8 Wrestling Mistresses We Hate For Ruining A Relationship And 7 We Can Forgive

Cheating scandals happen all the time in WWE. While many are not brought to light until years after they happen, some are revealed to the public by the injured party and the WWE Universe are then forced to forge their own opinion when it comes to who's fault it is.

Despite the Women's Revolution being in full swing right now, there are still women in WWE who are part of cheating scandals which takes the division back a few years.

Some of these scandals were huge the time they were revealed and even led to storylines on WWE TV where the problems between the stars just became even more toxic and personal.

Some of these scandals were not as bad as others as injured parties have since moved on and managed to build a new life of their own, while others never really recovered and it seems that the scandal will always be a focal point in their life.

The following is a list of eight women who are still hated for the scandal they caused while seven other women have since been forgiven and the WWE Universe have since moved forward.

15 Hate: Jacqueline

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Jacqueline is now a WWE Hall of Famer, but there is a lot of speculation about the former Women's Champion from when she was still on the road with WWE. Apparently, Jacqueline and Kurt Angle were much closer than friends while Angle was still married to Karen.

Kurt and Karen Angle had a strange kind of marriage with Kurt often cheating on Karen while Karen then moved on to marry Jeff Jarrett. Kurt was OK with it enough that he let TNA make it into a storyline. Jacqueline and Kurt's actions were never brought into the public domain at the time, but since her Hall of Fame induction these reports have finally come forward and now the WWE Universe are forced to make up their own mind about who the real victims of the situation really are.

14 14: Forgiven: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee has had a lot of rumors circulating about her over the past few years.  Rumors that claim she once dated John Cena and also that she was cheating with CM Punk while Punk was still dating WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

AJ admitted in her autobiography that she had been friends with CM Punk ever since she was first promoted to WWE's main roster and that she had feelings for him for a long time before finally announced that they were together. Lita was AJ's favorite wrestler growing up, which makes this much worse. But AJ and Punk worked out and are now happily married so now the WWE Universe has now accepted the couple together and forgot all about the actions that led to their relationship beginning.

13 Hate: Victoria

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Victoria was one of the women who was known to have slept with John Cena while he was still married to Elizabeth Huberdeau. There were a lot of women on this list, but when Victoria was revealed as being one of them, it was also confirmed that the former Women's Champion was married at the time as well.

Victoria is the least known cheat of all the women who John Cena was said to have been with at the time, which then led to his divorce from his first wife. Even though Cena has moved on and is now engaged to Nikki Bella, Victoria and her husband eventually divorced back in 2015 after more than a decade of marriage and she is now reported to be single.

12 Forgiven: Maria

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Maria once dated CM Punk while he was part of WWE back in his early years before she then moved on to become another notch on John Cena's bedpost. Maria wasn't dating anyone at the time and it seemed that she was another woman who was seduced by the World Champion while he was still married to Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Maria later left WWE and moved on with her life, performing in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Impact Wrestling before she was recently re-signed by WWE. Maria and John Cena have both moved on with Maria marrying fellow professional wrestler Mike Bennett and  Cena and Nikki Bella finally making their relationship a serious one, the two looking to be the perfect couple in every promotion they have worked.

11 Hatee: Paige

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Paige has been in the headlines all over the world of wrestling recently after a number of scandals over the past year. But one of the biggest things Paige was involved in was her relationship with former World Champion Alberto Del Rio.

Paige and Del Rio made their relationship public at the beginning of 2016 but that the time it was unknown that Del Rio was still married to his wife Angie and the couple had two children. His wife was forced to read about all of his antics online as she then filed for divorce while Paige and Del Rio became engaged. Del Rio was still married to his wife as well. Del Rio and Paige are now looking to marry after postponing the ceremony three times since Alberto is now divorced from his first wife.

10 Forgiven: Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly is a former Divas Champion in WWE and a former ECW star. But during her time in with the company, one of the biggest things that the WWE Universe found out about Kelly Kelly was that she was much closer to Chris Jericho than she should have been since the former Undisputed Champion was married to Jessica Lockhart back then, and still is now.

Pictures of Kelly and Jericho kissing at a party surfaced online and had to cause a few problems for the former champion and his wife. But they managed to work through their issues and have remained together.Kelly has since left WWE and moved on to get married herself and is now the stepmother of her husband Sheldon Souray's two daughters.

9 Hate: Zahra Schreiber

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Zahra Schreiber had hardly even been on WWE TV when it surfaced that she was the woman who was caught in the middle of the cheating scandal with Seth Rollins back in 2015. The WWE Universe hated the NXT star so much that they managed to find Nazi-related images on her Instagram that forced WWE to release her. She has since become the merch girl for Fozzy.

The WWE Universe were much more of a fan of Seth Rollins and his fiance of five years Leighla Shultz, so they did everything they could to break the couple up. Zahra and Rollins only lasted together until February 2016 after she caused Leighla and Rollins to break up the year before. Rollins has since moved on and is currently dating a nightclub worker called Sarah.

8 Forgiven: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice herself. But back in October 2015 when Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE, he began a relationship with Charlotte that was purely physical. Of course, he then moved on to an actual relationship with Paige.

Charlotte and Del Rio were never exclusive and the former Women's Champion herself was left in the dark when Del Rio and Paige announced that they were together as well. Del Rio was married the entire time he was with Charlotte and she would have known that. But the heartbreak that she went through back when she found out about Paige and Del Rio along with the public meant that many of the WWE Universe felt sorry for Charlotte in the entire scenario.

7 Hate: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon's part in the whole Chyna/Triple H scandal is one of the most well-known sagas in wrestling history. Chyna and Triple H were dating for a few years before he was put into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon on WWE TV, which lead to a relationship between Triple H and Stephanie.

Triple H was still with Chyna at the time when she then found out about the whole affair and wasn't happy about it. Stephanie then managed to get Chyna fired from WWE which then led to a downward spiral in Chyna's life, something that Chyna was never able to forgive Triple H and Stephanie for. The couple may have moved forward but it seems that the WWE Universe will always remember.

6 Forgiven: Melina

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Melina and Johnny Nitro were dating while the couple were in WWE. But they were on a break back in 2006 when Melina and Batista were revealed to have had something of a physical encounter in the WWE locker room. Batista was married to his wife Angie at the time, but because Melina was on a break, she and Nitro managed to get past this.

It was revealed that Batista had cheated on his wife a number of times before she finally filed for divorce, and Melina was just another name on that list. Melina and Nitro moved on and Batista has too since he has remarried himself. Melina, Nitro and Batista have since left WWE and so the WWE Universe have mostly forgotten.

5 Hate: JoJo Offerman

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It was recently revealed that not only are the female wrestlers in WWE throughout history involved in personal scandals of their own but the ring announcers too. Raw ring announcer, JoJo Offerman was confirmed to have been in an affair with former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt is married and has two children. The WWE Universe was not happy about the fact that Bray would do something like this to his family, especially when it was rumoured that the affair began back in 2015. JoJo has got a lot of abuse online because of this and the WWE Universe are finding it hard not to dislike her for the part she has played in this whole affair even though Bray was the one who had a family.

4 Forgiven: Mickie James

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Mickie James is a former Women's Champion in both WWE and TNA. But when it comes to her most memorable moments in WWE, it could be that she was part of a cheating saga with John Cena when he was still married and she was engaged to former WWE star Kenny Dykstra.

Mickie and Kenny broke up and the former Spirit Squad member was then released from WWE after it is thought that Cena caused this to happen. Meanwhile Mickie was moved over to SmackDown and then quietly released herself a few years later. Mickie has since returned to WWE and has worked on SmackDown at the same time as John Cena and Nikki Bella and it seems that all parties have since moved on, except Kenny who still holds a grudge against Cena.

3 Hate: Sunny

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Sunny has done some crazy things over the past few years and none of that even begins to compete with the things that she did while she was contracted to WWE. There are rumored hook-ups with both Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that Sunny apparently played a part in, that caused a rift between the former friends.

The WWE Universe has no love left for Sunny and her personal issues over the past few years have only made the WWE Universe dislike her a whole lot more and allowed the WWE to distance themselves from their WWE Hall of Famer. Sunny is one of the women who will never be forgiven, even though it has been quite a long time since she was a mistress.

2 Forgiven: Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool and The Undertaker have now been married since back in 2010. But they revealed that they were dating back in 2007 merely months after both The Undertaker and Michelle divorced from their significant others which has allowed the WWE Universe to speculate.

Michelle was said to have been one of the main reasons that The Undertaker and Sara broke up, and the WWE Universe really liked Sara because of the part that she played on WWE TV. Michelle and The Undertaker have since moved on to marry and have a daughter together and because of how loved The Undertaker is. Michelle has been forgiven since everyone has moved forward with their lives outside of WWE and Michelle hasn't been seen on WWE TV for a while so she has mostly been forgotten too.

1 Hate: Lita

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Lita has played her part in a number of cheating scandals over the years. And even though Lita was the main person who was held responsible for the scandal between Matt Hardy and Edge, The Rated R Superstar was actually married at the time as well, which means that Lita was the mistress in this scenario.

Lita has been hated by the WWE Universe for a number of years ever since it was revealed that she had cheated on Matt Hardy. The fans have never been able to forgive the former Women's Champion. Lita has returned to WWE TV a number of times since she retired and she seems to slowly be winning the WWE Universe over again. It also helps that Matt Hardy has since married and so has Edge.

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