8 Wrestling WAGs Who Forgave Their Unfaithful Men And 7 Who Didn't

It seems to come with the territory of being a wrestling star. Every other week there is news of a new cheating scandal or new relationship.

It seems to come with the territory of being a wrestling star. Every other week there is news of a new cheating scandal or new relationship developing in WWE.

It is much harder for WWE superstars who leave their wives at home while they head out to wrestle and their spouses are unsure of when they are returning. Many marriages or relationships are unable to overcome the long distance and the trust that is needed in these kinds of relationships.

Many Superstars are surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the world on a daily basis and sometimes the temptation is too much. This causes huge problems if there are children involved, but there are many women who refuse to forgive this kind of behaviour on principle.

For every woman who refuses to forgive her spouses cheating, that there are many more who are happy to forgive them and try to rebuild their relationship. Here are the women who have been put in this terrible position and made the hardest decision of their life.

18 Did: Tom Phillips' Fiance

It was one of the biggest WWE scandals this year, as it was revealed back in February that announcer and commentator Tom Phillips had been sending messages to a fan via many different social media platforms and with the intention for it to go much further.

The screenshots were leaked to the WWE Universe and many thought that Tom Phillips would lose his job when the attempted affair became public. But once again WWE stood behind their employee and at WrestleMania Tom became only the fourth man to call the biggest event of the year as the lead commentator. It seems that his fiance has moved forward as well by blocking the women who leaked the screenshots on Instagram and remaining private about her personal life with the WWE announcer.

17 Didn't: Jacqueline Beems


Ric Flair is "The Dirtiest Player in the Game." There have been rumours about his extra-marital activities for the past few years and has admitted that he has cheated many times during his earlier career because it was seemingly the done thing back then.

Ric has been married and divorced four times now. The fact that each time Ric has been divorced he has been engaged within months shows that there was obviously an element of cheating in the relationship. Jackie was Ric's fourth wife and it seems he had a lot of issues with her throughout their five-year marriage including having her arrested for assault when she attacked him, Jackie was the only woman to not take any of Ric's excuses. Ric divorced Jackie in 2014 and quickly moved on to his current fiance Wendy Barlow.

16 Did: Beth Hardy


Jeff Hardy first met Beth Britt back in 1999 in a bar in North Carolina merely hours after The Hardy Boyz won their first Tag Team Championship. Beth and Jeff have been together ever since and now have two daughters together after recently getting married.

Jeff and Beth finally married in Beth in 2011 after 12 years of being together, but a few years earlier there were various reports and rumours that suggest that Jeff Hardy and Mickie James were more than just close friends while they were on the road together. Nothing has come of this, and it seems that it was either just rumours, or Beth and Jeff decided that it wasn't worth losing what they had. Jeff left the company not long afterwards and has only just returned.

15 Didn't: Karen Angle


There were a lot of factors that led to the breakdown of the marriage of Karen and Kurt Angle, whilst a lot of this was then agreed to take place on TNA Impact, there were also a lot of things that the couple kept personal when the split was decided.

Angle admitted that he cheated on his wife many times before they split and Karen then went on to marry Jeff Jarrett. Angle was man enough to play his part in the Impact storylines concerning his ex-wife and has since moved on to a new relationship himself. It seems that there were a lot of combustible elements in their marriage and both stars cheated on each other so the decision to split was more likely to have been an amicable one.

14 11: Did: Samantha Speno


Randy Orton married his long-time girlfriend Samantha Speno back in 2007. The couple then welcomed their first child together the following year, a daughter named Alanna. The couple were seemingly happy for many years until it was revealed that Randy had been cheating with many different WWE Divas including Kelly Kelly.

The couple seemingly brushed past this, as many couples do when there are children involved, but they decided to separate in 2012. Their divorce was finalized in 2o13 but the cheating was not said to have played a factor in their divorce. It was claimed that their marriage was "irretrievably broken." Orton has since gone on to marry a WWE fan and huge fan of Orton, Kim Marie Kessler in November 2015 and the couple has recently welcomed their first child together.

13 Didn't: Linda Hogan


Linda and Hulk Hogan were married for almost 25 years when Linda shockingly filed for divorce back in November 2007. Hogan himself was unaware that his wife even wanted a divorce when the newspaper called and asked him for a comment not long afterwards.

Linda stated that she had become aware that Hogan was having an affair and that was the final straw. While Hogan maintains his innocence, it seems that Linda accused Hogan of having an affair many times throughout their marriage although he stated that he was just good friends with many women and Linda was the jealous type. The divorce was settled not long afterwards and Hogan and Linda have since gone on to remarry and are seemingly much happier without their former spouses in their life.

12 Did: Tara Strauss


Robbie E and Brooke Adams worked together in TNA for a short period of time before starting an affair. Robbie left his wife for Adams and the couple then were chosen to be part of The Amazing Race cast.

Not long after this it was made aware that Adams and Robbie were only together because of the show and when they were finally voted off. It seems that it marked the end of their relationship. Even more shockingly is the fact that Robbie's wife then took him back and the couple have since welcomed twin sons together. Robbie even re-proposed to his wife. Robbie and Brooke exchanged unpleasantries on Social Media about each other, but all three parties have since moved on with their separate lives.

11 Didn't: Julie Hart


Bret Hart is a legend in wrestling circles and remembered as one of the best wrestlers to ever set foot in a WWE ring. But it seems that this is not the way he is remembered by his ex-wife Julie.

Bret and Shawn Michaels had an on-going feud throughout their career and one of the things that got between them personally was Sunny. Michaels was thought to have been having an affair with her backstage and when he accused Hart of having "Sunny days," which this caused him a lot of problems in his personal life. Julie and Bret originally separated not long after in 1998 and even though they tried to reunite over the next four years, they decided that divorce was the only option in 2002.

10 7: Did: Angie Bautista


Batista is a former WWE Champion. But when it comes to his personal life, The Animal truly lives up to his nickname. Batista's affair with Melina has become one of the most well-known wrestling scandals over the past few years, but it seems that his wife was ready to forgive him when he found out.

Batista didn't stop there though. Batista cheated on his wife many times during the time they were together, mostly with WWE fans but also with Rosa Mendez and Kelly Kelly. Batista then wrote all about them in his book, which his wife was then forced to read about. Angie forgave Batista for a lot of what he did to her and she had finally had enough and divorced in 2006. Batista has gone on to remarry a competitive pole dancer called Sarah Jade.

9 6: Didn't: Leighla Schultz


Seth Rollins was engaged to Leighla Schultz when he first made his debut in WWE back in 2012. The couple had been together for many years when images of NXT Divas Zahra Schreiber were leaked onto Rollins' Instagram account back in February 2015 after it was revealed that the former World Champion had been the victim of hacking.

Leighla saw the images and didn't realize that her fiance had been hacked and leaked personal photos of him in retaliation. It seems that Leighla's reaction was something of a final straw for the couple's relationship and it was then revealed that Rollins had begun dating Zahra after his engagement was broken off. The couple broke up in February 2016 following Zahra's release from WWE and Rollins has since begun dating a nightclub worker called Sarah.

8 5: Did: Linda McMahon


Vince McMahon has to be one of the biggest cheats in WWE history. He is known to have had affairs with many of the women who have come through WWE over the past few decades, and the worst part is that Linda is completely aware of it.

It seems that the McMahons have a don't ask don't tell rule when it comes to their relationship with other people and it has worked quite well for them. Linda hasn't been part of WWE now for more than seven years after she left to pursue a career in politics while Vince is seemingly dropping a lot of his responsibility in the company as well. The time the couple actually spend together must be fleeting with how busy their lives are, so their arrangement could be seen as an understandable one.


6 Didn't: Sue Borden


Sting is a legend in both WCW and TNA and was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He has been around the wrestling business for a number of decades and he has seen a lot of change over those years.

Sting was an anabolic steroid user and during the early part of his career, he confessed that he had committed adultery many times. He decided that it was appropriate to confess all of his indiscretions to his wife in order to become a born-again Christian. It seems that his wife wasn't as forgiving as God was and the couple divorced in 2010. Sting has since gone on to marry his second wife Sabine, the ceremony took place just after WrestleMania 31 where Sting was defeated by Triple H.


4 Did: Jessica Lockhart


Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart have been married since 2000 and have three children together. But it seems that it hasn't always been plain sailing for the duo. They may have been married now for 17 years, but it hasn't come without its obstacles.

A few years ago, photos of Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly were leaked online showing the duo kissing. Obviously undeniable proof that Jericho had been cheating on his wife while on the road with WWE. Jessica decided that she was going to fix her marriage rather than throw away all those years. The couple has remained together since and didn't let Jericho's indiscretion get between them, which goes to show, cheating isn't always the end of a relationship.

3 Didn't: Lisa Ortiz


Edge and Lita's affair back in 2005 became one of the best-known cheating scandals in WWE history. But while Matt Hardy was painted by WWE as the only real victim, it seems that there was more than one. Edge had only recently married Lisa Ortiz at the time and after news of their affair came to light, Lisa quickly filed for divorce.

She then decided that having the world know that her husband had cheated on her was too much to handle. Edge and Lita never officially became a couple and seemingly both moved on with their lives instead. Edge married former WWE Diva Beth Phoenix last year and the couple already have two daughters together. They have recently become the first ever WWE Hall of Fame couple.


1 Did: Elizabeth Huberdeau


John Cena is the face of WWE, so stories of his personal life were always going to reach the public's attention and it seems that John actually had a lot of dirty laundry. Cena married Elizabeth back in 2009, but loyalty wasn't Cena's strong suit.

Cena cheated on his wife with the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, and Victoria and then it was him who decided to file for divorce on his wife after he decided that her home improvements ideas were costing him too much money. Elizabeth tried to bring up how unfaithful he had been in the marriage as part of the divorce, but WWE stepped into the proceedings so it didn't get messy. They easily managed to settle their issues quite quickly.

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