8 WWE Stars Who Regret Dating A Coworker (And 7 Who Have No Regrets)

It’s hardly surprising that so many professional wrestlers end up dating a coworker. These athletes are on the road for the majority of the year, travelling to a new city at least once a week. It would be tough to maintain a stable relationship with anyone who wasn’t travelling on the road with you. It must also be difficult to find someone that works outside of professional wrestling who understands and respects the gruelling nature of this business.

Plus, when you’re spending so much time around athletes with such picture-perfect bodies, it’s only natural for some attraction to develop. That doesn’t mean that getting romantically involved with a fellow professional wrestler is always an intelligent decision though. When dating a coworker, you're running the risk of having to see them every day, even after a messy break-up. You’re risking your ex calling in favours to try and harm your career. Worst of all, you may have to stand and watch as your former partner falls for another member of the staff. In the WWE, this happens more than you would think - and if your ex’s new boyfriend is booked to power-bomb you through a table on live TV, that’s not an ideal situation.

Many professional wrestlers have had to learn the hard way that dating a coworker doesn't always work out for the best. Here, we list 8 wrestlers who regret getting into relationships with coworkers, and 7 who couldn't be happier that they did.

15 Regrets: Stacy Keibler And David Flair

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Stacy Keibler is arguably one of the most beautiful female wrestlers to appear on our television screens. Since leaving the WWE in 2016, her career and dating life has gone from strength to strength. She has appeared on Dancing With The Stars and been in relationships with the likes of George Clooney and Jared Pobre, who she is now married to.

It might therefore surprise you to know that during her time in WCW as Miss Hancock, Stacy was in a relationship with David Flair. The relationship was briefly made into an on-screen storyline before the whole thing unravelled. David Flair is best-known for failing to attain the legendary wrestling status that his father Ric Flair achieved. Despite brief spells in WCW and TNA, he soon fell into obscurity. Considering how Keibler shot to superstardom, she might look back on this relationship and wonder what she was thinking.

14 No Regrets: CM Punk And AJ Lee

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CM Punk had a reputation for being the ladies man of the WWE, having reportedly dated several female superstars including Traci Brooks, Maria Kannelis and Lita. There appeared to be no obvious backlash to these failed relationships either, as Punk’s ascent to the top of the WWE continued regardless.

His true romance came with AJ Lee. The pair went from being involved in an on-screen romance to hooking up in real life to getting engaged within two years. Punk walked out of the WWE in January 2014, citing creative differences, and AJ followed her man out of the company soon after. They married later that year. WWE famously sent CM Punk his contract termination letter on their wedding day, but that hasn’t weakened the couple’s marriage. Punk has since started a career as a professional cage fighter with the UFC, while Lee has become an animal rights activist.

13 Regrets: Alberto Del Rio And Paige

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The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige appears to have been somewhat of a rollercoaster, to put it lightly. The pair went public with their relationship in May 2016 and were engaged in October 2016, only for the marriage to be called off in the last few weeks. In the short length of their romance, they had to put up with domestic violence accusations, being suspended within a couple of days of each other, and the leaking of Paige’s infamous tape.

If media stories are to be believed, the couple broke up several times before deciding to give it another shot. Paige announced that the couple are broken up for good via a Snapchat video in November 2017. Perhaps, with all this drama and fighting, it’s a relationship that both halves of the couple are better off without.

12 No Regrets: John Cena And Nikki Bella

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John Cena and Nikki Bella have been dating since 2012, shortly after Cena filed for divorce from his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. The details of their budding romance have been broadcast to the world via the reality show ‘Total Bellas’. The pair formed an on-screen alignment, teaming up to take on The Miz and Maryse in an inter-gender tag team match at WrestleMania 33. They won the match, and Cena dropped down to one knee to propose to Nikki in the aftermath. Nikki agreed and the pair plan to marry in the near future.

With millions of viewers watching their romance on ‘Total Bellas’, John and Nikki have arguably become one of America’s hottest showbiz couples. John certainly created one of the most memorable WrestleMania moments by popping the question in the middle of the ring.

11 Regrets: Kenny Dykstra And Mickie James

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Kenny Dykstra really seemed to be going places in 2007. After the breakup of the Spirit Squad, he was being pushed up the card as a singles performer and was dating fellow Raw superstar Mickie James. However, it all went downhill for Kenny after it was revealed that Mickie had been doing the dirty with John Cena.

Mickie confessed the infidelity after Kenny caught her searching the web for rumours of their affair. As Cena and Mickie were both on Raw, Kenny was transferred to Smackdown!, where he struggled to continue his momentum and was eventually released. Kenny has since engaged in many bitter social media rants, blaming Cena and Mickie for the decline of his career. Things never worked out for Mickie and John, although both enjoyed longer and more successful WWE careers than the departing Kenny. Mickie married NWA wrestler Magnus Aldis in 2015. The couple have one child.

10 No Regrets: Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella

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Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella had been dating for around two years when they revealed they were engaged to be married. The couple tied the knot on April 11, 2014. Persistent injury problems forced Daniel into an early retirement at the peak of his career in 2016. A couple of months later, Brie made the decision to semi-retire from wrestling in order to start a family with him. Almost a year later, Bella gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl named Birdie Joe Danielson.

Bryan described his World Heavyweight Title win at WrestleMania XXX as the high point of his professional life, and his marriage to Brie as the high point of his personal life. Fans can keep track of the highs and lows of their marriage by tuning into the reality show Total Bellas.

9 Regrets: Dolph Ziggler And Nikki Bella

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It must be tough to be a professional wrestler who dated one of the most beautiful divas in the company, only to lose her to the man thought by many to be the most successful professional wrestler of all time. Well, that’s what happened to Dolph Ziggler after his ex-girlfriend Nikki Bella left him and started dating John Cena.

Ziggler has admitted he still has feelings for Nikki, so it must have been tough for him to watch Cena propose to her in front of millions at WrestleMania 33. Even worse, he tried to win Nikki back in front of the television cameras during an episode of the reality show Total Divas. Nikki, who was already dating Cena at this time, rejected his advances and slapped him in the face. At least Ziggler can check how the couple are getting on by tuning into this show.

8 No Regrets: The Miz And Maryse Ouellet

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The Miz and Maryse Ouellet were coworkers on WWE Raw and in a relationship for many years, before marrying in the Bahamas in 2014. Ouellet is a former two-time Divas champion, but is no longer signed to the WWE. Instead, she has decided to pursue other endeavours such as careers in fashion and real estate. However, after meeting her husband on the set of WWE Raw, wrestling will always be in her heart.

The Miz remains one of the most prominent superstars on Raw. In a September 2017 episode of Raw, he stepped into the ring to announce that he and Maryse were expecting their first child in the new year. “We thought there is no better place to announce it than the first place we met, and that is here in the WWE in front of all of you,” he said.

7 Regrets: Matt Hardy And Lita

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Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff and Lita were the members of Team Extreme, one of the most Attitude Era’s most popular stables. Matt and Lita started dating in 1999. However in 2005 it emerged that Lita had been romantically involved with fellow on-screen rival Edge for several months while her and Matt were still in a relationship. Matt, who was recovering from a knee injury at the time, was furious and broke character to reveal details of the jilting online.

He was fired for his actions, but under pressure from the WWE fans, was rehired so that the real-life love triangle could be turned into an on-air feud. It played out to be one of the most compelling rivalries of recent years, arguably rocketing both men to new levels of stardom. Matt, who is now married to Rebecca Reyes, may however argue that this was a heartbreak he could have done without.

6 No Regrets: Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth

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Randy Savage married fellow WWE superstar Miss Elizabeth in 1984. Savage was regarded as one of the best wrestling talents in the world at the time, while Miss Elizabeth was one of the most beloved females on the roster. Although they divorced eight years later, they remain one of the most popular on-screen couples in WWE history. The storyline in which Savage left Miss Elizabeth, only for them to reunite at WrestleMania 7 remains one of the most heart-warming of all time.

Savage turned heel and ditched Elizabeth for The Sensational Sherri, leaving his former beau heartbroken. Savage lost a retirement match against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 7, causing Sherri to turn on him, literally kicking him while he was down. Elizabeth was sat in the crowd and rushed towards the ring to save her man. It caused one of the biggest pops in WrestleMania history.

5 Regrets: Chyna And Triple H

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Chyna was drafted into the WWE in 1997 as enforcer for Triple H’s stable D-Generation X, at which time the pair were already dating. Her career went from strength to strength as she became the first female to win the Intercontinental Championship and No.1 contender for the WWE title. The pair initially kept their off-screen romance hidden from the fans because Chyna was worried about accusations that she had ‘slept her way to the top’.

They dated for around four years and were engaged to be married, but the relationship ended after it emerged that Triple H had begun an affair with Stephanie McMahon. Chyna had since revealed that Vince McMahon had been in on the affair for some time, and showed little sympathy after the jig was up. It remains unclear how big a role the affair played in the decision to let her contract expire.

4 No Regrets: Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are undoubtedly the power couple of the WWE. Triple H works as Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative while Stephanie works as Chief Brand Officer. The couple are poised to one day take ownership of the WWE from Vince McMahon. The pair were in an on-screen relationship for months as part of the McMahon-Helmsley faction storyline before it was revealed that they were dating in real life.

They wed in 2003 and remain married with three daughters, Aurora, Murphy and Vaughn. Although the couple got together in adulterous circumstances in a move that was seen at the time as somewhat risky for Triple H’s career, it is plain to see that this couple now have the world at their feet and couldn’t be happier.

3 Regrets: Matt Hardy And Ashley Massaro

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A few years after the Lita debacle, Matt Hardy got into a relationship with Ashley Massaro, but he didn’t react well when that came to an end either. Massaro moved on and started dating Paul London, which supposedly led to Matt disrespecting Paul in the locker room. This was the catalyst for a war of words on social media, which made both wrestlers look highly unprofessional.

Paul continues to take shots at Hardy, months and years after the incident. Matt, despite having lost his job in a similar incident with Edge, continues to fire back. “He realized that he didn't have the goods ... and he became jealous,” London said recently. Neither London nor Massaro remained with the WWE for too long after this war of words first got underway.

2 No Regrets: Charlie Haas And Jackie Gayda

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Jackie Gayda was awarded a WWE contract after co-winning the second series of the reality TV show Tough Enough. She formed a stable with Rico and Charlie Haas in 2004, and it was announced that Haas and Gayda were dating a few weeks later. They were both released from WWE in 2005, but the couple would marry later that year. They have since had four children together, Kayla, Taylor, Thomas and Charlie.

Charlie would return to WWE without Jackie in 2006, before moving to Ring of Honor in 2010 and retiring in 2013. Jackie wrestled with TNA for a brief spell before moving to the independent circuit. She retired in 2010. They have started several health and fitness business ventures together and currently co-run a nutritional store, Custom Muscle Nutrition and Smoothie Shop in Frisco, Texas.

1 Regrets: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler And The Kat

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Former WWE superstar and colour commentator Jerry 'The King' Lawler is probably best known for his lewd remarks towards younger female members of the WWE roster and their 'puppies'. He does have a history of dating younger women though, including a relationship with former WWE colleague Stacy Carter aka The Kat. The pair married in 2000. The Kat was released from the WWE a year later, supposedly due to having a poor attitude and work ethic.

Lawler was furious at this decision and walked out on the WWE as a protest. This didn't prove to be a wise move, as The Kat would leave him just a few months later. Luckily for The King, he was able to get his job back after the split. Carter remarried in 2010 to professional wrestler Nick Cvjetkovich. Edge stood as one of the best men, while Jimmy ‘The Mouth Of The South’ Hart gave her away.

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