8 Wrestling Daughters Who Look Way Better Than Charlotte Flair (And 7 Way Worse)

When it comes to daughters of wrestling legends, Charlotte Flair and Natalya are the two names that will always be at the top of the list when it comes to talent and wrestling ability. Right now, Charlotte and Natalya are widely considered to be two of the best technical wrestlers in all of WWE but when it comes to looks alone, there are a number of wrestling daughters who would be much higher on the list.

Wrestling has made so many legends over the past few decades, that many second-generation female wrestlers have worked their way through the business and could be on WWE's radar at this current moment in time. WWE doesn't judge the women based on looks anymore since the Women's Revolution seems to be changing a number of opinions backstage, but if looks were to be taken into account then there would be a number of wrestling daughters both higher and lower than Charlotte Flair on the list.

The following list looks at eight female wrestling daughters who look better than Charlotte Flair as well as seven that could argue that they currently look much worse than the SmackDown Women's Champion.

15 Better: Lacey Von Erich

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Lacey Von Erich is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Kacey Von Erich but it seems that unlike her father, Lacey made a number for herself in TNA when she was signed for the company for a number of years but is now retired from the business.

Lacey is a mother now and decided to leave the business a few years ago to concentrate on other ventures as well as so that she could help to raise her family. Even though she came from a famous family, Lacey was never able to reach the level of success that her family were used to since the biggest title that she ever held was the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championship. Despite this, Lacey is remembered by many wrestling fans because of her head turning beauty, something that has worked in her favour throughout her career.

14 Worse: Carmella

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Carmella is the current Money in the Bank women's contract holder on the SmackDown roster but not many of the WWE Universe are actually aware that The Princess of Staten Island is also a second generation superstar.

Carmella's father Paul Van Dale wrestled for WWE back in the 1990s, but he was quite a forgettable star since he was mostly used as a jobber during that time. Carmella has followed in her father's footsteps after starting her career as a cheerleader. She has since worked her way up to the main roster of WWE and having that contract in her possession mean that she could become the next SmackDown Women's Champion. Despite Carmella's obvious ability in a WWE ring, many of the WWE Universe a number of has recently made negative comments when it comes to her physical appearance.

13 Better: Noelle Foley

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Considering the fact that her father is Hardcore legend Mick Foley, it is quite hard to comprehend the fact that Noelle Foley has grown into one of the most beautiful wrestling daughters of all time.

Noelle has been seen alongside her father a number of times on WWE TV and played a huge part in their WWE Network show Holey Foley where it was made obvious it that she wanted to make it to WWE so that she could become a wrestler or a backstage interviewer. Noelle wasn't selected following a try-out but she was told that she could return and try again in future. Perhaps Noelle, unlike her father, isn't someone who's future belongs inside the squared circle, which means that instead, she could mould her own future where she isn't in her father's shadow.

12 Worse: Mikala Smith

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Mikala Smith is perhaps one of the lesser known second generation wrestlers since her father wasn't seen as a huge star in the company in his time. Sam Houston was Jake "The Snake" Robert's younger brother and her mother also worked in the wrestling business as a valet and wrestler for World Class Championship Wrestling under the ring name Baby Doll.

She is part of quite a famous wrestling family, since her grandfather is Grizzly Smith, who had quite the career of his own inside the squared circle. Mikala has followed her parents into the business and is currently working on the Independent Circuit under the ring name Samantha Starr. Her mother never made it to WWE, so it seems that Mikala is working hard to ensure that she does.

11 Better: Brittany Page

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Brittany Page is the beautiful daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page. Page made a career for himself in WWE and since he retired he has moved on to Yoga. His daughter is following in his footsteps but not when it comes to his wrestling career.

DDP Yoga has become a huge thing in wrestling circles and has helped a number of legends to get their lives back on track over the past few years. Page has taught his daughter all about the fundamentals of Yoga and she has become an instructor just like her father. While many wrestling daughters want to work their way into the business Brittany is content with being in the position she is currently in.

10 Worse: Jessie Belle Smothers

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Jessie Belle is the daughter of former ECW and WWE wrestler Tracy Smothers. She is one wrestling daughter that has decided to follow in her father's footsteps and currently works on the Independent Circuit as she awaits the call up to the brand that her father was once part of.

Jessie is a former 11-time OVW Women's Champion and is currently a regular talent who performs for Shine Wrestling. It's quite obvious that she has the pedigree to be able to compete in WWE with many of the women who are currently pushing for the Women's Revolution. That being said, she inherited most of her looks from her father, which means that sadly she is one of the women who would be ranked below Charlotte on this list.

9 Better: Rachael Ellering

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Rachael Ellering is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer and current manager of The Authors of Pain Paul Ellering. She decided to follow her famous father into the business and has even made a number of appearances for WWE over the past few years, under the ring name Rachael Evers so that the WWE Universe didn't associate her with her father at the time.

She was also part of the Mae Young Classic last year, but she hasn't been permanently signed for the company since she participated in the tournament. Rachael is beautiful and it's obvious that she's talented enough to be at least part of the current NXT Women's Division, but she isn't someone that fans should be hoping to approach since she is currently in a relationship with NXT star Kassius Ohno.

8 Worse: Amy Hennig

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Amy Hennig definitely received some of the greatest genes when it comes to wrestling ability since she is the daughter of Mr Perfect himself, Curt Hennig. Amy has followed her father and brother Curt Axel into the wrestling business even though she hasn't quite made it to the level of WWE just yet.

While it's obvious that she got her talent from her father, she got her looks from her mother, but WWE is no longer completely based on looks. This means that while her brother's career has been largely forgettable over the past few years, she could make her way to WWE in the near future and easily make an impact in the Women's Division. Amy is currently making waves on the Independent Circuit, just waiting for her shot at glory.

7 Better: Natalya

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Charlotte and Natalya have had their own fair share of battles in WWE and while Charlotte has made a substantial amount of history since she joined the main roster back in 2015, Natalya has been making history of her own for the past decade. Natalya is the daughter of Jimmy "The Anvil" Neidhart and the niece of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart.

Nattie is the only female graduate of the Hart family dungeon and she has had quite the impact on WWE's main roster over the past 10 years. Natalya isn't just one of the most technically gifted female wrestlers of all time, but she is also one of the most attractive as she has found the perfect balance between beauty, talent and skill.

6 Worse: Tamina Snuka

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Tamina Snuka is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka who sadly passed away back in 2017. Tamina has been working for the company since her debut back in 2010 and even though she hasn't been able to lift championship gold over the past seven years, she has still been able to make quite an impact on the main roster.

Tamina isn't one of the most talented wrestlers on the brand or the most attractive, but it seems that WWE employed her because of the fact that she has a dominant look about her and she has wrestling in her DNA. Tamina has a bright future ahead of her but is often forgotten when it comes to "the most attractive women of WWE" lists because of her unique look.

5 Better: Stephanie McMahon

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There will never be a list written about the most attractive wrestling daughters of all time that doesn't include the chairman's daughter Stephanie McMahon. Ever since she was 14-years-old Stephanie has been forced to grow up around the WWE Universe but in her lengthy career, she has only ever lifted the Women's Championship once.

Stephanie has taken her place backstage in the company over the past few years but she is still the Commissioner of Monday Night Raw and makes regular appearances as part of the show where she shows off the fact that despite being 41-years-old and the mother of three daughters, she is still one of the most attractive women to ever walk through that curtain.

4 Worse: Ariel Tombs

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Ariel Tombs is the daughter of the late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper. Unlike many other wrestling daughters, Ariel has never peaked an interest in following in her father's footsteps, which is a shame since her father was one of the biggest legends that the company has ever seen.

Instead, Ariel was bitten by the acting bug and has followed her father into an acting and singing career. Maybe one day Ariel will decide to venture into the business that she grew up watching her father work for, but for right now the actress is happy with the career she chose for herself. Ariel has three other siblings, a brother and two sisters called Anastasia and Falcon, but none of the Piper children have expressed an interest in wrestling.

3 Better: Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard doesn't just have beauty on her side, she comes from a long line of wrestlers as well since her father is Tully Blanchard and her stepfather is Magnum TA. While Blanchard has been working her way up through the ranks on the Independent Circuit she has recently been seen on WWE TV when she was part of the Mae Young Classic last year.

Blanchard was not signed to the company following the competition like many of the other women, but she certainly left quite the impression and it is thought that she will definitely be appearing in the company once again one day, as for right now Tessa is happy to be living with both WWE star Apollo Crews and her boyfriend Independent sensation Ricochet.

2 Worse: Mya Lynn Lesnar

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There are no prizes for guessing who Mya Lynn's father is since she took all of her looks from the current Universal Champion. So much so that many of the WWE Universe has already commented on the fact that Mya looks like the spitting image of her father, making it hard for the 16-year-old to argue her paternity.

Mya and her brother Luke are twins who were born in 2002 when Brock was engaged to their mother Nicole McClain. As well as her father's looks Mya has also inherited his athletic ability since she is said to be a very active teenager and in the pictures that have been shared of her she has been seen wearing medals or a part of team sports.

1 Better: Paige

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Paige's mother was wrestling while she was pregnant with Paige, so it could be argued that the former Divas Champion has been wrestling all her life. She made her debut when she was just 13-years-old and was always destined to be one of the stand out female wrestlers of the current generation.

Despite having a number of personal problems over the past year, Paige has managed to return to the company recently and pick up where she left off back in 2016. The British star is the daughter of Saraya and Ricky Knight, who are well-known wrestlers in their own right and run their own wrestling promotion in Norwich, England. Paige calls herself a Glampire, because of her place skin, but this unique look has been something that has opened a number of doors for Paige over the past few years.

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