8 Wrestling Daughters Who Look Nothing Like Their Dads (And 7 Who Look Exactly Like Them)

Wrestling families have grown in abundance in the past few years, as we’ve not only seen the male children of famous wrestlers step into their father’s footsteps, but the female ones have also garnered quite the reputation as of late. There have been quite a few wrestling daughters who have become popular for their work in the top wrestling promotions, while some others have gained attention with their work outside the squared circle.

There have been more and more 2nd generation female wrestlers who have gained popularity in the wrestling industry, with the rise of Women’s Wrestling around the world over the years encouraging many wrestlers' children to step into the footsteps of their father. Some of these daughters are quite gorgeous with distinct features, which makes it difficult for someone to relate them to their famous dads because of how dissimilar they look to them.

There are other daughters who can be instantly recognized as a wrestler's child because of how they look like their dads, as we take a look at 8 Wrestling Daughters Who Look Nothing Like Their Dads & 7 Who Look Exactly Like Them.

15 Nothing Like Them: Ariel Toombs

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Ariel Toombs is wrestling daughter who may not be recognized by many wrestling fans because of how she’s not involved in the squared circle, but the beautiful daughter of the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper is quite the stunner in real life. Toombs wasn’t really interested in following her father’s footsteps in the ring, but she is aiming to break into the entertainment business and has acted in some movies and shows in the past. Her exquisite facial features and amazing looks make it impossible to relate her to Roddy Piper, as Toombs seems to have inherited the looks from her mother. She has some really unique features to her appearance and even though Roddy was himself quite the good-looking dude in his time, his daughter doesn’t seem to have gotten much of his features and looks quite different.

14 Exactly Like Them: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon has established herself as the authoritative heel in the WWE ever since her dad Vince took a backseat, as Stephanie has been enacting the role of this evil boss perfectly and looks set to continue this in the near future. Stephanie has been involved in the WWE for almost two decades now, as she loves to support her father's product and constantly helps it grow as a company. While one can argue that Stephanie has started looking better as she aged, one can help but recognize the uncanny similarity between her looks and Vince's - especially that evil grin! She is truly Vince's little daughter and her facial features match that of Mr. McMahon, as Steph seems to have gotten her appearance from her old man and is trying to continue what he started, which is being the annoying boss whom everyone hates.

13 Nothing Like Them: Brittany Page

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Brittany Page is another wrestling daughter who has opted to not join the professional wrestling business and seems to be more intent on helping her father Diamond Dallas Page with his yoga program. Brittany is herself a fitness freak and yoga instructor like her father, as she has helped in the growth of his yoga technique and is following her father's footsteps in that regard. While they both may be similarly brilliant when it comes to yoga, Brittany doesn't seem to have inherited much of her father's looks. She has some very unique features which make it difficult to relate her to DDP, as she's got a hot body and has developed herself into a gorgeous woman.

12 Exactly Like Them: Mya Lynn Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar may be having the time of his life right now as the reigning, defending Universal Champion for almost a year, but not many know that Lesnar even has a teenage daughter who is starting to follow her father's footsteps. Brock may be married to Sable right now, but he had kids with his ex-girlfriend before that and Mya Lynn Lesnar is one who is making the rounds right now because of her uncanny resemblance to her father. She may only be a teenager, but Mya Lynn is already looking like her old man and almost seems like a younger shade of the Beast Incarnate. It seems like Mya herself is into athletics and has gotten the genes of her father, as she'll probably be trained to the limit by Brock who will want her to become the prime athlete Lesnar has been for the entirety of his career.

11 Nothing Like Them: Beans Hart

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Beans Hart may not be the most widely known member of the Hart Family, but she’s definitely garnered the looks in the family. Bret Hart’s daughter is a stunning woman who has a rather sexy figure and exquisite looks, something which makes it difficult for one to guess that she’s Bret’s daughter. She does a lot of modeling because of her amazing figure and has definitely gotten the looks from her mother Julie Hart, who was quite the beauty herself. Beans is arguably the hottest of Bret’s four children and even though she is yet to step into the squared circle, she has turned some heads towards her with her sexy looks. Her distinctive looks make it impossible for one to recognize her as Bret Hart’s daughter, as she looks nothing like the WWE Hall of Famer.

10 Exactly Like Them: Amy Hennig

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While Curt Hennig's(Mr. Perfect) son Curtis Axel may be getting some precious screen-time on Monday Night Raw these days, not many know about Curt's daughter Amy Hennig who is herself been trying to make a mark in the wrestling industry over the past few years. Amy wrestles in the Independent circuit and has won the World League Wrestling Ladies Championship thrice in her career, while also wrestling in some other Indy shows. One can automatically make out that she's Hennig's daughter just by seeing her, as she's almost a carbon-copy of Mr. Perfect. Her appearance, her hairstyle and everything about her resembles her dad, as she's trying to keep her dad's legacy alive by using his style as her own. Amy's uncanny resemblance to Curt proves how she got Mr. Perfect's appearance as Amy looks to make him proud of her hard work in the industry.

9 Nothing Like Them: Lacey Von Erich

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The Von Erich family have had the reputation of being "cursed" in the past few decades due to many of their family members passing away due to freak incidents or some taking their own lives. A living member of the family is Lacey Von Erich, who is the daughter of former WWE superstar Kerry Von Erich. Lacey has wrestled in the past, where she performed for WWE for a while before moving to TNA where she won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles. The smoking-hot Lacey represents a whole new generational of the Von Erich family and if she didn't have the name "Von Erich" as her ring-name, nobody would've recognized her to be Kerry's daughter. It's almost impossible to recognize her as Kerry's daughter because of how different she looks from him, as Lacey has made herself this sexy woman on her own.

8 Exactly Like Them: Charlotte

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Charlotte has quite comprehensively established herself as the "Queen Of WWE", with Ric Flair's daughter amazingly keeping the family legacy intact with some amazing work in the WWE over the past few years. Charlotte is the first woman to have won the NXT Women's Championship, Divas Championship, and Raw & Smackdown Women's Championship and has already made the history books. Her wrestling is impeccable as well, as she's not only inherited the wrestling part from her father but looks-wise also resembles Ric Flair quite a lot. Her appearance has an amazing resemblance with that of Ric, as her facial features and personality is a lot like the 16-time World Champion. It's no surprise that the WWE is looking to make Charlotte into the Ric Flair of the Women's Division, as she's the second-coming of the Hall of Famer and is making him mighty proud with all her achievements.

7 Nothing Like Them: Brooke Hogan

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Brooke Hogan is one of the more popular children of Hulk Hogan, with the daughter of the Hulkster gaining quite a lot of popularity in the past few years. Brooke first emerged in the scene when she was brought into TNA by Hogan and became Bully Ray's girlfriend during his "Aces & Eights" story-line, as she hardly wrestled in TNA. Brooke is mostly into modeling and pursuing a singing career, as she loves to keep the spotlight on her by appearing in events with her dad. But something which is really bizarre is how she definitely doesn't look anything like Hogan, as her stunning figure and gorgeous appearance make it impossible to recognize her as Hulk's daughter. Brooke seems to have gotten her sexiness from her mom Linda and Brooke's weirdly "closeness" to Hulk proves how proud he is of having such a smoking-hot daughter.

6 Exactly Like Them: Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Snuka has recently re-established herself as a dominant force on Smackdown Live!, as she seems to have gotten some confidence by getting Lana as her manager and is looking to win the Smackdown Women's Championship. The daughter of Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka has a wrestling style which is highly influenced by the late, great WWE legend and pays homage to her father everytime she's in the ring. Tamina's appearance also resembles her father a lot, as it's difficult to distinguish her from the WWE Hall of Famer. While Tamina may not be as popular or successful as Jimmy, she is definitely trying her best to keep up her family's legacy in the WWE and make sure people do not forget her or her father. Jimmy's daughter looks and wrestles similarly to him, as Tamina looks to make her father proud every time she steps into the WWE ring.

5 Nothing Like Them: Bianca Carelli

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Bianca Carelli is someone who is probably not known for her wrestling history, but she's known by some fans for being the stunning daughter of Santino Marella. While Santino himself was a bit of a joke in the WWE, he seems to have gotten an absolutely gorgeous daughter who is a Miss Canada Teen World Pageant winner. She also does some modeling and is trying to break into the wrestling industry in more of an announcing role, but the beautiful Carelli looks completely different from her father. Her gorgeous appearance has no resemblance to Santino and it's difficult to find similarities in their looks. It seems like Carelli got the looks from her mom's side!

4 Exactly Like Them: Rachael Ellering

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Rachel Ellering is slowly but surely making a name in the wrestling industry, with her father Paul Ellering helping her try and secure a spot in WWE NXT over the past year or so. Rachael has been in the wrestling business for quite a few years now, as she even competed for Impact Wrestling last year. She was also part of the Mae Young classic tournament but was eliminated in the second round after impressing in the first round. Ellering is improving with each passing year, but she has quite evidently gotten the looks of her father. Her facial features resemble that of Paul Ellering in his earlier years, as the beautiful Rachael is aiming to continue her dad's legacy and try and break through in the WWE as a wrestler and we may even see this father-daughter duo together in WWE in the near-future.

3 Nothing Like Them: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard has been making quite the name for herself in the wrestling industry over the past few years, with the daughter of Tully Blanchard impressing in the squared circle at a rather young age. Tessa has been wrestling since the age of 19 and at the age of 22 right now has already wrestled for top wrestling promotions like Lucha Underground, Global Force Wrestling and occasionally at WWE as well. She is honing her skills to become a big thing in the near future, but Tessa has a real advantage because of her amazing looks. She looks nothing like masochistic Tully and seems to have gotten her looks from her mother's side. Tessa is a sexy diva who wouldn't be recognized as Tully's daughter if she ditched her surname in the ring, as she aims to make her dad proud by soon breaking into the WWE.

2 Exactly Like Them: Natalya

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Natalya has been the crown jewel of the Hart Family for the past few years, as the first-ever female graduate of the Hart Dungeon has been doing some great work in WWE over the past few years. She's the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart who is himself a former WWE Tag Team Champion and was known for his menacing wrestling style, as Natalya is definitely making her dad proud with her work. Not only has she adopted many of Hart's family wrestling technique, but Natalya looks like her father's daughter as well. Her appearance resembles that of her father and "The Queen of Harts" looks extremely similar to Neidhart. Her facial expressions almost resemble her dad's as well, as Natalya looks to keep the reputation of the Hart family intact in WWE and keep their spirit alive.

1 Nothing Like Them: Noelle Foley

Noelle Foley has become quite the internet sensation in the past few years, not because of anything related to her wrestling, but because of how Mick Foley was capable of having such a sexy daughter. Everyone recognizes her dad Mick as this average looking hard-core legend, so it was shocking for many to discover that Noelle is the scruffy looking Mick's daughter. Noelle has gained quite a lot of popularity because of her sexy body and amazing looks, as she is currently training to become a wrestler. She has appeared in WWE shows like "Holy Foley!" as it was difficult for many to recognize her as Mick's daughter in it. She has almost no resemblance to Mick and seems to have gotten the looks of her mother, as Noelle's sexy looks prove how even the "average-looking" wrestlers can tend to have stunning daughters.

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