8 Wrestling Cheaters That Surprised Us And 7 That Didn't

“I lie. I cheat. I steal,” was the mantra of Eddie Guerrero. While that slogan may sum up Eddie’s onscreen character’s gimmick, some of the wrestlers backstage in WWE were apparently living out the catchphrase in their real-life relationships. Like any other workplace, relationships form with fellow co-workers and sometimes these relationships turn romantic. Many WWE superstars have met their future significant other in the wrestling business, like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, The Miz and Maryse and Maria and Mike Kanellis, and these relationships have stood the test of time. Unfortunately, not all relationships have been so lucky.

It’s not surprising that in a work environment where the most athletic and attractive people work that there would be attractions and temptations among fellow co-workers. Though attraction isn’t a bad thing and what happens in a wrestler's private life is their own business, the problem occurs when these impulses involve superstars who are already married or in a relationship. Being surrounded by extremely attractive men and women creates major temptation, and sadly some Superstars aren’t strong enough to resist certain desires, despite already being in a relationship with someone else. This results in wrestlers cheating on their significant other and causing their previous relationship to break.

Some of these breakups we totally see coming because the superstar in question may not have the most reputable background. However, other relationships that end are more out of the blue because the cheating superstar is not one fans would expect. This article is about these cheating superstars, so let's look at 8 cheaters in professional wrestling that shocked us, and 7 that did not.

15 Edge And Lita (Shocked)

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There were reasons why Edge was called the Rated R Superstar, but we just didn’t know cheating was one of those factors. Before Edge transitioned to his gimmick that pushed him to the main event, he was one-half of one of the best tag teams in WWE history with Christian. Edge and Christian's battles with The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, were legendary. As it turns out, The Hardys with Lita and Edge and Christian were all friends and eventually moved on to separate singles careers. Then, Matt Hardy, Lita’s boyfriend at the time got injured, and Lita was traveling with Edge alone.

When news of an affair between Edge and Lita hit the internet, the wrestling world was shocked. Lita was widely regarded as one of the nicest, most down-to-earth women in the locker room, while Edge was married at the time. Edge would get a divorce, while Lita broke up with Matt, and the friendship between Edge and Matt was shattered.

14 John Cena And Mickie James (Not Shocked)

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WWE has made every effort to secure the good guy look of John Cena, but when it came to Cena’s marriage, he could've used an attitude adjustment. When Cena admitted to cheating on his wife, she apparently couldn’t see it. Cena’s wife was blindsided by the reveal, and both divorced. Allegedly, Cena cheated on his wife with a number of women in the locker room, one most notably was Mickie James, who was engaged to Kenny of The Spirit Squad at the time.

The cheating shouldn’t have been too shocking. Despite the superhero persona, Cena is on the road constantly, he’s surrounded by beautiful women, and he’s a pretty darn good looking guy too. The chances of him remaining loyal are pretty slim. As for Mickie, this is a little shocking, but considering her shady endeavors prior to wrestling, her cheating on Kenny for Big Match John isn’t a stretch.

13 Bray Wyatt (Shocked)

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Like the good guy image of Cena, WWE has tried to keep the mystique and real life of Bray Wyatt under wraps as well. Bray Wyatt actually comes from the famous Rotunda wrestling family and had a wife and kids. However, when news hit that Bray Wyatt’s wife had filed for divorce, allegations of Wyatt’s infidelity hit the interweb. Wrestling fans were especially stunned when the alleged affair was happening with none other than ring announcer and mega hottie, JoJo Offerman.

The news of Wyatt’s infidelity was a complete shock. For one, the deranged Wyatt isn’t supposed to be a normal person with a beautiful wife and children. Second, Wyatt doesn’t exactly have the superhero body that would make him the most attractive looking superstar. And finally, with JoJo? Wow! That’s really a shock considering how lovely JoJo is. That's a match not even Sister Abigail could have seen coming.

12 Randy Orton (Not Shocked)

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Randy Orton hears voices in his head, and apparently, they told him to cheat on his wife. This revelation wasn’t a shock to anyone, after all you can’t trust a snake. The Viper apparently was married to Samantha Speno for six years, but their marriage fell apart when rumors circulated that Orton was having an affair with Kelly Kelly.

The divorce came out of nowhere for Orton when Samantha wanted to divorce Orton, saying their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”These allegations of cheating with Kelly Kelly aren’t too unbelievable considering both Randy and Kelly are super good-looking people. Not to mention, there are a lot of rumors of their questionable behavior backstage. Rumors of Kelly getting to know a lot of the male superstars backstage were apparently well known, and Orton isn’t exactly known for his outstanding behavior either.

11 Sting (Shocked)

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“The only thing that’s for sure about Sting is that nothing’s for sure.” This counts for his marriage as well. Sting is one of the most popular superstars of all time. He was the flag bearer of WCW, and his feud with the New World Order almost put WWE out of business. Sting portrayed a good guy almost his entire career and was a hero to many wrestling fans, especially kids. However, the real story of Sting isn’t one of a role model.

Sting was abusing drugs and alcohol behind the scenes and wasn’t “The Icon” in his personal life. When he became a born again Christian, Sting confessed his adultery and drug use to his wife and they eventually divorced in 2010. Sting has since gotten himself clean and is married to his second wife, Sabine, but the shocking reveal of his cheating and drug use will require some heavy face paint to cover that black eye on his character.

10 Ric Flair (Not Shocked)

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Ric Flair, the “stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun,” believe it or not, may not have been faithful to his previous FOUR wives. Shocking! The Nature Boy lived his gimmick, boozing, womanizing and partying all night long. Living his gimmick started to affect his professional life as well, as he appeared for shows drunk or missed them completely. In the end, it affected his personal relationship with his many wives.

“The Dirtiest Player in the Game” has a whole different meaning in Flair’s private life. Each wife he married was the woman he cheated on the previous wife with. Of course, this comes to no surprise. Flair always was the ladies' man, and the chronicles of Flair’s drunken escapades are well-documented. Regardless if Ric was married or not, "Space Mountain" was always open for business.  WOO!

9 Bret Hart (Shocked)

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“The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be” wasn’t the Excellence of Execution in his married life. While most wrestling fans expected womanizing behavior from his rival, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart wasn’t the angel he tried to make himself out to be. Hart supposedly cheated on his wife with Sunny, and Michaels made the infamous “sunny days” comment adding fuel to the burning real-life feud between both men.

This reveal is only surprising because of the virtuous character Bret Hart always tried to portray on and off the screen. While the Heartbreak Kid was womanizing onscreen, fans suspected that Hart was just the opposite in real life. Hart admitted in his book that in reality, Shawn and Bret weren’t very different and enjoyed the boozing and girl chasing that came with life on the road. Canadian fans might not like it, but The Hitman wasn’t always the hero they thought he was.

8 Nancy Benoit (Not Shocked)

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The tragic story of Nancy Benoit sucks but her career in professional wrestling is one we can look back on fondly. Nancy, the real life wife of Kevin Sullivan, came to WCW, aligned herself with her husband, and dubbed herself, “Woman.” Later, Woman would join the Four Horseman and began coming down to the ring with Chris Benoit who was feuding with Sullivan at the time. Sullivan, who was also head booker of WCW, booked an affair angle with Benoit and Woman which actually sparked a real life affair between the two. Needless to say, the Taskmaster got outplayed once again.

Although both Nancy and Chris had been married before, nothing indicated that they had ever cheated on their previous spouse before. However, when you book your own wife in an infidelity angle you’re kind of asking for trouble. Sullivan should have seen this coming.

7 The Undertaker (Shocked)

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The “Deadman” will not Rest. In. Peace. But his previous marriages are dead and buried. Yes, even the mysterious Phenom, who keeps his private life as private as humanly possible, has had a shocking affair while married to his former wife, his second, Sara.

Sara, who was stalked by Diamond Dallas Page (in a storyline), was acknowledged as Taker’s wife. With “Sara” tattooed on his neck, The Undertaker would defend his wife’s honor in the ring, but that honor didn’t mean a whole lot. Undertaker would end up cheating on Sara with his future wife-to-be, Michelle McCool.

With his character being so iconic, larger than life and unworldly, it’s hard to picture Undertaker being a normal human being and making less than perfect decisions. However, infidelity and a horrible neck tattoo appear to be The Undertaker’s kryptonite.

6 CM Punk (Not Shocked)

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CM Punk may be the "best in the world" in professional wrestling, but in his relationships, he was pretty meh. Punk had been in relationships with Maria and Lita and is currently married to AJ Lee. And while Punk may not drink, smoke, or do drugs, cheating is the one vice Punk didn’t turn down.

Punk’s reputation of being arrogant and hard to work with were well-documented, so saying Punk would be someone that could cheat wouldn’t be hard to doubt. While with Lita, Punk decided to have an affair with AJ Lee, and although that’s sad for Lita, that’s just karma coming around. It’s also a little ironic since AJ, who used to idolize Lita growing up, is now married to her idol's former boyfriend.

5 Seth Rollins (Shocked)

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Seth Rollins claimed to be the Architect of The Shield and its demise. However, Rollins couldn’t seem to hold his relationship together with his then fiancé, Leighla Schultz, or with the woman he was cheating on her with, Zahra Schreiber. After Seth accidentally posted a nude photo of Schreiber on his Instagram account, his understandably angry fiancé posted a nude photo of The Turncoat in all his glory for revenge.

The surprising leaks sent a jolt through the Internet Wrestling Community and WWE, but thankfully for Seth Rollins, the leaks only affected his pride and not his professional career. Seth is, or at least was, considered a top WWE superstar and this leak was definitely a blemish on his standing with the company and on his reputation. Seth would apologize for the leaks and learned a valuable lesson about securing his “private” photos.

4 Batista And Melina (Not Shocked)

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Batista was old by wrestling standards when he entered the business, but he wasted no time getting married. When Batista joined WWE, surrounded by smart, sexy and powerful Divas, his animalistic instincts got the better of him. Batista, while married, hooked up with Melina, who was the longtime girlfriend of John Morrison. All three were working together at the time, so needless to say, the work environment was a little awkward.

Supposedly, JoMo had been trying to renew his man card for being whipped by Melina and for being reclusive with her away from the roster. But when Batista stole his girl and Morrison did nothing, his man card became permanently revoked. JoMo lost his push and when Batista dumped Melina, she went crazy and she too lost her push. None of this drama was a surprise as Melina was allegedly pretty "friendly" with the male roster and Batista was a hunk and huge star for the company and could pretty much get away with anything.  Still, this affair is one that Batista and Melina want neither the spotlight nor the paparazzi for.

3 Kurt Angle (Shocked)

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The Olympic Hero made his triumphant return to WWE as general manager of Raw. Kurt Angle had a hall of fame WWE career, but when it came to his relationship with his wife, “You Suck! You Suck! You Suck! You Suck!” Life on the road was extremely hard on Angle whose health took a huge hit during his time in WWE. He was loaded on drugs and alcohol and pushing himself beyond what his body could tolerate. Angle’s long time marriage to Karen Angle also took a hit as the cheating rumors around Kurt circulated. Angle believed Karen was cheating on him as well to get back at him, and none of these allegations are unbelievable.

Angle had a long history of run-ins with the law for DUI and possession. Angle has gotten himself checked into rehab and has stated that he’s currently sober. Before this sobriety, clearly the American Hero didn’t think the three I’s: Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence, applied to his personal life.

2 Sunny (Not Shocked)

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Her theme says, “I know you want me.” And it turns out, she was right. Sunny had relations with Shawn Michaels, The British Bulldog, Sabu and many others (just click here to see them all), all while she was with Chris Candido. Candido did nothing about it, not believing the rumors, and unfortunately, passed away without addressing Sunny’s rampant infidelity.

After Candido died, Sunny didn’t seem to have trouble finding any other takers having even allegedly slept with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler recently. To say Sunny has “been around” is laughably understated. Sunny was a total trainwreck and difficult to work with and even admits most of the rumors about her are true. The “First Diva” title she holds is quite appropriate, but probably not for the reasons she’s hoping for.

1 Steve Austin (Shocked)

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This may shock you that one of the most popular wrestlers of all time, has actually cheated before. Austin was first married to his high school sweetheart, Kathryn Burrhus, just as his professional wrestling career was about to start. For some reason, The Rattlesnake, decided to enter a relationship with another woman foreshadowing his D.T.A. (Don’t Trust Austin) persona he would portray years later.

Austin’s first marriage ended as he started his new relationship with the woman he cheated with, Jeannie Clarke. His large fanbase might be shocked at this reveal and not want to believe it, but this isn’t out of character for Austin. Stone Cold is another that keeps his private life as private as possible, but with information of his legal issues and divorce from Debra McMichael coming out, clearly Austin was raising hell, not only for Vince McMahon but his marriages as well.

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