8 WWE Couples That Ended In Disaster (And 7 On The Way)

The glamorous life of a professional wrestler can actually be one that is a lot more closed off than fans realize. Despite the fact that Superstars are performing in front of thousands of people most nights of the week they don't often get the opportunity to take a break from that life and explore the world outside of the buildings and arenas that they perform in. This means that most pro wrestlers who choose to have relationships, because there are a great many that don't due to their lifestyle, wind up dating and marrying people that they work with. They spend around 80% of their time with them, so it would only make sense that they end up in relationships with them.

As most people will know, pro wrestler or not, dating in the work place can prove to be a mistake more often than not. If you end up being with the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with then that's all fine and dandy, but sadly 99% of the time that is not the case. That means a break up and an almost inevitable awkwardness in the place that you have to work side by side every single day. In wrestling there have been an awful lot of occasions when that has been the exact case. In fact there are some instances where WWE use their employees' real life tension to further on screen story lines, as you'll discover making your way through this list. Here are eight couples that ended in disaster thanks to dating in the work place and seven that may be well on their way to joining them.

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15 Ended In Disaster: Melina And John Morrison

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Neither Melina nor John Morrison are with WWE any longer, but when they were both employees of the company for a lot of the time they were very much an item. They were even a couple on screen for a while and continued to work that gimmick after the two of them parted ways with WWE. After a few years however clearly being together constantly, both at home and at work, began to grate on the pro wrestling couple. Melina posted a picture of Morrison's erectile dysfunction medication on social media and with that it seemed their relationship had unsurprisingly come to an end. John has now moved on although is once again dating someone from the work place, this time fellow Lucha Underground star Tara Valkyrie.

14 On The Way: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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WWE seems to love nothing more than attempting to split up real life couples once they get wind of them existing under their own roof. With Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT all being separate entities with unique rosters that has become easier than ever for the powers that be to do. Big Cass and Carmella are on different brands, Renee Young and Dean Ambrose were before the former started pulling double duty, but the toughest situation must be when one of you is on the main roster while the other is in NXT. That is currently the case with Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy. Alexa is constantly on the road while her boyfriend is, for the most part, stationed in Florida. What's more is at one point Bliss effectively acted as the valet to Murphy and Wesley Blake while nowadays she is one of the top acts on Raw. It must cause quite a bit of tension.

13 Ended In Disaster: Seth Rollins And Zahara Schreiber

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Seth Rollins can probably consider himself pretty lucky that WWE still views him so highly. I say that because it was only a few years ago that he was at the centre of a scandal involving himself, his fiancee at the time, and former WWE Performance Centre hopeful Zahara Schreiber. Seth's fiancee discovered that The Architect had been seeing Schreiber behind her back and then a naked photo of Zahara was posted to Seth's social media. That was quickly followed by a naked pic of Rollins being posted by his now ex-fiance. After the dust settled it was revealed that Seth and Zahara decided to try and make the most of a bad situation and carried on seeing each other, but the relationship didn't last long as clearly too much drama had already gone on.

12 On The Way: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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The wide, wide world of professional wrestling can throw together some pretty odd couples. People that you would never necessarily put with one another, and in all honesty individuals that would likely not give each other a second look if they weren't inside the WWE bubble together. One of those couples is Renee Young and Dean Ambrose. The announcer and the Superstar appear to be cut from very different cloth and that was highlighted during their appearances on Total Divas. The couple weren't featured much compared to some others on the show and that's probably because there didn't seem to be a lot of chemistry between the two. Ambrose seems like much more of a free spirit kind of guy and that will likely shine through sooner rather than later.

11 Ended In Disaster: Jerry Lawler And The Kat

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Jerry 'The King' Lawler is one of the more under appreciated corner stones of professional wrestling. To this day the Memphis legend still plays a role in WWE and was an announcer/wrestler with the company for many years. His most famous stint behind the announce table came when he sat beside WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross. During that time Lawler would ogle the women in the ring, constantly referring to their puppies. It turns out Jerry was actually married to one of those women, Miss Kitty or The Kat as she would later become. In 2001 Kat was released from WWE and in a show of solidarity from her husband The King walked out the door after her. Big mistake. Only a matter of months later their relationship came to an end leaving Jerry without a wife and a job. Luckily WWE took him back before 2001 came to an end.

10 On The Way: Nikki Bella And John Cena

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At WrestleMania 33 John Cena finally popped the question to Nikki Bella and got engaged to the former Divas's Champion. It was a moment that Nikki has unashamedly been waiting to happen for an awfully long time. The reason Big Match John dragged his feet for so long was because he has been married before, and it didn't end well. On top of that Bella has made it common knowledge that she wants children when her new fiance definitely does not. There are examples of couples like this around the world where one party has to compromise with the other, and more often than not it winds up with there being a lot of resentment. This may very well happen with this WWE power couple and the resulting break up could be very messy.

9 Ended In Disaster: Lex Luger And Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth is most well known in pro wrestling circles for her on screen and off screen relationship with the Macho Man, Randy Savage. What less fans know is that in later life the first lady of wrestling engaged in a relationship with another peer, Lex Luger. There isn't another relationship on this list that ended in as much disaster as this one. Whatever memories you have of Randy and Elizabeth, picture the opposite for whatever she had going on with Luger. The pair of them had a destructive time together which involved drugs, alcohol, and even domestic disputes. In 2003 all of that trouble came to a head and Elizabeth passed away at her and Lex's home after mixing various pills with vodka.

8 On The Way: Rusev And Lana

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Rusev and Lana are far from the self destructive pairing that Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth were. Even though it's highly unlikely that either party in this couple will pass away any time soon, their relationship may not survive. Much like Renee Young and Dean Ambrose, The Bulgarian Brute and The Ravishing Russian seem to be from very different worlds. Rusev is very much a Bulgarian native through and through and gives off the vibe that he would give anything to return to his native if he could. Lana on the other hand, despite spending time as a child growing up in Latvia, is very much in love with the American way of life. Nothing is going to convince her to move back to Eastern Europe, even if her husband decides to return.

7 Ended In Disaster: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

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This recently annulled relationship may very well be the most contemporary example of one that has reached its demise. Despite the outspoken nature of Enzo Amore this coupling was one that flew relatively under the radar. In fact aside from the odd Instagram photo the most mainstream coverage this relationship got was when Morgan dropped massive hints at why it had come to an end. The NXT Superstar posted a GIF of herself along with a caption about the face she's making in the GIF being the one she makes when she knows she won't be getting cheated on any more. No wonder he is not well liked in the WWE locker room. On the back of this news I for one am looking forward to Liv's call up to the main roster.

6 On The Way: Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella

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This one will likely be the first on the list so far whose inclusion will come as a pretty big shock to many of you. Now first thing's first, by no stretch of the imagination do I think that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are in a broken relationship. They make an absolutely fantastic couple. However what the SmackDown Live General Manager is continuing to demonstrate is that he simply can't accept that his in ring career is over. The back handed comments, the not so subtle tweets, one way or another Bryan is determined to wrestle again. Brie may be supportive of him but at some point she has to be the one who says no. The couple are married and have a child together and Daniel putting his health and possibly life at risk in the ring simply can't happen.

5 Ended In Disaster: Stone Cold And Debra

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Stone Cold Steve Austin probably doesn't strike many fans as the settling down type. On the contrary though, The Texas Rattlesnake has actually been married four times up until this point in his life. His third wife was fellow WWE Superstar Debra and their real life relationship was even used to further on screen angles for a brief period. In 2002 details arose of all not being well in House Austin. Police were called to their residence where they found Debra with bruises and a bloody nose. Steve was charged with domestic abuse and had to pay a fine and perform community service. Unsurprisingly the two of them got divorced while the domestic violence case was ongoing. Debra would make claims years later that steroid use led to the incidents between her and Austin.

4 On The Way: Bray Wyatt And Jojo

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Bray Wyatt is another man that is hard to imagine with a wife and kids, but believe it or not the third generation Superstar actually has that, or had anyway. The Eater Of Worlds has two children and a wife that recently became an ex. Earlier this year a scandal broke revealing that Bray had been having an affair with WWE ring announcer, Jojo Offerman. Naturally the news led to a divorce between him and his now ex-wife. Apparently off the back of Bray and Jojo's affair becoming public and Wyatt's separation from his wife the two of them have pursued a relationship with one another. Being in a couple that started with the two parties running around in secret probably isn't going to last, just look at Seth Rollins and Zahara Schreiber from earlier in this list.

3 Ended In Disaster: Matt Hardy And Lita

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When you think of The Hardy Boyz, prior to their most recent run in WWE, then you most likely also think of Lita. The WWE Hall of Famer accompanied Matt and Jeff to the ring for quite a while during the early 2000s and became the third member of Team Extreme. Their closeness at work actually led to Matt and Lita becoming an item in real life. Their relationship would come to an infamously sticky end however. Lita would seek out the comfort of another man, one very close to home. That man was Edge. News of the affair obviously hit Matt pretty hard and he actually left WWE for a while. That was until Vince McMahon decided to bring him back and shoot an angle based on his real life heart break.

2 On The Way: Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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There is no relationship in pro wrestling right now that has been more tumultuous than the one between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. From suspensions for drug use to the leaks of Paige's private photos and videos to the public bust up between the two of them at Orlando airport. Unfortunately for the two of them every slip up has had a spotlight shone on it and likely been blown completely out of proportion, although if you fight in an airport then that's hard to avoid. To their credit not many fans would have said they would still be together at this point, and despite their ability to seemingly weather any storm they will probably not be together forever. Paige is on the cusp of returning to the ring for WWE and Del Rio has an extremely broken relationship with the company.

1 Ended In Disaster: Triple H And Chyna

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Triple H is very much the second in command in WWE in 2017. The father of NXT and the husband of the boss's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. The power couple have been together since 2000 and are now married with three children. Before his relationship with Stephanie however The Game was involved with the late, great Chyna. The former Intercontinental Champion was very close with Triple H, dating her fellow WWE Superstar off screen as well as being by his side in D-Generation X on television. There are differing opinions on how and when their coupling came to an end however. Chyna claimed that The Cerebral Assassin began seeing Miss McMahon before things between him and her had come to an end, whereas Triple H himself very much contests those claims.

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