8 WWE Mistresses Who Had To Be In It For The Money (And 7 Who Did It For Love)

Wrestling is a profession that can be tough on any relationship. Being away on the road for 300 days a year, these athletes never see their spouses much. That much distance can lead to a strain in their love life. There’s many wrestling couples who have stayed together through good and bad times, while other couples break up. Most of the time a split is due to infidelity. Traveling all the time, wrestlers often face temptation.

Throughout the years, there have been plenty of stories about extramarital activities happening backstage. Reports have circulated of co-workers hooking up or wrestlers being caught with "ring rats". These scandals are not uncommon in the wrestling world, and WWE Superstars are notorious for cheating on their partners. For three decades, rumours have circulated about wrestlers having a mistress on the side, which leads to the end of their marriage. Following their divorce a majority of the wrestlers go on to start a new life with their mistresses.

Yet that hasn’t stopped scandal from following the new couple. Fans have a tendency to judge wrestlers after an affair hits the news. Often it’s the mistress who faces most of the backlash. Fans will harass the mistress by saying she’s only involved with a wrestler due to the money they make. A few mistresses do come across as gold diggers by flaunting their newfound wealth and status. Yet, there are a few mistresses who are with their partners because of love.

So which WWE mistresses were in the relationship for money, and which are in it for true love?


15 Sunny (Money)

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Touted as the original WWE Diva, Sunny’s onscreen career isn’t as well-known as her backstage antics. Appearing as a wrestling valet in the early 90s, the blonde bombshell would often be seen accompanying wrestler Chris Candido to the ring. The two were a pair off screen, yet their relationship hit a rough patch when Sunny began having an affair with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Shawn and Bret were WWE’s top stars at the time, and both were also married.

Michaels divorced his wife to be with Sunny, and their relationship lasted for a couple of months before it came to an abrupt end. Soon after the affair ended, Sunny was fired from WWE due to her causing backstage drama. While Sunny and Michaels affair appeared to be based on love, many have wondered if the beauty was using The Heartbreak Kid to further her career.

14 Sable (Love)

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As one of the top Divas from the Attitude Era, Sable created plenty of controversy in and out of the ring. The former Women’s champion left WWE in 1999 and later filed a lawsuit alleging harassment in the workplace. Any disputes were soon worked out allowing Sable to return to the company in 2003. She and Lesnar crossed paths backstage at Smackdown, leading to a romantic relationship.

Their new romance came shortly after Sable divorced her husband Marc Mero. As for Brock, he was in a relationship with Nicole McClain, who is the mother of his first two children. Although an affair has never been confirmed or denied, that hasn’t stopped the allegations from surrounding the couple. Despite earning $12 million a year, Brock and Sable lead simple lives. The couple lives in a cabin in Saskatchewan, cut off from urban life. Given Sable’s past, she probably has no problem living away from the public.

13 Jojo (Money)

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At the age of nineteen, Jojo Offerman became part of the WWE family. But her debut didn’t come in the squared circle; it came on the WWE reality show Total Divas. Her time on the show only lasted one season, but that didn’t derail her WWE career. After her stint on Total Divas, Jojo became one of WWE’s ring announcers.

There were never any backstage reports about her, and she seemed like one of the good girls on the roster. But all that changed in the summer of 2017 when news broke that she was having an affair with Bray Wyatt. From the beginning, Jojo and Bray seemed like a strange couple. Many wondered if the relationship was for real or if there was an ulterior motive on Jojo’s part. Since reports of the affair broke, Jojo has gained a lot of attention.

12 Paige (Love)

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Paige’s relationship with Alberto Del Rio was one of the most talked about topic among the wrestling community last year. The couple’s relationship began with a rocky start due to Alberto still being married. During the divorce proceedings, his wife alleged Alberto cheated on her and Paige was the mistress.

Despite the bad publicity, the couple showed they were head over heels in love with each other. In October of 2016, the couple's relationship took a serious turn. Del Rio had just finished competing in a match at an independent show. Paige stepped into the ring and got down on both knees to propose to her Papi. However, the lovefest between Paige and Del Rio soon faded. Their relationship was plagued by lots of drama, which lead to Paige splitting with Del Rio in the fall of 2017.

11 Lauren Hashian (Money)

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has no doubt had a very successful career. As he made the transition from WWE wrestler to Hollywood’s top actor, he had his wife Dany Garcia by his side. However in 2007, the couple’s ten-year marriage came to an end. Unlike most Hollywood divorces, the couple kept it amicable for the sake of their daughter.

Shortly after the divorce was finalized, Johnson began dating Lauren Hashian. The new relationship had rumours circulating that the two were engaged in an affair while Johnson was still married. Hashian was just 23 when she began dating the former WWE star. While Lauren’s musical career may not have taken off, she’s scored a nice life for herself at The Rock’s girlfriend. When she’s not busy taking care of their daughter, she can be found escorting her boyfriend of ten years to movie premieres.

10 AJ Lee (Love)

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AJ Lee became the WWE Universe’s favourite Diva. Her nerdy, spunky attitude along with her wrestling skills garnered the crowd’s reaction every time she stepped into the ring. Their hearts went into overdrive when news broke in the fall of 2013 that the couple was dating in real life. While AJ fans were rejoicing at the news, Lita fans weren’t so happy. Punk had been dating Lita for the past two years, and fans assumed they were still together. Yet, when photos surfaced of AJ and Punk at a Chicago Cubs game, it was official Punk and Lita were no more.

Given how the relationship started along with Punk’s history, many didn’t think the relationship would last long. Despite the odds, the couple married in June 2014 and are enjoying their new life post WWE. AJ and Punk seem to be happy, and the former Divas champion takes every opportunity she can get to proclaim her love for her hubby.

9 Tiffany Vandemark (Money)

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Fans of Ric Flair were surprised when he divorced his second wife Elizabeth after twenty-three years of marriage. Flair has been well known as a womanizer, yet many believed that the father of four had settled down. Flair’s old ways came back in full force after his second divorce when Ric began dating fitness competitor Tiffany Vandemark. The blonde bombshell was much younger than the legendary wrestler, yet age didn’t seem like an issue in their relationship. In May 2006, the coupled tied the knot in a lavish beach ceremony.

But the third time wasn’t the charm for The Nature Boy. After two years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2008. Reports surfaced soon after about the couple’s turbulent relationship, which included accusations of Tiffany being a gold digger. One report stated that she stole various items from Ric and tried to sell them. Based on the reports, it appears she was after more than The Nature Boy's heart.


8 Zahra Schreiber (Love)

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In February 2015, Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber’s secret affair was exposed when nude photos of the couple were posted on Seth’s Twitter account. The photos were released by his former fiancée Leighla Schultz, who discovered the wrestler’s affair while skimming through photos on his phone. The news came as a shock because Seth and Leighla seemed like a good couple.

Zahra, who was wrestling for NXT at the time quickly, came under backlash from fans. Many speculated that the newcomer was using Seth to further her wrestling career. Schreiber and Rollins shared a love of wrestling, rock music, and tattoos. The couple was so infatuated with each other that Zahra moved into Seth's home. However, their relationship like many affairs was short-lived. The couple broke up in 2016 and shortly afterwards Zahra was released from WWE.

7 Melina (Money)

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Melina is considered by many to be one of the best female wrestlers among WWE fans. Yet, behind the scenes Melina was known to have sort of an attitude and often found herself in trouble. One such incident that’s well documented is her affair with married superstar Batista. The relationship between Melina and Batista began in 2006. At the time of their hookup, she was involved with John Morrison. As for Batista, he was married, yet going through divorce proceedings.

As for Melina, her career transitioned from valet to singles star. She won her first WWE Women’s Championship in 2007. Her wrestling career continued to take off as she become one of WWE’s top Divas. Given the timeline of their affair and her championship run, one has to wonder if her involvement with The Animal played a part in her singles push.

6 Lita (Love)

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Lita was an established star in the Golden Era of women’s wrestling. Her feud with Trish was legendary and throughout her career she was seen as a babyface. However, fans began to turn on the redhead when the real life triangle of her, Matt Hardy, and Edge was brought to WWE television.

The fallout from the affair created backlash towards Edge and Lita, although the Diva faced the brunt of the fans’ attacks. Onscreen and off, she had to deal with fans calling her a homewrecker. The harassment became too much that it was one of the factors that lead to Lita’s retirement in 2006. In a recent interview, Lita opened up about the affair. She explained that she and Matt were going through a rough period in their relationship. Edge was there to support Lita and their friendship soon turned romantic.

5 Kelly Kelly (Money)

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While Kelly Kelly may not have been the best wrestler, she was one of the most popular Divas of her time. Over the years, Kelly Kelly’s relationships with WWE wrestlers have been the source of gossip sites, but it’s her hookup with Chris Jericho that stands out the most. In 2010, photos surfaced of Kelly and Jericho partying at a club, one of the pictures showed the pair engaged in a kiss. Jericho was a married man and father of three kids. As soon as the photos were released, rumours of an affair spread throughout the web.

If there was an affair between the two, it apparently didn’t last long. Yet, soon after the Jericho story broke, Kelly Kelly received a mega push in her singles career. Kelly Kelly’s success in WWE has always come under scrutiny due to her relationships with wrestlers.

4 Stephanie McMahon (Love)

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In early 2000, the Billion Dollar Princess found herself embroiled in a love triangle with Triple H and Chyna. Chyna and Triple H were together for four years before their relationship came to an end thanks to Stephanie McMahon. Triple H was involved in an onscreen relationship with Stephanie, which soon transitioned to real life. Rumour has it the two were fooling around behind Chyna’s back. When Chyna learned of the affair she broke up with Triple H and shortly afterwards was fired from WWE.

Even though it’s been seventeen years since the real life triangle happened, that hasn’t stopped Triple H and Stephanie’s relationship from coming under scrutiny. For years, Stephanie has had to live with the moniker of home wrecker. Stephanie has proved her love for Triple H is stronger than ever. The two have been married for fourteen years and are the parents of three daughters.

3 Kim Kessler (Money)

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Randy Orton had a reputation has being a bad boy, yet all that seemed to disappear when he married his childhood sweetheart Samantha Speno in 2007. The couple along with their daughter Alanna appeared to be the perfect family. But their fairytale life came to an end when the couple divorced in 2013. Not too long afterwards, Orton stepped out in public with his new lady Kim Kessler. The single mom of three boys was a huge wrestling fan and Orton was her favourite star.

As Mrs. Randy Orton, Kim has landed a pretty nice lifestyle for herself. She isn't shy about showing off her luxury life on social media. Fans can catch a glimpse of Kim's fancy clothes, diamond rings, and tropical vacations with her hubby. Seeing all the pics, one has to wonder if Mrs. Orton is more in love with her husband or her lavish new lifestyle.

2 Michelle McCool (Love)

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Fans were shocked to learn of Michelle McCool’s relationship with legendary WWE star The Undertaker. The main reason was because The Undertaker had just gone through a divorce with his second wife, Sara. As for McCool, she divorced her husband the prior year. Despite her athleticism in the ring, fans proclaimed her newfound status as top Diva was due to her relationship. The Undertaker is regarded as one of the most respected wrestlers in the business and his clout is important backstage.

However, McCool has proved her relationship with The Undertaker isn’t about money or power. Two years later, the couple welcomed a daughter named Kaia. Now that the couple has retired from WWE, they live a mainly quiet life. Although McCool does occasionally post pics of The Deadman on Instagram. Just recently, she was seen at WrestleMania cheering on her husband as he wrestled his "last" match.

1 Nikki Bella (Money)

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Nikki Bella and John Cena are no doubt WWE’s top couple. The pair began dating in 2012, just a couple of months after Cena finalized his divorce from ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. One of the rumours swirling around Cena’s divorce is that he was having an affair with Nikki. Given the timing of the divorce along when Cena and Nikki went public, there was always suspicions of infidelity.

Nikki has been portrayed as a gold digger due to Cena lavishing her with expensive gifts. Miss Bella never misses an opportunity to remind everyone that she’s Cena’s main squeeze and how he spoils her with fancy shoes and clothes. After four years of pondering whether John's going to marry her, Nikki can rest easily knowing she's about to become Mrs. Cena. As for John, we're guessing he's drafting another legal document for her to sign on the big day.


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