8 WWE Records That Will Be Broken By Current Superstars (And 7 That Won’t)

You know what they say about pro wrestling, right? Wins and losses don't matter, as it's all about how strong a wrestler looks out there, in terms of their in-ring performance, promos, charisma, and other variables unique to sports entertainment. But that doesn't mean WWE doesn't keep its share of records, and that doesn't mean that there aren't any sites that keep track of unofficial, yet factual WWE records based on television and house show appearances. We all know about Ric Flair and John Cena having 16 world championships, but how many of you knew that former Los Matadores mascot El Torito has the highest winning percentage in WWE history at 91.78 percent? (Spoiler: He's not on this list, as his is a case that could go either way.)

Traditional sports may have its share of records that may never be broken, such as Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game, which remains a record 55 years later. It also has its share of records that are bound to be broken, or were broken by active players, such as Tom Brady becoming the first quarterback to have five Super Bowl rings. Which WWE records may likely be broken by one of its active wrestlers, and which ones will probably remain in place until the end of the company's history? Read on, as we give you eight of the former and seven of the latter.


15 Ric Flair's 16 World Championships (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: John Cena

This one should be fairly obvious, even with the likely record-breaker now spending more time than ever on his acting career. Although he claims to have won substantially more than 16 world championships, the official count shows Ric Flair being a 16-time world champ. Now that he's 68 and several years removed from his retirement, there's no way he's ever going to be a 17-time champ, but there's somebody who might in due time, and his name is...

Yes, you know what his name is. It's John Cena, and even if it seems like quite a while since he tied Flair to become a 16-time world champ at this year's Royal Rumble, there's no way WWE would deny him a chance at winning his 17th. Love him or hate him, Cena will leave an indelible legacy on the WWE Universe when he retires, and now that he's 40-years-old and essentially working part-time duty, it shouldn't be much longer before Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect breaks the Nature Boy's record.

14 Honky Tonk Man's 454-Day IC Title Reign (Won't)

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One would think legendary workaholic Vince McMahon was so teed off at Ricky Steamboat's decision to take time off to care for his pregnant wife that he decided to make the Honky Tonk Man's Intercontinental Championship reign, which started when he beat Steamboat for the title, last a whopping 64 weeks. Poor Santino Marella had no hope against that Honk-a-Meter, because for all intents and purposes, no one in present-day WWE is coming anywhere close to that 454-day record.

The reason for this is quite simple – the Intercontinental Championship is a mid-card belt, and since it's regularly defended (unlike the U.S. Championship when it was held by Dean Ambrose – we'll get there!), it's the type of belt that doesn't necessitate a super-long reign. Sure, The Miz has long since passed HTM in terms of cumulative days as IC Champion, but Honky's one and only run holding the belt is long enough not to be broken in the immediate foreseeable future.


13 Chris Jericho's 9 Intercontinental Championships (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: The Miz

Want a record that might be right up Miz's alley? Try Chris Jericho's nine Intercontinental Championships. Already, The Miz has held the IC title for a combined 523 days over seven reigns, as to a mere 319 days for Jericho. That's a sign that Miz's time holding the mid-card title has been more "must-see" than that of the man with "the list," and while he may have recently lost the IC belt to Roman Reigns, no one should be surprised if he retakes the title sometime in the coming months to become an eight-time champion. And don't be shocked either if he becomes a 10-time Intercontinental Champion before his 40th birthday.

Indeed, The Miz has made a remarkable return to relevance in recent years. And while we're not sure if he can get back into the WWE/Universal Championship picture, he's done a great job making the Intercontinental Championship feel important again. All the more reason for him to one day hold the record for most IC title wins in WWE history.

12 Randy Orton As Youngest World Champion (Won't)

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As I told a friend the other day while commenting on the advanced average age of Raw and SmackDown's Survivor Series teams, Randy Orton's "only" 37, but it almost feels like he's 45 because he's been around for what seems like forever. Indeed, it feels like so long ago when The Viper, then 24 years and 4 months old, became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

A look at WWE's main roster as of this writing will tell you that there is no man on either Raw or SmackDown Live's roster who could beat this record – last time we checked, Benjamin Button wasn't signed to a WWE contract. Seriously speaking, though, only Noam Dar is almost as old as Orton was when he became a first-time world champion, and he's a relative afterthought in the Cruiserweight Division. Even NXT has only a few at the 24-and-younger range, though it's not like Rezar or The Velveteen Dream is looking like a would-be Apex Predator in the immediate foreseeable future.


11 The Dudley Boyz's 8 Tag Team Championships (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: New Day

If someone told me three years ago that The New Day would one day be breaking The Dudley Boyz's all-time WWE record of eight tag team championships (which doesn't count the numerous other tag titles they won outside of the WWE), I would have laughed at you and stopped short of asking one of my friends to get the tables. But that was at a time when The New Day had yet to let their real personalities shine through; since their less than auspicious beginnings, they've become a huge draw, a big merchandise seller, and one of the best reasons, time and again, for fans to tune in to WWE television.

Rumors have been swirling that The New Day is being primed by the WWE to beat the Dudleyz's record for most tag team titles – they've already broken Demolition's record for longest combined reign on top of the tag division, and if they keep trading belts with The Usos, they may find themselves halfway through their goal of nine tag team championship reigns before WrestleMania.

10 Santino Marella's 1.9-Second Royal Rumble Stint (Won't)

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We almost placed this in the "Will" category, but think about the odds of it happening – you'll need to make immediate contact with another wrestler the moment you hit the ring, and take into account the time it takes for the wrestler to clothesline you out and for your feet to hit the ground. It was a perfect storm of circumstances, if you can call it that, for Santino Marella, as Kane eliminated him at the 2009 Royal Rumble the very second he entered. When everything was added up, Santino's record-shortest Rumble time was 1.9 seconds, good enough to beat The Warlord's old record by one-tenths of a second.

While there's a chance that someone like Curt Hawkins or another comedy/comedy-esque jobber may break Santino's record in the near future, the 2017 Royal Rumble match seemed to point things in a new direction for WWE. Gone were the plethora of surprise and/or joke entries that WWE used to make the numbers. With a large, two-brand roster until further notice, WWE no longer has to make do with joke Rumble entries, which means Santino's 1.9-second Rumble stint is one of the safer records in the WWE these days.


9 Kane's 1,633-Match WWE Career (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, The Miz

According to the good folks over at the Internet Wrestling Database, Glenn Jacobs has wrestled a whopping 1,633 matches in the WWE, most of those as Kane. That gives him the most number of matches any one man has ever wrestled in while part of the WWE in any of its incarnations, and if you take away the 36 matches he wrestled as Isaac Yankem or "Diesel II," he's still got at least a hundred matches on the wrestlers right behind him – Big Show, John Cena, and Dolph Ziggler.

With WWE seemingly giving Kane one last big push before he rides off into the sunset (and possibly into a political career as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee), we're sure to see the Devil's Favorite Demon reach the 1,700-match mark before his WWE career is over. But if wrestlers like The Miz (37-years-old, 1,186 matches), Dean Ambrose (31-years-old, 962 matches), or even Roman Reigns (32-years-old, 806 matches) remain healthy and employed by the WWE until they reach their early-to-mid 40s, one of those men just might beat Kane's record sometime in the next decade.

8 Fabulous Moolah's Three Decades As Women's Champion (Won't)

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As the top female wrestler at a time when women's wrestling was still considered a sideshow to men's competition, the Fabulous Moolah reigned supreme for a good three decades, with most records suggesting she first held the NWA World Women's Championship in 1956 at the age of 33, hanging on to the title until 1984, when she lost it to Wendi Richter at the age of 61. One year later, Moolah would win the title back from Richter via the "Original Screwjob," hanging on to it for another two years.

Yes, if you're doing the math, the Fabulous Moolah was recognized as WWE's Women's Champion for THIRTY YEARS in total. With women's wrestling attracting far more many participants, and with WWE finally getting its "women's revolution" right (well, at least most of the time), there's no way on Earth anyone of its current female stars will come close to holding a title for anywhere close to three decades.


7 Trish Stratus' 7 Women's Championships (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: Charlotte Flair

At the rate things are going, with long-term women's champions quite rare in the WWE's new two-brand era, it probably won't be long before Trish Stratus' record of seven Women's Championships is broken. If you've been keeping count, Charlotte Flair now has five Women's Championships – four in Raw and the other one being the SmackDown title she holds right now – and if you also count the fact that she was the last-ever Divas Champion before the belt was retired, she now has six, and is right behind Stratus as the winningest female in WWE history in terms of Women's Championship belts.

Considering that Trish also won herself one Hardcore Championship during that title's chaotic "24/7 rule" era, we won't be surprised if Charlotte ends up breaking that record as well by winning her ninth Women's Championship within the next year or two.

6 Asuka's NXT Women's Championship Reign (Won't)

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While Charlotte Flair has a good chance at eventually breaking Trish Stratus' record in terms of number of Women's Championship belts, there doesn't seem to be anyone in NXT, or maybe in any of WWE's women's divisions, who has a shot at breaking Asuka's record-setting 510-day title reign as NXT Women's Champion. As we mentioned, quick turnover is the name of the game with WWE's Women's Championships, and while Asuka is bound to become Raw Women's Champion at some point in the near future, we don't see her breaking her own record, nor do we see other current WWE female wrestlers doing the same.

Furthermore, while we don't want to see the Empress of Tomorrow become one of those older female wrestlers who put over the younger women so soon, we should also remember that at 36, she's just two years younger than Mickie James, who's playing such a role on Raw. She's destined for main roster greatness, just not another title reign lasting well over a year.


5 The Undertaker's Combined 'Mania Match Time (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: Triple H

Now we have to admit this is a rather unusual record, but out of the two Undertaker records in this list, this is the one that has a chance of being broken by someone on WWE's active roster. As of WrestleMania 33, the Deadman has spent a combined total of 438 minutes and 7 seconds in the ring in all the 'Manias he's appeared in since WrestleMania VII in 1991. But someone is nipping at his heels as we speak, and based on the ending of Survivor Series, I'm sure you've got an idea whom we're referring to here.

With Triple H having formally kicked off a rivalry with Kurt Angle by betraying him at Survivor Series, it stands to reason that The Game and the Olympic gold medalist are likely bound to meet at WrestleMania 34 – another battle of the old guys to stoke interest among casuals, but it's been a match that's been talked about for a while. With The Undertaker's in-ring career likely done, all Triple H needs is to last 8 minutes or more in his (presumed) match against Angle, and he's got a WrestleMania match time record.

4 Bruno Sammartino's 4,040 Days Combined As WWE Champion (Won't)

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Allow us to put it this way – even with Vince McMahon as infatuated as he is with Roman Reigns, there's no chance in hell (pun intended) the Big Dog will ever come close to Bruno Sammartino's combined 4,040 days with WWE's top belt, over a span of two runs. The first time Bruno had the belt, he held it for over 2,800 days, and if we were to have Reigns hold the title for that long (assuming he won it now), he'd be 40-years-old by the time he'd finally be defeated. We hope we aren't giving Vince any ideas.

Still, we know that cannot happen, as Sammartino's combined 11-12 years on top of the WWE mountain are a relic of the company's earlier, territorial days, well before pro wrestling became a pop culture phenomenon. That's one era Mr. McMahon doesn't like throwing back to, which means you can expect Bruno's title reign record to remain unbroken for the decades to come.


3 Roman Reigns' 12 Royal Rumble Eliminations (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: Braun Strowman

Putting things in perspective, Roman Reigns eliminated 40 percent of the Royal Rumble field at the 2014 Royal Rumble pay-per-view. That's 12 men thrown over the top rope, and you might not believe it, but the fans were cheering the Big Dog back then. Things would radically change in the coming year, as the WWE Universe turned on Roman big-time for what they felt was an undeserved singles push. But at least he still had a couple titles during that time. And he still had the Royal Rumble match record, one more elimination than Kane's erstwhile record, good enough to place him on the record book.

Don't expect that record to last more than a couple of years. With Braun Strowman getting a monster push and fresh off a successful babyface turn (his first on the main roster), there's nobody more deserving of breaking Reigns' record than him. Now we're not sure if that's going to lead to a a trip to the WrestleMania main event, considering what's expected for next year, but 13 eliminations out of 30? If there's someone on the main roster who can do it, it's certainly the Monster Among Men.

2 The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak (Won't)

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No record in WWE history is arguably as sacred as the one we're referring to in this entry. For 21 straight WrestleMania appearances, The Undertaker emerged with his hand raised in victory, and while a lot of us thought that the Deadman would retire from the WWE with that streak intact, we all know that Brock Lesnar put an end to that at WrestleMania XXX in one of the most shocking events in the three decade-plus history of the Show of Shows. 'Taker's gone 2-1 at 'Mania since his loss to the Beast, and with all signs pointing to imminent retirement (if he isn't retired yet) and Hall of Fame induction, the least WWE can do is make sure his record-breaking streak remains unbroken for as long as there is a WWE.

It doesn't matter if a transcendent new talent comes along and shows potential of becoming WWE's G.O.A.T. – it would be heresy if WWE ever has someone winning 22 straight matches at WrestleMania.


1 CM Punk's 434-Day WWE Championship Reign (Will)

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Most Likely To Break It: Roman Reigns

When someone has a bad falling out with the WWE, one thing the company loves to do is to have an active wrestler erase them from the record books. It happened when Nikki Bella eclipsed AJ Lee's then-record-setting Divas Championship reign. And since a lot of AJ's heat with the WWE was by proxy, we shouldn't be surprised if the company tries to erase her husband, CM Punk's, most important legacy as a WWE Superstar – his 434-day reign as WWE Champion, which is the longest in modern-day history for a male wrestler.

For all we know, it could be an up-and-coming youngster who's still with NXT, someone like Adam Cole, for instance, holding the top title in developmental for over a year and two months. But knowing Vince McMahon, we're venturing he'll want to do this sooner rather than later, and have someone on the main roster become Universal Champion for at least 435 days, but probably not until he loses it once or twice in the aftermath of WrestleMania 34, where he's expected to win it from a certain Beast Incarnate.

Roman Reigns as WWE Universal Champion (or WWE Champion) for 435 days. If it happens, don't tell us we didn't warn you.


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