8 Wrestling Husbands Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 8 WAGs Who Are Jerks

These spouses haven't garnered the best reputation for themselves... 8 Wrestling Husbands Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 8 WAGs Who Are Jerks

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was, quite frankly, a jerk?

Yeah, I know. We’ve all been there. It’s an unfortunate and unavoidable part of dating. There are just some people who make us stop and wonder, “What on Earth did we see in him/her?” Fortunately for us, we likely aren’t in the spotlight and have our personal lives publicized like those of WWE superstars. Even though WWE superstars have a lot of money and are usually in excellent physical condition, they too fall into the trap of attracting partners who just end up being a jerk. Sometimes those partners who turn out to be the biggest jerks in real life are the ones who are the wrestlers themselves!

It is extremely difficult being a professional wrestler with WWE, just as it is hard being in a relationship with one – especially if you aren’t in the industry yourself. In case not being with your partner as frequently as you would like isn’t bad enough, knowing that they are behaving like a jerk makes it even worse. Getting into fights, having affairs, and garnering negative publicity can all be hard for someone to deal with.

Sometimes partners are able to put up with their partner being a jerk in real life. Other times, they just decide they have had enough and end the relationship. While many of those connected to the wrestling world are surely nice people, there will always be those who are not the nicest in real life.

In this article, we will take a look at eight wrestling husbands and another eight wrestling WAGs who are just plain jerks in real life.



John Cena has been the face of WWE for the better part of the past decade, but has recently transitioned into becoming a part-timer. His on-screen superhero character makes him the ultimate babyface, even though a portion of the WWE audience craves a heel turn from Cena. By all accounts, Cena is a pretty good guy in some respects. After all, he does all those Make-A-Wishes for children and is loved by many children.

In many ways, however, Cena is actually a jerk. It took him several years to propose to Nikki Bella, even though he knew of her desire to marry him. He cheated on his first wife with Mickie James, which certainly hurts his good guy image. Total Divas has revealed that Cena has absolutely ridiculous and out-dated house rules. On the show, Cena admitted he had Bella sign a 76-page contract just to live with him! Wow!



Linda Hogan was married to Hulk Hogan for 26 years, and they had two children together (Nick and Brooke). To her credit, she stood by him through his wrestling career and even after his career ended, which was surely no easy task for many reasons. She divorced Hogan in 2009, and the nasty divorce proceedings ultimately left The Hulkster with merely a quarter of his estate. With a boatload of money that she took from Hogan in the divorce, she decided to take her newfound freedom (and the money) and date young, barely legal men.

The 48-year-old started dating 19-year-old Charlie Hill only months after her divorce was settled. As creepy as that is, Linda really became a jerk when Hill later revealed that Linda treated him like a day labourer. She often made him dig a creek, wax a yacht, and fertilize acres of avocado trees, among other things. As if that were not bad enough, Linda also repeatedly tried to smear Hulk’s name in the media.



Randy Orton is a wrestling veteran who, while a gifted performer, was born into the industry and has been afforded several chances because of that fact. He battled personal demons in his early years that significantly hurt his reputation backstage. There have been multiple instances where Orton was alleged to have behaved inappropriately around some of the female wrestlers on the roster many years ago. Moreover, he recently drew some criticism for throwing shade at wrestlers who have come from the indie circuit.

Outside of wrestling, his military record is something that Orton wants you to forget about. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1998, but received a bad conduct discharge after repeatedly abandoning his post and disobeying an order from a commanding officer.



The Undertaker is one of, if not the, most respected wrestler in WWE history. He is a legend in the business and pretty much universally loved. The same, however, cannot be said for The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool. The former WWE wrestler rubbed many people the wrong way, which resulted in her coming off as a jerk. First, there are the allegations that she lacked any originality and often resorted to stealing other wrestler’s moves. WWE fans can pick up on this lack of originality very easily.

Second, there is unfortunate issue of McCool knowing how to play office politics. McCool was not the most talented female wrestler on the roster at any given time, as evidenced by her stealing moves from others. Despite this, she suspiciously captured the WWE Divas Championship in 2010, becoming the first WWE Unified Divas Champion. Is it merely a coincidence that her push really started in 2010, which is also when she married The Undertaker?



Shawn Michaels is one of the wrestling legends who unfortunately finds a spot on this list, as being a jerk in real life. Though he made a name for himself in WWE, his wife, Rebecca Curci, also has her own ties to wrestling since she was formerly a Nitro Girl. It’s no secret that Michaels was a huge pain in the locker room during the 1990s and was certainly no role model for the younger wrestlers during that time. Though he is respected by many fans and wrestlers, he is disliked by many wrestlers as well for being a jerk backstage.

The Heartbreak Kid has also been a jerk in real life as well. There have been numerous instances where he has been a real jerk to the fans. One of the most notable instances was when he rudely rejected a young child who had apparently approached him for an autograph. Between his backstage politics and fan interactions, Michaels will still remain a jerk to many.



Sable is married to The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Back when she was a wrestler in the early-mid 2000s, she was one of the most popular WWE Divas. She was well liked by many of the WWE fans, especially the males, and was consistently involved in meaningful storylines. However, Sable was not particularly well-liked backstage, especially by many of the other female wrestlers.

There have long been stories about how Sable had an overinflated ego and got jealous whenever she felt as though someone was trying to steal her spotlight. Torrie Wilson shared how Sable reacted very negatively when WWE wanted Sable to help promote Wilson’s Playboy appearance. Sable apparently felt like she was “the queen” of WWE and was not in the business of helping one of her peers promote her appearance.



Stone Cold Steve Austin epitomized what many fans loved about the Attitude Era. He was arguably one of the most successful and popular WWE Superstars during the Attitude Era. Even though he was, and still is, an iconic and entertaining wrestling figure, he was not always such a good guy in his personal life.

In the later years of his career, Steve Austin was married to Debra Marshall, his third wife, between 2000 and 2003. He was unfortunately involved in a serious domestic violence incident, which required Marshall to call the police. According to police reports, Austin violently beat her on the head, back, and legs. Austin was later charged with domestic abuse, but apparently didn’t learn his lesson. In March 2004, Austin allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, Tess Broussard, following a dispute. Hitting a woman is never acceptable and should not be tolerated.



Okay, you can’t say you’re surprised by Melina’s inclusion on this list. I mean, sure, she was a pretty good wrestler at a time where there were few of them. And yes, she has the endorsement of WWE Hall of Famer Brett Hart (and that says a lot). However, there have been many accounts of her being quite a jerk in real life. It says a lot when she once proclaimed herself as “the most controversial woman in wrestling.” She might be right there.

Melina was involved in a conflict with WWE legend Trish Stratus, who she claimed had stolen her shine. That meant Melina convinced her then-boyfriend James Morrison to give Stratus the cold shoulder. Speaking of Morrison, Melina cheated on him with Batista while all three were employed by WWE. Need we say more?



“The Rated-R Superstar” Edge is yet another extremely talented wrestler – and WWE Hall of Famer – who has ended up on this list. Edge was one of WWE’s best heels during the 2000s and was counted on to help lead SmackDown while Cena led Raw for years. While he was a bad guy on WWE television, Edge was also not the best person in real life. Everyone knows the real life drama that played out involving himself, Matt Hardy, and Lita. It can’t be argued that Edge is a jerk for not only cheating on his wife at the time, but having an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend. That’s just a new low. It’s a shame that Edge was able to use that real life feud to further cement himself as a main event star in WWE, while Matt Hardy struggled in the aftermath.

Edge divorced his wife for Lita, but that relationship also did not last long. He is now married to Beth Phoenix, and at least they seem happy together!



Reby Hardy is the wife of Matt Hardy, and they have two children together. Although she is only really seen on TV when he is in his “Broken” or “Woken” stage, so maybe she’s only the wife of Broken/Woken Matt Hardy. Either way, many wrestling fans know who she is – but not for good reasons. Since the Hardyz publicized departure from Impact Wrestling, she was very outspoken about her hatred for the company. She frequently lambasted the company on Twitter, and sparked more than one war of words with employees from Impact Wrestling. Reby also has gotten into a bit of a feud with WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

Reby has probably caused some massive headaches for Matt Hardy, which likely hurt his contract negotiations with WWE and other companies. It is probably a good thing that she has kept a relatively low profile since Matt signed with WWE.



Austin Aries did not have a very memorable career in WWE. He had a pretty good stint in WWE NXT, before he got promoted to the main roster in 2016. Much to Aries’ chagrin, he was placed in the Cruiserweight Division without much of a chance to prove himself against the other wrestlers. He had a feud with Neville, which he lost, and Aries had decided he had enough. He was granted his release from WWE shortly thereafter.

His departure was probably best for everybody involved. Respected wrestling critic Dave Meltzer reported that Aries was immensely disliked by WWE’s writing staff and came across as a bully to them. Moreover, Aries has also developed a reputation for being quite a jerk to many fans after making snide comments towards them. He is engaged to fellow wrestler Thea Trinidad and leaving WWE will probably be a good decision for him, but he will be remembered as being a jerk.



Jackie Beems was Ric Flair’s fourth (!) wife, having been married to him between five years. Given Flair’s penchant for getting around and being something of a womanizer, their marriage actually lasted fairly long. Their marriage did not end under the nicest of terms. Similar to The Nature Boy, she had her issues with the legal system and those vices often reared their ugly head. Beems was frequently getting into trouble with the law.

The most notable incident was when she was arrested in 2010 for domestic abuse, after punching Ric Flair in the face. Flair ended up in the hospital bloodied up as a result of the attack, in which Beems had used her teeth, fists, and legs to attack him. Unsurprisingly, they separated not too long after and were divorced.



Josh Matthews had seemed like he could have been a pretty good commentator for WWE. He started out as a backstage interviewer, and eventually made his way to becoming a part-time commentator. However, Matthews made the bold decision to depart WWE in 2014. He went to TNA in search of better opportunities, which he seemingly got as he became a fulltime commentator for them.

It was in TNA that Matthews met Madison Rayne, and the two ended up getting married in 2015. Even though he is married to Rayne and doing well in TNA, he still seems bitter towards WWE. He hurls unwarranted insults towards WWE, and he comes across as very entitled. He insulted many legends in the industry when he labelled the WWE Hall of Fame a waste of time, and that “nobody wants to be there” when speaking about the annual Hall of Fame ceremonies WWE holds.



Lana is married to The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev. They have both been misused on the main roster, as WWE refuses to put them back together in a role that first brought them both success. In fairness to WWE, Lana probably isn’t helping her own cause either. There have been many rumours about Lana having an inflated ego, which rubs many the wrong way since she is not a good wrestler. Lana also is not afraid to call out and criticize other female talents on social media. One noteworthy instance was when she called Paige a bully on social media, before having to apologize to her. There have also been similar instances on Total Divas that lead fans to infer Lana is a jerk in real life. It also did not help her cause that she was able to participate in the WrestleMania 32 ten-woman tag match, despite many other superior female wrestlers being left off the card.



Okay, so technically he is no longer the husband or partner of a wrestler since he and Paige split up in early November. However, he committed some fairly egregious acts while he was in a relationship with Paige that definitely warrants inclusion on this list. Even though he never appeared on WWE television in 2017, Del Rio has somehow managed to always capture headlines.

His second stint with the company was largely unsuccessful, and he departed the company because he did not get what he wanted and what he felt he deserved. Ever since, he has been extremely bitter towards the company. Moreover, he repeatedly made over the top accusations against the WWE. In an infamous Periscope rant, where Del Rio was noticeably intoxicated, he abused and insulted Triple H and the McMahon family. Not a really smart move.



Karen Jarrett is now known as being Jeff Jarrett’s wife, both of whom are actually still involved in wrestling. But before that, she was actually married to Kurt Angle for ten years! Jarrett filed for divorce from Kurt in 2008, and started seeing Jeff Jarrett not too long afterwards. It later came to light that she had become ‘romantically involved’ with Jarrett while still being married to Angle.

It gets worse when Jarrett was Angle’s boss at the tim. TNA made the whole thing into a big storyline, not unlike the Lita/Edge/Hardy one. The main difference here is that Jarrett had creative control and was Angle’s boss. Needless to say, Angle was livid with the whole situation. Since that time, Karen hasn't exactly endeared herself to fans.

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8 Wrestling Husbands Who Are Jerks In Real Life And 8 WAGs Who Are Jerks