8 WWE Couples You Didn't Know Recently Split Up And 7 Who Could Be Next

WWE Superstars are on the road for up to 300 days a year, this year for the first time ever, Raw will actually be broadcast on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, which means that Superstars won't even be able to spend the holidays with their families. This means that much of the time wrestlers find it much easier to begin relationships with stars who are already on the road with them, so technically they are always surrounded by family.

There are more real life couples in WWE right now than ever before, but whilst there are many couples deciding to announce that they are together, there are also a number of couples who have decided to go their separate ways over the past few years. Couples then still have to work together after they have broken up, which makes for quite an awkward atmosphere backstage. It seems that there have been a number of WWE break-ups over the past few years, and there could well be a number of other couples heading in the same direction in the near future.

The following list looks at the most recent WWE breakups and the couples who are the most likely candidates to follow in their footsteps.

15 Split: Dana Brooke And Dolph Ziggler

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Dana Brook and Dolph Ziggler were an odd pairing, to say the least, but it seems that the couple found common ground with how athletic Ziggler is and the fact that Brooke is a former bodybuilder and gymnast. The duo first came to light while Dana was still wrestling in NXT and Dolph Ziggler was performing on the main roster.

The couple weren't together for very long before Dana was moved to the main roster, which apparently hindered the couple much more than helping them since it was revealed earlier this year that the couple had split and Dana had moved on to a new boyfriend. Dolph seems to be career focused right now and has yet to move on from Dana, while Dana's new boyfriend Dallas McCarver sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

14 Next: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young have always been a couple that the WWE Universe has found hard to accept. It seems that even though the WWE Universe is against the pairing, the couple has managed to remain together over the past few years and even revealed that they were secretly married earlier this year.

Renee has since become part of Monday Night Raw along with her husband after kicking up a fuss about being split from him, and it seems that she is gaining a lot of heat backstage because she thinks she's much more important to the company than she is. This could cause problems for Ambrose if Renee continues to rub people the wrong way backstage and it could cause problems in their relationship as well.

13 Split: Zack Ryder And Emma

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Emma and Zack Ryder came together when they were both part of NXT. Emma was later called up to the main roster and the couple seemed to be getting along quite happily, until Emma was put out of action for a number of months with a back injury and Ryder suffered a knee injury of his own.

Emma was over on Raw and Ryder was drafted to SmackDown and this seemed to have become a problem for the duo even though there was no official announcement that they had split. Instead Ryder just began uploading pictures of him with his new girlfriend former Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green, who is currently employed by TNA. Both stars have since returned to WWE following their injuries but have definitely gone their separate ways.

12 Next: Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce are one of the more recently revealed couples that have managed to come together during their time in WWE. Both Dillinger and Royce have been together in NXT for a number of years and it seems that sparks began to fly there, as the couple has now begun sharing photos together online. This has made the WWE Universe aware that there is now another power couple in town.

Tye was promoted to the SmackDown brand following this year's WrestleMania and Royce is still honing her craft down in NXT. Many couples have split because of the fact that they no longer work and travel together like they did and it seems that Dillinger and Royce's new romance could be another casualty of WWE's hectic traveling schedule.

11 Split: Charlotte And Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio was still married whilst he was in a relationship with former Raw Women's Champion Charlotte. Their relationship didn't come to light until it was revealed that Del Rio was in a public relationship with Paige and that Charlotte and her former friend were having issues dealing with this.

It seems that Charlotte couldn't give Del Rio everything that Paige could and even though he was still married at the time, he decided to move on to date Paige instead. Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice before, so it seems that she doesn't have a lot of luck when it comes to her personal life. She did manage to dodge a bullet when it comes to a relationship with the former United States Champion, as it appears to have damaged Paige's career.

10 Next: Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley

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Finn Balor has been in WWE for the past three years and has managed to mostly stay away from any kind of romance with the women in the company, that is until now. It seems that the former Universal Champion has been linked to a romance with WWE Social Media Correspondent Cathy Kelley.

Much like when Renee Young and Dean Ambrose first confirmed their relationship a few years ago, the fans are not taking it well that Finn Balor is off the market. Cathy's profile with the company does seem to be growing now that she is linked to Finn, but it is easy to imagine that the WWE Universe is not going to accept that someone who was once the most eligible man in WWE is now in a happy relationship of his own.

9 Split: Seth Rollins And Zahra Schrieber

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Seth Rollins was part of a huge scandal of his own back in February 2015 when it was revealed that he had been cheating on his fiancé Leighla Shultz with a woman who had been assigned to NXT called Zahra Schrieber. Leighla decided that suitable revenge for the affair would be to post personal pictures of Rollins online for the world to see which marked the end of their relationship.

Rollins then moved on to begin publicly dating Zahra but it seems that the excitement of sneaking around wore off quickly and the couple went their separate ways in February 2016 while Rollins was out of action following his knee surgery. Zahra was later released from the company after historic Instagram posts about Nazi's were found online and the company seemingly weren't happy about it.

8 Next: Alexa Bliss And Buddy Murphy

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Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy once worked together in NXT and Alexa helped Buddy and his tag team partner Wesley Blake to the NXT Tag Team Championships. It seems that Buddy and Alexa began dating before they started working together and their relationship has managed to continue over the past few years.

Alexa was drafted to SmackDown last summer while Murphy is missing in action down in NXT in the past year as WWE stated that he was being repackaged and could be set to re-debut. Alexa is climbing the ranks in WWE right now and it seems that Buddy can't keep up with his fiancé. Buddy and Alexa can no longer travel together now that they are on separate rosters, so this could become a big problem for them in the near future.

7 Split: Paige And Alberto Del Rio

Let's be honest, no one actually knows what is going on between Paige and Alberto Del Rio any  more. The couple haven't had the best of luck in the year and a half that they have been together. From being suspended by WWE, to being arrested, to then having Paige's engagement ring stolen. Their wedding was postponed three times and that's when many domestic violence rumours began to circulate.

It seems the news on the couple has mostly been quiet lately because they have decided to go their separate ways after the incident at the airport where Del Rio was arrested when it was Paige's fault. Paige needs to focus on her own career now and returning to WWE. Del Rio was a distraction that she did not need at this point in her career.

6 Next: Lana And Rusev

Rusev and Lana are another mismatched WWE couple that perhaps wouldn't have been together if the company hadn't decided to make Lana the manager of Rusev in NXT. Over the past few years, the couple has managed to remain together and stronger than ever despite everything that WWE has thrown at them and finally got married on an episode of Total Divas last year.

Recently, Lana has realized that she can be a superstar in WWE all on her own and has been able to begin making a name for herself while her husband was out injured. Rusev has returned and doesn't seem to be picking up any kind of momentum on the SmackDown roster right now, which has led to a number of rumours about the future of the duo on WWE TV.

5 Split: Melina And John Morrison

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Before being a couple in WWE was cool and allowed you to be added to Total Divas, Melina and John Morrison were showing the world that they were the IT Couple in WWE. Obviously, that position is now filled by The Miz and Maryse since both Melina and Morrison left the company a number of years ago.

Even though the couple left WWE, they still continued to date and moved around to a number of different promotions up until it seems that the couple had had enough. Melina posted a prescription of Morrisons online on her Twitter account which showed that he needed erectile dysfunction drugs and that was it for the couple. They went their separate ways in 2015 and Morrison then began dating fellow Lucha Underground star Tara Valkyrie.

4 Next: John Cena And Nikki Bella

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The power couple of WWE further cemented the fact that they were the biggest couple in the company when WWE allowed John Cena to propose to Nikki Bella, his girlfriend of five years, at WrestleMania back in April following their win over The Miz and Maryse in mixed tag team action.

Many of the WWE Universe support the duo, whilst many other members of the WWE Universe believe that their entire relationship is just a publicity stunt to help things like Total Divas and Total Bellas to continue to do well. Nikki and John are both benefitting quite well from their relationship when it comes to both of their images and if this is to be believed, at some point the benefits will end and so will their relationship.

3 Split: Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett

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Alicia Fox was a member of the cast of Total Divas for a number of years and this allowed the WWE Universe to get an insight into the life of the former Divas Champion. Alicia dated former WWE superstar Wade Barrett for a number of years while the duo were both working together on the main roster.

This was used as a storyline for an episode of Total Divas where Alicia was trying to work out why Wade had broken up with her to begin with. Wade explained that he just didn't see a future with her after how long they had dated and that it wasn't something that was her fault it was his. Wade later left the company and decided to take a break from wrestling, while Alicia has become a veteran in the Women's Division over the past few years.

2 Next: Carmella And Big Cass

Carmella and Big Cass met while they were working together in NXT, but Cass was then promoted to the main roster alongside Enzo Amore without Carmella because Triple H thought that Carmella could learn much more in the NXT Women's Division.

Carmella was later drafted to SmackDown as part of the WWE draft back in the Summer of 2016 and has since become one of the biggest female stars on the SmackDown brand. Cass has attempted to go his own way on Raw but recently suffered a knee injury that has taken him out of action. Carmella has complained numerous times about the fact that she was split from her boyfriend and the split could become a huge problem in the near future if Carmella continues to rise through the ranks without Cass.

1 Split: Enzo Amore And Liv Morgan

Enzo Amore and NXT star Liv Morgan never officially announced that they were in a relationship, but the WWE Universe was smart enough to pick up on the hints when the couple began uploading cute pictures together. Liv and Enzo worked together at Hooters before he helped her land a job in WWE and it seems they have been inseparable ever since.

Recently, it was revealed that Enzo went to a strip club in Buffalo after a WWE event and there were rumours about his connection to a stripper. Liv has even updated memes about being single since then that confirmed that the couple split around the end of July. Enzo has been the victim of a lot of backstage heat lately and some of that could be connected to the way he treated Liv.

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