8 Wrestlers From The 90s Who Aged Badly And 7 Who Aged Well: Where Are They Now?

The 90s were probably the definitive era for professional wrestling, as the boom in the wrestling scene with the Monday Night Wars and the amazing product being shown by the likes of WWE, WCW and ECW to get one over each other made it the most competitive era in wrestling history and also created numerous stars in the process as well. Some of the stars might have played a big part in helping their promotion become the best wrestling show on TV, while others played their own parts to keep the product entertaining and lively.

Even though much of the wrestling greats from the 90s are still rather active, many of them actually let themselves go after falling off from the product with the turn of the century, as they aged pretty badly over the few years and now look to be in a terrible shape, looking much older and weaker than they actually are. Some other wrestlers on the other hand kept themselves in top shape and made sure that they are recognized as the stars they were back in the 90s as they, on the other hand, have aged very well over the years.

Here we take a look at those wrestling stars from the 90s who aged badly and those who aged well and where they are right now and what they're doing after all these years.

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30 AGED BADLY: Marty Jannetty (Then)

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"The Rocker" Marty Jannetty found much love in the WWE in the 90s where he rose along with Shawn Michaels as part of probably the most exciting tag team in the promotion at the time, as he'd later get betrayed by his partner and be left to go his own way. Jannetty actually had a decent singles run in the WWE, winning the Intercontinental Championship from HBK later on. He'd later be a part of some other tag teams with the likes of the 1-2-3 Kid and Lief Cassidy (aka Al Snow), but his career went downhill soon enough as he was released by the WWE and wouldn't find the wrestling fame anymore. He'd only come back for sporadic appearances in some of Shawn Michaels' storylines.

29 AGED BADLY: Marty Jannetty (Now)

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With the turn of the century, Jannetty would really struggle to get much work in wrestling as he'd return to the WWE because of HBK's help and get involved in some storylines and wrestle sporadically as well. He started to wrestle for Chikara in 2011 where he was again mostly a part of some tag team matches and helped them with their own shows as well, as he had disappeared in the past few years before his name was mentioned on WWE TV, which enraged Jannetty who lashed out on twitter about it. He was a part of the class-action lawsuit filed against the WWE for incurring traumatic brain injuries, as a return to the company who gave him everything seems uncertain at this point. Jannetty is currently at a very low point in his career and struggling to find work because of his terrible shape which was because of some horrible drug abuse in the past.

28 AGED WELL: Al Snow (Then)

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Al Snow might not be remembered by many fans, but he was actually one of the more refreshing, hilarious characters of the Attitude Era in the WWE as he failed in his first stint in the company, but a new gimmick with a "fake head" at his side made him one of the top stars of their Hardcore division at the time. Snow would be a mainstay of almost all the big Hardcore Championship matches and while he maintained himself as a hilarious character, he also put on some really good hardcore matches and made sure the audiences were entertained at all times during his matches. He put on a lot of work to get himself over with the fans and accomplished that feat with some really entertaining stuff to help WWE get one over WCW.

27 AGED WELL: Al Snow (Now)

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While he was such a success during the 90s in the WWE, he couldn't really match that popularity with the turn of the century as Snow became useless once WWE ditched their Hardcore Division. He would leave the company and come back for their OVW developmental for some time. He then joined TNA in 2008 as well as wrestling in the Independent circuit. He's currently with TNA as the manager of the Tribunal as he still looks to be in a prime shape physically, looking absolutely ripped with all those muscles. Snow has maintained himself really well over the past few years and made sure that his age didn't get the better of him.

26 AGED BADLY: Raven (Then)

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Raven was probably one of the darkest characters in 90s wrestling, as the psychological heel made for some great story-lines in ECW and WWE during his time and was a prime reason on the success and rise of ECW in the 90s. Having worked for all three major promotions in his time, Raven found a unique persona in ECW in the mid 90s and ruled the promotion as their top star, as his amazing success led him to being recalled by the WWE later on as well. Raven's amazing work for ECW in the 90s not only helped put ECW on the map, but also made him one of the best characters in wrestling at the time as he was soaring during the 90s but would face some harsh reality later on.

25 AGED BADLY: Raven (Now)

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He was recalled by the WWE with the turn of the new century, as he became the definitive face of their Hardcore Division, winning the championship numerous times and putting on some real extreme matches. He'd get popular because of his "What About Raven?" rant but later was released by the WWE, as he went onto join TNA where he was the leader of some more stables likened to that of his ECW days. But the past few years haven't been kind to the dark character, as he hasn't aged well at all because of his past alcohol abuse and looks to be in a messy shape right now and has really struggled to find work in the past few years. His wrestling days seem to be up and he needs to plan out his future well to see out the rest of his life comfortably.

24 AGED WELL: Diamond Dallas Page (Then)

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Diamond Dallas Page was arguably the back-bone of WCW in the 90s, as he was WCW through and through and started his career in the promotion way back in the early 90s, before finding some popularity as the years rolled on. He was built perfectly from a lower midcarder to a main-eventer, winning the United States Championship first before being pushed into the main event scene towards the end of the decade. He finally won the WCW Heavyweight Championship in 1999, as he would be the guy who made WCW rather watchable towards its end and was their top star in its last few years, as his unique character and wrestling ability reaped a lot of fans into the product towards the end of the decade.

23 AGED WELL: Diamond Dallas Page (Now)

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DDP would join WWE after WCW folded up, debuting as the stalker of The Undertaker's wife, which ended up being a horrible bust in the end. He couldn't seem to captivate the audiences in WWE and would be released almost a year after he joined, later going onto wrestle for TNA for a short stint but he realized that wrestling was out of his reach at this point and made a clever change in career. Page went onto become a Yoga Instructor and released DVDs of how his yoga helped people reshape their career, as it boomed as the years went on and became mightily successful especially after how it helped Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall's lives. Page has kept his own physique in check all these years, as he looks amazingly fit and healthy right now due to his yoga and doesn't look his age at all, as his amazing change in career has been a massive hit and ensured that he's actually making a difference in his post-wrestling career.

22 AGED BADLY: X-Pac (Then)

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X-Pac was one of the most exciting superstars of his time, as he brought much entertainment in the wrestling scene in the 90s as he started out as the 1-2-3 kid in WWE and later went onto become something big in WCW as part of the nWo. He'd get t he recognition for his amazing skills in the ring as he was quite the high-flying, entertaining guy in the ring who put on some really good matches as well, as his popularity soared when he returned to the WWE as part of D-Generation X and brought a new raunchy, exciting attitude to the stable. This was also t he high point of his career, as he would attain much popular as part of DX but would go downhill later on because of some real problems in his life.

21 AGED BADLY: X-Pac (Now)

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

X-Pac found himself in a rather dark place with the turn of the century, as the injuries mounted and he got more and more involved into the wrong kind of drugs, once forgetting how to work a match when he was in TNA after leaving the WWE. He continued to make a living by wrestling for various promotions as he wrestled in the Indy circuit for a number of years before returning to TNA in 2010 for a short stint. X-Pac again went onto wrestle for Chikara for a few years, before he was recalled by the WWE and is currently on a legends contract and helps with stuff at backstage at times as well, as his figure has degraded massively over the years because of his horrible drug abuses and that doesn't allow him to wrestle as freely as he used to, as he's left to make a living off his name right now.

20 AGED WELL: Booker T (Then)

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Booker T has to be one of the more entertaining wrestling personalities of his time, as the master of the Spinaroonie started off his wrestling career with brother Stevie Ray in WCW as they formed "Harlem Heat" and dominated the tag team scene as one of the best tag teams at the time. But Booker T's popularity in particular soared as he went onto become a successful singles wrestler, going onto win the WCW Television Title before he went onto become a main-eventer in the promotion, going onto become a 5 time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and one of the best things about the promotion in their dying years, as he not only achieved all these successes himself but also made WCW watchable with his amazing entertaining ability in the last few years of the company.

19 AGED WELL: Booker T (Now)

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Booker would go onto join WWE after WCW was bought off, as he was a core component of the Invasion story-line and one of the prime wrestlers in the Alliance's side at the time. He then went onto become a mid-carder who should've been a mainstay main-eventer, but he was buried by Triple H at WrestleMania XIX when he lost a World Heavyweight Championship to him, a match he was originally scheduled to win. But Booker would keep on being entertaining, later being drafted to Smackdown and be extremely successful there with his "King Booker" gimmick and he later became a successful commentator as well. He's currently out of the WWE and is looking for more personal projects, but he still looks absolutely amazing at 51 as he still has a well toned figure and looks like he could wrestle the best of wrestlers and still go onto put on an amazing match, as Booker has kept his physique despite not wrestling, something which rarely many inactive wrestlers can manage to do.

18 AGED BADLY: Sunny (Then)

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Sunny was the prime reason why women became so popular in wrestling during the 90s, as her amazing body being displayed in the role of a manager became a big hit amongst the fans who wanted more and more off her sizzling figure as soon as she debuted. She went onto manage many teams in the likes of the BodyDonnas, The Godwinns and also managed Farooq for a while, becoming Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Manager of the Year in 1996 and also AOL's Most Downloaded Women. She'd later go onto host many WWE shows and also went onto manage the Legion of Doom, before she left the WWE amidst some backstage problems and her popularity would decrease from there on out.

17 AGED BADLY: Sunny (Now)

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After leaving WWE, Sunny had short stints in ECW and WCW before she really fell off from the pro wrestling circuit and could only appear in Independent events over the course of the next few years. She made sporadic appearances on WWE as well and went onto be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 as things looked to be going brightly for her at the time. But she continued to delve deep into the world of alcohol and drugs and all the bad abuses has left her shape in a complete mess, as she looks absolutely terrible these days and was again in the news when she starred in Vivid Entertainment's adult film last year. Although it's uncertain whether she's going into that career-path or not, Sunny has definitely ruined her reputation and won't get recognized by the WWE anymore as things look to be getting even more difficult for her.

16 AGED WELL: Sycho Sid (Then)

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Sid Eudy was one of the most sought after talents in wrestling during the 90s, as his powerful physique and impressive skills made everyone want to keep him in their promotions, as he first gained popularity in the early 90s in WCW. He then joined WWE, where he had this reputation of this destructive monster, as he went onto become a main eventer and win the WWE Title as he would be one of the top stars in the much competitive WWE at the time and destroyed many a prominent wrestlers in his way to success. But constant injuries and problems with management saw him leave for WCW yet again, as he was still booked as a real top star in WCW but saw his popularity decrease as the century came to an end, but he was still one of the real destructive top talents in wrestling during the whole of 90s.

15 AGED WELL: Sycho Sid (Now)

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Sid remained as a top star in WCW as the new century kicked in, but a horrible leg injury ended his wrestling career for good as he had go through a very painful ordeal at the time and needed much time to recover from it. He continued to appear in the wrestling events, as he became the Commissioner for World Wrestling All-Stars' in 2002 for some events and returned for wrestling for some matches in 2007 as well. Sid would return to WWE for a match in 2012, where he went onto squash Heath Slater and later helped Lita take down Slater on the 1000th episode of Raw. He hasn't appeared in the wrestling scene for some years now, but he still looks to be absolutely ripped and has a great body despite being quite old and going through some horrible injuries in the past, as Sid has managed to keep his body in good check and still looks like the monster he was back in the 90s.

14 AGED BADLY: The Sandman (Then)

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The Sandman was quite the crazy character back in the 90s, as he was one of the pillars of ECW right from the start of its success to its closure, as he started off with the company in the early 90s where he had a rather weird gimmick, but found the gimmick of a beer-jugging madman in The Sandman who loved to put his enemies through a world of hurt. He won the ECW World Heavyweight Title and was always in the thick of things in the promotion, as his "extreme" nature and iconic feud with Raven saw him become one of the most popular guys in ECW, as he stuck with the promotion even during its dying years and was ECW through and through in the 90s.

13 AGED BADLY: The Sandman (Now)

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After the fall of ECW, The Sandman went onto wrestle for some independent promotions and also joined TNA in 2003, wrestling in it for a bit along with his former ECW colleagues. He then got an offer from WWE, which he joined in 2005 and was an "ECW Original" in their revamped ECW Brand where he did show glimpses of his hardcore self, but the watered down version of ECW didn't let his true nature come to existence. He would have an even shorter stint on the main roster, as failure to gain popularity made them release him as he went onto wrestle in the Independent circuit even with his broken body and continued to do so for years. The Sandman looks like a broken man right now, as he's gotten old very quickly and looks weak and overweight, as the semi-retired wrestler will now want to live out the rest of his life peacefully and hope people will remember his legacy.

12 AGED WELL: Scott Steiner (Then)

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Scott Steiner has to be one of the most impressive physical specimen of his time, as Big Poppa Pump' has been in the wrestling business for a long time now and has done a LOT of things over the course of the decades as well. Steiner gained popular along with brother Rick as the Steiner brothers impressed as one of the more technical, hard-hitting tag teams in WCW and ruled over the division as well, before going onto join the nWo and later become a main-eventer who once became Triple Champion (US, Television and World Titles) as well. Steiner was a prominent top star of the company towards the end of the 90s, as he started off his career slowly but adapted himself to become a big star in the end and is one of the most impressive things to come out of WCW.

11 AGED WELL: Scott Steiner (Now)

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Steiner went onto join WWE after WCW folded up, as he was built up as a main-eventer at time who even got a World Heavyweight Title shot but lost the match against Triple H. He'd soon leave the WWE to join TNA, where he spent a lot of years and was part of some very memorable stuff, as his more "entertaining"/hilarious side was displayed during his time at TNA where he kept his hard-hitting persona in check. Steiner has recently been on the receiving end of much controversy, as he was banned from attending the 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony after he allegedly threaten to "kill" Hulk Hogan, but despite all these, Big Poppa Pump has been doing great as he looks like the beast he was back in the day as he still has the amazing muscles and superb physique and is currently looking on expanding some of his business expeditions, even though not anybody's sure at how that'll go.

10 AGED BADLY: Scott Hall (Then)

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"The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon was one of the top superstars in wrestling during the 90s, as his cool heel persona won over many fans as he ruled as the Intercontinental Champion of the WWE during the mid 90s and left for WCW when they refused to pay him as much as the actual top stars. Hall went onto change the landscape of the WCW when he arrived along with Kevin Nash, as he created the nWo with Nash and Hulk Hogan as the three created the best thing about WCW as Hall would be one of the pioneers of that iconic group. While he kept himself as a top star in the 90s, he would fall with WCW as his popularity was decreasing the 20th century moved past and some of his horrible obsessions didn't help his cause either and stopped him from becoming something greater.

9 AGED BADLY: Scott Hall (Now)

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He returned to the WWE after WCW was bought by them, as he returned as part of the nWo and even wrestled a WrestleMania match against Stone Cold Steve Austin before he was released by the WWE because of his alcohol abuses. Hall went onto join TNA where he wrestled alongside Nash in various stints over the next few years, but slowly and surely his body was giving in to the abuse he put it through with the alcohol addiction which had escalated with the turn of the century. He was growing fat and weak and almost became a vegetative stage before Diamond Dallas Page helped to revive him from the darkness and even though he's currently much better, he's still looking much older than he is. Hall is thankful for the WWE for keeping him on a Legends contract, as his wrestling career is definitely over and he needs to work hard to make sure he can live out the rest of his life without any complications.

8 AGED WELL: Sting (Then)

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"The Icon" Sting has earned his iconic status over the past few years, as he was one of the best things of the peak WCW in the 90s with his rebellious "Crow" gimmick and iconic face-paint and look-up. Sting became very popular towards the beginning of the 90s when he defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship but his goody character was getting boring as the edgy NWO kicked on. His change in persona into a darker, broodier person with the crow theme was a massive hit as he took on the NWO and was an absolute terror to them as his rivalry with the NWO was what kept the ratings up for the WCW and it also established Sting as one of the greats of his era, as his amazing work kept WCW alive in the 90s and kept their product fresh and enticing as well.

7 AGED WELL: Sting (Now)

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Sting stuck on with WCW till its absolute death, as he refused to join WWE when a contract was offered and instead went onto join TNA in 2003, as he became THE top guy of TNA soon after and played a huge part in TNA attaining mainstream popularity in the mid 200s as well. He held the Heavyweight title numerous times and helped to put many youngsters over as well, as Sting was the reason on why TNA was competing with WWE in the 2000s, but as soon as things were looking wonky for them and age was catching up with Sting, he left TNA. He shocking signed on with WWE and made a shocking debut in Survivor Series in 2014, later on going onto wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and some more matches before he was forced to retire from wrestling due to injuries suffered in his last match. Sting is still contracted with the WWE as he still makes various appearances to conventions and events and still looks exactly like he did when he debuted his crow gimmick, as he still looks like he can wrestle anybody at the age of 57 and has maintained a very well toned, healthy figure as his love for wrestling has kept him fit and strong over all these years.

6 AGED BADLY: Bret Hart (Then)

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart called himself as the "Best there is, Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be" and deserves that name because of how damn good he was during the 90s where he was the face of the WWE in the mid 90s. Hart was the WWE Champion for most of the 90s as his iconic feud with Shawn Michaels was the talk of the town at the time, as he got screwed by Vince McMahon during the "Montreal Screwjob" and left for WCW. Hart became an instant favorite at WCW, where he also went onto win the WCW Heavyweight Title and also joined the NWO as well. The Hitman had some memorable matches at WCW as well, but the most memorable one(for the wrong reasons) was against Goldberg in which Hart's wrestling career ended when Goldberg hit him with a mule kick to end the career of the Hitman who had an incredible decade cut short in a horrible way.

5 AGED BADLY: Bret Hart (Now)

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Hart was forced to retire from in-ring competition because of the injuries sustained in his last matches, as he went onto appear on the Independent circuit in guest appearances before he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. He'd return to WWE TV in 2010 and reconciled with Shawn Michaels, but went onto feud with Vince McMahon which culminated in a match at WrestleMania XXVI which Hart won. He then continued to wrestle very sporadically and won the US Championship, but Bret looked absolutely horrible as he couldn't wrestle anything like he did back in the days. He currently looks absolutely terrible, mostly because the injuries sustained in the past and a recent cancer having a toll on his body, as he looks very old and weak and has turned into a bitter old man who can only make appearances as a non-wrestler in wrestling events and conventions right now.

4 AGED WELL: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Then)

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the definitive superstars in the history of wrestling, as his rebellious nature in WWE not only helped him become of the greatest of all time, but also helped WWE win the Monday Night Wars against WCW. Austin was actually in WCW in a rather weird gimmick before he moved to WWE in the mid 90s, as his amazing work as the Texas Redneck in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin won over everyone and helped WWE win all the ratings as Austin's rebelling against the authority of Mr. McMahon and kicking the ass of his boss forced everyone to watch it. Austin won the WWE title numerous times during this time, as he helped The Attitude Era become arguably the best era in wrestling history and also established himself as the toughest SOB in WWE history.

3 AGED WELL: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Now)

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Austin would struggle to keep on the amazing work as the 21st century kicked in, as he wasn't been able to wrestle that freely because of persisting and after being in the main event feuds in the first few years of the new century, he decided to hang up his boots after the WrestleMania XIX match against the Rock which he lost. Austin would still be in the WWE, as he got an authority role of the Sheriff of Raw for a year before he was fired. He has continued to make sporadic appearances in WWE over the years, the most recent being at WrestleMania 32 and has his own podcast which is a big hit as well. Austin might've retired almost 15 years back, but he still looks like a bad-ass and has maintained an amazing shape, as he looks exactly the way he looked when he was at the top of the WWE and the admirable manner in which he has kept his physique perfect despite all his work goes onto show how big of a legend he truly is.

2 AGED BADLY: Lex Luger (Then)

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Lex Luger started to get recognition in the 80s when he was very impressive at WCW, but it was when he came to WWE that he was truly recognized by the WWE. Luger was touted to be replacement for Hulk Hogan in the WWE, as he was pushed heavily as he bodyslammed Yokozuna and was originally planned to win the WWE Title from him at SummerSlam 1993 before fan backlash and some foolishness on Luger's part put an end to that. Luger was later left to wrestle some anti-American wrestlers for the rest of his WWE stint, as he would shockingly leave for WCW, much to the anger of Vince McMahon. Luger would be built quite strongly in WCW, as he one of those opposing the NWO and feuded with the stable for much of the course of his stint, before some personal problems got the better of him as the 21s century kicked in.

1 AGED BADLY: Lex Luger (Now)

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Luger got quite deep into with his obsessions with drugs, as he became a core drug-addict with the turn of the century and even though he wrestled for TNA after WCW folded up, his personal life was an absolute mess. Luger lived with Miss Elizabeth who was herself a big drug-addict, and when she shockingly passed away due to alcohol intoxication in 2003, he decided to get clean and had to work really hard in order to get rid of his terrorizing drug addiction. He retired from wrestling soon after, as he then went onto return to the WWE in 2011 as he is currently working with WWE on their Wellness Policy and has stated that he doesn't want anyone else to go down the dark path he did and currently looks like a skeleton because of his former drug abuses, as the once muscular man is now a broken, skinny man who is making sure others don't make the same mistakes he did.

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