8 WWE Finishers We Love To Watch And 7 That Bore Us

While it's true that a wrestlers appearance, in-ring skills, and charisma are key parts in getting a superstar over, the role of a finisher is kind of overlooked. When you think of all the WWE Legends, they were all talented in many different aspects, but they also had very memorable finishing maneuvers. Hulk Hogan had the Atomic Leg Drop, The Rock had the Rock Bottom, and Steve Austin had the Stone Cold Stunner. These wrestlers might not have reached their insane popularity level had their finishing move not been so fun to watch.

While finishing moves in WWE today don't quite often "finish" matches like they used too, they still play a big role in getting superstars over with the fans. In some instances, a wrestler's finishing move has almost become more over than the wrestlers themselves.

While there are plenty of entertaining finishing moves to watch in the WWE, there are just as many lackluster ones. A lot of finishers lack creativity and are just plain boring to watch. A finishing move has the potential to get fans to jump out of their seats, instead, these finishing moves just put fans to sleep. If certain wrestlers had more entertaining finishers it might give them a chance to take their careers to new heights.

Here are 8 WWE finishers we can't get enough of and 7 that just plain bore us.

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16 Love: Baron Corbin - End of Days

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Whether you love him or hate, there is no denying that Baron Corbin is one of the most pushed superstars currently in the WWE. The current "Mr. Money in the Bank" has a lot going for him. He's got decent in-ring skills, good size, and great charisma. The one other thing Corbin has going for him is a great finishing move, The End of Days.

Corbin's finisher is similar to Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail except it looks ten times as violent. The WWE has also done a good job protecting the End of Days as it always seems to be a match ending move. Corbin is well on his way to becoming one of the top heels in the WWE, so it looks like we are going to see a lot of his finisher for years to come.

15 Bore: John Cena - Attitude Adjustment 

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It's hard to believe that John Cena has been in the WWE for over 15 years. In that time he delivered more than his fair share of Attitude Adjustments. Just like there was a time when John Cena was loved by almost everybody, the same can be said about his finisher. Fans started to get sick of "Super" Cena winning all his matches and he usually did it with an Attitude Adjustment on his opponent.

While the Attitude Adjustment is not by any means a bad finisher, it just the fact that we've seen too many times for our liking. What it makes it even more boring is that it's hard to take the move serious anymore as it usually takes three of them before Cena can defeat his opponent. At this point in his career, it's highly unlikely Cena will change his finishing move. The positive thing is that Cena is becoming more and more of a part-time wrestler, so maybe seeing less of the Attitude Adjustment will rejuvenate the move.


13 Love: Neville - Red Arrow

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When Neville first turned heel, the thought of never seeing the Red Arrow again crossed many people's minds. High-flying moves off the top rope are usually reserved for the baby faces. Thankfully the Red Arrow is such a sight to see that the WWE was smart and let Neville keep using his patented finisher.

The shooting star press, a move invented by the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger, is a very impressive move on its own. The Red Arrow is a shooting star press with an added corkscrew motion. What makes the aerial finisher even more spectacular is that Neville seems to land the move perfectly every time. The Red Arrow is truly poetry in motion.

12 Bore: Big E - Big Ending

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The New Day has done wonders to the careers of it's three members. The one member with arguably most potential to eventually move up in the company is Big E. He's got charisma, more than decent in-ring skills and his body seems to be built like a brick wall. The one thing Big E is going need if he ever wants become a World Champion is a new finishing move.

His current finisher of the Big Ending just doesn't look impactful, especially for a guy his size. Also the fact that so many wrestlers in the WWE right now have facebuster like finshers, makes the move even more uninspiring. Big E needs to have finisher that really shows the power he has.

11 Love: A.J. Styles - Styles Clash

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When A.J. Styles made his surprising WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble, the fans were ecstatic to see him bring his top-notch wrestling skills into a WWE ring. The fans were especially waiting to see just who would be the first victim of the Styles Clash. The first victim ended up being Curtis Axel and the watching Clash was as entertaining as it always has been.

The Styles Clash doesn't look like it causes all that much damage. The opponent just falls flat on their stomach. However, what makes the move so compelling is the fact that one wrong movement from his opponent can lead to a serious injury. While the WWE has given Styles another finisher in the Phenomenal Forearm, we are glad they still let him use the Styles Clash once in a while as it one of the coolest looking finishers currently in the WWE.

10 Bore: Jinder Mahal - Khallas

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When Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash it shocked the wrestling world. It was only weeks earlier that Mahal was jobbing out to his opponents which made his sudden rise to the top not very believable.

The WWE could have made his rise a little more easy to swallow had they given Mahal a more impressive finishing move. While Mahal did get new finisher in 2017, the Khallas isn't anything worth writing home for. The finisher is just a cobra clutch slam. While it can look impactful on smaller opponents when he hits it on a guy like Randy Orton is looks rather tame.

9 Love: Brock Lesnar - F5

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Brock Lesnar made his WWE debut on an episode of Monday Night RAW back in March of 2002. It was also on the at same night that we got to witness Lesnar dish out his first ever devastating F-5 on poor old Maven. It's now been over 15 years since his debut, and the F5 continues to be one of, if not the most violent finishing move in WWE. Whether he is delivering an F5 to Spike Dudley or the Big Show it still looks very painful.

The way Lesnar ragdolls his opponents, makes John Cena's Attitude Adjustment look like child's play. While Lesnar is becoming more and more known today for his suplex's, it's his finishing move that really puts him over. There are not many guys with the sheer size and strength like Brock Lesnar and the F5 is a perfectly suited finisher for him.

8 Bore: Various - Superkick

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This next entry on the this list is a bit of a cheat since nobody on the current roster uses a Superkick as their finisher. However, there are still couple of guys who use the move as a Signiture. The Superkick has been around since the 1980s, but it reached it's height of popularity when Shawn Michaels starting using his own version of the move.

When HBK hit the Sweet Chin Music, you knew it was lights out for his opponent. Today it seems like almost every wrestler uses the Superkick almost as often as a bodyslam. The worst part of it all it almost never leads to a three count. The move has been so weakened in the WWE that has lost all it's credibility of ever being a true finisher again.

7 Love: Jeff Hardy - Swanton Bomb

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The Swanton Bomb in its self is a very simple maneuver. The move requires Jeff Hardy to climb to the top of the turnbuckle, hold his body straight with his arms out, and flip onto his opponent. It's not the complexity of the move that makes the Swanton Bomb so great, it's from all the insane heights and places that Jeff Hardy has delivered it.

Some of Jeff's most memorable Swanton Bomb deliveries include when he climbed the RAW Titan Tronnnn and dove thirty feet onto Randy Orton. When Jeff made his most recent WWE return at WrestleMania 33, he made sure to give the fans a show he hit a Swanton Bomb off a 20ft ladder. As long as Jeff continues to take risks, his finisher isn't going to get boring anytime soon.

6 Bore: Naomi - Rear View

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Women's wrestling in the WWE has come along way in recent years. In some cases the women's matches completely stole the show. As much as the division has grown recently, there are still some remnants of the old Diva's era. One of the things that fit perfectly in the Diva's era was Naomi's finishing move of the Rear View.

The name of the maneuver is almost as stupid as the move itself. Have Naomi drive her butt into the face of her opponent really doesn't feel like a move that belongs in today's WWE. Thankfully Naomi now uses a submission move as a finisher and the Rear View just as one of her signature moves. Still, the move should just be rid of all together for everybody's sake.

5 Love: Hideo Itami - Go-To-Sleep

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When WWE fans think of Go-to-Sleep they most likely thing of the enigma that is CM Punk. While we may never see Punk deliver a GTS in a WWE ring again, the originator of the move is currently putting his opponents to sleep in NXT. When Hideo Itami signed with the WWE in 2014, he brought his popular GTS finisher with him.

The WWE Universe may have already been familiar with the GTS, but Itami's version of the move seems more over with the fans than Punk's ever was. It's safe to say that Itami's run in the WWE has not gone as well as he would have liked. If Itami can finally make to the main roster, he's just one GTS away from getting the fans behind him.

4 Bore: Bayley - Bayley-to-Belly Suplex

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There is no doubt that Bayley is one of the most talented women in the WWE today. Her matches against with Sasha Banks in NXT were instant classics. She has a ton going for her, with her girl next door looks and bubbly personality, she has the chance to become one of the top babyfaces in the Women's Division.

Something that Bayley doesn't have going for her is a compelling finishing move. The Bayley=to-belly suplex is a fine signature move but it doesn't make for a very believable match ending move. The fact that Bayley is on the smaller side makes the move look like it has very little impact. Bayley does have a very impressive looking elbow drop, which would be a much better-suited finisher.

3 Love: Ember Moon - Eclipse

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Ember Moon made her debut at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II and it was a memorable one. If you weren't intrigued by her unique look and her fantastic in-ring skills, when she delivered her Eclipse finisher, she was sure to grab your attention. The Eclipse is a take on a stunner that has never been done before. She launches herself off the top rope in a corkscrew motion before delivering a devastating stunner.

The Eclipse had been built in NXT as the most dangerous finishing maneuver and it's not hard to see why as the move look just plain nasty. When Ember Moon does eventually make it to the main roster, it's only going to take one Eclipse before the fans start getting behind her. The one negative aspect of the move is that requires a decent amount of set up by the opponent. Despite that fact, the Eclipse is on it's way to becoming the most entertaining finisher in the WWE today.

2 Bore: Big Show - KO Punch

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The Big Show has been pummeling his opponents for over two decades now. Throughout his career, he has had a few different finishing maneuvers. His chokeslam worked great for a man his size. The Final Cut looked like it could flatten his opponents into pancakes. However, his current KO Punch finisher has become the definition of a joke.

Given the size of his hands, it's very believable that the Big Show is capable of knocking out his opponents with one punch. However, if that's the case then how come any other of punches are now where near as devastating? While the move was initially at least used better, today it's basically used as just comedic fodder.

1 Love: Randy Orton - RKO

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Arguably no finishing move in the history of the WWE has transcended the wrestling world quite like Randy Orton's RKO. There was a time where it was impossible to read your Facebook timeline without seeing RKO meme or video. While the RKO's popularity has seemed to die down a bit, it's still the most entertaining finishing move to watch.

The RKO may be as simple of a finishing move as you can get, it's the fact Orton can hit "Outta Nowhere" that always keeps you on the edge of your seat. There has been so many great RKO's delivered throughout the years that it's hard to narrow down the best. However, if there is one RKO worth watching over and over again it's his RKO against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31.

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