8 Wrestling Couples That Will Not Survive 2017 (And 7 That Will)

There are currently more relationships in wrestling than ever before. The old belief was that wrestlers should avoid dating within the business. Things can get tricky when it comes to having your love interest working alongside you every day. Most relationships in life see partners keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, wrestling is different given the schedule. The road life of being away from home four to five days per week makes it very difficult to date someone that is waiting at home unable to see you. Wrestlers have started to date within the business to spend more time with their loved one that understands the gig.

WWE is currently home to many relationships but there are many others in different promotions. A few relationships actually feature WWE stars dating wrestlers in other companies. Most relationships don’t last long and can lead to negative results. They have to work together and see other despite just suffering heartbreak. That’s the main reason why many older minds believed dating should be avoided. Everyone wants their romance to last in the long run but that is rare. We'll take a look at both sides of the coin with eight wrestling relationships that won’t make it past 2017 and seven that will.

15 Will NOT Survive: Bray Wyatt and JoJo

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The recent rumors surrounding the affair of Bray Wyatt cheating on his wife with JoJo are now looking like it has turned into a relationship. Wyatt’s wife allegedly leaving him has opened up the belief that he's now officially dating JoJo. The two travel together as part of the Raw brand, but the potential of a relationship working out in the long run is not a good bet.

A romance starting under such controversial fashion is never a good sign. People will look at them differently and that can impact the way two people start to view each other in a relationship. The seven year age gap doesn’t seem like a big deal, but JoJo is just 23 years old. It's hard to envision a woman that young dating a man that already has a family and it working out long term.

14 Will Survive: The Miz and Maryse

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The Miz and Maryse have one of the strongest relationships in WWE. Both wrestlers fell in love with each other during Maryse’s first run with the company many years ago before Miz would become a WWE Champion. Maryse left the company shortly after Miz’s success reached a peak. Miz eventually saw his success end with his career falling downwards due to his character growing stale.

WWE decided to bring Maryse back to the company in 2016 to work with Miz and it led to massive success. Miz saw his career reinvigorated thanks to the addition of Maryse helping his character get over big time. The couple survived the years with Miz on the road and Maryse at home. There’s no shot at them at them splitting now that they get to travel together all over the world as a paired act.

13 Will NOT Survive: Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan

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One of the lesser known relationships in WWE features Enzo Amore dating NXT’s Liv Morgan. The two wrestlers come from New Jersey and likely connected over that bond when working together in the Performance Center. Unlike Big Cass and Carmella, Enzo and Liv never actually paired on NXT television. Their relationship started outside of the ring.

It's highly unlikely to see this relationship working in the long term looking at the facts. The age gap is often an issue that becomes larger the longer a relationship goes on. Enzo is also the closest thing to a real life character from the HBO sitcom Entourage. That kind of personality doesn’t typically bode well for someone having a relationship that can last too long. The "Certified G" may be "Certified Single" by the end of the year.

12 Will Survive: CM Punk and AJ Lee

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CM Punk and AJ Lee currently have a very strong relationship outside of WWE. Both wrestlers would leave the company a couple of years ago out of frustration. The relationship and their current bond appears to be stronger than ever. AJ recently released her first autobiography that would become a New York Times bestseller.

Punk was the biggest supporter of his wife during this time period even doing media appearances to show off the book. Recent convention appearances by Punk showed him wearing Lee’s shirt she released to raise funds for charity. AJ spoke lovingly about Punk when doing her book tour. Both have stepped out of the WWE public spotlight but are happier than ever. They seem to be in this for the long haul.

11 Will NOT Survive: Zack Ryder and Chelsea

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A podcast episode with Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes being interviewed gave a humorous moment of Rhodes joking that none of Ryder’s relationships last very long. That was proven true in recent years with the wrestling romance between Ryder and Emma ended out of nowhere. Ryder just started posting pictures with new girlfriend Chelsea Green leading to fans realizing he was no longer with Emma.

Chelsea currently worked in TNA under the name of Laurel Van Ness. The relationship between Ryder and Chelsea is one of the more random pairings considering how rare it is to see a WWE wrestler date a TNA wrestler. Given the track record of Ryder, this likely is not a relationship that will last in the long run. Don’t bet on this relationship going past 2017.

10 Will Survive: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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The relationship most likely to never end is the most important one in the wrestling business. There’s a lot at stake for the entire wrestling industry in regards to the marriage between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Everyone expects Triple H to eventually succeed Vince McMahon as the person running the shows and the product we watch on television.

A potential breakup between Stephanie and Triple H would leave the wrestling world stunned with many questions going forward. However, that likely isn’t going to happen as the two appear to be happier than ever. Both Triple H and Stephanie are always on the same page when discussing their professional and private lives. Their shared love for power will always bond them together as they run WWE.

9 Will NOT Survive: Austin Aries and Thea Trinidad

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The recent news of Austin Aries requesting his release from WWE is not a good sign for his relationship with Thea Trinidad. WWE just hired Trinidad a couple of months ago for a spot in NXT as the manager and love interest of Andrade “Cien” Almas. The timing of Aries leaving the company right after Thea got hired is quite unfortunate.

Two wrestlers working for the same company while dating will increase the odds of them lasting in the long run. The fact that they're now on different schedules could negatively impact them. Trinidad could have possibly worked with Aries on television one day. Now, they'll be lucky to ever be on the same show ever again. The odds are against them being together at the end of the year.

8 Will Survive: Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Brandi Rhodes joined her husband Cody Rhodes in requesting their releases from WWE about a year ago. Cody specifically wanted a change in the wrestling world to prove how much he could accomplish without the Stardust character. Now, Rhodes is the ROH World Champion, a New Japan star and one of the top stars thriving outside of WWE.

The decision of Brandi to leave and try to have a wrestling career rather than ring announcing has been met with mixed results. Brandi worked for TNA and is now doing shows on the independent circuit. The fact that she has a modeling career and other jobs is also a great thing. Both members of the marriage appear to be happier than ever without the WWE. You have to believe they'll be together for quite some time given the love shown over the past year.

7 Will NOT Survive: Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes

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Rob Van Dam started dating the significantly younger Katie Forbes after meeting her at a smaller independent wrestling show. The timing of his relationship was made public shortly after the news of his divorce from his long term wife of many years Sonya. Van Dam likely having an affair and leaving his wife for a wrestler is not a good sign for the future of this relationship.

Forbes and RVD make for one of the oddest pairings in the wrestling world today when it comes to romance. Van Dam very rarely wrestles but does still appear on some of the same shows as his girlfriend when a promoter shells out the big pay day. Forbes is trying to make her name in wrestling to little fanfare. Their relationship just doesn’t seem like it will be a successful one given how it started.

6 Will Survive: Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

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One of the most likeable couples in wrestling is Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Both wrestlers were independent wrestling stars for many years before Gargano signed with WWE. Gargano is now one of the brightest stars in NXT with a chance to have a great career. Candice still wrestles on the independent circuit but her schedule is lighter since moving with husband Gargano to Orlando.

The potential of LeRae joining WWE for the Mae Young Classic and beyond is very likely. We could easily see her join "Johnny Wrestling" in NXT. Regardless of her future, the couple seems extremely happy together. Both are regarded as favorites of the diehard fans causing many to root for them. There’s no reason to worry anytime soon as Gargano and LeRae should be one of the few wrestling couples to last in the long run.

5 Will NOT Survive: Bubba Ray and Velvet Sky

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The relationship between Bubba Ray Dudley and Velvet Sky is still a tough one to process. They have been together for a few years now going back to their time together in TNA. Rumors indicated Velvet may have cheated on former boyfriend Chris Sabin with Bubba leading to a lot of backstage drama. Bubba and Sky are still together today despite the fact that they don’t work together.

The news of Velvet leaving the wrestling business altogether however may not be a good sign. Sky is apparently going back to school to try to find a new career path. Bubba is still wrestling in Ring of Honor trying to make the best of his final few years. The age gap and different life paths usually leads to negative results in a relationship. All odds are against Bubba and Velvet here.

4 Will Survive: Jimmy Uso and Naomi

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Total Divas has given us a glimpse of many high profile wrestling relationships. The love between Naomi and Jimmy Uso appears to be one of the more authentic ones in WWE today. Naomi is the stepmother to the children Jimmy had in a prior marriage. That would terrify many people entering a relationship with such baggage, but she seemed genuinely happy for it.

Jimmy and Naomi often appeared to disappoint the producers of Total Divas due to how legitimate their love is. Instead of running into silly drama or getting involved in ridiculous storylines, they were just a couple that loved each other and spent their time together being happy. Both Naomi and Jimmy are currently champions on the SmackDown brand. They're very successful and working on the same schedule. You can’t ask for more as a wrestling couple.

3 Will NOT Survive: Paige and Alberto Del Rio

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The fact that Alberto Del Rio and Paige are still dating today is pretty hard to believe. Del Rio being 16 years older than Paige made it an unlikely relationship at the beginning. Factor in the controversy surrounding them and you have all the makings for a wrestling romance train wreck. Alberto spends his days cursing out WWE at Global Force Wrestling tapings and challenging Triple H to fights on the internet.

Paige still working for WWE while all of this happens is a horrible look for all involved. Rumors recently broke that the two were breaking up before Paige and Del Rio denied it. Still, the reports of them having issues along with the high profile controversy following them are terrible signs. The relationship of Paige and Del Rio ending in 2017 is highly likely.

2 Will Survive: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella give us a relationship everyone can root for. The couple seems to be happier than ever following the birth of their child Birdie Joe a couple of months ago. Bryan and Brie have both remained adamant for years that having children was their biggest individual and collective goals together. They're clearly on the same page these days enjoying the difficulties of parenting.

Bryan only has to work one-to-two days per week for WWE as the General Manager of SmackDown. Brie wants to return to a WWE ring, but it doesn’t appear she's looking to do this anytime soon. Both Bryan and Brie are content raising their child together away from the spotlight. Bryan has even said in interviews that any happiness he gets on SmackDown doesn’t compare in the slightest to spending time with Brie.

1 Will NOT Survive: John Cena and Nikki Bella

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Unlike her twin sister Brie, Nikki Bella’s wrestling romance does not seem as authentic. Nikki and her boyfriend John Cena had a great feud with The Miz and Maryse during WresteMania season earlier this year. The main reason the feud went so well was due to how realistic the insults used by Miz and Maryse were. Miz specifically targeted how phony everything between Cena and Nikki is.

Cena made Nikki sign an extremely deep contract before moving into his home to ensure she would follow his rules. Nikki wants children and Cena remains insistent against it. The fact that Cena proposed to Nikki should be a great sign, but the fact that he used the stage of WrestleMania to do it and help WWE along the way is a bit suspect. It may be a bold prediction, but the lack of true love shown between Cena and Nikki will doom them sooner than later.

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