8 WWE Couples Vince McMahon Is Proud To Flaunt And 7 He Wants Hidden

WWE couples seem to be popping up all over the place throughout the company right now and even though this could be seen as a positive since it means these stars always have support on the road, at the same time it can be seen as a hindrance.

NXT stars are together all the time. They travel together and work together but when they are promoted to the main roster, it means that much of the time these couples are split up and this can then cause problems in their working environment.

Vince McMahon obviously runs WWE and has control over the careers of Superstars but he has no control over their personal lives and can't actually stop his stars from dating within the company. All he can really do is split the couple up in a draft and hope that the distance between them becomes a problem.

Vince has obviously done this many times before, and despite not having control over the couples that WWE creates, Vince does have many favourite couple and many couples that it is reported that he has tried to split up in the past.

The following is a list of couples that Vince McMahon loves and ones that The Chairman hates being together and would do everything in his power to split them up.

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17 Proud: Naomi And Jimmy Uso

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Naomi and Jimmy Uso have been together now for a number of years and were given the opportunity to be part of the first season of Total Divas together as well. The couple's wedding was also filmed for the E! Network show before WWE then allowed Naomi to become the manager of The Usos on WWE TV. She even managed the Tag Team at WrestleMania 31.

The couple have become one of the most popular and well-liked duos in WWE and Naomi has now been pushed all the way to the SmackDown Women's Championship, twice, while Jimmy is one-half of the reigning Tag Team Champions. This means that someone with power in the company is obviously backing them as the new power-couple in the absence of Nikki Bella and John Cena.

16 Hidden: Sasha Banks And Sarath Ton

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Sasha Banks married WWE seamstress and former professional wrestler Sarath Ton back in August 2016. And even Sasha herself kept the union a secret for a number of months. WWE hasn't made any mention of the wedding on any of their official pages and over the past few weeks, Sasha's feud with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar has been all about how Sasha is jealous because she is alone.

Many of the WWE Universe have commented on the fact that she has a husband and she could easily have come back by stating that she is married, but it seems that WWE wants to continue to make the wedding a secret. Most of the WWE Universe are still unaware of the marriage because WWE hasn't made it official and it doesn't seem as though they will be doing so anytime soon.

15 Proud: Thea Trinidad And Austin Aries

Austin Aries has become one of the best-known professional wrestlers on the circuit over the past decade after making a name for himself in TNA and then making the switch to WWE to become a part of the Cruiserweight Division. While Austin was in TNA he met his current fiance Thea Trinidad, who was known as Rosita.

The couple is now both part of WWE after the company tried for months to sign Trinidad, who recently portrayed AJ Lee in WWE Studio's film surrounding Paige's wrestling career. The company is quite hot on Thea at the moment and the fact that she is in a relationship with Austin Aries is an added bonus because it means that WWE has gained another wrestling couple to add to their growing list.

14 Hidden: AJ Lee and CM Punk

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AJ Lee and CM Punk have become one of the most popular couples with the WWE Universe over the past few years. After Punk walked away from WWE back in 2014, his relationship with AJ Lee put a strain on her career with the company as well.

AJ has talked about her delicate mental state publicly many times and it seems that the company put pressure on her before she married Punk in 2015 and it was this that helped her to make the decision to walk away from the company a few months later. WWE took a lot of their issues with Punk out on AJ and managed to force her out of the company, following in the footsteps of Punk. Vince McMahon, Triple H, and the entire backstage team would rather forget about the way they handled the entire situation.

13 Proud: Natalya And Tyson Kidd

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Natalya and Tyson Kidd are another couple who were given the opportunity to appear as part of the first season of Total Divas and have their wedding showcased to the world as part of the show. Natalya still makes regular appearances for the show, while Tyson has been removed ever since he suffered a neck injury in a match with Samoa Joe a few years ago.

Kidd has been out of action now for a number of years and even though he has all but announced that he has retired from wrestling following the injury, WWE are reluctant to release him from the company. It probably bodes well for him and Natalya that they are members of one of the most famous wrestling families of all time.

12 Hidden: Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

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Stephanie McMahon and Triple H may well be the ultimate power couple when it comes to WWE, but not so long ago Vince McMahon was completely against his daughter dating any wrestlers of any kind.

Vince made Triple H's life hell for him when he first began dating Stephanie and actually tried to break them up many times so the couple instead began dating in secret. These days, Vince has changed his mind now that Hunter has three daughters with Stephanie and he is forced to attend a lot of Thanksgiving dinners with the McMahon clan. But it just goes to show, even Vince can be wrong about a star sometimes. Hopefully, he apologized to Triple H when he finally accepted their relationship as something that he has no power over.

11 Proud: Renee Young And Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young recently announced that they married in a quiet ceremony in their back garden in Las Vegas last year. And even though the couple has only been together since 2013, they have already been accepted as a couple by the creative team backstage in WWE.

Not only were Renee and Dean given a spot on Total Divas, but they have been one of only a small number of WWE stars who have been given the privilege of having their relationship revealed on WWE TV. Renee was supposed to play a much bigger part in Dean's feud with The Miz back when the duo were on SmackDown Live, but that this was scrapped. Of course, the big reveal was still probably the highlight of Renee's career so far.

10 Hidden: Lana And Rusev

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Lana and Rusev have been dating since they were put together in NXT and have gone on to climbed through to the main roster as a couple. They recently married twice, with both weddings being featured on Total Divas, but it hasn't been easy for the duo.

It was reported that Vince was not happy that Rusev was dating someone like Lana who he decided was out of his league and so he split the couple up and put Lana with Dolph Ziggler instead in the hope that it would cause the couple problems. Rusev and Lana then announced their engagement part way through a storyline and were punished for it because it ruined the on-going story between them. Luckily, the couple have moved on and are now looking at singles pushes instead.


8 Proud: Candice LeRae And Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano and Thomasso Ciampa's split at NXT TakeOver: Chicago a few weeks ago is one of the most talked about things in NXT right now. At the moment, WWE are happy with everything Gargano is doing. Gargano recently married fellow professional wrestler Candice LeRae and it comes as no surprise that WWE has recently signed her to NXT as well.

Candice has been seen many times on NXT over the past few weeks and could play a key part in the Women's Tournament next month. It's great that WWE has decided to sign another couple much like Aries and Trinidad because it opens up many more storylines. And when both stars are wrestlers it also means that they are always there on the road, which is usually the one thing stars need.

7 Hidden: Carmella And Big Cass

Much like Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy, Carmella and Big Cass met when they were working together in NXT and have been a couple ever since. Big Cass was promoted to the main roster following WrestleMania last year without Carmella as The Princess of Staten Island was brought up as part of the WWE Draft a few months later. But she was placed on SmackDown Live whilst her boyfriend was sent over to Raw.

Much like Bliss and Murphy, it is thought that Carmella and Cass were put on separate brands because Vince is of the opinion that Cass is set to be one of the biggest stars in WWE in the future and Carmella is just holding him back so he needs to keep them apart. Which is slightly harsh, even for Vince.

6 Proud: The Miz And Maryse

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The Miz and Maryse are a WWE power couple at this point, with the duo being part of Total Divas and one of the best-known couples used on WWE TV right now. The Miz and Maryse have been married in real life for a number of years and have been used as a focal point of both Raw and SmackDown over the past year since Maryse returned following WrestleMania 32.

The couple have obviously become favourable with someone backstage since they were both also made part of The Marine 5: Battleground and able to have time away from WWE together to help make the film. The Miz and Maryse are The IT couple on WWE TV right now and have so much potential if they are given the right storyline.

5 Hidden: Paige And Alberto Del Rio

Paige and Alberto Del Rio have been publicly dating ever since the spring of 2016. The couple later became engaged following their dual suspensions from WWE back in August and have been attempting to set a wedding date ever since.

It hasn't been easy or the duo over the past year. Paige and Del Rio were split up as part of the WWE Draft in the summer and that is where everything went downhill. Paige was told by backstage officials to break up with Del Rio before she was suspended from the company and Del Rio opted to leave his contract early. Del Rio was still married when he accepted Paige's wedding proposal and then there was the obvious hacking scandal at the beginning of this year. Plus the fact that Paige had her engagement ring stolen shows that it really has been an eventful few months for the unlikely couple.

4 Proud: Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan

Brie and Daniel Bryan were two of the main characters in both Total Divas and Total Bellas. Their wedding was featured as part of Total Divas and both stars were able to give a farewell to the WWE Universe before they left. This is something that isn't usually afforded to many members of the WWE roster but it seems Bryan and Brie are in good standing with the company because Brie's stepdad is John Laurinaitis.

Brie and Daniel have recently welcomed their daughter Birdie to the world as well and its obvious that WWE have left the door open for Brie to return whenever she wants despite the fact that she announced her retirement after her match at WrestleMania 32 last year, which once again is something that WWE doesn't do for everyone.

3 Hidden: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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Vince McMahon does have a lot of control over his WWE stars, but not their personal lives. And even though Vince can't stop them from dating, he can use underhanded tactics to attempt to split them up. Alexa Bliss was promoted from NXT back in the summer of 2016 and has since had a lot of success on both Raw and SmackDown while Buddy waits on NXT for a chance to prove his worth.

Splitting couples up is usually Vince's way of seeing how strong they really are and usually, it does lead to break ups, much like Emma and Zack Ryder. This doesn't seem to be working with Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy who announced their engagement earlier this year and are seemingly still happy with the small amount of time they can spend together.


1 Proud: Nikki Bella And John Cena

Nikki Bella and John Cena can do no wrong in WWE. They are the ultimate couple. Cena can walk in and out of the company whenever he wants and he is the only star who has ever been given the privilege of proposing to his girlfriend in the center of the ring at WrestleMania.

Nikki Bella has Total Divas and Total Bellas completely focused on them and now they have been given eight months off from WWE TV following their win over The Miz and Maryse at WrestleMania back in April. Vince definitely has a favourite WWE couple and he isn't working very hard to hide his obvious allegiance to the 16-time World Champion and his fiance who herself is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History.

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