8 WWE Divas Over 40 Who Lost Their Looks And 8 That Look Better Than Ever

Age. There are only three things that are guaranteed in life: taxes, aging, and death. It doesn’t matter who you are, unless you come from the future and somebody discovered the key to immortality or a formula to be forever young, you cannot escape the prospect of aging. Human beings get old. And as you age, your body begins to change, and not in the way that it changed when you turned into a teenager and subsequently evolved into an adult. As you reach a certain age, the wrinkles start to set in, you often feel more tired, the energy of your youth is all but gone, and unfortunately, most people lose their good looks. Wrestlers are no different, even our beloved Divas.

Sure, it will take a while until we get to talk about the new generation in this prospect, but the older Divas are getting to that age when their looks either turn up a notch or go downhill. Some of them have aged amazingly and look better than ever, but, at the same time, there are others who look like they left wrestling just to fight MMA and get their faces punched in, or just got hit by a truck. Either way, there is a heaven, and there is a hell when we talk about Divas who have reached the age of 40 and on. So without any more waiting, we present to you eight WWE Divas over 40 who lost their looks and eight who look better than ever.

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16 Lost Them: Rockin' Robin

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For those who watched her on the wrestling ring, it probably seemed like Robin Smith’s life was a fun and easy one. However, as it would later surface, her family suffered a lot at the hand of her former wrestler and abusive father, Grizzly Smith. If you’re ever in the mood for reading about a tragedy involving wrestling families, we recommended taking a look at this one; because things like this should never happen.

Now going back to the subject; during her wrestling career, Robin was one of the beautiful sweethearts of the wrestling circuit. She was successful as well, as she won belts like the WWE’s Women’s Championship once and the UWF Women’s World Championship. Age has not been too kind to her, however. She might not look as bad today as some of the other names you will see later on in this list, but she’s far from being the beauty that she was back in the day.

15 Better Than Ever: Bull Nakano

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Maybe it’s just the fact that she changed the hair and stopped using the face paint, but 49-year-old Keiko “Bull” Nakano actually looks good as she reaches the half-century mark. This is a woman who was known for her looks while she fought. The problem was that her looks strayed very far from the realm of beauty and fell into the realm of terrifying. Seriously, if you ever turned a corner and found yourself face to face with this woman in her wrestling gear, you would literally soil yourself before running for your life.

Luckily for people today, since she quit wrestling her looks have improved tenfold. But then again, we had no idea how she really looked like under that terrifying mask of evil and paint. Still, she looks better today than we got used to seeing her.

14 Lost Them: Jacqueline

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At 53 years old, Jacqueline Moore may be reaching the same age number as the number of ring names she had during her career. No, we’re just kidding, she didn’t have that many ring names. But you might know her as Ms. Jacqueline, Miss Tennessee, Miss Texas, Sgt. Rock, Sweet Georgia Brown among many other ring names. And yet, the one thing that has changed about Jacqueline more than the fact that she doesn’t wrestle anymore is that she hasn’t aged all too well.

She still looks good in comparison to a good portion of women over 53, but looking at a picture of her today can kind of be heartbreaking for people who were so deeply in love with this beautiful wrestler back when she was active. Age is an evil mistress, friends.

13 Better Than Ever: Lita

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Perhaps we are being unfair for ranking Lita so low on our list. There were a lot of tough decisions in the ranking the Divas who look better than ever, but none of them broke our heads like finding the right spot for this 42-year-old on this list. Like the title says, she looks better than ever, which is tough to believe since she was already one of the most beautiful women in wrestling while she was active.

There is good news on that front, though. For those who missed Lita in her five-year hiatus from professional wrestling, the year of 2017 could be quite promising. We are sure you know, but she made her in-ring return at a Tag Match for MCW Pro Wrestling earlier in March. So yeah, we are extremely excited about the prospect of watching her wrestle again consistently.

12 Lost Them: Ivory

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Lisa Moretti was one of the women in the WWE who defined the idea that strength could also translate into beauty. We see all the fit models on Instagram and Facebook today, but truth be told, not many of them would hold a candle in comparison to this former WWE wrestler. Ivory was everything guys loved about women in wrestling. She was strong, she was fun, and she could wrestle like none other.

Perhaps, the fact that she raised the bar so high while she was active influenced the idea that Ivory lost her looks as age hit. As time went on, she probably found it hard to maintain that powerful and fit figure she became known for. Nevertheless, we have not lost our hope on Ivory. Maybe, if she wants, she can make a comeback and regain the looks she has lost.

11 Better Than Ever: Lilian Garcia

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She spent most of her time with the WWE as a ring announcer, but for better or for worse, Lilian Garcia was the first WWE Diva to remain with the WWE for at least 10 years. And sincerely, do you have any doubt about why she managed to stay there for so long?

To put it plain and simple, this woman is one of those human beings who personify beauty. It’s tough to grasp that she was born on August 19, 1966. Yeah, she is about to turn 51, and she still looks this good. Garcia is no longer with the WWE after her long tenure, but you can still find her on the web as she hosts a couple of podcasts on wrestling. Hopefully, they’re those video podcasts so that we can see her again on a regular basis. #Sorrynotsorry

10 Lost Them: Princess Victoria

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How the mighty have fallen. Vickie Otis, a.k.a. Princess Victoria was a no-brainer for this list. She participated in WWF competitions from 1983 to 1984, until she suffered a career-ending neck injury near the end of 1984. It was a sad thing as she was an up-and-coming wrestler, and she even got to fight against Hall of Famer and former WWF Women’s Champion, The Fabulous Moolah.

Often dressed in Native American attire, Victoria was one of the most beautiful wrestlers at the time. And that is exactly why it's nearly unbelievable that she lost her looks the way she did by the time she turned 55. Honestly, it’s even tough to describe how much time has taken a toll on this former wrestler. It’s just a sad, sad fact.

9 Better Than Ever: Gail Kim

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Gail Kim just turned 40 in February of this year, but it doesn’t seem like a single day has passed from the time when this Canadian-born wrestler started her career. This is a woman who went to college and got a degree before she suddenly decided to become a wrestler. And, unlike many people would believe, it was a hell of a decision. She became one of the most famous wrestlers of her time and participated in promotions like the WWE and the TNA.

While she left the WWE saying that she was unhappy with how the promotion was “holding back,” female talent, this wrestler became the first woman ever to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. She might not be a Diva anymore, but she still got the looks to beat most of them.

8 Lost Them: Leilani Kai

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Leilani Kai was not the most beautiful of wrestlers during the time she was active. Nevertheless, she still had the looks that would make a bystander feel astounded if he or she looked at a before and after picture of this former wrestler. Patty Seymour is currently 57 years old, and we understand that it's tough to keep looking good as time goes by. But still, even for someone who was famous because of her skill and not her looks, it was surprising to see how she looks like today.

Pretty or not, this is a woman who deserves everyone’s utmost respect. She is a WWE Women’s Champion and a two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion. She was even inducted into the professional wrestling Hall of Fame just last year.

7 Better Than Ever: Stephanie McMahon

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If your last name is McMahon, you’re bound to have a career in wrestling. And Stephanie didn’t fall too far from the tree. Working as a wrestler and a manager, she became one of the faces the WWE. And, might we add, that is a great face to have representing your franchise. Beautiful, smart, and a hell of a wrestler, this is a woman whom wrestling fan adore.

There is, however, one wrestler who is the luckiest of them all. And that is Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Yeah, Triple H is not only a wealthy wrestler, but he also got to marry this beauty. All jokes aside, these two make a pretty good couple, and it's funny enough that their relationship began because of a scripted romance back in 2000. So yeah, there is truth even to some of the scripted parts of wrestling.

6 Lost Them: Dawn Marie

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It's borderline unfair to some of these women that we have to make a comparison of how well they have aged when this is such an abstract subject. Some cases are even worse because when they were young, these women were simply stunning. That is a level of beauty that is nearly impossible to maintain. That is the case with Dawn Marie. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how this Diva looked while she was active in the WWE. To this day, it’s tough to imagine a match that will ever live up to her feud with Torrie Wilson. That was pretty much the WWE throwing one supermodel at the other. You can’t beat that.

Unfortunately, time has passed, and instead of being a sexy wrestler, Dawn is now more focused on being a loving mother; which is something we all have to respect.

5 Better Than Ever: Sable

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Some people are just going to be beautiful all the way until they die. Sable is exactly one of those lucky folks. Countless years in a wrestling ring and four pregnancies were not enough to shave even a little bit of this Diva’s beauty off. She is a reference to any woman who wants to enter the world of wrestling, and that is nothing but fair. She made her life in the ring, and we will be damned if it was not worth it to watch every single time she stepped on the stage.

Not even time was able to put up a good fight against Sable. She is still one of the most beautiful women in the world, and if you ever have anything to say against that, well, you’ll have to take your issue up with Brock Lesnar, which is something we wouldn’t advise.

4 Lost Them: Sunny

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Tammy Lynn Sytch was your classic blonde bombshell when she first appeared to the world as a wrestler in 1993. She had some of the most impressive assets ever to appear in a wrestling ring, as well as the skill to go along with them. From LA to New York, this woman made guys lose their breath in more than one way. Yeah, if you haven’t heard, she starred in an adult film by Vivid Entertainment. It also doesn’t hurt to remember that she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

The problem here is that, like some of the women we talked about before, Sunny put the bar up so high when she was an active wrestler, that even though she might still be attractive for a 44-year-old, it’s impossible to say that she hasn’t lost her looks.

3 Heaven: Trish Stratus

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The race between number one and number two was as close as it gets in the category of WWE Divas that look better than ever. As a matter fact, leaving Sable out of this top two was painful, but just a look at our champion and our runner-up should make things more understandable for the people already holding pitchforks and torches.

Trish Stratus needs no introduction. She is one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, and might even be the most beautiful wrestler of all time. That last claim is a discussion for another day, but the one thing we will nail into stone right here is that she is without a doubt one of the most beautiful athletes, yes we said athletes as in all sports included, over 40 years of age.

2 Lost Them: Jazz

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While the race for the best looking Diva over 40 was a tight one, the free-fall that was the competition to see which wrestler lost her looks the worse was a no-brainer. We don’t even know how to explain what happened to Jazz. In fact, we won’t even make any assumptions here other than saying that we were astounded when we saw a picture of this former two-time WWF/E Women’s Champion.

A woman who was once a reference when people talked about strong women, who were also beautiful, is now neither of those.

Aside from that, Jazz is still as great a person as she was back in her wrestling days. Apparently, she even owns a gym, with which she has the goal to keep young people off the streets and help them get their lives on track. So don’t be fooled, looks are not all there is to people.

1 Better Than Ever: Torrie Wilson

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Cue the drum rolls, because our number one pick is well deserving of this honor. She was a Miss Galaxy winner in 1999 before she started her wrestling career. And that theme of beauty never drifted very far from her. The reason behind that is ridiculously obvious. This is arguably one of the most beautiful women ever to step into a wrestling ring. And even though her career officially ended in 2008, she is still missed in the wrestling world.

Wilson is currently 41 years old and still looks like she’s at most in her early to mid-30s. Seriously, it’s no wonder she was asked to pose for Playboy twice and made a guest appearance in Baywatch. As a matter fact, if she decided to pose for Playboy again today, if the magazine flaunted naked women again, those magazines would probably still sell out.

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