8 Wrestling Daughters Doing The Family Name Proud And 7 Disgracing It

Much like any other sport, wrestling has its share of family dynasties. Wrestling families who live and breathe the sport and who have at least one family member who’s experienced an insane amount of success in their time. We all remember great wrestlers and to an extent, idolize them and their impressive careers. That’s why when their kids look to be interested in taking it up professionally, we put a great deal of expectations on them. Aside from being an interesting story, these people also have the potential to be great contributors like their parents.

There’s been a recent increase in the number of wrestling daughters to try and follow in their parent’s footsteps. You probably know most of them, both the ones that succeeded and the ones that didn’t. The really talented ones have been able to make a name out there on their talents alone. But just as there are those who prosper there are those who feel the warm sting of failure. Most of the women on this list who’ve failed either lacked the talent, patience or both. A great wrestling family is only as respected as its weakest link. Not getting into the business is one thing but getting out there and making your family look bad is another thing entirely. Here are 8 wrestling daughters doing the family name proud and 7 disgracing it.

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15 Doing It Proud: Lacey Von Erich

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We start things off with a third generation wrestler. Lacey Von Erich is the granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich and the daughter of WWE Hall of Fame inductee Kerry Von Erich. She had a very brief, but decent stint in the wrestling business starting in 2007. She got her start with the WWE but that only lasted several months. After her release she went on to the independent circuit and had a successful run in TNA before calling it a career. While he leave from the industry was sudden, Lacey added to her family legacy and is now managing quite well with life after wrestling. She runs an advertising company in California and also spends her time raising her two sons.

14 Disgracing It: Kayla Armstrong

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We’ve got another third generation talent here for you. You’ll see quite a bit of these third generation talents out there, and while some have had some success at keeping the family name going, others haven’t really been as successful with that venture. Kayla Armstrong is someone that falls under the ladder category. The daughter of veteran referee Robert Armstrong, Kayla comes from a long line of great wrestlers with her grandfather being WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob Armstrong. Years ago, it looked as if she was on track to be the next member of her family to make it to the big leagues. She even received a WWE tryout but nothing came of it and at this point, it doesn’t look like she’s pursuing that career path anymore.

13 Doing It Proud: Bronwyne Billington

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Now we start looking at some of the more well known wrestlers and the children continuing their legacy. We’re sure that you know all about Davey Boy Smith’s son, David hart Smith and his short stint with the WWE. But did you know that the other half of the British Bulldogs also has a kid trying their hand at the wrestling business? Bronwyne Billington is the daughter of the famous Dynamite Kid, and while she’s yet to reach the same amount of success her father achieved, she’s doing well so far in her relatively short career. A valet for her husband, Dynamite Dan, Bronwyne goes by the name Dynamite Doll and the two often frequent Canadian promotions like RCW. You can bet that if the WWE ever had the idea to get some more members of the Hart Dynasty, Bronwyne and her husband would definitely be atop their list.

12 Disgracing It: Beans Hart

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The daughter of the incredibly popular and respected Bret Hart, Beans isn’t doing all that much to follow in her father’s footsteps. Her family name comes with a ton of expectations and baggage, but Beans doesn’t really seem to be doing much to add to it. We don’t know all too much about her sadly, as she pretty much keeps under the radar online, even on social media. One of the few things we do know is that she’s a beautiful woman – and with looks like that, would definitely fit in somewhere even if it wasn’t the WWE. There was news four years back of her being interested in getting into the business, but after all that hype she’s effectively dropped off the map.

11 Doing It Proud: Mikala Smith

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Here we have another third generation wrestler who comes from a long line of great wrestlers. Unlike Lacey Von Erich though, Mikala has not had the same type of career, despite her best attempts to be successful. The granddaughter of Grizzly Smith and daughter of Sam Houston and Baby Doll, Mikala tried her hand at the wresting business. She’s been at it since 2013, and she’s done well for herself on the independent scene. She’s claimed the VOW Vixens championship twice now and is currently defending her title. However, she’s had no mainstream success whatsoever. She’s an obscure talent playing for an obscure promotion. But that can change pretty much anytime – especially if she keeps performing at this level.

10 Disgracing It: Amy Hennig

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Wouldn’t you believe it, another third generation wrestler on this list? Sadly though, this time we aren’t going to be looking at someone who’s been doing all too great in their career. The daughter of Curt Hennig, Amy Hennig started her wrestling journey all the way back in 2008. While that was nearly a decade ago, Amy was and remains to this day an obscure talent in the industry. A quick check online will show you that she was last officially active back in 2010. After that, you only get question marks. There are about seven years of her career left unaccounted for. It’s safe to assume that in that time, she’ retired and probably won’t be coming back to the industry now in her mid 30s.

9 Doing It Proud: Charlotte

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Despite debuting four years ago, Charlotte has had an impressive career and most definitely lives up to her family name. Daughter of Ric Flair, Charlotte has shown WWE fans that she’s more than prepared to take up where her father left off and etch her name among the best in the promotion. She’s won the Divas Championship once and is a four-time RAW Women’s Championship winner as well. If you compare her to her brother David, it’s no contest as to who has upheld the family legacy better. While she’s had some personal issues, they’re mostly resolved now and she can focus on her wrestling. Had this list been complied several years ago, Charlotte might’ve found herself as one of the “disgracing” entries. But she’s done more than enough to prove herself.

8 Disgracing It: Alana Leslie

via dailywrestlingnews.com

The daughter of Ed Leslie, Alana Leslie is someone who has a ton of connections in the wrestling industry. Aside from her father, Alana’s also got Hulk Hogan in her corner, seeing as he is actually her godfather. Like many on this list, Alana showed something of an interest towards the wrestling business and got her name out there. She signed with Game Changer Wrestling a few years back, but hasn’t really been heard of since. It’s a story all too common with young wrestlers like Alana, as they have so much promise going into it and as time goes by, fall into obscurity without having made so much as a dent. Connections are great, but they don’t make up for natural talent.

7 Doing It Proud: Tamina

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Tamina definitely has one of the more impressive backgrounds on this list. The daughter of legendary Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Tamina has been a breath of fresh air since joining the WWE. Despite her age, Tamina has shown that she can be successful in the wrestling business. She’s flourished where many of her young compatriots have failed and it has nothing to do with her ancestry. Tamina is self-made and has done a great job of keeping the Snuka name going, years after her father left the wrestling business. It hasn’t been an easy road for her, but she’s persevered. The one thing that might elude her with time running out however is a championship win. Still, it’s been an impressive run.

6 Disgracing It: Brooke Hogan

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Unlike a lot of the women on this list, Brooke Hogan has tried multiple avenues in the hopes of finding success. From reality TV to singing, acting and modeling, the daughter of the great Hulk Hogan has done it all. But while a lot of the women on this list have tried to make it in the wrestling business out of a shared passion for the sport, Brooke seems to be interested in relevancy. Everything else she’s tried her hand at seems more like a publicity stunt rather than a genuine attempt. She had one brief stint with the WWE when her dad was still around and was with TNA for a year before being released from her contract. All in all, you’d expect more from the daughter of Hulk Hogan.

5 Doing It Proud: Natalya

via wrestlingrumors.net

Would it surprise you to hear that Natalya has been on the WWE roster for ten years? She actually debuted in 2000 and clawed her way up the ranks. Pretty impressive. But then again, what would you expect from the daughter of Jim Neidhart? The hart family is one of the largest and most impressive in the wrestling world. While it might seem like a tough name to live up to, Natalya has been doing it proud over the years. She’s been a staple on the WWE roster since joining and has a pretty solid fan base. It’s tough to make a name in the industry but she’s managed to do it. It’s pretty impressive, regardless of who her family is.

4 Disgracing It: Shaul Rehwoldt

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Shaul Rehwoldt (née Guerrero) was a story many in the wrestling community were hoping would turn out ok. But sadly, like a majority of those on this list, it ended less than favorable. The daughter of Vicky and Eddie Guerrero, Shaul had a lot to live up to – especially in regards to her late father. But like most children of great athletes it seems as though she didn’t quite posses the skills or abilities that made her father so successful and beloved. Shaul started off with FCW and was doing alright in NXT for a while but was soon after sent home. It would be the first of two times she was released, with the second being her last before she was out of the wrestling business for good.

3 Doing It Proud: Noelle Foley

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Mick Foley is one cool guy and probably one of the most popular wrestlers in recent memory. His return to the WWE has been great for fans both new and old. But these days most wrestling fans are talking about his daughter Noelle instead. Noelle is incredibly beautiful and has all the makings of a fantastic wrestler. Looks, genes, all she needs to show next are the skills. It’s not like she lacks the passion either, showing that she’s just as – if not more – obsessed with the sport as her father. There’s been talk of her potentially getting into the ring soon and that has people buzzing. For now, it looks like she’s keeping her ear to the floor and building up a following, continuing to do her name proud.

2 Disgracing It: Paige

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Had this list come out a few years back then Paige may very well have taken up the top spot of daughters doing their family name proud. She was so successful and popular at a young age that she looked to be part of a bright future for women’s wrestling. But that eventually started to go downhill, and it looks as though that she’s going to crash and burn soon. Of course, it all stems from her widely publicized relationship with her now fiancé Alberto Del Rio – which is what first caused the schism between her and the WWE. Paige seems to be throwing her career away in one of the most bizarre turnarounds we’ve seen. It was reported that had it not been for the upcoming biopic based on her and her family. If that isn’t well received, expect her to get the boot.

1 Doing It Proud: Stephanie McMahon

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And so as we come to our last entry, we find ourselves looking at the woman doing the most for her family name. Could you say that you’re at all surprised by this? Every wrestling fan knows who Stephanie McMahon is. She started her career doing little odd jobs, learning the business before finally debuting in 1998. It seems so far away, but Steph has been through a lot in those years and changed quite a bit. From her time as a wrestler to having now taken more demanding responsibilities both on and off screen, Stephanie is one of the reason’s the WWE is still going. Both Vince and Triple H play key roles as well, but Steph should not be underestimated. She’ll soon be the next McMahon taking charge of the WWE, and if her track record so far is anything to go by, she’ll do just fine.

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