8 WWE Rumors We Hope Are True And 7 We Don’t

With WrestleMania season upon us, the rumor mill is buzzing with various topics. Along with the rumored WrestleMania card, the mill is looking ahead at various storylines and scenarios. Things currently being discussed are Lesnar’s potential Universal Championship reign and how long it will last, along with other rumors, such as NXT call ups which will surely leave a mouth-watering taste in your mouths.

In this article, we touch base on the most popular rumors nowadays, ranking them into two categories, the good, which are the rumors we hope are true, and the bad, which include those we don’t want to see manifest themselves.

The following list includes an array of rumors from wrestlers call ups, wrestler signings, potential matches in the future, potential storylines in the future and much, much more. Good or bad, we highlight these situations in the following article.

Like always, be sure to let us know what you think about these 15 rumors, and which ones you personally feel belong in the good or bad column. Be sure to share the article with a friend, and spread the word on these rumors which can be classified as either good or bad. Sit back, relax and enjoy this list of eight WWE rumors we hope are true and seven we don’t!

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15 Good: New Faction Debuting

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As of this writing, it’s rather clear that SmackDown Live is clearly ahead of Raw at the moment in terms of the overall program content. Some blame Raw’s three-hour time slot, in comparison to SmackDown’s two hour window, while others just label it as bad writing.

Well, it seems like the WWE is going down an old path as rumors are currently swirling about a new faction possibly launching soon, featuring Triple H at the helm of the attacks. The other two faction members are slated be Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. The group has huge potential given the role KO and Joe can play as ruthless heels. With the likes of Balor and Rollins standing on the other side of the baby face fence, it can truly make for some great television, making it a rumor most fans hope to be true.

14 Bad: Another Long Term Title Run For Brock

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Once again, it seems like the WWE plans on having Brock Lesnar as the Champion following WrestleMania 33. The initial plan was for Lesnar to finally get his revenge on Goldberg, but the company decided to up the stakes making it a Universal Championship match.

The outcome as of now will see Lesnar gain the championship for a first time in a long while. 2016 was a lackluster year for Lesnar who had several forgettable performances, such as his appearance at last year’s WrestleMania, taking on Ambrose in a disappointing bout. You can expect his disappointing run to end come 2017 as Lesnar’s slated for another lengthy run as champion that is scheduled to last at least until SummerSlam. Knowing his part-time WWE status, fans won’t be too thrilled about the decision.

13 Good: Kurt Angle Returns

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The sad truth about the current WWE product is the fact that the biggest money drawers are returning Superstars. The ratings spiked for Goldberg’s return and he added massive excitement to the program. The same can be said with Shane’s return last year, had it not been for McMahon’s unlikely return, the WrestleMania card would have suffered big time. Again and again, the WWE go back to the drawing board using a returning star to up the ante.

This year, all signs point to Kurt Angle filling that void once Goldberg departs from the company after WrestleMania. This has fans buzzing as the former World Champion has been away from the WWE for over a decade now. At the age of 48, Angle has expressed interest in returning inside the squared circle and that has pumped up several fans. Unfortunately, it seems like the return won’t happen at this year’s WrestleMania as he only seems to be slated for the HOF induction. However, look for the rumors to possibly come to life after the big event. Whether it’s before or after, adding Angle is a huge plus.

12 Bad: Another Departure for Cena

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Whether you want to admit or not, the WWE is a better place with John Cena. He’s a draw wherever he goes, and his match value is a breath of fresh air over on SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, according to the mill, those time are set to come to an end once again as Cena’s slotted to miss more time following WrestleMania 33, thanks to his next film, The Pact, which is currently scheduled for a release next year.

The loss of Cena is tough to swallow in more ways than one. For one, he was taken out of his long awaited match against the Undertaker, irritating fans as Roman Reigns is now slotted in to replace him. This has led to a lackluster encounter which will now feature Cena in a mid-card bout alongside Nikki Bella as the two take on The Miz and Maryse. The trade-off isn’t all that great, but the worse part about it all is the fact that Cena will be gone once again for an extended time period following the event.

11 Good: Luke Harper’s Push

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The good that comes from Cena departing is the fact that SmackDown Live has created new stars and storylines which do not revolve around John. The likes of A.J. Styles, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler have all received substantial pushes while Cena was on the shelf. Now, it seems like the WWE is taking another chapter off that playbook, this time, making the bizarre decision to push Luke Harper.

He’s an odd fellow, but one that is fully deserving of the opportunity in front of him. At the age of 37, Harper has been in the business since 2002, working several years on the indie scene. After nearly ten years of experience, he was brought into the WWE and has performed greatly inside the squared circle despite the lack of help from creative. It now looks like that’s about to change. Most fans who know of Harper’s journey are applauding the rumor and appreciative what could be for the big man.

10 Bad: Nikki’s Departure

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Nikki Bella’s WWE career told us a tail of two tails. Her first stint with the company was disastrous to say the least. Bella struggled to find a place in the company and things just didn’t seem to be working. She left for a brief amount of time, only to return with a resurrected career, not only dominating inside the ring as the Divas Champion, but outside of it as well with her involvement on Total Divas.

Today, her stock is higher than ever, as she has a massive social media presence along with her in-ring work being night and day compared to what it used to be. With that said, just as she’s entering her prime, it seems like Nikki is slated to depart from the company, following WrestleMania due to an ongoing neck injury. If this rumor is to be true, it’ll only hurt the company given her current status both in and out of the ring.

9 Good: Power Shift On Raw

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No disrespect to Mick Foley who had a fantastic run as a Commissioner back in 2000, but this time around, things have fallen short of the expectation. Fans have criticized Foley’s involvement on Raw and at this point, a changing of the guard seems like a decent idea to help Raw get past this low period.

In terms of a power shift, the rumor mill is suggesting that Triple H alongside his Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe will own the authority of Raw. Although it’s a story the company has used in the past, using such Superstars and not the likes of Kane and Big Show is only a plus moving forward. Raw needs a big time shift and that should start with the person that’s running the show on-air. If this rumor is to be true, it can pay off big time restoring what it means to have power in the company.

8 Bad: Staying The Course With The Cruiserweight Division

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Looking back at 2016 in the WWE, the CWC tournament was one of the best things that happened inside of the company. From the small venue to the commentating skills of Daniel Bryan to the performers and atmosphere of the matches, the WWE struck gold with the idea.

However, it seems like that all fell apart once the announcement was made that the Cruiserweights were joining Raw. Once again, the company felt the need to put an entertainment spin on the proceedings and it has led to ugly results. 205 Live hasn’t helped either, as the show has been oddly booked, not to mention that it takes place after SmackDown, causing a lot of the crowd to have left even before the show starts. Vince has been rumored to be unpleased with the division and according to rumors, making any major changes to the division isn’t at the forefront. What a shame.

7 Good: Paige’s WWE Return

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Getting selected to Raw in the summer of 2016 in the midst of the draft, fans truly believed (Bolieved?) that Paige would enjoy a career rebirth on the show. Instead, she’s been gone ever since nursing an injury and getting suspended multiple times for violating the Wellness Policy. Her latest suspension was worth 60 days and although Paige complained that it was from pain medication, the WWE announced that the substance found was not a drug but an illegal substance. Ouch.

She’s yet to comeback ever since, but the rumor mill is finally indicating a return scheduled for after WrestleMania 33. Still only 24 years young, we seriously hope the best for Paige. A return would not only bolster the roster depth on Raw, but it would rejuvenate her career after an extended hiatus which has been far too long.

6 Bad: SummerSlam’s Rumored Main Event

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It seems like a recent theme in the last couple of SummerSlam events is having Lesnar main event the show. The theme started back in 2014 when he defeated John Cena in the main event match. The trend continued in 2015 when he fought the Undertaker in the main event and this past year, when he defeated Randy Orton in the final match on the card.

According to the rumor mill, that trend is set to continue with Lesnar likely entering the PPV as champion. The rumored plan is to have a long awaited WrestleMania 31 rematch featuring Lesnar and Reigns. Although the match was very good, fans are likely to rebel, wanting talent such as Finn Balor or A.J. Styles to highlight such a prestigious event.

5 Good: Pushing Finn Again

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Following the draft, the buzz around Raw surrounded the name Finn Balor. His debut fit the hype as he instantly booked a ticket into a Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins. The WWE showed just how invested they were on Finn when he won the match, claiming the championship as the first ever title holder.

We all know what happened next, Finn showed up to Raw in a sling and was forced to relinquish the title. Ever since his departure, Raw has lost the lure they once had during his presence on the show.

That was then and this is now, Balor is indeed scheduled to return in just a couple of weeks as he’s going to be cleared for action in March. Call it a rumor or call it the obvious route, the WWE is slated to push Balor once he returns. Look for The Demon King to once again dominate the Raw roster once he returns.

4 Bad: Staying Put With Roman

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The 'good' most fans would want to see would be a heel turn for Roman Reigns, but it just seems like that ship has sailed. According to the rumor mill, the WWE plans to keep things the same with Roman given the reactions he currently gets as a “good guy, bad guy” type. Although most of us salivate at the idea of Reigns joining forces with Hunter, Joe and Owens, that just doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment.

In all likelihood, Roman will continue on as is, scheduled to take on the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Then, as we discussed earlier, a high profile bout against Lesnar seems to be the next step for “The Guy”. We would hope things would turn out differently, but given his merchandise sales with the younger demographic, drastic changes aren't likely to take place.

3 Good: NXT Call Ups

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The NXT branch has created a new sense of excitement for the WWE product. Now, the WWE has a proper facility to train the future of the company, whether it be wrestlers from the indie scene or athletes from around the world, who are looking to make the jump in the sports and entertainment industry.

Every year, the WWE uses WrestleMania as a platform to relaunch the product once the show is done. A great way to do so, is by introducing new stars the very next night. This year, the rumor mill is swirling with names set to make their debuts. The Drifter Elias Samson is penciled in for a debut while other rumored names include Buddy Murphy, No Way Jose, The Revival, Tye Dillinger, Liv Morgan and a pair of high profile names in Asuka and the man himself Shinsuke Nakamura. It remains to be seen if and when these names debut, but at the end of the day, it’ll only boost the main product no matter how you look at it.

2 Bad: NXT Takes Major Hit

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The toughest part about NXT is the fact that the wrestlers of the show will eventually move on to bigger and better things on the main roster. Triple H addressed this problem as he stated the difficulty in booking certain stars for the short-term.

Although we mentioned the call up of several NXT stars as a huge plus, we can’t help but to remind everyone of the negatives involved as NXT is set to take a major hit talent wise, according to the mill. The developmental brand has readied themselves for the moves, adding indie stars Chris Hero and Roderick Strong. With Bobby Roode at the helm, fans hope the transition will go smoothly following the call-ups. Although, we can all expect the brand to take a bit of a hit no matter which way you look at it with the departures of some of its most popular stars.

1 Good: Pink Slips

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Right around WrestleMania season, the rumor mill begins to intensify with potential releases to take place after show. Every year, the company cuts the roster size in order to cut costs. This year, the WWE has lots of faces that fans would like to see out of the company.

This list includes some talented names that have just lost their way and need a change. Starting on the SmackDown side, potential release names include Viktor, Tyler Breeze, Jack Swagger, Erick Rowan, Curtis Hawkins and Simon Gotch. Over on Raw, the rumored names feature Summer Rae, Primo, Jinder Mahal, Epico, Darren Young and Curtis Axel.

It remains to be seen who gets the boot, but at this point, a release might only help the career trajectories of those mentioned as rumored names to get the pink slip.

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