8 WWE Divas Who Were Hired For Their Looks And 7 Who Were Hired For Their Skill

Ever since the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita, and a cast of stellar supporting female characters, elevated the level of the women’s division with their amazing matches, the women’s division slowly started to turn into a “Diva’s Division.” This also had to due with Vince McMahon’s obsession with utilizing their figures to make money and get more eyes on his product. Rather than hiring more technically able wrestlers, he started out his “Divas Search” contest and brought in some women who were very hot but didn’t know anything when it came to wrestling and this made for the Divas being recognized only for their bodies and rarely for their wrestling.

Though that has changed over the past few years with a more stable, robust “Women’s Division” being formed because of the amazing women wrestlers who came out of NXT, the WWE still has its fascination with hiring for looks over skill. McMahon loves to flaunt his Divas’ bodies, and even though he has put an end to vulgar matches because of the PG Era, he still makes them wear clothes that show off their assets.

But gradually this is changing as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon take on bigger roles in the uprising of women's division, and with more and more talented female wrestlers being brought to the company, the Divas are finally getting the proper attention they deserve. Nowadays the women can put on wrestling spectacles just as good as the men, changing the public's perception of the division, as many still come for the women but stay for the wrestling.

Those Who Were Hired For Their Looks

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15 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly came into the WWE with a background in gymnastics and cheerleading, not in wrestling. The former model was brought into the WWE and was put into the ECW brand of the company, where she became “an exhibitionist” and would show off their body and strip on a weekly basis, making it known as “Kelly’s Expose”. Her antics and sexy figure got her over with the management and also sort off with the fans, as she soon moved to the more relevant shows and even went onto win the Divas Championship after much trying. Even though she couldn’t wrestle half as good as some of the talented divas in the locker room, she was always in the thick of things when it came to Divas, mostly because of her figure and beautiful looks. She was finally let go off in 2012 and has retired from wrestling since, as her sexy figure and erotic antics got her to the dreamland of WWE.

14 Summer Rae

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Summer Rae is another one who has now completely been washed off WWE’s radar after the brand split, but honestly she can’t compete with the talent right now in terms of wrestling. Rae was recruited by in 2011 and spent quite a few years honing and developing her skills in developmental, before she was pushed to the main roster as the gorgeous dance partner of Fandango. She was later transitioned into more of a wrestler, but just couldn’t compete with the talented women who were making their way in the WWE with each passing day. Rae was mostly kept to become the manager of some wrestler or be inclined in some weird romantic storyline which no-one wanted to watch, and could never make it as a wrestler. After seeing her stock fall in WWE, she became a cast member of Total Divas and spent some season in the show. Rae has now completely been wiped out the minds of the audience, who do remember how hot she is but cannot accept her in the Divas division right now ahead of the more talented women.

13 Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes was one of the sexy Divas to come out from WWE’s “Divas Search” program in 2006 and debuted two years later as the intern of Beth Phoenix. She started to wrestle a couple of matches as a rookie, but couldn’t really impress anybody and was permanently drafted as a manager or valet of wrestlers. She would go onto manager Zack Ryder for a bit, before managing Primo and Epico as they won the WWE Tag Team Championships. She would then wrestle some matches on a sporadic basis but returned to WWE TV as the new dance partner for Fandango but didn’t last that long. She announced herself to be pregnant last year in August with WWE backstage producer Michael Hayes’ baby, and has been on maternity leave ever since as Rosa might be this sizzling woman, but she’s extremely lucky to be in the WWE for this long as her hot body has entranced some officials and kept her in the WWE.

12 Candice Michelle

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Hired under the gimmick of a make-up artist initially, Candice Michelle’s stunning figure and erotic mannerism got her over with the crowd as she was part of “Vince’s Devils” who’s do quite some antics to get themselves over. Soon Candice had won the appreciation of many as she was called to be on the cover of PlayBoy magazine, and her success got her a push in the divas division even though she could barely wrestle. She won the WWE Women’s Championship becoming the first ever Divas Search contestant to win the title, and she kept the title until she got injured again for 14 weeks due to a terrible injury. This hampered her reputation in the company as she couldn’t really recover from that, and her sizzling figure wasn’t enough to save her job as she was let go of in 2009, and is now a happy mom who still maintains an unbelievably good figure.

11 Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis was already inclined into a career of a model before she was hired by the WWE, so it doesn’t go without saying that she was hired to be something for fans to feast their eyes on TV. Another one to come up through their “Divas Search” program, Maria was booked in more “revealing” matches like Lingerie Pillow fights or Bra and Panties matches, as she was also put in some crucial story-line as its eye-candy. WWE attempted to push Kanellis into the Women’s title picture but her inability to put on convincing matches pushed her back to being hot on TV, as she became the on-screen girlfriend of Santino Marella. They’re relationship would begin to sour after Maria appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine, as she split from him to try and win the WWE Women’s Championship but failed to ever do so. She won the WWE Diva of The Year Award in 2009 to much surprise, and was released soon after in 2010 and now is the TNA Knockouts Champion, but one can be safe to presume that it’s not her exactly wrestling skills which got her that belt.

10 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was one of the Divas WWE inherited from WCW when they bought out their rivals, as the stunning Blonde would be a prized possession for Vince over the next few years. Torrie was mostly booked to be the valet or manager of most wrestlers, as she often showed her beautiful figure to woo fans and inspite of being in some horrible story-lines(which included her having to feud with her kayfabe “stepmother” Dawn Marie), was always over with the fans because of her face mannerisms and openness at “revealing” herself at times. Wilson was booked more of an eye-candy than an actual wrestler by the WWE, as she appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine because of it and spent quite a few years as the dreamgirl of the WWE, as it was her exceptional figure and looks that got her over in the company rather than her wrestling skills, which were very minimal.

9 Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was also one of the Divas to arrive from WCW when WWE purchased the company, as she was probably worse off than Wilson in terms of wrestling skills but was quite the thing to look at. As Beautiful as she had an amazing body, Keibler was mostly put into vulgar matches to showcase her “assets”, and was later made into the Duchess of Dudleyville before becoming the personal assistant for Mr. McMahon. She was then the victim of some really horrible story-lines, which included her becoming the “sex-slave” of Scott Steiner and Test. Keibler would continue to perform in stipulation matches and show her body off rather than actually put on good matches, and in the dying days became a part of The Hurricane and Rosey’s tag team by naming herself “Super Stacy” but this didn’t work that well and she left the WWE soon after to pursue other endeavors, which included becoming the girlfriend of Hollywood star and later the wife of Future ADS CEO Jared Pobre, as her ambitions of being more of a model than a wrestler could be noticed in her time in the company.

8 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie has to be the most hated Diva in the WWE right now, as the heat she gets is incredible and funny at the same time. Marie’s gimmick might be interesting, but it goes without a shadow of a doubt that she can’t wrestle to save her life. Ever since signing with the WWE in 2013 as more of an eye-candy than an actual wrestler, she has appeared on the main roster at various stints as the manager of the Bella Twins to wrestling herself but her awful wrestling skills and continuous botching sent her back to developmental. She wrestled a bit in NXT for a year where she’d continuously get slated for her disgusting in-ring work and her incapability of development has had fans in fits. What has kept Marie in the WWE is her sensational figure which has some stunning “assets” to it and fans love to see that as Eva is being kept relevant even at a time when Women’s wrestling is on the rise and her gorgeous figure and sexy looks is the only thing which has kept her in the wrestling business so far.

7 Those Who Were Hired For Their Skills

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7. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch spent most of her life wrestling around the world, as the Irish Lass-Kicker finally found her breakthrough in the WWE when Triple H signed her up for his NXT Brand and here she excelled around the amazing talent she had to compete with. Lynch was at first given some weird gimmicks but quickly solidified herself as one of the more hard-hitting, technically able wrestlers in the division and had some amazing matches with her fellow wrestlers as well. She became a part of the “Four Horsewoman” along with Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte and made her main roster debut with Banks and Charlotte to kick-start the “Women’s revolution”. Lynch has been working really hard ever since then and finally got her rewards recently when she won the Smackdown Women’s Championship and is now the top diva in the exciting brand, as the brilliant wrestler can put out all the stops in her matches and is one of the crown jewels of the impressive divas division right now in the WWE.

6 Mickie James

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Mickie James was the perfect Diva to replace Trish Stratus after she retired, but saw her WWE career cut short because of some problems backstage. When she arrived at the company in 2005 as the obsessed fan of Trish Stratus, she definitely made a name for herself and put on some amazing matches with Trish as well. Her story-line development was great and she had a very sound wrestling knowledge which helped her develop as a superb wrestler in the company. James was amongst the most talented divas in the mid 2000’s towards the end of the decade for the company, as she consistently put on great matches and very good feuds with other Divas to elevate the reputation of the Divas Division. She won both the Women’s Champion and Divas title during her stay in the company, but some backstage politics saw her humiliated on-screen and then released from the company, with this probably one of their gravest mistakes as James would go onto revolutionize Women’s Wrestling in TNA and is definitely of the better wrestlers of her generation.

5 Natalya

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The First Woman to come out of the Hart Family Dungeon, it comes off no surprise that Natalya- the daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart- is one of the most technically gifted athletes in the WWE and has remained one of the toughest women in the locker room since debuting almost a decade ago. Natalya started out her career as a heel teaming with WWE Diva Victoria, but soon moved onto manage The Hart Dynasty of Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith where her rise truly began as a dominating wrestler in the WWE. After dominating alongside The Hart Dynasty, she moved onto singles competition and soon won the Divas Championship by defeating Lay-Cool in a two on one handicap match. But since then Natalya hasn’t really received any opportunity to win the title, and is mostly used as a filler to shows inspite of being among the most skilled female wrestler in the company. Natalya is now sitting in a good position as a top heel diva in Smackdown, and will look to regain her momentum and soon challenge for and win the Smackdown Women’s Title soon, because if there’s anyone who deserves a belt around her waist, it’s Nattie.

4 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool had initially debuted as a “fitness trainer” and later as a “sexy teacher” in the WWE, but over the years became a really talented, strong woman wrestler who had the feel like a champion. McCool had it tough during her initial years in the company as she couldn’t really get that perfect gimmick for herself and was given some awful gimmicks which didn’t really suit her. But gradually she got a hold of a proper gimmick and started to compete for the titles in the WWE, as she soon went onto win the WWE Women’s Championship twice and also became the inaugural WWE Divas Champion. After that she formed Team Lay-Cool with WWE Diva Layla and the both were the dominating duo of the WWE, as they kept the Divas Championship with themselves and McCool was the shining element of the team, as her strong, athletic ability and height helped her assert herself as the queen of the Divas Division at the time. She decided to retire in 2011 due to injuries, and it took WWE sometime to get a dominant, strong Diva like her who not only had it to battle it out on the mic but was pretty sound on her wrestling too and could give some really good matches with anyone.

3 AJ Lee

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Starting out as a participant in the 3rd season(all female) of WWE NXT, AJ asserted herself as quite the quirky, unique Diva who had the skills but also had that intriguing, eccentric personality as well. She was much shorter than any normal Diva in the WWE, and started out mostly in romantic angles as the on-screen girlfriend of Daniel Bryan and then forming affections for other wrestlers. She would then become the Raw General Manager and slowly moved onto her singles career, which really took off afterwards. Inspite of being little as compared to other Divas, she had some great technical ability which made her superior than other divas and was the dominating Diva in the WWE for almost 2 years, winning the Divas Championship thrice and keeping the best around her waist most of the times. She even became the longest reigning Divas champion, with her first Divas Championship reign being almost 300 days. AJ would soon retire because of how WWE treated her husband CM Punk, but would leave quite the legacy as this sturdy little Diva was far more superior to the other Divas in terms of wrestling in her time.

2 Beth Phoenix

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One of the most powerful Divas of her time, Beth Phoenix was barely a “diva” anyways as she was a strong woman who could absolutely man-handle anyone on the roster. After debuting as Trish Stratus’ ally, she soon became the top heel diva in the WWE as she was known as the “Glamazon” and with her hard-hitting style of wrestling would be quite the intimidating woman to face. She quickly went onto win her first WWE Women’s Championship and continued to dominate the division after that, defeating the most formidable of opponents in the way. She then had Santino Marella as her valet to form “Glamarella” which was ridiculous and would go onto to dominate the division once again by winning the Divas Championship in 2011, once again asserting herself as the top diva in the company. Beth would also compete in the 2010 Royal Rumble match, becoming the second women in history to do so and even eliminated The Great Khali by using his feminine attractions. But Phoenix was all power and no messing about in terms of looks and all, as she was a menace for others during her time at the WWE and a very good wrestler as well.

1 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks definitely didn’t have the looks at first to make it to the WWE, so it was her amazing skill-set as a wrestler which brought her to the company and after a few hiccups at first, her gimmick of “The Boss” cemented her place as a top women’s wrestler in the WWE. Banks who is just 24 still has a lot of years in her, and is on the top of the WWE right now along with her “Four Horsewoman” in Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch and one could argue that she’s probably the best among the four. With an amazing technical knowledge of wrestling, she has all the moves to dazzle the audience and has an awesome gimmick which just begs for a title to be put around her waist. Banks is definitely one of the most skilled athletes in the WWE right now and will usher the Divas Division to newer and greater heights in the future, as The Boss is here to stay with more and more success to be added to her legacy.

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