8 Wrestling Couples We Never Expected To Work (And 7 Who Finally Failed)

WWE couples are usually created because of circumstance and convenience. Some couples only work when they are on the road together before they then realize that wrestling was the only thing they had in common. This then creates problems if the couple are split up by WWE or one of them leaves the company.

Over the past few decades, wrestling has thrown together some of the strangest and most unlikely couples that many of the WWE Universe didn't understand. Many fans were certain that these were just relationships of convenience and they would never last, but there are still a number of couples that have managed to change the opinion of their fans while there are others that have proved them all right.

Shockingly, there are a number of mismatched couples that have managed to last over the past few years and defy all expectations, but there are also a number of relationships that didn't work out. These breakups were something that both the fans and their work colleagues had already predicted.

The following list looks at eight WWE couples that no one expected to last, but they did and seven that predictably failed when the relationship really began to get tough.

15 Lasted: Sasha Banks And Sarath Ton

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Former WWE Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks married backstage costume designer and former Independent wrestler Sarath Ton back in August 2016. She kept the marriage hidden from the WWE Universe until the beginning of this year because she was scared of the backlash she would receive.

It seems that WWE likes to make it seem as though Sasha is single since she has never been able to mention the fact that she is married on WWE TV over the past 14 months. There are also a number of stars within WWE that have stated that Sasha flirts with many other male wrestlers backstage, and there are videos showing her flirting with Seth Rollins. It seems that many fans didn't think this marriage would work out and are actually shocked that it has lasted more than a year.

14 Failed: Luke Gallows And Amber O'Neal

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Luke Gallows began dating Amber O'Neal back when the couple worked together as part of The Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The couple looked to be quite an unlikely pair but managed to hold it together for a number of years. It wasn't until Gallows was signed to WWE back in 2016 that the problems in their marriage began to show.

Amber O'Neal had an argument on Social Media with Dana Brooke after the former bodybuilder was involved in a backstage segment with her husband on Monday Night Raw and this then later led to the couple filing for divorce. It seems that the long distance and the lack of trust in each other ended up being a problem for both stars in the end which is why their marriage didn't work out.

13 Lasted: AJ Lee And CM Punk

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CM Punk has one of the longest dating histories of any professional wrestler in the world. So when it was revealed that he was dating former Divas Champion AJ Lee back in 2013, the WWE Universe didn't think this union would last. It was reported that the couple's relationship began while Punk was still dating former Women's Champion Lita.

The couple shocked many fans when they finally tied the knot the following year and have remained together happily ever since. AJ Lee even retired from WWE back in 2015 so that she could be with her husband and so it didn't seem as though she was choosing WWE side over Punk's when it was revealed that WWE's doctor was suing Punk because of the podcast that he made back in 2014 along with Colt Cabana.

12 Failed: Dana Brooke And Dolph Ziggler

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Dana Brooke came to WWE after a career as a bodybuilder and began making a name for herself in NXT. It was later revealed that Dana had begun dating Dolph Ziggler after the duo met at the WWE Performance Centre.

Ziggler has been part of many high profile relationships with a number of women over the past few years including Amy Schumer and Nikki Bella, but these didn't work out for The Showoff and no one expected it to work out for Dolph this time around. The relationship didn't last very long between Dana and Dolph as the couple announced their split last year after less than a year of dating and Dana moved on to fellow bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, while Dolph has remained single and focused on his WWE career recently.

11 Lasted: Edge And Beth Phoenix

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Edge has been married twice during his WWE career as well as being part of a high profile scandal with Lita and Matt Hardy, so when Edge and Beth Phoenix were revealed to be together back in 2012, many fans thought that this was just another fling for the Rated R Superstar.

Beth Phoenix herself had been part of numerous backstage relationships while she was in WWE, with her most high profile one being with CM Punk. That being said, the couple now has two daughters together and finally decided to marry last year on Edge's Birthday. They also became WWE's first ever Hall of Fame couple earlier this year when Beth was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Edge took his place amongst wrestling's elite back in 2012.

10 Failed: Melina And John Morrison

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Melina and John Morrison met during the filming of WWE Tough Enough back in 2004, before the duo later made their debut on WWE TV the following year. The couple were dating throughout the time that they spent together on WWE TV even though Melina was said to be a hard person to deal with by the rest of the WWE roster.

Melina was also part of an affair with former WWE Champion Batista, and Morrison was still able to move on and forgive his girlfriend. It was a relationship that was doomed for a number of years before Melina shared Morrison's personal information on her Twitter account and he realized that enough was enough back in 2015. Morrison has since been able to move on to a functional relationship with fellow Lucha Underground star Taya Valkyrie.

9 Lasted: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young began dating back in 2013 but felt the need to hide their relationship from the WWE Universe until 2015 and given the backlash from the WWE Universe when they found out about the relationship, it is easy to see why.

Many fans didn't give the relationship a chance and thought that Renee would be pushed to the point where she would break up with the former WWE Champion because of the abuse she was receiving from the WWE Universe, some of which even reached the point where Renee was receiving death threats. Shockingly, this didn't happen. Instead, the couple announced that they had secretly married last year in a private wedding ceremony in Las Vegas after their stint on Total Divas together had obviously brought them much closer.

8 Failed: Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins was engaged to Leighla Schultz back in 2012 when he made his WWE debut, the couple had been together for five years and it seemed as though they were soulmates. Sadly, this wasn't the case as one of the biggest WWE scandals of 2015 saw Rollins outed as a cheat when his affair with Zahra Schreiber was revealed on social media.

Rollins began dating the NXT star after it was made obvious that his relationship with Leighla was definitely over, but unsurprisingly the couple's relationship lasted less than a year. It was reported that Rollins and Schreiber went their separate ways back in February 2016. Rollins has since moved on to begin dating a woman called Sarah, while Zahra has left WWE and went on to become a merch girl for Chris Jericho's band Fozzy.

7 Lasted: Lana And Rusev

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When Rusev and Lana made their debut on the main roster back in 2014 and it was revealed that they were a couple both on-screen and off, they were considered to be one of the most mismatched couples in WWE history.

Even WWE Chairman Vince McMahon tried his best to split the couple up when he found out that they were dating, so it came as a shock to many of the WWE Universe when the couple announced that they were engaged. They were then added to the cast of Total Divas, where their two weddings were featured as part of the sixth season. It seems that against all the odds and all the people who have doubted them, Lana and Rusev have actually managed to make their relationship work.

6 Failed: Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett dated until the couple decided to go their separate ways a few years after they started in 2013. Alicia and Wade seemed like they were a couple that fitted together, but they could well have been another relationship that came together through circumstance and was easily broken up at the first sign of a problem.

Wade and Alicia talked about their relationship on an episode of Total Divas, where Alicia was finally able to approach her ex-boyfriend and ask him why they went their separate ways. Wade stated that it was because they both wanted different things in life and that he just couldn't see a future with her at the moment. The duo seemed to walk away on good terms though as they hugged before they left.

5 Lasted: Matt Hardy And Reby Sky

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Matt Hardy has had a number of failed relationships over the past few years with the likes of Lita and Ashley Massaro. When it was revealed that he was dating former Impact Wrestling star Reby Sky, who is much younger than Hardy, many of the WWE Universe didn't think it would last.

The couple has definitely had their own fair share of ups and downs, including both being arrested when a fight between them became physical. They seem to have put all this behind them now and have two sons to focus on since the birth of their second child named Wolfgang. Hardy has recently returned to WWE and it seems that his family are in a much better place than they once were and are the happiest they have ever been.

4 Failed: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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Enzo Amore doesn't seem to be a star that will ever decide to settle down. He is out partying almost every day of the week and when he isn't partying he is spending his time at strip clubs. It was his obsession with strip clubs that cost him his relationship with NXT star Liv Morgan a few months ago when it was revealed that Enzo may have cheated on Liv with a stripper.

Liv has since moved on to what looks like a new relationship with WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, while Enzo Amore has recently been moved over to the 205 Live locker room after it was reported that there was a lot of backstage heat on Enzo Amore because of his actions both in WWE and outside of it in recent weeks.

3 Lasted: Brock Lesnar And Sable

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Sable was married and widowed before she met Marc Mero and was introduced to the WWE world. After she became a bigger star than her boyfriend it seemed to cause problems in their relationship.

When it was announced that Sable was dating WWE Star Brock Lesnar it came as quite a shock because the couple didn't seem as though they had very much in common. It seemed as though it was a relationship that was doomed from the start, and the couple even called off their own wedding and broke up at one point before finally making it down the aisle in 2006. Brock and Sable have two sons together and have been living happily for the past 11 years, so sometimes looks can be deceiving.

2 Failed: Alberto Del Rio And Paige

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Former World Champion Alberto Del Rio and Paige's relationship was doomed from the beginning. The couple announced that they were dating while Del Rio was still married, before they were both suspended from WWE after failing WWE's Wellness Policy tests back in August 2016.

The couple has been known to have public arguments as well as being arrested together back at Money in the Bank last year. It seems that the age gap and the fact that these two are so different outside of WWE could have caused them a number of problems. Earlier this year it was reported that both Del Rio and Paige were involved in an incident at an airport and since then everything has gone quiet as it was reported that they have finally decided to go their separate ways.

1 Lasted: The Undertaker And Michelle McCool

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The Undertaker is one of WWE's biggest legends, so when it was revealed that he was dating former Divas Champion Michelle McCool, many of the WWE Universe were left wondering how a couple that seemed so different on the outside would be able to make a relationship work.

Incredibly, the couple married back in 2010 and have since welcomed a daughter named Faith. Michelle and Undertaker seem as though they have managed to overcome the odds to be one of WWE's cutest couples. Michelle has always been seen supporting her husband whenever he makes any kind of return to WWE. Michelle and Undertaker didn't seem as though they would be a couple that would last the year out and instead they have managed to remain together for more than a decade.

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