8 WWE Cheaters Who Seriously Downgraded (And 7 Who Upgraded)

Life on the road for a professional wrestler can put a massive headlock onto their relationships with their significant other. However, some couples, like Kevin Owens and his wife, The Miz and Maryse and AJ Styles and his wife have remained faithful, despite their unique lifestyle.  Meanwhile, other wrestling personalities like Ric Flair and Sunny, not so much.  To be fair, life away from the family for 300 days a year cannot be easy, especially when the work environment is surrounded by some of the most attractive Superstars on the planet, working with them, traveling with them, and spending more time with them than their own family.

Because of this unique work environment, relationships are quickly born which often leads to hooking up or cheating.  This is nothing new to the wrestling world and certainly not surprising.  Oftentimes, cheating wrestlers are having an affair with other fellow WWE Superstars, who are all, of course, training to be in the best shape of their lives.  Sadly, a superstar upgrading to a supermodel-looking WWE Diva doesn't exactly stretch the imagination.  What is a little surprising, however, is when these cheating superstars actually leave a good thing behind for a lousy one night fling.

Some of the cheating superstars already had a knockout of a wife or loving girlfriend and threw it all away which just begs the question, "What were they thinking?"  Sure, sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, but some of these cheaters totally downgraded from their beautiful partner onto an absolute grenade.  This article is about these wrestling cheaters; the ones that moved up, and the ones that let a good thing slip by.  Here are 8 wrestling cheaters who downgraded, and 7 who upgraded.

15 Downgraded: Seth Rollins (From Leighla Schultz To Zahra Schreiber)

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Seth Rollins talks about burning it all down, but he may have taken his message a little too far. Rollins lost his major hottie of a fiancée, Leighla Schultz, to former NXT talent, Zahra Schreiber. It didn’t help that The Architect apparently isn’t a mastermind of social media, as he got busted in the dumbest way possible by accidentally posting a picture of a naked Schreiber on his social media account.

Wrestlers cheating on their spouse or significant other with a fellow wrestler is nothing new. Most of the time, cheating with a fellow athlete is a step-up, but not in this case. Leighla Schultz was immensely hot, considering she’s not a wrestler. Zahra Schreiber, on the other hand, while fit, was covered in tats and just wasn’t that great to look at. It certainly didn't help that Schreiber got fired for posting anti-Semitic propaganda on her social media either. Rollins likes to brag that he didn't sell out, he cashed in, but I think he needs to ask for a refund in this case.

14 Upgraded: Bray Wyatt (From His Wife, Samantha, To JoJo Offerman)

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I know everyone has been hearing about the Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman scandal ad nauseam, so I’ll make this quick. Wyatt got divorced from his wife, Samantha, whom Bray has two kids with, all because he cheated on her with JoJo Offerman. I would never condone cheating, but how can Bray possibly feel bad about going from his wife to Jojo? In fact, pretty much going from anyone to JoJo is an upgrade.

Many were shocked at Bray Wyatt’s infidelity. One, because JoJo going to Bray has to be a downgrade for her, and two, Bray’s wife, Samantha, is actually a very attractive woman herself. Of course, she’s no JoJo, but who is? Though Bray may have followed the buzzards to infidelity, I highly doubt he feels bad about it.

13 Downgraded: Enzo Amore (From Liv Morgan To Someone Else)

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Enzo Amore has very few friends in the locker room, comes off as thinking he’s bigger than he really is, and apparently has trouble keeping himself to just one woman. “And you can’t teach that.” A short time ago, Enzo had the immense luck of landing Liv Morgan as his girlfriend. But the "Realest Guy in the Room" is apparently the biggest cheater in the room as well, and let Liv Morgan slip away from him.

Liv Morgan was none too happy with the cheating and took to social media, dishing out some major Haterade towards Enzo. This isn’t surprising as Enzo has frequented the strip clubs in the past, bragging about how big of a star he is, so cheating is definitely in his wheelhouse. Liv totally upgraded by dumping that SAWFT-ie to the curb, as she's now reportedly dating inaugural WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate. Meanwhile, Enzo has to live with the fact that he let an absolute bombshell like Liv Morgan slip through his fingers by downgrading to whoever he cheated on her with. How stupid can you be to let Liv Morgan slip away?

12 The Undertaker: Upgraded From His Wife (Sara) To Michelle McCool

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Older wrestling fans will remember Sara as the wife of The Undertaker who was being stalked by a masked assailant. The Phenom showed just how much he loved Sara by getting his revenge on the stalker, who turned out to be Diamond Dallas Page, and by, even more disturbingly, getting “SARA” tattooed onto his neck. However, today, Taker is with Michelle McCool, and the tattoo has since been scrubbed off.

Allegedly, The Deadman had an affair with his now-wife McCool, and Sara promptly divorced him. While Sara was a very attractive woman who could pass as a Diva herself, Taker moving onto McCool is still a notch higher than Sara. McCool was always been in tremendous shape, became a historic WWE Diva and has aged extremely well over the years.

11 Downgraded: Kurt Angle (From His Wife, Karen To Jacqueline And Dawn Marie)

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Olympic gold medalist and American hero Kurt Angle was a huge proponent of the three I’s: Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence...just as long as they didn’t apply to himself. During the peak of his professional wrestling career, Angle hit the bottle hard, was on steroids, among other drugs, and enjoyed the nightlife, frequently chasing women. Naturally, his wife, Karen, was none too pleased about those hobbies.

Karen Angle, now Karen Jarrett, has always been beautiful, so it’s a little shocking to hear of Kurt’s adultery. Angle was allegedly cheating on Karen with WWE Hall of Famer Jacqueline. Although, evidence of this affair is short on evidence, it adds to the rumors about Angle’s particular preference in women. Another woman Angle is accused of hooking up with is Dawn Marie. Both are downgrades from Karen, who looked great back then and looks even better now. That’s more than I can say for Jacqueline or Dawn Marie. “Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.”

10 Upgraded: John Cena (From His Wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, To Mickie James)

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U can’t see John Cena. Unless he’s married and so are you! In this episode, we see a case of two cheaters, the Doctor of Thuganomics and Mickie James. Cena cheated on his wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, with Mickie James, who was engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time. What sucks for Kenny and Elizabeth is that neither saw the affair coming, and that their significant others cheated on them with major upgrades.

John Cena was to married Elizabeth, who was his high school sweetheart, and it’s debatable whether this was an actual upgrade or not. Elizabeth is very beautiful in her own right. However, Mickie James and her short skirts put her slightly ahead in my opinion. Of course, Cena and Mickie didn’t last, but both are doing fairly well after the affair, with Cena and Nikki Bella now engaged, while Mickie is married to Magnus.

9 Downgraded: Sting (From His Wife, Sue Borden To Missy Hyatt)

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The Icon, Sting, wasn’t always an icon backstage. He cheated, did drugs, and partied hard as a professional wrestler living on the road. Putting up through all of it was Sting’s wife, Sue, who had to have had a feeling about some of her husband’s exploits. Like a saint, Sue bore it all and stuck with Sting, even after he found Jesus and confessed his adultery and drug use. Unfortunately, Sting and Sue would eventually divorce, but Sting had himself a fine wife for a long time. Sting ruined a great thing, even if it was for one night with Missy Hyatt.

Missy Hyatt was gorgeous back in the day, but she has aged horribly over the years. Sue Borden was beautiful, stood by Sting through his rough years, and still looks pretty good today. In hindsight, I bet Sting wishes he could take back his affair with Hyatt to save his marriage to Sue, especially when seeing Sue, still looking good, while Missy, not so much.

8 Upgraded: Edge (From His Wife, Lisa Ortiz, To Lita)

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In case you have forgotten why they call him “The Rated R Superstar,” it’s because he broke the Bro Code and stole his best friend’s girl. That totally did NOT reek of awesomeness for his former best friend and Lita’s boyfriend at the time, Matt Hardy or for his wife at the time, Lisa Ortiz. As bad as it must have been for Matt and for Edge’s wife, there really can be no denying that both Edge and Lita upgraded.

Lita had Matt Hardy, but Hardy was stuck in the mid-card injured and eventually released from WWE. Edge, on the other hand, was a rising star and in the best shape of his career. Meanwhile, Edge went from Lisa, who wasn’t bad to look at, to the voluptuous Lita. Both definitely upgraded, but it came at a high cost for a relationship that didn’t even last.

7 Downgraded: Randy Savage (From Miss Elizabeth To Allegedly, A Young Stephanie McMahon)

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Ooohhh Yeeaahh!  Apparently, Macho Man Randy Savage was a little jealous of the time his wife, Miss Elizabeth, was spending with other male superstars, namely Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, as if he needed anymore reasons to hate them. This jealousy led to rumors of Mach having affairs with multiple women, one being a young (possibly very young), Stephanie McMahon.

Although these rumors cannot be verified, Macho Man’s infidelity allegedly led him to Vince McMahon’s daughter, who was working behind the scenes at the time selling merch. This alleged hookup occurred well before Stephanie was the sexy onscreen “Billion Dollar Princess” and even more alarming, may have occurred while she was between the ages of 14 and 18, depending on whom you ask. While Stephanie grew up extremely well, the purported hookup is a disturbing downgrade from the classy, beautiful and adult Miss Elizabeth.

6 Upgraded: CM Punk (From Lita To AJ Lee)

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While CM Punk likes to hit his finisher, Go To Sleep, he also liked to go to sleep with a wide variety of WWE female wrestlers. Punk has been in relationships with Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Lita and AJ Lee, the latter of whom is now Punk's wife. Call it karma when CM Punk was with Lita and decided to cheat on her with AJ, as Punk split with Lita to be with his now-wife, AJ Lee. While that doesn’t make it right, it’s certainly an upgrade.

CM Punk may be the "Best in the World" in wrestling, but he’s not too far behind in snagging women wrestlers. While Lita may still be hot, she’s no AJ Lee. Lita isn’t exactly getting any younger, and AJ Lee in her prime was an upgrade too irresistible to pass up.

5 Downgraded: Triple H (From Stephanie McMahon To Christy Hemme (Allegedly)

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During the Diva Search contest, when the most beautiful women from around the world were trying to get a job with the WWE, rumors of rampant hooking up backstage was running as wild as Hulkamania. Diva Search contestant Christy Hemme was one of these women who would go on to win the contest and receive a huge push afterwards.  Apparently, she knew how to play the game.

Allegedly, Christy Hemme's big push and possible Diva Search win stemmed from having an affair with Triple H. When Stephanie found out, stories suggest the Game had to let Christy go before any news of this affair leaked out. While these are simply rumors, Christy was abruptly fired, and if true, that’s a huge downgrade for Triple H. This isn’t the young adult Stephanie that Trips cheated on. This was the beautiful former General Manager Stephanie McMahon who was a total babe. If true, one has to wonder how The Cerebral Assassin got outplayed by Christy Hemme.

4 Upgraded: Batista (From His Wife, Angie, To Melina)

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Not only was Batista stealing the spotlight, The Animal was also stealing the women of other WWE superstars. Here, we have another two-fer. While Batista was married to his wife, Angie, and Melina was in a relationship with John Morrison, both Batista and Melina decided to hook up. Angie, naturally, divorced Batista, while John Morrison did absolutely nothing. Although JoMo and Batista’s wife are the sad victims in this case, both Batista and Melina are the heavy upgrades for each other.

John Morrison is a good-looking guy, but his parkour-friendly body type doesn’t quite stack up to Batista’s massive powerlifter frame. Meanwhile, Batista’s wife, while moderately attractive, simply could not compete with the stunning, exotic beauty of Melina. Watching Melina’s entrance alone was practically cheating, and when Batista got the chance to get with Melina, he didn’t miss it.

3 Downgraded: Alberto Del Rio (From His Wife, Angela Velkei, To Paige)

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This is one of the few times a wrestler has cheated on his wife with another wrestler who is less attractive than the wife. But you already knew that. Apparently, it was Alberto Del Rio’s destiny to cheat on his wife, Angela Velkei, with fellow WWE Superstar Paige, and the two entered an open relationship after Del Rio’s divorce. I know this is Paige, but all in all, Del Rio totally downgraded to get her.

Angela Velkei isn’t a WWE Superstar, but she’s very easy on the eyes. Del Rio left his lovely wife to be with Paige, and his life has been a trainwreck ever since. Public disturbances, abuse and rumors of alleged drug use surround Del Rio, and thankfully Paige has gotten away from that disaster. Del Rio’s move to Paige just hasn’t worked out for him, and he has to be wondering if it was worth it.

2 Upgraded: Chris Jericho (From His Wife, Jessica Lockhart, to Kelly Kelly)

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In professional wrestling, Chris Jericho may be the best in the world at what he does. Do you understand what I’m saying to you right now? But that doesn’t mean he’s been the best husband. Rumor has it that Y2J was lion-taming Kelly Kelly after pictures of the two surfaced on the internet. Fortunately for Jericho, he and his wife Jessica Lockhart remain together today, despite Jericho making the list of cheaters. Hook it up, maaaaan!

Although Jericho seems to have a beautiful and patient wife, who could blame the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion for getting with the beautiful Kelly Kelly? Jessica may be hot, but Kelly Kelly is an absolutely stunner. Even though getting with Kelly would be a step up, Jericho probably made the right choice by breaking off his alleged affair with K2 and sticking with his lovely wife.

1 Downgraded: Velvet Sky (From Chris Sabin To Bubba Ray Dudley)

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Velvet Sky is the only female wrestler to make this list, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her. Velvet Sky was with Chris Sabin to whom she would eventually marry. Velvet would end up cheating on Sabin with the man she is with now, Bubba Ray Dudley. The pairing is very interesting, considering Velvet is of The Beautiful People, whereas Dudley looks like he got hit with the ugly stick.

Velvet seriously downgraded in her affair with Bubba. Not that Bubba isn’t a tough cookie or a bigger star, but Chris Sabin is younger, way better-looking and more likeable among his peers. Sabin is also about Velvet’s age, as opposed to ten years older like Bubba. Bubba is on the verge of retirement, while Sabin still has possibly many good years left in the tank with a WWE Cruiserweight Division to shoot for. Although Velvet Sky might prefer a Dudley at the moment, there just seemed to have been a lot more upside sticking with Sabin in my opinion.

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