8 Wrestling Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded (And 7 Who Upgraded)

WWE wrestlers may be idolized by many fans as major stars in the world of wrestling, but they are all human beings at the end of the day. They may portray some fantastic characters in the ring, but these wrestlers all have their share of flaws and have done some things they probably regret. One of those regrets for a few wrestlers would be cheating on their partners in the past, which has created a lot of controversy.

There have been a few wrestlers who have been part of some controversial scandals in their personal lives, when it was revealed that they had cheated on their partners. Some of them were pretty ridiculous for fans to believe, because it seemed like these wrestlers had actually downgraded from their previously stunning spouses. But there were some wrestlers whose reason to cheat on their counterparts could be understood by the fans, because they hooked up with better looking people as compared to their previous partners.

Many wrestlers have been accused of infidelity in the past, but there are some cheaters who downgraded from stunning partners to comparatively less-attractive ones. There are also some who upgraded to better-looking partners as well.

15 Downgraded: Velvet Sky (From Chris Sabin To Bubba Ray)

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Velvet Sky was quite the stunning knockout for TNA when she ruled over the Knockout’s Division as part of The Beautiful People and won many championships during that time. Sky has won the TNA Knockout’s Championship twice along with the TNA Tag Team Championship as well, and it was discovered that she was dating TNA superstar Chris Sabin a few years ago. She and Sabin were together for a few years, before it was discovered that she was cheating on Sabin with Bubba Ray Dudley. This was a rather weird one, considering that Bubba is much older than Velvet and doesn’t exactly have the best looks either. It’s still perplexing to realize that Sky actually chose Bubba over the much better-looking Sabin, which proves that love works in weird ways with wrestlers as well.

14 Upgraded: Sunny (From Chris Candido To Shawn Michaels)

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Sunny was one of the hottest things of the pre-Attitude Era WWE when she came out as a stunning manager to many wrestlers during the mid 90s period. She was the girlfriend of Chris Candido and even managed him for a while, before moving onto the likes of The Godwinns, Farooq and even the Legion of Doom. While Sunny was impressing many with her looks in WWE, she was also seducing other superstars in the back. She managed to woo WWE’s top star at the time in Shawn Michaels and was cheating behind Candido’s back with him in the same company. She went on to have a steamy relationship with Michaels, who was a definite upgrade over Candido in terms of looks, personality, and star-power. Sunny’s decision to cheat on Candido with Michaels could be understood, considering how dating Michaels made her quite powerful backstage in WWE.

13 Downgraded: Karen Jarrett (From Kurt Angle To Jeff Jarrett)

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Karen Jarrett was the wife of Kurt Angle for almost a decade, with the two enjoying quite a healthy marriage for a long time before things started to fall apart. It would take infidelity for their marriage to come to an end when Karen started to cheat on Kurt with TNA superstar Jeff Jarrett. The two started to have an affair behind Kurt’s back, before Karen decided to divorce the Olympic Gold Medalist and later went on to marry Jeff. This was all turned into a TNA storyline later on, but in reality, it was a major downgrade for Karen. Jeff Jarrett was an egotistical man who had nothing on Kurt in terms of ability or star-power, so leaving Angle for someone like Jarrett seemed to be really foolish and feels even worse now, as Jeff has lost his star-power and is in a struggling battle with drug addiction.

12 Upgraded: The Undertaker (From Sara To Michelle McCool)

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The Undertaker was a terrific persona in the WWE, where he ruled over for almost two decades as The Deadman and reaped many souls in those years as well. While he was this terrorizing superstar in the ring, The Undertaker is a completely different person in real life where he has been part of some controversy in the past. He went through a rather difficult phase many years ago, going through a divorce with his wife Sara in 2007. It was discovered that the cause of the divorce may have been The Undertaker having an affair with WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Taker had obviously fallen deeply in love with McCool causing the divorce and later marrying her in 2010, and had definitely upgraded on that category, as Sara wasn’t really comparable to the stunning McCool in terms of looks.

11 Downgraded: Chris Jerich0 (From Jessica Lockhart To Kelly Kelly)

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Chris Jericho has established himself as quite the superstar in the wrestling world over the years, and has recently acquired quite a lot of mainstream attention because of the success of his band Fozzy. Jericho may be a splendid superstar in the wrestling ring, but he went through a tough period many years ago when he was caught cheating with WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. This was especially shocking considering how much of a lovely wife he has in Jessica Lockhart, who is not only a gorgeous woman, but has been extremely supportive of him as well. Having an affair with Kelly was a major downgrade for him considering how she had an affair with many WWE stars, and Jericho almost ruined his healthy marriage with that. He must’ve realized his mistake and soon broke it off with Kelly, who was a definite demotion from the stunning Lockhart.

10 Upgraded: Mickie James (From Kenny Dykstra To John Cena)

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Mickie James has returned to the WWE as a veteran, and she’s being treated as one where she’s given enough respect by the company but isn’t quite the “top lady” yet. James was of course very successful in her first stint in WWE, where she won the Women’s Championship multiple times and was also the top star of the Women’s Division for quite a bit. Her success and looks got her the attention of another top star, John Cena, and the two started to date. But this was all behind the back of Kenny Dykstra of the Spirit Squad, who was the boyfriend of James. The former Women’s Champion definitely made a career-helping decision in ditching Kenny for Cena, which was an upgrade for her stature because of how successful Cena is. This upgrade would prove fruitful to her before karma hit back when Cena ditched her later on!

9 Downgraded: John Cena (From Elizabeth Huberdeau To Mickie James)

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John Cena may be the Golden Boy in the WWE for over a decade now, but he had quite the topsy-turvy love life during his prime in the company. While we’ve seen how Mickie James had upgraded over Kenny to date Cena, it wasn’t quite the case for the 16-time World Champion who made a real demotion to James. Cena had left his high-school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau, to be with James which made no sense whatsoever. She had helped him during his ups and downs before he became a big thing in WWE, and in terms of looks was an absolute stunner as well. Cena made a brash decision to date James and cheat on Elizabeth, but it seemed that he had figured out his error in downgrading his partners, as he later left James and ended up with Nikki Bella.

8 Upgraded: Bray Wyatt (From Samantha Rotunda To JoJo)

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Bray Wyatt has been quite the mystical wrestler for the WWE over the years, with the Eater Of World’s trying to prove himself as the heir to the Undertaker as the years have passed on. While he’s a terrifying figure in the wrestling ring, he’s nothing like that in real life where everyone had the perception of him being a family-oriented man. But that was completely changed when it was discovered that he had cheated on his wife with WWE ring-announcer JoJo! His wife Samantha Rotunda wrote of his infidelity on social media, exposing his dirty secrets. But Wyatt seems unfazed by that because he’s made a real upgrade over Samantha with the stunning JoJo. She looks much better than Samantha and can arouse anyone with her “assets”, and even Bray will endure all the problems and difficulties he has to face to be with the sexy JoJo.

7 Downgraded: Bret Hart (From Julie Hart To Sunny)

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Bret “The Hitman” Hart was quite the terrific wrestler back in the 90s when he claimed himself to be the “Best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be” and that could have very well been the case. Hart was an asset for WWE before they screwed him over, and he was known by every wrestling fan because of how amazing he was in the ring. But it seems Hart was also a womanizer in real life, as there have been rumors of him having an affair with Sunny when he was married to Julie Hart. The controversial WWE segment when Michaels indicated of the affair possibly confirmed the rumors. Regardless of everything, even a sexy diva like Sunny is a major demotion for Hart because of how loving and supportive Julie was, and she kept the marriage intact despite all the rumors of Hart’s infidelity.

6 Upgraded: Batista (From Angie Batista To Melina)

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Batista has “upgraded” himself from a professional wrestler to a mainstream Hollywood superstar in the past few years, appearing in hit movies and asserting himself in a good place in Hollywood. But years before he was the huge star he is now, Batista was making a name in the WWE and just as he started to reach the top level, he got some attention from the female stars. Batista was married to Angie from 1998 to 2006, and while they seemed to be happy at first, their marriage fell apart in the last year. He was actually cheating on his wife with WWE diva Melina, which played a part in his break-up. Their relationship was quite obvious in 2006, as he’d definitely upgraded his partner, and even though Angie was a good wife, she wasn’t exactly the hottie Melina is.

5 Downgraded: Seth Rollins (From Leighla Schultz To Zahra Schreiber)

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Seth Rollins has had quite the career in WWE ever since coming up as part of the Shield, with his later heel turn solidifying him as a star in the company. He went on to win the Money in the Bank briefcase and was having a terrific time in the WWE when a bombshell almost derailed his momentum. It was discovered that Rollins was actually cheating on his fiancée Leighla Schultz with NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber. She posted nude pictures of Rollins and Zahra on Seth’s twitter page, creating a lot of ruckus because of it. But it was actually shocking, as it was a major downgrade for Rollins, who left his lovely fiancée for a Nazi-sympathizer in Schreiber. Even in terms of looks, Leighla was arguably better, but after breaking up with Schreiber later on, Seth seems to have understood how badly he made a downgrade in partners.

4 Upgraded: Kurt Angle (From Karen Angle To Dawn Marie)

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Kurt Angle has made quite the triumphant return to the WWE as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, but one of his secrets was revealed to the audience when Jason Jordan was announced to be his son. While that may all be fictional stuff, something which is real about Kurt’s personal life was his love to fool around with women in the past, despite being married to his first wife Karen Angle. Kurt apparently had an affair on the road with the former sexy WWE diva Dawn Marie during the mid-2000s. It was revealed by Marie herself in an interview, proving how Kurt had made an upgrade with partners. Dawn was absolutely sexy with quite the assets and was much attractive than Karen, as Kurt had upped his game and gotten a much hotter woman to “play with” many years ago.

3 Downgraded: Terri Runnels (From Goldust To Shawn Stasiak)

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Terri Runnels had quite the sultry vibe to her during the Attitude Era in the WWE, when she started to make a mark as the partner of the unique one, Goldust. She was his valet for some years before WWE broke them up, after which Runnels was made into this lustful diva. She became part of the Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline, with the two acquiring a “slave” named Meat. That slave was actually Shawn Stasiak, and as it turns out, Runnels and Stasiak were getting pretty close in real life as well. Runnels had an affair with Stasiak, which was weird considering that he wasn’t really a star like Goldust at the time. Goldust wasn’t the biggest name, but Dusty Rhodes’ son was more recognized than Stasiak, proving how Runnels made a major downgrade while cheating on him.

2 Upgraded: Triple H, From Chyna To Stephanie McMahon

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Triple H has been the “Cerebral Assassin” in the WWE for almost two decades now, with the 14 time World Champion asserting his dominance during the Ruthless Aggression era in the company. But it took a very decisive decision by the COO of WWE to make himself into the well-known superstar he is right now, as the thing which started his push was when he left Chyna to date Stephanie McMahon. Triple H was the boyfriend of Chyna during their time in DX but started to date Stephanie McMahon, something which created a lot of controversies. But realistically, it was an upgrade on his part because of how powerful Stephanie is and how it helped his career. In terms of looks, Stephanie is quite sexy as well and one can understand why Triple H made this “upgrade” in his love life because it was quite simply “best for business”.

1 Downgraded: CM Punk (From Lita To AJ Lee)

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CM Punk became quite the sensation late into his WWE career, which started to bloom once he dropped the “pipebomb” on WWE and went on to have a 434-day reign as WWE Champion. Punk was adored by the fans because of his approach to WWE and continues to be a heard name despite leaving them years ago. While Punk may have been an amazing wrestler in WWE, he was quite the flirt backstage where he managed to make Lita his girlfriend! The two were together for quite some-time before they broke off suddenly, and many assumed that it was because of him having an affair with AJ Lee. That was a bit perplexing considering how Lita is a much better looking woman than AJ(despite being older) and has a lot of star-power in WWE as well, as Punk’s mad love for Lee made him downgrade his partner.

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