.

16 Take Off TV: Kane

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As much as fun as it is to have the devil’s favorite demon back in the WWE, it’s not as fun to see him going over clean on younger talents. Pinning Heath Slater and Finn Balor and laying waste to Rhyno has all been used in preparation for his Universal title Triple Threat match at the Royal Rumble. Kane’s involvement in a title shouldn’t have to come at the expense of any other superstars.

And just like his (kayfabe) brother The Undertaker, the WWE doesn’t need the mythical monster anymore, they need fresher talents excelling in their own right. The WWE doesn’t need Kane in 2018, as it’s a new era and with a budding political career on the horizon, Kane doesn’t need the WWE either.


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I don’t know about you, but I certainly still bo-lieve. In his heyday, Bo Dallas was one of the most entertaining features of Monday Night Raw. His passive aggressive monologues were funny, engaging and usually, well-written. But as time went on, the more over Dallas got, the less the WWE promoted him. And like many others before him, his solo career went down the drain.

If it weren’t for The Miz, we literally would have forgotten that Bo Dallas existed. Before the Miztourage, Dallas was wasting work days backstage, not being used on WWE programming.

Now he’s a focal point of RAW, regularly being involved in the most entertaining segment of the night. Dallas is enchanting on the mic, hilarious with facial expressions and a great bump taker. Push this man and on top of everything...BO-LIEVE!

14 Take Off TV: BRAY WYATT

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There comes a point in time where the WWE creative team must admit they failed and subsequently all but pull the plug on one of their creations. Despite being paired against the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker, Randy Orton & Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt has never really excelled at the top level. The Wyatt Family patriarch is a failed experiment that promised a lot, but couldn’t deliver on the grandest of stages. Even a WWE Championship run wasn’t enough to convince officials that he could be a consistent top guy.

What the eater of worlds needs is a break from programming and a break from our sore eyes. When he comes back from his metaphorical sabbatical, he’ll be refreshed and almost resemble a new signing.


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At one point in time, Axelmania was running wild brother and the WWE made a huge mistake in not capitalizing on that momentum. His gimmick was so funny that the fans popped every time his music hit. Even when the Ax-man claimed he was the longest-running Royal Rumble participant in history, the fans lapped it up and cherished his every word.

Fair enough, he may now be a part of the entertaining Miztourage collective, but his current status isn't befitting of his talents. For a man that trained the Rock upon arrival prior WrestleMania XXIX, he deserves more. With a shortage of stars on the show, Curtis Axel is exactly the type of overlooked talent that could thrive with a push. He’s quick on his feet, naturally funny, exceptional in the ring and has a likeable aura around him.

12 Take Off TV: RHYNO

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It’s always nice to have an ECW legend in our midst, but if he’s not going to be doing anything meaningful, give his spot to a fresher talent. He was involved in a short but nice storyline with Heath Slater, but since moving to RAW, the duo have fallen flat on their face. It’s now time for Rhyno to let Heath Slater go on his own way, instead of weighing him down like an immovable anchor.

Triple H always implies that the WWE talent pool is at its most bountiful ever. So why are talents who are past their prime still gaining valuable TV time? Rhyno is a novelty act at best that should only make appearances at reunion shows. Thanks for the memories Rhyno, but we need a break from your antics.


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The originator of the 10 chant has been cast away into the shadows of SmackDown Live since debuting. Down in NXT, he was a phenomenon that everybody tipped to excel on the main roster. There were high hopes for the Canadian wrestler as many hoped he’d become the next Daniel Bryan, an underdog with not the typical bodybuilder physique, but with a vocal following to make Vince McMahon listen.

The WWE needs fresh faces in the main event scene and Tye Dillinger has the perfect underdog story ready to play out in front of us leading into WrestleMania. Fans need a main event star they can genuinely get behind and identify with, not hand-picked guys with chiselled physiques. Tye Dillinger needs a push and he needs it now.

10 Take Off TV: The NEW DAY

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The longest reigning tag team champions in recent memory have been a revelation in only the few years they’ve been together. But all things become stale and re-invention should never be sniffed at in the 21st century. Evolution is a part of betterment and the New Day certainly have room to improve.

This selection is not to say that we don’t want to see The New Day on TV, it’s that we’ve seen enough of them as a group and want evolution. Individually, the trio have the potential to win several world titles.

We need each ofThe New Day members to go their separate ways and excel individually. Enough of the cheesy catchphrases and flamboyant merchandise, we don’t want The New Day anymore; we want Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E.


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You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more athletically gifted wrestler on the main roster than Apollo Crews. The 30-year-old has the athletic ability, the in-ring tenacity and agility to physically go toe to toe with any superstar in the company.

Apart from a few matches with AJ Styles on TV, Apollo Crews hasn’t been given the shine he deserves. Now he just spends his time with Titus O’Neil clowning around on Monday nights. He’s better than that and if the WWE were to realize his true potential, they would have a main eventer on their hands.

The only thing he lacks is natural charisma, but that’s not a problem. Isn’t this meant to be a wrestling based company? If you package an exceptional wrestler in the right way, wrestling fans will adhere to him, mark my words.


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Who would have thought that a former two-time world champion in Dolph Ziggler would literally be coming out to no reaction on live television? But that’s what’s happened to a former internet darling, the show off is now an afterthought on Tuesday nights.

At one time he was the top heel in the company, now he’s another washed up wrestler that makes up the numbers. In 2018, Dolph Ziggler is no longer needed in WWE but if they truly do see some value in him, he should be saved for live events only.

It’s clear that the 37-year-old needs a revamp as his current character isn’t cutting it in the ring anymore. With his contract coming to an end soon, a permanent break for Dolph Ziggler may just be what the doctor ordered.


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I don’t know about you, but when I see Curt Hawkins appear on television, I get excited. He may be on a 120-match losing streak, but his entertainment value is second to none. Even with those losses, he’s still managed to shine through an ounce of star quality.

Although the WWE has tried to belittle him with their booking, his natural charisma has allowed him to stay relevant on both social media and TV. The buzz around his name shouldn’t be taken for granted as even some of the pushed superstars don’t have such weighting. In Curt Hawkins, the WWE has a potential company ambassador who could entertain millions across the globe. Mark my words, sooner or later, the creative team will soon catch on to Hawkins’ potential.


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The WWE’s resident Viper has been a mainstay on WWE programming for more than a decade now. Ever since he debuted on the main roster, he’s been the apple of Vince’s eye. Instantly being paired with the likes of Ric Flair and Triple H, but now in his own right, Randy Orton is a WWE legend.

However, all good things can run dry and as of today, Randy Orton’s value on prime-time TV is becoming less lucrative by the day. The WWE needs to prepare for life after Randy Orton and The Viper isn’t getting any younger, so a break would be in both party’s interest. Just like John Cena, Randy Orton needs to pave a way for himself outside the squared circle, he certainly has the star power to.


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The Glorious One absolutely stormed NXT down in developmental, but now that he’s on the main roster, he’s not had such a golden period. A lackluster feud with Dolph Ziggler & Baron Corbin wasn’t what the fans had hoped for the Glorious One. They wanted him to be mixing it up AJ Styles and Kevin Owens in the main event, not dangling in the mid-card.

Bobby Roode is undoubtedly world championship material because he’s a master storyteller in the ring, a competent promo guy and of course, an excellent wrestler. He has all the tools to become a main eventer in the WWE and with the right push, he could excel to new heights in Vince McMahon’s world. If Jinder Mahal can get a push then a talent like Bobby Roode certainly can.


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In 2016, Brock Lesnar took home a salary of $12 million, that’s literally a million dollars for each month. Consider the fact he only appears once or twice a month and Brock Lesnar is literally stealing a living in the WWE. But if we’re being honest, we as WWE fans cannot see what he does to earn such a colossal amount.

He’s hardly around, he takes the championship away with him for months on end and when he does wrestle, it’s only for a few minutes. So, what’s the point? The beast is basically semi-retired now, he might as well take a clean break permanently and finally let the top of the card breathe. Yes, he was a big draw but in today’s age, the WWE doesn’t need a part time champion.


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This one may be a strange pick as Shinsuke Nakamura seemingly got a push upon his main roster debut, but since then his momentum has gone flat. He’s not in the title picture, he’s not involved in any meaningful feuds and recently, he’s not even been featured on prime-time television. So, the WWE need to re-invest in another push for the former New Japan superstar and turn him into world championship material that his aura deserves.

What’s the point in beating BOTH Randy Orton and John Cena clean on TV to then have no direction for the 37-year-old? The WWE needs to push the Artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura correctly, and ensure he doesn’t just become a novelty act that’s only interesting because of his entrance music.


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Over the past few years it’s become evidently clear that Roman Reigns is the apparent heir to John Cena’s throne. With the Cenation leader more focused on life in Hollywood, Roman Reigns has been incessantly shoved down our throats recently, main eventing the past three Wrestlemanias. In the past few years, he’s gone over the likes of Triple H, The Undertaker AND John Cena. Like seriously, if he’s not over now, he’s never going to be.

For his schtick not to become too repetitive or saturated so quickly, the WWE Universe needs a break from the Samoan badass. From Roman’s perspective, it’s also not easy being the face of a billion-dollar company and the 32-year-old himself may feel he needs a break from unwavering amounts of pressure.


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The extraordinary man who can do extra ordinary things hasn’t lived up to expectations since debuting on the main roster. Yes, he was the first ever Universal Champion but his booking since hasn’t matched up to that billing.

Instead, he’s been given meaningless feuds with Bray Wyatt and the Miztourage on a weekly basis. He shouldn’t be in such a position, he should be in the main event challenging Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

Reports of Vince McMahon not believing the Balor Club leader is over have seemingly hampered his progress on Monday nights. With his aura, looks, wrestling ability and strong fanbase, Finn Balor could take the WWE to a new stratosphere of sports entertainment. All he needs is that leap of faith, that push.

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