8 WWE Rumours That Will Come True In 2018 (And 7 That Are Totally Bogus)

Ever since the internet began playing a huge part in some of WWE's biggest storylines, it seems that rumours have become part of the show. There will always be rumours surrounding upcoming shows and things that are going on backstage. Whether this is because WWE still has a number of employees who leak information to the media or whether this is because many fans have their own ideas about the product still remains to be seen.

What is known is that many of WWE's biggest storylines are leaked online before WWE themselves can announce what is going to happen. The internet has been a real problem for WWE for almost two decades and while the company at one point seemed to be in a position where they were able to use it to their advantage, they can't anymore. Avoiding the internet and social media is the only way that many WWE events are not ruined as a WWE fan and it seems that WWE is realizing this, with a number of leaks being made recently that have proven to be false.

The following list looks at some of the biggest rumours that are circling in WWE right now that could be proven false, while there are many others that look as though they could well be true.

15 True: Nikki Bella To Become The Next SmackDown GM

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It was rumoured a few weeks ago that Daniel Bryan's WWE contract expires next year and the former World Champion is hoping to resume his in-ring career on the Independent Circuit. In light of this, it seems that WWE needs to replace their current SmackDown General Manager. When Nikki Bella was first speculated to be a likely replacement, none of the WWE Universe took this seriously. But it seems that as part of Total Divas season 7, Nikki will be documenting her pursuit of the job that is currently held by her brother-in-law and could be the most likely candidate to fill the position. Nikki was recently eliminated from Dancing With The Stars and is now looking to return to the company and this non-physical role would be perfect for the former Divas Champion.

14 Bogus: Paige To Be Released From WWE

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Paige has had the rumours floating around about WWE wanting to cut ties with the former Divas Champion for a very long time. If the company were going to release her then they would have already done it by now. Paige is now working on getting fit ahead of her return so she is no longer considered to be injured.

If WWE were going to release her then she would have joined fellow divas Summer Rae and Emma on the list this past weekend, but she wasn't. Paige's movie release in the near future is something that WWE will gain a lot of exposure from so they wouldn't risk having Paige working for another promotion when it's finally released in the coming months. She could be returning to action sooner than expected.

13 True: Dolph Ziggler To Leave WWE

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Dolph Ziggler has been talking about an exit from WWE now for a number of years, it seems that after more than a decade working for the biggest wrestling promotion, Dolph has reached the point where he wants a new adventure.

Ziggler's WWE contract ran out in October and it is unknown how long he has signed an extension for or if he will be appearing on WWE TV again after his loss to Bobby Roode in their 2 out of 3 falls match. Ziggler hasn't been used to his full potential over the past few years as he has dropped down to a talent enhancement level performer, so it makes sense that Ziggler has had enough. The former World Champion could easily head to the Independent Scene and have a successful career like Cody Rhodes, but it seems that Dolph wants to step away from wrestling altogether.

12 Bogus: John Cena To Finally Retire

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John Cena has been the face of WWE now for more than 15 years, it is only recently that Cena has decided to switch to a part-time contract in order to juggle all of the commitments he has managed to pick up outside of his wrestling career.

With the news that Nikki Bella could be returning to SmackDown Live next year, it is highly unlikely that Cena will be going anywhere. It is thought that Cena would have been open to walking away from WWE if his fiance was going to as well, but now it makes sense for him to continue to make WWE appearances alongside Nikki for the next few years. Let's be honest, Cena seems like another star who would be lost without wrestling in his life.

11 True: John Cena To Finally Become A Grand Slam Champion

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John Cena was thought to have opened a feud with The Miz a few months ago so that he could finally become a Grand Slam Champion, but that didn't happen. The Intercontinental Championship is the only title that Cena has failed to lift in his lengthy career, so it's likely that WWE will give him that record before he decides to retire from the company.

Cena already has Ric Flair's 16-time World Championship record, so it isn't that much of a stretch to think that WWE will allow him to have another record as well. Cena is the face of the company and one of the only stars who is actually bigger than the company at this point so WWE will give him whatever he wants to keep him happy.

10 Bogus: More WWE Releases To Come

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There have been three WWE releases in the past week and it seems that all of these releases were for a reason. WWE doesn't seem to be in a position where they need to make budget cuts at this current moment in time, so it seems highly unlikely that there will be any releases in the near future.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were rumoured to be heading out the door this past week after the former Tag Team Champions took all of the references to WWE out of their Twitter profiles, but it seems that the duo are still booked on the tour of India that takes place next month so there are no current plans for Gallows and Anderson to be going anywhere or any other superstars on the main roster for that matter.

9 True: Dean Ambrose To Turn On The Shield

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The Shield reunited a few weeks ago for the first time in more than three years when it was revealed that WWE had to put together a main event for TLC knowing that they didn't have John Cena or Brock Lesnar.

Heading into 2018 there are already plans for Roman Reigns going into WrestleMania 34 but it seems that the plans could be for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to recreate their incredible feud from 2014 but in opposite positions after Ambrose finally turns heel on his former Shield brothers. The Dean Ambrose heel turn is long overdue and as much as the fans have loved The Shield reunion, Ambrose has needed something like this to kickstart his career for a long time. The Shield will be able to get past his betrayal in the long run, so it's a great idea to help him moving forward.

8 Bogus: The Four Horsewomen Showdown

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The Four Horsewomen of WWE have been trying to put a match together to face the Four Horsewomen of MMA for the past few years, but it seems that the idea has been completely scrapped now. The latest showdown between the women back at the Mae Young Classic in the Summer was said to have not been approved by Vince McMahon and he wasn't happy when he saw it.

While Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey are now considered to be WWE superstars, it is highly unlikely that the other two women will be making the switch to WWE and setting up the match. This match was supposed to have been taking place at this years SummerSlam while the WWE Universe were still excited at the prospect of Ronda leading her team into WWE, but the company have left it so long now that the WWE Universe has lost interest.

7 True: Undertaker To Retire In 2018

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The Undertaker failed to announce his retirement following his loss to Roman Reigns back at WrestleMania 34 in April and this is seemingly because The Deadman still isn't finished with his career in WWE. Kane returned to the company a few weeks ago and is thought to be fighting for his "brothers" legacy at the moment until Undertaker makes a return to the company in the near future and it is thought that both Undertaker and Kane will then walk away from the company together. Kane is currently being booked as the unstoppable force he once was in The Brothers of Destruction, so it could be that WWE is hoping that Undertaker will make a final return to the company to then bow out with his brother next year.

6 Bogus: UK Division Could Be In Jeopardy

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Ever since the UK Tournament back in January the stars from the first ever tournament on UK soil have only made a handful of appearances on WWE TV over the past year and despite WWE unveiling plans for a weekly UK show, this still has yet to actually become a reality.

It is being speculated now that the UK Division could be in jeopardy since WWE has now focused all of their energy on 205 Live and have an influx of talent heading to the show in the near future. WWE recently announced plans to have a UK King of the Ring Tournament and there are rumours that Rockstar Spud from Impact Wrestling could be heading to WWE for the tournament, so it seems that for now, the UK stars have a future in WWE.

5 True: Brock Lesnar To Leave WWE After WrestleMania

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Brock Lesnar has been a dominant force on the Raw roster over the past few years, but it seems that WWE is running out of things to do with him now. Brock is still the reigning and defending Universal Champion, but when Brock is finally dethroned at WrestleMania in April next year, it has been reported that he won't be returning to WWE afterwards.

Brock's contract runs out in April next year and there is no news on whether or not he will be signing a new one or an extension. At this current moment in time, it is being reported that Brock Lesnar will be walking away from WWE following WrestleMania next year after more than five years of having WWE on lockdown as one of their most intimidating performers.

4 Bogus: Kurt Angle To Fight At WrestleMania 34

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Kurt Angle signed a contract with WWE that said that he couldn't actually be fighting. Instead he would only be seen as an authority figure on the Raw brand. WWE was left with no other option than to allow Angle to fight at TLC at the last minute but it's unlikely that the company will put themselves in that position again.

Every time Kurt took a bump in the match it was easy to see that WWE's medical staff had to go running to check that he was OK. WWE is aware that Kurt isn't in the greatest of shape and considering he has already had a comeback match with WWE now, there doesn't seem as though there is any reason why WWE would risk him at WrestleMania knowing he is at less than 100 percent right now.

3 True: Roman Reigns Headlines Fourth Straight WrestleMania

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Roman Reigns will be the next face of the WWE whether the fans want to cheer him or not. It is obvious that WWE is continuing to build Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar up separately so that they can finally allow Reigns to be the one to defeat Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 and become only the fourth Universal Champion in history.

Reigns has main evented the past three WrestleMania's as well as winning the Royal Rumble back in 2015, but it seems that next year will be one of his best WrestleMania matches to date since he looks as though he could be the first full-time wrestler to defeat Brock Lesnar in years. Reigns would finally be able to defend the Universal Championship on a regular basis as well, something Brock has never done.

2 Bogus: Neville To Be Released From WWE

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Neville has been at the forefront of WWE rumours over the past few weeks after it was revealed that the former Cruiserweight Champion hadn't been happy with his position in WWE for a number of months and walked out of the company a few weeks ago leaving WWE in the position where they were forced to replace him at the last minute.

Neville is a former NXT Champion and a superstar who is still destined for greatness in WWE. Over the past few months Neville has brought something to the 205 Division that Enzo Amore will never be able to do because he has actual wrestling skill. It is highly unlikely that WWE will release Neville and allow another promotion to cash in on the potential they know that he has.

1 True: Batista To Headline 2018 Hall of Fame

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Batista isn't exactly considered to be a fan favourite at the moment after it was reported that he walked away from WWE back in 2014 because he was promised the WWE Championship and when the fans turned on him in favour of Daniel Bryan, the company were unable to deliver.

Batista has since followed a number of former WWE stars into Hollywood and seems to be having a successful career as an actor right now, but WWE wants him to bring him back to the company next year so that he can take his place among the elite of wrestling. Batista is one of the most likely candidates when it comes to the 2018 Hall of Fame so it would make sense to have The Animal as next year's headliner.

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