8 WWE Stars With A Trashy Dating History (And 7 Who Were Classy)

Being a star in WWE means that wrestlers are constantly in the spotlight. As a celebrity, wrestlers are the subject of intense gossip circulating around the web. and fans want to know every aspect of a wrestler’s life, including who they’re dating. For many decades, there’s been lots of gossip about the personal lives of wrestlers. Whether they’re marrying and settling down, dating multiple partners, or having affairs; the public will find out about their favourite wrestler’s love life. No matter if it’s a co-worker or a regular person, a wrestler’s dating history is constantly under a microscope.

Fans have a tendency to judge a wrestler due to their romantic partner or partners. Depending on the girlfriend or boyfriend, the reputation of the wrestler could be tarnished due to who they choose to go out with. Many consider wrestlers to be trashy due to them getting around too much or sharing filthy details about their intimate life. While this makes for juicy gossip, it does paint the wrestler in a bad light. While there have been various stories of trashy wrestlers, there are a few who are classy. These wrestlers are different because they are faithful to their partners and don't share explicit details about their love life.

This list is complied of both past and current wrestlers, some whose romantic relationships you may already know. While others may be a shock to you. So based on their dating history, let's see which wrestlers earned the title of classy and who is just trashy.

15 Sunny (Trashy)

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When she’s not making headlines for her legal issues, Sunny is in the news for her personal life. In the 90s, the wrestling valet was known for her backstage relationships with the wrestlers. She was the girlfriend of Chris Candido, but following their split she hooked up with married Superstar Shawn Michaels. Shawn and Sunny’s relationship was well-known among WWE fans, but he wasn’t the only married star she got roped in with. There are also rumours that she had an affair with Bret Hart and his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith.

Following her break up with Shawn Michaels, Sunny left the WWE, but that wasn’t the end of her dating history with wrestlers. She reportedly slept with current Smackdown star Dolph Ziggler, who she described in a recent interview as being very athletic outside the ring.

14 Natalya (Classy)

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Coming from the Hart family, Natalya’s relatives weren’t immune from scandal. A few of her family members were rumoured to have affairs. But Natalya has proven she doesn’t want scandal following her personal life.

For most of her life, Natalya has been involved with wrestler Tyson Kidd. Tyson was a friend of the family and hung out with Natalya a lot when they were kids. When they were teens they started training at the legendary Hart Dungeon. It was around this time when the two fell in love and started dating. Their wrestling careers have been filled with ups and downs, but their love never wavered. After twelve years of dating the couple married in 2013. Their relationship has been heavily featured on the reality show Total Divas.

13 Enzo Amore (Trashy)

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Kicking off our list of trashy wrestlers is Enzo Amore. In recent months, Enzo Amore has garnered a lot of heat both on and offscreen. The Cruiserweight champion’s ego has caused problems at work and at home. Much like his wrestling character, Enzo has developed a reputation as a player.

Earlier this summer, an exotic dancer went on a Twitter rant against the wrestler. In her series of tweets, the woman claimed Enzo came into the club and tried to get her to come home with him. This news didn’t set well with Enzo’s girlfriend, Liv Morgan. The NXT cutie kicked Amore to the curb and has since moved on with a new man. For Enzo to cheat on a beauty such as Liv with an exotic dancer earns him a spot on the trashy list.

12 Trish Stratus (Classy)

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During the Attitude Era, blonde beauty Trish Stratus was every man’s fantasy. Onscreen Trish Stratus had Vince McMahon, Christian, and Chris Jericho chasing after. But offscreen, Trish was very different from her wrestling character.

What fans didn’t know at the time was that the he Canadian beauty had been in a longtime relationship with her high-school sweetheart. The two kept their romance under wraps during Trish’s wrestling days to protect Ron’s privacy. The only time Trish mentioned Ron on television was during her 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction, which earned a course of boos from the crowd. Following Trish’s retirement in 2006, the couple married. The couple has since set down roots in their hometown of Toronto where they live with their children Max and Madison.

11 Missy Hyatt (Trashy)

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While the name may not be familiar with today’s fans, Missy Hyatt was a big name during the early days of wrestling. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Hyatt worked for a number of independent promotions along with brief stints in WWE and WCW.

However, Missy’s valet career is nothing compared to her personal life. In the 1980s, she was dating wrestler John Tatum, whom she was managing at the time. But behind John’s back, she was fooling around with fellow wrestler Eddie Gilbert. The affair caused a falling out between the two wrestlers and it also began Missy’s unfavourable reputation. It would later be revealed that Tatum and Gilbert weren’t the only wrestlers Missy has been with. Missy has never denied the allegations and seems proud of her relationships, she’s even shared juicy details of her intimate life with the men.

10 Bayley (Classy)

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As one of WWE’s top Superstars, Bayley is a fan favourite. Her cheery attitude and hugger gimmick made her a hit with kids, as she is the quintessential good girl of the WWE. Like many wrestlers Bayley isn’t shy about sharing her private life. Many fans are familiar with her fiancé Aaron Solow. Like his fiancé, Aaron is also a wrestler, who sometimes works the independent circuit. While he may not be as successful as Bayley, Aaron has proved that he’s proud of his lady. One cute moment from the couple came shortly after Bayley won the NXT Women’s championship, when they posed together for a backstage photo. Away from the ring, the two lead a very low-key life. They love to spend time with their dog at their California home, go to football games, or test out the new WWE video games.

9 Lita (Trashy)

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Lita was a fan favourite during the Golden Era of women’s wrestling. Yet, her affair with Edge in 2005 soon cast the redheaded Diva in a negative light. As the longtime girlfriend of Matt Hardy, fans were surprised to learn that Lita would cheat on him. When news of the affair broke, WWE immediately turned it into a storyline. Onscreen and off, Lita was verbally assaulted with names such as home-wrecker.

Lita’s relationships with Matt and Edge ended following the affair scandal. When Lita retired in 2006, she stayed away from wrestling. But her relationship with CM Punk would bring her back into the headlines. The couple dated on and off for four years before Punk’s own trashy ways ended their romance. Given her bad relationships in the past, these days Lita prefers to keep her personal life quiet. Let’s just say we can’t blame her.

8 Molly Holly (Classy)

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During the Attitude Era, Molly Holly stood out among the rest of the Divas. The petite brunette didn’t go around flaunting every part of her body like the other women. This often lead to boos from fans and gave the impression that she was stuck up. Yet, in real life Nora Greenwald aka Molly Holly is one of the nicest WWE Divas there is. There was never a bad word spoken about her and nobody knew any gossip surrounding her personal life.

The only thing fans knew about the wrestler is that she’s a devout Christian. In fact, it was her beliefs that lead her to meet her future husband Geno Benshoof. The two met when she was working in counselling and he was a volunteer at a local church. After more than a year of dating the couple tied the knot in July 2010 and currently reside in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

7 Dolph Ziggler (Trashy)

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In his early days as a star, Dolph Ziggler was portrayed as a ladies man. Apparantly, his onscreen character is no different than it is in real life. Dolph’s most famous relationship is with Nikki Bella. The two were involved in a long-term relationship before they broke up. After their split, Dolph went on to date comedian Amy Schumer, Trisha Payata, and was one of Sunny’s conquests.

The ladies weren’t shy about sharing details about their relationship with Dolph. Amy and Sunny have called out Dolph’s "performances" as very athletic. As for Trisha, she went on a Twitter rant against The Show Off. In a video posted to her social media site, the Youtube star said that Dolph stood her up! Given all these women’s claims, it appears that Mr. Ziggler is a player.

6 Sasha Banks (Classy)

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Male wrestling fans were upset when Sasha Banks secretly married her longtime boyfriend Sarath Ton aka Mikaze in August 2016. Nobody knew she was dating or engaged until photos surfaced of her and Mikaze's backyard wedding.

While Sasha works in front of the camera, Mikaze works behind the scenes. The former wrestler is a costume designer for WWE and has designed many of his wife’s outfits.  In a joint interview on WWE’s YouTube channel, the couple talked about travelling and working together. Like a few wrestlers, Sasha tends to keep her private life on the down low. Banks has revealed that one of the reasons is due the fans. Sasha has stated that fans tend to harass her and her husband via social media. Given how some fans can get out of control, it's no wonder Sasha doesn't share many tidbits about her life.

5 Kelly Kelly (Trashy)

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Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly spent six years in WWE, where she was one of the company’s popular Divas. Fans may not remember much of Kelly Kelly wrestling wise, but her personal life has become quite synonymous with the blonde beauty.

While working for WWE, Kelly Kelly was in a relationship with Test which lasted for nearly two years. After their split, she went on to date other wrestlers such as Justin Gabriel and CM Punk. It was also rumoured she was involved with married Superstars Chris Jericho and Batista. Aside from wrestlers, Kelly Kelly also had a brief fling with actor Jeremy Piven. She was also married to hockey player Sheldon Souray, but the couple divorced after just one year of marriage.

4 AJ Styles (Classy)

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For over twenty years AJ Styles has been wrestling. During that course of time, he’s had the support of his wife, Wendy. Like many couples, AJ and Wendy began dating in high-school. Following graduation, AJ pursued his wrestling career while Wendy went to college to become a school teacher. The two married in the summer of 2000.

As AJ’s wrestling career continued to rise with his success in TNA and WWE, Wendy has shown she’s a dedicated wife and mother. While AJ’s on the road, Wendy stays home with their three sons and one daughter. Although life on the road can be tough on any wrestling relationship, AJ and Wendy are just one of the couples who prove that their marriage is strong. Despite wrestling being his passion, AJ always puts his family as his first priority.

3 Batista (Trashy)

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Batista is a big name wrestler and actor who’s popular with fans. While he may receive acclaim for his in-ring and big screen work, it’s Batista’s personal life that casts him in a negative light. Batista was married to his second wife Angie when he began his WWE career. However, the couple’s marriage faced its struggles with Batista on the road and Angie battling cancer. The stress caused a strain on their relationship and lead to Batista cheating on Angie.

His affair with Melina is well-known within the wrestling community. But Melina wasn’t the only Diva he reportedly cheated with. Batista was apparently also involved with Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes. While many men may applaud Batista for scoring these WWE beauties, his infidelity earns him the title of trashy.

2 Roman Reigns (Classy)

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As WWE’s top guy, Roman Reigns receives a lot of hate from fans. But there are some who love him. The Big Dog is a hit with female fans with his muscular physique and long mane. Women go wild when Roman appears on screen and they have no problem about professing their love for him on social media. However, any woman hoping to have a shot at Reigns will be left disappointed.

In 2014, Reigns married his longtime girlfriend Galina Becker. The couple met while they were students at Georgia Tech. Their first child, a daughter named Jojo was born in 2008, and six years later, the couple welcomed twin boys into their family. Although Roman has a busy schedule being WWE’s top guy, he always makes time for his wife and kids.

1 CM Punk (Trashy)

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Punk is one of WWE’s best known womanizers. His trashy dating history dates back to his independent wrestling days. One of the earliest reports of his womanizing involved Daffney and Tracy Brooks. Punk was in a relationship with Daffney, but reportedly cheated on her with Brooks.

But Punk’s promiscuous behaviour didn’t stop when he joined WWE. He’s had relationships with Maria Kanellis, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, and Lita. It was reported that he cheated on Lita twice during their relationship, first with Beth Phoenix and the second time with AJ Lee. When Punk announced his engagement to AJ Lee, many believed it wouldn’t last due to dating history. Yet, the couple seem to have settled happily into married life. Maybe this is finally the end of Punk’s trashy womanizing ways.

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