8 WWE Superstar Accounts Fans Wish Got Hacked & 7 We Don’t

With WrestleMania looming, it seems like the most interesting storyline heading into the event is one that has nothing to do with the WWE’s creative team. Shocking? Not really... Paige has captured all the headlines for her recently leaked photos, leading to fans chanting her name on the past episode of Monday Night Raw. Although things seem kind of grim for Paige at the moment, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Once she decides to return, fans will embrace her like never before. She’ll get a huge ovation and her popularity will skyrocket to the moon. Most haven’t thought that far ahead, but there is some good in the incident that invaded her private life. Fans will accept her back like never before.

With the leak taking place, the minds of wrestling fans began to wonder. Admit it, most of you started thinking about leaked photos you’d love to see. Which names came to mind. Nikki? Sasha? Or how about Stephanie?

In this article, we dig deep, taking a look at various faces we’d like to see leaked photos of and the other side of the spectrum, featuring leaks we simply wouldn't want to see. For the most part, beauty has nothing to do with the “don’t” side of the list, we instead believe some hacks just wouldn’t be best for business. Without further ado, here are eight WWE Superstars accounts fans wish got hacked and seven we don’t. Like always, let us know your thoughts and be sure to share the article. Enjoy!

15 Do: Sasha Banks

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Although Sasha Banks is held in a high regard by fans strictly as an in-ring performer, her look certainly does help her cause. Not only can Banks bring it in the ring, but fans drool over her each time she steps foot inside the ring. Whether she’s cutting a promo in some skin tight leggings or working inside the squared circle with those stunning short shorts, fans are certainly distracted and most of time caught up in her beauty. Heck, she even has a Twitter account entirely dedicated to her booty! Now that takes some serious skill.

Without a doubt, fans would gravitate towards any type of leaked photos involving Sasha. She lives a low key life outside of the ring, along with being happily married, so the odds of it happening are quite slim, but if it did, it would generate some serious views.

14 Don’t: Bayley

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In the midst of a PG era, Bayley has given the WWE some hope that a throwback character can still work in the business. Bayley plays an inspirational role for the younger demographic and she’s gotten way over with the persona, even with the older crowds. Her love and dedication to the business has come through to the crowd and that momentum has continued onto the main roster with Bayley as the current Raw Women’s Champion.

When looking at her persona and the amount of young fans that aspire to be like her, leaked pictures certainly wouldn’t be the best thing for the WWE or Bayley. Despite the fact that some fans would still like to see the pics, we would still take a pass based on her appeal towards a younger audience.

13 Do: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss certainly hasn’t wasted anytime since signing a WWE deal and emerging onto the main roster with SmackDown Live. The heel, who is still only 25, is already a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. Her improvements in such a short amount of time are quite shocking and even the fanbase has reacted to her success, giving the Superstar decent pops despite the fact that she plays the role of a villain.

Bliss just has the “it” factor and fans want to see more of her. Alexa’s Instagram account is quite tame, which would only add to the intrigue and shock factor if such photos were leaked. NXT star Buddy Murphy, however, wouldn’t be so happy if such content was made public. The overall consensus however, is that fans would flock in hoards to see the pictures without thinking twice. Sorry Buddy!

12 Don’t: Sunny

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We're going off the grid for this entry, discussing a former WWE star and that’s Sunny. Despite the fact that she’s been gone from the WWE’s limelight for almost two decades, she still manages to make headlines, whether it be posting a revealing picture on Twitter, working a film in the adult industry, or something as simple as disclosing private information in a shoot interview. Let’s give her credit, she still has fans talking.

With all that being said, fans wouldn’t really care all that much if pictures of her were leaked. However, if they included Shawn, things would be quite different. People were using pagers back when they were an item, so it seems highly unlikely that such footage exists. The overall verdict is that we’ve seen enough of Sunny and, at the age of 44, most fans would take a pass on the photos given the amount of revealing content already out there.

11 Do: Mandy Rose

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A wild card in this article, Mandy Rose is one of the least popular names on the list, but that certainly doesn’t mean fans would be opposed to seeing leaked photos of the future star. Coming from a bodybuilding and modelling background, Mandy made enough of an impact on Tough Enough to sign a deal with the WWE. The company has brought her up quite slowly as she continues to work untelevised NXT events, which are usually tag matches. She's made improvements and it seems like she’s set to debut with NXT shortly.

For now, most fans just look on in amazement at her beauty via Instagram. Although the Emmalina gimmick was given to Emma (and failed miserably), Mandy could have easily played a similar role given her insane good looks. At the end of the day, even if she isn’t so popular yet, fans would still search the pictures in a heartbeat.

10 Don’t: Mickie James

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At the age of 37, things are quite different this time around for Mickie James. Her previous stint was well known for her off-screen flings, which included an affair with John Cena. Things would eventually go south and her heat slowly faded as she was released by the company. During her peak in the WWE, fans would gravitate to the leaked pictures within seconds, but today, things are different.

Looking at things in a morale manner, James is now happily married along with being a proud mother. She’s even tugged at the heart strings of WWE fans following her comeback performance against Asuka, as James shot a brilliant post-match interview detailing how special it was for her to return to the company. With such a feel good story, along with the fact that she has a family, fans would be okay with not seeing any type of revealing leaked photos.

9 Do: Eva Marie

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You’re lying to yourself if you hate Eva Marie to the point that you don’t want to see leaked photos of her. Seriously, even though most fans dislike her lack of interest in the industry and in-ring skills, there is no doubt that hoards of fans would jump at the opportunity to see pictures of her. Even if she leaves the WWE at some point, most fans would still race to see the photos. With her red hair, or even when she’s rocking the black look, there’s no denying her beauty.

For now, the question remains when and if Eva will ever return to the WWE? The even bigger question is does anyone really give a flying rats a**?

8 Don’t: Brie Bella

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Some readers are probably cringing when reading the name Brie Bella on the “Don’t” side of things, but please, give us some time to defend this decision. Riding off into the sunset, Brie left the company last year in an attempt to start a family with Daniel Bryan. With even Daniel retiring from in-ring action, we wish the couple the very best. Brie would later announce the cute couple having a girl, which certainly tugged at the heart strings of several fans.

Now with Brie expected to pop any day now, can you seriously say that at this point, you’d be okay with seeing leaked photos of her? If you’ve responded yes, that’s a little disturbing. With a daughter on the way, the happy family is set to continue their Disney storybook lives and the last thing we’d want to see is leaked photos ruining that, abd changing their story from a Disney film to a horror flick.

7 Do: Becky Lynch

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Kind of like Paige, a lot of fans believe that Becky Lynch has a quiet wild side that we haven’t seen, mostly because it might take place in her private life. With that said, fans would easily gravitate towards such content, particularly due to the fact that she’s also insanely over with the masses. Although such content wouldn’t be best for her career, there’s no denying the impact it would have, with most fans not even thinking twice about seeing the pictures.

For now, we’ll keep enjoying her prowess inside of the squared circle. Seeing Becky is like a breath of fresh air on the SmackDown brand. She’s so innovative and is always over with the crowds , not only due to her abilities, but just her way of being which connects with the audience.

6 Don’t: Renee Young

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Fans would certainly be split when it comes to this entry. The likes of Hornswoggle are probably yelling at us reading Renee’s name on the “Don’t” side of things. The little man blatantly admitted that he’d let Renee sit on his face.... We’re not sure how to take that, but we’ll assume he meant good by it, even if it sounded insanely creepy and just thinking about the image is kind of horrifying.

Nonetheless, we disagree with Hornswoggle and are okay with not seeing such pictures, particularly given her WWE status. Renee is held in high regard as a terrific host and by far the best the WWE has to offer. Such pictures would only jeopardize her position and tarnish her reputation that we know and love her for. So, we're passing on the pictures.

5 Do: Lana

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Despite the fact that she still hasn’t really done all the much inside of the ring, fans are still drawn to Lana and it’s no secret that it’s because of her obvious beauty. Whether it be her hypnotic legs, short skirts, curves or suit cleavage, fans drool at the sight of The Ravishing Russian.

So drawing fans with such antics would most certainly equal to a couple of interested onlookers if such pictures were to be leaked. Looking at Rusev’s current status on the shelf and Lana away from WWE television, leaked pictures would remind us of how damn good looking she is...without clothes, something fans have no doubt fantasized about several times before. As for Rusev, he wouldn’t be too thrilled, leading to him crushing any fan that gets a hold of such pictures. Overall verdict, we’ll take the Rusev crushing happily.

4 Don’t: Charlotte Flair

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Already a four-time Women’s Champion (five-time overall if you include her Divas Title win), it’s rather obvious that the WWE holds Charlotte in a high regard. Not only is she the daughter of Ric Flair, but she's incredibly polished inside of the ring and on the microphone, delivering stellar promos each time she’s given the chance. We believe she’d still thrive with her outrageous athletic abilities, even if she wasn’t Ric’s daughter.

With all that in mind, the WWE certainly can’t afford anything to tarnish her excellence inside of the ring or out of it for that matter. Most fans also want to see Charlotte pushed as one of the GOAT, so seeing such pictures surely wouldn’t do any good for her career. Most fans would want to see it but since it would tarnish her excellence legacy, we’ll take a pass.

3 Do: Noelle Foley

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Her father Mick recently stepped out of the limelight to get surgery to repair his hip. This left many with the question as to where Noelle stands in all of this? Many believed she was destined for a WWE deal, but after failing her tryout, her future with the company remains in doubt.

Passing on Noelle would be a serious mistake. Fans are drawn to her despite the limited WWE exposure she’s gotten. Noelle has a massive social media following and that’s in large part due to her stunning, girl next door looks. Fans wouldn’t think twice about clicking on leaked photos featuring Noelle and the overall verdict is an easy yes.

Putting the leaked photos aside, adding Noelle in some capacity needs to happen. Look, even if she’s not great in the ring, give her something else to do. With such a fanbase, it would be foolish for the WWE to pass up such an opportunity.

2 Don’t: Stephanie McMahon

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After a lengthy debate, we’ve come to the verdict that seeing leaked pictures of Stephanie would not be best for business, thus we’ve decided to go against seeing such photos being made public. Some readers are probably hurling garbage at their screens, but the reality of it all is that such an act would be disastrous for not only the WWE, but the future of the company, as it could jeopardize their standing as a publicly traded company. With Stephanie so high up on the totem pole and as a dominant woman in power, such pictures would lead to terrible press and one that the WWE does not need.

The sad final verdict is that we’ll pass on the leaked pictures, but for the love of God, can we at least have one picture of Steph showing a little skin!?

1 Do: Nikki Bella

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Sorry John, but after all, we can’t see you, so how can we really value your opinion on this matter? Okay cheap pop, cheap pop... Seriously though, when it comes to leaked photos, most fans can agree on the name of Nikki Bella. In terms of good looks, she’s consistently been on top and nowadays, some would argue she looks better than ever.

Whether it be on YouTube, the WWE Network or social media pages like Instagram, Nikki’s beauty has a hold of her fanbase 24/7. Heck, some fans even just tune in to SmackDown Live to see that twirl of hers. Seriously WWE, can we start having some replay footage on entrances? Is that too much to ask for!? There’s no denying the fans' desire to see such leaked photos. And as for John, he wouldn’t even react to such pictures being made public....(final cheap pop).

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