8 WWE Relationships That Lasted Longer Than Expected And 7 That Ended Quickly

Relationships in WWE are fleeting. There are still many that have happened within the company over the past few decades that haven't been made public knowledge. This means that couples come and go and sometimes relationships don't go the way that they were expected to.

WWE stars are around each other on a regular basis and sometimes this can become too much or WWE splitting them up on separate rosters can cause a problem. Some stars even leave the company and decide that it's too much to continue dating while their spouse is on the road and they aren't anymore.

It seems that it is much harder to make a WWE relationship work than many of the WWE Universe are aware. With a number of cheating scandals that WWE is linked with right now, it makes sense that relationships in WWE are quite hard to retain.

Some couples have what it takes and some don't and the following list looks at some of the couples who have managed to defy the odds and have a lengthy relationship despite their differences, as well as couples who didn't last as long as the WWE Universe thought they would, despite being perfect for each other.

15 Lasting: Dean Ambrose And Renee Young

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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young finally revealed publicly that they were dating back in 2015. The couple were then hounded with death threats from many fans of Ambrose who felt that Young was not good enough for the former WWE World Champion.

Young And Ambrose managed to push through this and were even given a part on Total Divas, something that has allowed the WWE Universe to feel much more connected to the duo as a couple. Renee revealed earlier this year that she married Dean in the back garden of their Las Vegas home back in October in an intimate ceremony that the couple had remained quiet about for a number of months. The couple were one of the biggest couples that WWE fans didn't think would last but somehow they are still going strong four years after they began dating back in 2013.

14 Ended Quickly: Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett's relationship was one that many of the WWE Universe didn't see coming. The couple began dating back in 2010, but Barrett later was revealed to be dating Rachel David in 2014. Meaning that the relationship with Alicia was obviously over before this.

Alicia later brought her relationship with Wade into a storyline on Total Divas and the duo had a heart to heart and talked about why they broke up and it was seemingly because Wade just didn't see a future with Alicia. He still wanted to be friends with her and thought that she was a lovely person, but as a couple, he just didn't see them moving forward. He thought breaking up was the best option. Alicia didn't agree, but was forced to walk away.

13 Lasting: Rusev and Lana

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Lana and Rusev were both brought up to the main roster together as a couple. But the WWE Universe didn't quite believe that the duo were together in real life. Even Vince McMahon tried to split them up when he found out because he thought that Lana was too good for Rusev.

Despite the interference of others and the fact that the couple were punished by WWE for releasing the fact that they were engaged to the media part way through a storyline, they are still going strong. Lana and Rusev married last year and both of their weddings were featured on Total Divas. Rusev is out with a shoulder injury; one that has kept him on the sidelines since Fastlane while Lana embarks on a single's run. Even though the couple are no longer together on screen, it doesn't seem to affect them off screen.

12 Ended Quickly: Nick Mitchell and Christy Hemme

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Christy Hemme was the first ever Diva Search winner to win a WWE contract and began appearing on WWE TV in 2004. She then began dating Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell in 2005 but the couple didn't hit it off like they thought they would. Both stars were at the same level in WWE at the time, but it didn't seem to work out for them as a couple.

Christy's WWE career didn't last very long as she left the company after rumours surfaced that she was forced out when an illicit affair with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was unveiled. Nick then moved on to date fellow WWE star Torrie Wilson, while Christy has been happily married to Charly Patterson since 2010. The couple have since welcomed their first child; a daughter named Charlie Rose.

11 Lasting: John Cena and Nikki Bella

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John Cena has one of the worst dating records in WWE. HJ divorced his first wife and has been linked to relationships with Maria, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix as well as many others. When it was revealed that he was dating Nikki Bella back in 2012, just months after his divorce was finalized, many fans were sceptical.

Nikki and John had many problems on Total Divas when it came to their future dreams to be married and have children, but after Cena finally proposed to Nikki at WrestleMania 33, it appears the couple are now on the same page and in the same relationship for the long haul. Cena and Nikki have been dating now for five years and it seems that they have definitely defied the odds that many fans gave them when they first started dating.

10 Ended Quickly: Seth Rollins And Zahra Schreiber

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Seth Rollins was engaged to Leighla Shultz when he made his debut on WWE's main roster back in 2012. Fast forward to 2015 and Rollins was caught in the biggest scandal of his career when his phone was hacked and images of NXT star Zahra Schreiber were posted on his Twitter page.

His fiance reacted by sharing personal photos of Rollins and the couple ended their engagement and Rollins instead started publicly dating Schrieber with the couple being seen at WWE events together and even at Rollins' Black and Brave training school. After merely months together it was revealed in February 2016 that the couple had drifted apart and amicably split. Zahra was released from WWE in 2015 which would have made it much harder for the couple since WWE would have put pressure on Rollins to end the relationship.

9 Lasting: CM Punk and AJ Lee

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There was a lot of speculation as to when Punk and AJ Lee officially decided to get together as a couple. It is thought that they were together when Punk walked away from WWE in January 2014. AJ Lee was Divas Champion at the time and gained a lot of the backlash from her boyfriend's actions after this.

AJ has publicly talked about her mental state and the pressure WWE put her under for more than a year because of Punk's departure began affecting her and many of the WWE Universe didn't think that Punk and AJ would get through it. Shockingly AJ and Punk married in 2014 and AJ made the decision to choose her husband over her wrestling career in 2015 when she retired from the company and began writing a book about her career instead.

8 Ended Quickly: Matt Hardy And Ashley

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Ashley won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and came into WWE just as Matt Hardy was recovering from the fact that his long-term girlfriend Lita had cheated on him with his friend Edge. Ashley and Matt then decided to start a relationship. The couple had a lot in common and seemingly got on well when it came to their posts online. But much like Lita, Ashley's head was turned again.

Ashley was made the manager of Paul London and Brian Kendrick on SmackDown and she instead started a relationship with London and this led to a brutal exchange of words between London and Hardy on Twitter. Despite having a lot in common, the relationship was always doomed between Hardy and Ashley. Luckily he has moved on to marry and welcome two sons with former TNA star Reby Sky.

7 Lasting: Randy Orton And Kim Kessler

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Much like John Cena, Randy Orton also had quite the reputation. In fact, a few years ago after reports surfaced that he had cheated on his wife Samantha Speno with Kelly Kelly and was later linked to WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Orton then began dating WWE fan Kim Kessler after meeting her at a WWE Live event and the WWE Universe didn't think this would last.

Orton and Kessler hit it off and Orton has become the perfect stepdad to her three sons following their marriage back in 2015. They welcomed their first child as a couple back in November 2016, a daughter whom they named Brooklyn Rose. Orton regularly updates pictures about his wife and comments on how lucky he considers himself to be, which means this couple has proved the WWE Universe wrong once again.

6 Ended Quickly: CM Punk And Lita

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If there were ever two people who were perfect for each other, it would be Lita and CM Punk. The couple were into the same kind of music, tattoos, and bonded over their incredible knowledge when it came to the wrestling business. But even this wasn't enough to keep the couple together for a lengthy period of time.

It was speculated that CM Punk and AJ Lee had been dating long before Punk ended his relationship with Lita. Which could be seen as a version of karma, given the way Matt Hardy and Lita's relationship ended almost a decade before. Lita and Punk are still not considered to be on talking terms evenafter it was revealed that Lita may not have gone into the Hall of Fame if Punk didn't walk from the company because she was refusing to return.

5 Lasting: Brock Lesnar and Sable

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Sable didn't have the greatest of reputations in WWE when she left after being a two-time Playboy cover girl and already in a relationship with Marc Mero. When Sable and Brock Lesnar's relationship was revealed to the public, it was commented about how different the couple actually was.

Despite Brock and Sable have been married now for eleven years and his wife supports him whether he's in UFC or WWE. The couple also have two sons together named Duke and Turk and even though Paul Heyman has stated many times just how much Brock Lesnar hates people and contact with the public, he is more than happy to be in Sable's presence as the couple remains just as close as they were when they married in 2006.

4 Ended Quickly: Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke

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Dolph Ziggler has dated the likes of Nikki Bella and Amy Schumer in the past, the latter stating that she broke up with "The Show Off" because "the sex was too athletic." This bodes quite well for his new girlfriend Dana Brooke who is a former gymnast and Bodybuilder as well as a fellow professional wrestler.

The couple managed to find time to spend together when Dana was in NXT and Dolph was on the main roster. But when Dana was drafted over to Raw and Dolph was put on SmackDown, the split was too much for them and it was reported that they had amicably split and Dana had instead begun dating a WWE writer. Dolph is currently thought to be single and focusing on his new character in WWE.

3 Lasting: The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool and The Undertaker both filed for divorce at the same time back in 2006-07, which sparked rumours that the couple may have been a couple long before they were revealed as one. The duo were a shock addition to the list of couples who had come together during their time together in WWE any many fans didn't think their romance would last.

The couple married in 2010 and have since welcomed a daughter together. Michelle has also been seen with her husband at the last few WrestleMania events as she supported him through his high profile matches with the likes of Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns. If the rumours are true about Undertaker's retirement, then at least now he can spend some much needed time with his family.

2 Ended Quickly: Zack Ryder and Emma

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Emma is a former NXT star and it is believed that she and Zack Ryder first met and started dating when he was sent back to NXT back in 2015. Emma and Zack were then both brought up to the main roster and seemingly managed to continue their relationship until 2016.

The couple never announced that they had split, instead, images surfaced of Zack Ryder and his new girlfriend, Tough Enough contestant and current Impact star Chelsea Green. There were reports that stated that the fact that Zack and Emma were split in the WWE draft could have been too much for the couple who still remain on Raw and SmackDown respectively and have both recently returned from injury. Emma is still reported to be single despite Zack managing to quickly move on.

1 Lasting: Alberto Del Rio and Paige

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When Paige and Alberto Del Rio revealed that they were dating back in the spring of 2016, it was met with a lot of negativity from the WWE Universe. Del Rio has since been suspended and then released from WWE whilst Paige has been suspended twice for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

Many thought that Del Rio was a bad influence and when the couple became engaged in September 2016, Del Rio was said to still be married to his first wife, with the divorce still waiting to be finalized. Many thought the relationship wouldn't last but Del Rio has stood by Paige's side through her neck surgery and her hacking scandal and now the couple are attempting to set a date for their wedding for the third time, sometime in July.

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