8 WWE Stars Similar To Their Characters In Real Life & 7 That Are Nothing Like It

The art of successfully pulling off a wrestling character is one of the most difficult aspects of the business. A performer truly needs to commit to convince the audience of the role he or she is portraying. Many successful wrestling minds have stated that you have to put part of your real life persona into your character. The thinking here is an audience won’t believe what you are selling if you don’t believe it yourself. WWE’s current roster shows two tales in regards to how similar wrestlers are to the characters they portray.

Some of the performers actually have a lot of similarities to their characters. They tapped into real life aspects of who they are to get over on television by adding intensity to it. Others have a completely opposite approach by playing characters that have very little in common with, compared to who they are in real life. We'll take a look at both sides of Superstars currently working for the WWE. Their real life personalities will be compared to their characters to see the similarities and differences. These are eight current WWE stars similar to the characters they play in real life and another seven that are nothing like it.

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15 Similar To Character: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore made his name in WWE by trash talking. It's not only the main reason he succeeded in NXT to get called up to the main roster, but Triple H originally hired him based off an online video of him cutting a promo on football players. Enzo is clearly a loud personality with a flair for the New York/New Jersey style of trash talking.

Most of the one-liners and quips said on television are things Amore has likely said in everyday life during banter with his friends. Multiple wrestlers have revealed in podcasts that the team of Enzo and Big Cass are drastically different people. Cass is quiet in real life, but Enzo talks loud and talks often. We all have that one friend that never stops talking and Enzo is clearly that person on-screen and off-screen in WWE.

14 Nothing Like Character: Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns portrays a loner character that rarely ever smiles or jokes. The serious demeanor of Reigns is meant to make him look cool with little weakness due to WWE wanting him to be their version of a Superman character. Reigns is actually considered to be one of the friendlier wrestlers that hang out with the rest of the boys in the locker room.

Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast episode with Reigns revealed he often has a few drinks and cracks jokes with his fellow wrestlers. Reigns is very laid back and appears to have a unique sense of humor. If only we saw that on television, maybe he would have an easier time getting over with the fans that boo him every night.

13 Similar To Character: New Day

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Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods found success in New Day once they started tapping into their real life friendship. The three pals all enjoyed cracking jokes and making reference to their obscure interests behind the scenes. Once they started doing that on screen, New Day went from a failed act to one of the most popular units in modern WWE history.

The magic of New Day is you can sense they're genuinely having fun together on screen and that correlates to the audience enjoying the comedic antics. Kingston, E and Woods have each proved that being yourself can lead to huge success, including getting your very own cereal. New Day share the same laughs and level of friendship off screen that we witness on television every week.

12 Nothing Like Character: Bray Wyatt

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The real life persona of Bray Wyatt is finally out in the open after he attempted to hide it for quite some time. Wyatt used to do media appearances in character refusing to acknowledge anything outside of his WWE on-screen life. Things have changed recently with Bray showing just how different he is in real life. Wyatt is actually a family man very dedicated to taking care of his loved ones.

Another funny twist regards around the philosophy of Bray in real life. Wyatt plays a character with hints at satanic beliefs, but he admitted he's a devout Christian. The passion for wrestling and creative mind of Bray led to him creating such a unique and out there character. Luckily for his family, he's nothing like Wyatt when he gets home.

11 Similar To Character: Becky Lynch

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There isn’t too much complexity to the character of Becky Lynch. The talented women’s wrestling star is known for working hard and doing things the honorable way. Anyone to follow Lynch’s career can attest to the fact that she got to the top via passion and work ethic. The corny humor of puns dropped by Becky on-screen is also completely derived from her sense of humor off-screen.

Lynch often references the long road she took to get to her dream job in the WWE and it's completely real. Part of the reason Becky connects with fans so easily as a face character is due to how relatable she is with an authentic personality. There are no shades of grey or multiple dimensions. Lynch is a pure soul getting ahead via her passion and dedication.

10 Nothing Like Character: Alexa Bliss

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One women’s wrestling star in WWE completely different from her character is Alexa Bliss. It's often said that the best heels in wrestling are played by the kindest human beings and that is the case for Alexa. WWE actually originally wanted to push her as a face character back in NXT due to how likable of a person she was. The big character change to a heel shocked everyone with how natural she was in the role.

Bliss is regarded as a very kind and humble personality behind the scenes. She has even used her platform to talk about her past issues with eating disorders in hopes of it helping others dealing with similar struggles. Alexa is arguably the best female villain in WWE today, but she is the complete opposite outside of the ring.

9 Similar To Character: Mojo Rawley

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The loud positivity of Mojo Rawley on-screen is exactly who he is in real life. Rawley’s motto of staying hype is more of a mindset he follows. The real life situations of Mojo often find him partying with NFL star Rob Gronkowski. Rawley is the life of a party and makes sure to get hype every time he is out in a public situation.

WWE gave him the character knowing it would be the best way to spotlight his personality. It would likely be a tough task for Mojo to portray heel or even a serious character. The fun loving good guy there to have a good time and spread positivity is the only way he could possibly succeed. Rawley is getting the benefit of basically playing his real identity on-screen.

8 Nothing Like Character: Kane

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The perfect example of not judging a book by its cover in the wrestling world is Kane. WWE had him portray one of the most terrifying characters in wrestling history that used to set his opponents on fire. The only fire Kane tries to ignite in real life is the excitement in politics. Kane often spent his time in the WWE locker room reading books and discussing politics.

Daniel Bryan named Kane as one of the most intelligent people in the wrestling business. Kane has actually started a campaign to become the mayor of Knox County in 2018. The monster in the wrestling ring is an intellect outside of it looking to use his brain rather than his brawn to make changes in society. Maybe we'll see his real personality in WWE one day when returning as Mayor Kane.

7 Similar To Character: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn made a drastic character change when coming to WWE. The majority of his career was spent playing the masked El Generico character on the independent circuit. WWE made him take off the mask and he ended up playing a character similar to his real life personality. Zayn tapped into his legitimate underdog story to become one of the most beloved underdogs in recent wrestling history.

WWE recently added a new dynamic into the character of Zayn to reference his real life tendencies. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were spotted getting frustrated with Zayn over-analyzing their tactics as a team. Various interviews have revealed Zayn has the reputation of overthinking things to the point where it annoys his peers. This was likely done as a joke to showcase his personality within his character.

6 Nothing Like Character: Luke Harper

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The mysterious and spooky Luke Harper was the perfect member of the Wyatt Family. Harper truly personified the ability to terrify someone with utter ease by just staring. Most would be absolutely stunned to realize Harper is actually a very intelligent and well-spoken person in everyday life. An appearance on the Talk is Jericho podcast showcased this with him discussing his thoughts and philosophies on the world.

Harper is a family man outside of the ring having a well-rounded life. The quiet charisma of Harper is a big asset that could allow him to make strides forward if WWE ever committed with pushing him into a bigger role. We're also pretty sure that he doesn’t wear the same shirt every day proving he's nothing like the character he plays on WWE television.

5 Similar To Character: Brock Lesnar

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The no-nonsense attitude and intimidating demeanor of Brock Lesnar on WWE television is parallel to the person he is in wrestling. Lesnar is a man of very little words. The fact that he moved his family to their own private farm in Canada proves just how secluded he is as a person. Lesnar has been known to intimidate fans that approach him in person at airports or public places scaring them as if they were one of his opponents.

If you’re expecting to see a different side of Brock with laughter and pleasantries, you're sadly mistaken. Lesnar just wants to do his own thing and get out of town as fast as possible. This is one of the cases of a terrifying wrestler on screen that will follow through with similar result in person.

4 Nothing Like Character: Charlotte Flair

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The egotistical “Queen” character of Charlotte Flair has helped her become one of the most successful women’s wrestlers in WWE history. Charlotte excelled as the villain working against faces Sasha Banks and Bayley over the past year. However, she's nothing like that in real life. The second generation Flair is regarded as way more humble than her father Ric ever was.

Charlotte has friendships and the respect of just about everyone on the roster. No one in WWE has a bad word to say about her unless it's on screen about her character. It's another case of one of the kindest people in wrestling playing a tremendous villain. The move to SmackDown Live is apparently seeing Charlotte turn face and it'll be interesting to see if she can do well playing a character as likeable as her true personality.

3 Similar To Character: Bayley

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One very kind woman in WWE perfectly playing a character similar to her identity is Bayley. The background of Bayley was genuinely a WWE super fan that would do anything to achieve her goals of making it as a wrestler. Bayley took that aspect of her story into a new level to find her character as a passionate fan accomplishing all of her goals in WWE through honorable methods.

The kind and loving nature of Bayley allows her to connect with young girls that watched wrestling through the same lens she did as a kid. Bayley is not only living her dream but she's getting to succeed by showing her heart. The fact that Bayley goes above and beyond for her fans shows just how similar she is to the pure babyface character.

2 Nothing Like Character: Kevin Owens

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The ruthless heel character of Kevin Owens will do anything to get ahead. Owens backstabs all of his friends on-screen and shows no remorse in getting to the top of WWE. It's completely different in real life with Owens being an all-around great guy to both his peers and fans. Owens is a family man that spends all of his free time loving his wife and two young children. All of his sacrifices in the ring are specifically to give his loved ones a better life.

The reputation of Owens with fans is also great. Everyone to meet him at meet and greets will get a friendly wrestler that appreciates support. During his independent wrestling days, Owens often went the extra mile to show appreciation to his fans both at shows and in person. The biggest difference is he will absolutely own you when in heel mode at a WWE show.

1 Similar To Character: John Cena

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John Cena has gone on the record to say that his character has become part of who he is in real life. The mottos of hustle, loyalty and respect have made Cena one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time. Fans get to see his honorable nature of doing the right thing outside of the ring. Cena holds the record for the most wishes granted in the history of the Make a Wish Foundation.

The hosting duties of Cena on the Today Show proved his natural personality is very similar to the character on WWE television. Cena has a corny sense of humor that is all around endearing once you get used to it. You'll likely also never see Cena involved in a negative story due to his genuine nature of being a good dude similar to his character.

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