8 WWE Stars Who Are Still Playing The Field (And 7 Who Finally Settled Down)

When it comes to the world of celebrity relationships, nobody’s personal lives come under more scrutiny than wrestlers. Being on the road for a majority of the year, these guys and gals face temptation everywhere. Whether it’s a hookup with a random stranger or starting a relationship with a co-worker, there’s always some juicy gossip surrounding wrestlers.

Some wrestlers are notorious for playing the field. They prefer to get around with multiple people instead of just staying true to one person. These wrestlers try to keep their bad habits a secret, although eventually their secrets are revealed. While a majority of  wrestlers are known to play the field (at least early on), there are a few who have settled down. If you look at the stars on the roster, you’ll find that some of them have even gotten married. While marriage can be tough if one partner is on the road all the time, these wrestlers are committed to their loved ones.

As a fan, you’d be surprised at the wrestlers who’ve chosen to settle down. These stars look like the type to play the field and quite a few have in the past, but they change their ways as they grow older. While some wrestlers are ready to settle down, there are a few who get a joy out of playing the field. With the stories revolving around certain wrestlers, it seems like they have no intention of staying faithful.

Let’s take a look at the wrestlers who have settled down, while others are playing the field.


15 Playing The Field: Kelly Kelly


At just the age of nineteen Kelly Kelly made her debut in WWE. While most Divas of that era were busy improving in the ring, Kelly Kelly was busy mingling with the wrestlers backstage. The Diva’s romantic life has been well documented throughout her wrestler career. The blonde bombshell’s list of male partners includes Test, Justin Gabriel, CM Punk, Batista, and very briefly Chris Jericho.

When she left WWE in 2012, it seemed like she was ready to settle down with her hockey player boyfriend Sheldon Souray. The two married in February 2016 and the former Diva wasn’t shy about plans of one day starting a family. Sadly, the couple divorced a little over a year after their wedding, but Kelly Kelly isn’t taking the split too hard. The beauty has said she’s ready to date again and we’re sure there’s plenty of men lining up at her door.

14 Settled down: Dean Ambrose


Given that he prefers to keep his life private, not much was known about Ambrose’s love life prior to WWE. During his independent days it was rumoured he used to sleep with groupies, in fact there's even stories about a sex tape that involved Ambrose dressing up as a bear. Then he was involved with a female wrestler named Hellena Heavenly, who was ten years his senior.

Any wild ways Dean had ended when he joined WWE and met bubbly blonde interviewer Renee Young. The two started dating in 2013, not too long after they joined the main roster. Although, their relationship was well-known among the public, the couple opted to keep it private. They’re so private that the two married in a secret ceremony in April 2017. With a beauty like Renee, it’s no wonder Dean wanted to settle down.

13 Playing The Field: Enzo Amore

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Enzo Amore has quickly become one of the most hated men in WWE. With the recent stories circulating about Enzo’s enormous ego, co-workers and fans have turned on the former tag team star. This past summer, Enzo gave everyone a new reason to hate him.

Many people didn’t know that Enzo was in a relationship with Smackdown star Liv Morgan. The couple preferred to keep their relationship private, although they occasionally posted pictures together on social media. By all appearances the two seemed compatible with their eccentric style and personalities. However, Enzo showed he wasn’t ready to settle down with Liv. While on the road, the wrestler would spend his time hooking up with strippers in night clubs. Now, that Enzo's single, he'll have plenty of more time to commit to his other hobby.

12 Settled Down: Mickie James


Mickie James was ruling inside the ring during the Golden Era of women’s wrestling. While she was achieving accomplishments inside the ring, outside the squared circle, her personal life was a bit of a mess.

Shortly, after making her debut on WWE’s main roster, James became engaged to Kenny Dykstra. But their engagement was called off due to Dykstra’s claims that she had an affair with John Cena.The relationship between James and Cena was well-known to the WWE Universe, but Mickie was also reportedly involved with Randy Orton. It wasn’t until James left WWE for TNA when her personal life took a turn for the better. Mickie met fellow wrestler Magnus. The two dated for several years before welcoming a son name Donovan in September 2014. A year later, the couple officially tied the knot.

11 Playing The Field: Alberto Del Rio


Throughout most of his career, Alberto Del Rio was considered a family man. The former WWE champion even appeared in a public PSA with his kids in 2014.

Yet, as the wrestling crowds were soon to learn, not everything was going smoothly in the Del Rio household. In the summer of 2017, Alberto’s wife filed for divorce citing infidelity as the issue. It was believed that Paige was the mistress due to Alberto’s relationship with the brunette beauty. But some reports claim that Del Rio had a fling with Charlotte Flair before moving on with Paige. Between the drama with his divorce and his relationship with Paige, Alberto’s public persona took a negative hit. Yet, that hasn’t stopped some women from swooning over the newly single wrestler. Since he's single again, he's probably searching for his senorita.

10 Settled Down: Matt Hardy


In the early days of his WWE career, Matt Hardy was involved with Lita. The two were one of wrestling’s cutest couples. Onscreen fans loved watching the couple’s interactions; you could tell they were smitten with each other. But behind the scenes, there was trouble in paradise.

Matt and Lita’s relationship came to an end when the redhead Diva had an affair with Edge. Following their split, Matt briefly dated Ashley Massaro. He then went on a self-destructive path, which included drugs and sleeping around with various women. As Matt’s downfall continued, his career and his life was at risk. But he changed his ways when he met Reby Sky. The feisty wrestler was there every step of the way as Matt cleaned up his act. After two years of dating, the couple married in October 2013. The two now live happily in North Carolina with their two sons.

9 Playing The Field: Jerry Lawler


Fans of WWE are used to the antics of former wrestlers/ring announcer Jerry “The King” Lawler. During the Attitude Era, Lawler was known for drooling over the Divas and begging them to show the “puppies.” In real life, Lawler isn’t that much different.

The wrestler has been married three times. His last marriage was to Stacy “The Kat” Carter, who was twenty years, his junior. Following their divorce, Lawler continued playing the field by hooking up with a string of younger women. He’s currently involved in a relationship with Lauryn McBride, who is thirty years younger than him. Aside from Stacy and Lauryn, Lawler is rumoured to have hit on the Divas behind the scenes at WWE. It appears The King does live up to his image of being a womanizer.


8 Settled Down: Randy Orton


Randy Orton has gotten himself into plenty of trouble throughout his wrestling career. He’s rumoured to have bullied other wrestlers and had affairs with some of the Divas. Mickie James and Jojo are just two of the ladies who hooked up with The Viper. Orton’s infidelity is supposedly the reason his first marriage to Samantha Speno ended.

Given that Orton had a bit of a roving eye, nobody expected him to jump into another relationship. But all that changed when Kim Kessler entered Randy’s world. Randy hit it off with the single mother; in fact he was so smitten he professed his love for her on Twitter. The two married in 2015 and settled into their new life as a blended family. So it looks likes Randy has changed his behaviour for the sake of Kim.

7 Playing The Field: Emma

2017 was a bad year for Emma. Not only was she released from WWE, but she also broke up with her boyfriend Zack Ryder. Emma and Zack dated for about a year before quietly calling it quits. In fact, nobody knew about the split until Zack was seen with another woman.

Fans of the Aussie wrestler were upset that she and Ryder broke up. But this wasn’t the first wrestler that Emma dated. During her early days in WWE, she dated NXT wrestler Mac Miles. Things between Emma and Mac seemed to be getting serious when she moved into his Colorado home. However, the couple split following Mac’s release from the company. If Emma is heartbroken about her failed past relationships, she’s showing no signs of it. The star has been enjoying the single life by hitting the clubs with friends or traveling the globe.

6 Settled Down: CM Punk


When it comes to womanizing, CM Punk was the master of the wrestling world. Throughout his independent and WWE career, Punk bedded a number of female wrestlers. During his days on the independent circuit, he dated Daffney and Tracy Brooks. Then when he joined WWE, he became involved with Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly, Lita, and Beth Phoenix.

Since Punk’s relationships only lasted a year or two, many didn’t see him as the type to settle down. But fans were shocked when he and AJ Lee announced their engagement. They were even more surprised when the couple officially tied the knot in the summer of 2014. Despite the odds, the couple has been happily married for three years. Now, that they’re retired from wrestling, they’re enjoying a quiet life in Chicago.

5 Playing The Field: Big E


Big E is one of WWE’s top stars. As the muscle in the group The New Day, Big E commands attention every time he steps inside the ring. But he’s also apparently garnered the attention of the ladies too. One of Big E’s romantic moments was featured on Total Divas when he went on a date with Jenni Neidhart, Natalya’s sister. Cameras followed the couple as they cuddled up together in a hot tub. Whether they were actual couple or not, it’s obvious they’re not together now.

Aside from Jenni, the wrestler was also rumoured to have a brief affair with former WWE Diva Kaitlyn. The two are good friends and often posed for pictures on social media, so it's understandable how fans could think they were an item. Like  other wrestlers, Big E’s personal life is very private. Although given his suave demeanour, we’re sure he's loving single life.

4 Settled Down: Seth Rollins


In 2014, it looked like Rollins was ready to settle down with his longtime girlfriend Leighla Schultz. Yet, by 2015 their engagement was called off due to Seth’s affair with Zahra Schreiber. Everyone remembers how Leighla exposed the infidelity by posting Seth and Zahra’s nude pics on the wrestler’s Twitter account.

Despite the outrage, Seth and Zahra went public with their relationship. The two were together for a year before calling it quits in early 2016. You’d figure a guy like Rollins would stay single following two public splits. However, The Architect appears as if he’s ready to settle down again. He’s currently involved in a relationship with a woman named Sarah Alesandrelli, who lives with him in Iowa. There's been no stories about Rollins straying again, so maybe he's learned a lesson.

3 Playing The Field: Jojo


Don’t like the good girl look for you. Jojo Offerman is far from it. Since joining the company in 2013, the ring announcer’s personal life has taken center stage. On Total Divas, she was involved with wrestler Justin Gabriel. Then following her exit from the show, she was rumoured to be dating Randy Orton. However, the legitimacy of these two relationships has been debated with many believing it was staged for the show.

Jojo appeared to have found love in the fall of 2013 when she began dating Jesse White, the son of Vader. Sadly, their relationship came to an end in the summer of 2017 when it was revealed that Jojo was having an affair with Bray Wyatt. So will Jojo and Bray settle down? Or is she destined to play the field again? We’ll have to see how this relationship plays out.

2 Settled Down: John Cena


It’s no secret that John Cena has hooked up with his fair share of WWE Divas. He dated Victoria when the two were in WWE’s developmental territory. Then when Cena was on the main roster, he had a relationship with Mickie James. But in 2009, Cena was ready to settle down when he married his high-school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau. Unfortunately, Cena’s marriage ended in a nasty divorce.

After splitting with his wife, many would assume that Cena would go back to his womanizing ways. But the opposite occurred. Cena began dating Nikki Bella. The two quickly became WWE’s powerhouse couple and were featured prominently on Total Divas. Despite Cena’s stance on never marrying again, Nikki changed his mind. The two lovebirds are planning their wedding, which is scheduled for next year.

1 Playing The Field: Dolph Ziggler

It appears that Dolph Ziggler has become the new CM Punk of the WWE. The Showoff has dated a number of beauties both in and out of wrestling. He dated Nikki Bella for four years before they broke up. He also went on to have relationships with Dana Brooke and former WWE Diva Sunny.

But Ziggler’s ladies aren’t limited to the wrestling world. He also dated comedian Amy Schumer, adult film actress Bibi Jones, and Youtube star Trisha Paytas. Some of Dolph's former girlfriends have went public with private details about the star. Amy has said that the wrestler is very athletic in the sack, while Trisha made a video calling out Ziggler for his playboy antics. Despite Ziggler’s claims to Nikki Bella that he wants to marriage and kids, it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to settle down quite yet.


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