8 Wrestling Rumors Heading Into 2018 We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren’t)

Wrestling is in a weird place right now and there are plenty of rumors flying all over!

Pro wrestling rumors sometimes turn out to be true but at times, they also turn out to have not been based on reality in the slightest. It's sort of a mixed bag, in other words. While wrestling rumors are fun and give fans a lot to talk about, it should be noted that these are just rumors and shouldn't be taken as fact.

The issue in wrestling is that the secretive nature of the industry has allowed for numerous "insider" websites to pop up and gain a following by claiming to have information that nobody else does. Unfortunately, the method to obtain this information is almost always an anonymous source from the inside. That the sources are never made public tends to reduce the credibility of such rumors. While many forms of journalism utilize anonymous sources, in no other industry are they the sole providers of information. It's not a great system but it's fun to debate what could be possibly true.

Wrestling is in a weird place right now and there are plenty of rumors flying all over. Some rumors will have been spread by people with an agenda and others will have been spread because there is some truth to them. We just don't know which is which. Enjoy!

15 We Hope Is True: Women's Royal Rumble


According to the rumor mill, a women's Royal Rumble match should be coming our way early next year. There was some talk of a women's Royal Rumble match last year, but ultimately it was decided they still didn't have enough women on the roster. While WWE still doesn't have 30 women on their main roster, they have enough in NXT and WWE developmental that they should be able to make the match work this year. Perhaps they could decide to limit the number of female Superstars to 20.

14 We Hope Isn't: Undertaker Coming Out of Retirement


Despite an iconic retirement at WrestleMania this year, rumors are Undertaker is training hard to make a return to the ring. If the rumors are true, Taker would be ready in time for Survivor Series, the same show he debuted at.

We hope this one isn't true. Undertaker is now in his 50s and has had an iconic career, but with all due respect, it's over for him. His retirement last year was an epic moment which would be forever tarnished if he doesn't stay retired.

13 We Hope Is True: Billy Corgan Re-Launching NWA In 2018


Billy Corgan is a creative guy who loves wrestling. He now owns the branding to the National Wrestling Alliance, which sadly is about all that is left of the organization. According to Corgan, however, a new era is about to begin for the promotion.

In a recent interview, Corgan revealed he plans to begin running NWA live events in 2018. As we've seen numerous times with wrestling promoters, however, what they say and what ends up happening could be very different. Corgan seems more reliable than the usual crop of non-WWE wrestling promoters, however, if anyone could create something new and interesting from something old and forgotten, it's him.

12 We Hope Isn't: Brock Lesnar Leaving WWE


Most fans believe Brock Lesnar will be leaving WWE in 2018. Lesnar will most likely end up making a return to the UFC where he can earn PPV revenue from one or two more fights with the promotion.

11 We Hope Is True: Neville Joins Bullet Club 


Neville is MIA from WWE at the moment, but one Marty Scurll would love it if he would join the Bullet Club. Shortly after it was revealed that Neville had requested his release (or as is assumed to be the case) Scurll sent out a tweet in regards to Neville becoming his new tag team partner in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

10 We Hope Isn't: Jinder Mahal Vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 34


Recently Jinder Mahal told media in India that he wants to face John Cena at WrestleMania. As WWE continues to attempt an expansion into the Indian market the idea of the company's top star facing Jinder at WrestleMania seems plausible.

It's arguable if Jinder has gotten over in India or not, but he certainly has not gotten over in the United States. Jinder has, however, gotten over in his home of Canada getting decent reactions during live events.

9 We Hope Is True: Kurt Angle At WrestleMania 34


If you believe the rumors, some of which are being spread by Angle himself, the plan is for him to get back in the ring. The 48-year-old may be past his prime, but he was still having high-quality matches near the end of his TNA run. Considering Angle is a freak-of-nature athlete, there is nothing to say he couldn't still have some more amazing matches.

8 We Hope Isn't: Conor McGregor At WrestleMania


While Conor McGregor might be the biggest draw in the history of MMA, it is starting to feel as though too much Conor might not be a good thing. Unfortunately for those who feel this way, the rumor mill is currently saying Conor is in talks with WWE about appearing at WrestleMania this year.

7 We Hope Is True: Ronda Rousey Training For WWE Career


It is believed that Ronda Rousey is currently spending her time in California training with Brian Kendrick. According to the rumor mill, Rousey asked WWE for suggestions on where she could train near her home and they suggested Kendrick's school.

WWE had previously sent Eva Marie to train with Kendrick to try and improve her ring work. While Eva Marie never did turn into a Shawn Michaels-type performer, WWE was evidently pleased with her level of improvement after training with the current member of 205 Live.

6 We Hope Isn't: Impact Wrestling Moves All Shows to Canada


To be clear, we hope this isn't true on behalf of Canada. We are assuming a country rich in pro wrestling tradition might be wary of being associated with a brand like Impact Wrestling.

With Bound for Glory being held in Ottawa, the belief is that the company will begin to run all shows out of Canada. Their new ownership group is based in Toronto so rumors are they're looking to turn the company into a Canadian promotion, with all their TV and major shows being taped there.

5 We Hope Is True: More Wrestlers Leave For Independents


According to some members of Bullet Club, several WWE wrestlers have contacted them regarding how much money they would be able to make on the independent scene. Wrestlers such as Cody and Austin Aries have been bragging about how they make more money now than they did while in WWE. It seems some WWE Superstars are starting to feel the grass might be greener on the other side of the fence.

4 We Hope Isn't: Daniel Bryan To Ring of Honor


Daniel Bryan has made no secret of the fact that he plans to wrestle again. Whether this is in WWE or not (definitely not) doesn't seem to worry him. Bryan's own doctor has cleared him to wrestle but WWE's will not. While the idea of Daniel Bryan wrestling again is appealing to many, what happens if he suffers another concussion?

3 We Hope Is True: New Japan Opens Los Angeles Dojo


It sounds as though New Japan Pro Wrestling is about to announce big plans regarding their expansion into the United States. If you believe the rumors, NJPW is about to announce plans to open a full-time dojo/training center in Los Angeles. The city would also become home to the company's United States operations.

WWE fans might not be overly aware of this as Vince McMahon is not the only promoter with international expansion plans. NJPW has slowly been making in-roads into the United States. They've added an English broadcast team, exposed American audiences to their talent through exchanges with Ring of Honor and discovered a lively fanbase willing to pay to see their product.

2 We Hope Isn't: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns At WrestleMania


Most pro wrestling “dirt-sheet” websites believe they know which match will headline WrestleMania this year. Unfortunately, if they're right, it mean’s we're getting Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar.

You might remember Lesnar versus Reigns main evented WrestleMania 31. Oddly enough it would be Seth Rollins who would win that match by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to turn the bout into a three-way.

1 We Hope Is True: Kenny Omega To WWE


There are many who believe Kenny Omega is the most talented wrestler in the world right now. His matches in New Japan Pro Wrestling over the last couple of years have earned near-universal praise (Jim Cornette excluded). Even Triple H has hinted the company would be interested in bringing in the 34-year-old from Winnipeg.

Omega loves Japan and lives there year round. His contract expires shortly and it would be unreasonable to assume WWE won't make a huge play for him. As with many NJPW talents, Omega's contract is set to expire on January 5th, 2018, the night after the annual Tokyo Dome show. You may recall it was after this show a couple of years ago when Shinsuke Nakamura, A.J. Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows all ended up leaving NJPW for WWE.

Should Omega show up in WWE there would be numerous opponents waiting for him. Omega versus Styles, Omega against Nakamura, and even Kenny Omega taking on Finn Balor are all possible matches we could see in 2018.

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8 Wrestling Rumors Heading Into 2018 We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Aren’t)