8 WWE Superstars Booked Horribly Wrong For WrestleMania 33 And 7 Booked Right

WrestleMania 33 is less than two weeks away. The card is pretty much 100 percent set in stone. There are some interesting matchups on the card, but there is a lot of conversation surrounding which superstars are facing each other and the direction their characters seem to be going. Like any other pay-per-view, there is discussion surrounding whether or not the right people are getting the spotlight they deserve.

With WWE officials having continuously promoted their new era with future superstars, there seems to be a big focus on older veterans on their final legs or people you don’t see on a regular weekly basis. On the business side of things, it makes sense to see someone like Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg fighting each other for the WWE Universal Championship. But that means a young rising star’s push has been slowed down to let them have another time to shine.

It seems to be the time of year where fans discuss, mostly to disagree, about what the WrestleMania card is going to look like. Why is their favorite superstar not in a title match? Why are they not in a match? This year is no different with many former world champions in what seem like lower-tier rivalries that are better suited for an episode of Raw or SmackDown Live; not so much for the WWE’s biggest show of the year.

The following are WWE superstars who are not being booked properly for WrestleMania 33, along with those who are in the perfect match card slots.

15 15. Wrong - Dolph Ziggler


It seems like the WWE is giving Dolph Ziggler the jobber treatment despite being one of the better overall talents. In 2003, Jeff Hardy had a similar experience being kept low on the card and essentially becoming a jobber before leaving the WWE the first time. However, Ziggler doesn’t the kind of issues that Hardy had during his stints with the WWE; at least none that have been reported.

14 14. Right - Baron Corbin


Baron Corbin was an unexpected call-up to the main roster around this time last year. There were no vignettes or promos to hype his main roster debut. Corbin just showed up during the Andre the Giant Battle Royal during WrestleMania 32 last year. There was some criticism considering there were about five or 10 superstars more deserving of being called up before the WWE’s “Lone Wolf.” But he has improved so much in one year.

13 13. Wrong - Big Show


We get it, The Big Show is certainly the modern-day giant in professional wrestling. However, it would be nice to see him in a match that doesn’t center around the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Big Show has been in each of the battle royals since the match was first created for WrestleMania XXX three years ago. It would have been great to see them do something more for someone who has been involved in wrestling since the 90s.

12 12. Right - Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows


When AJ Styles came to the WWE in 2016, he also brought fellow Bullet Club alumni Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The duo provided more depth for the main roster’s tag team division that was in desperate need of more teams. Back then, it was essentially the New Day ruling the roost and everyone else fighting for the right to play second fiddle. Anderson and Gallows now enter WrestleMania 33 as Raw Tag Team Champions.

11 11. Wrong - Alexa Bliss


There’s nothing wrong with the idea of having Alexa Bliss hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The real issue is the way she’s defending her title at WrestleMania 33. Instead of facing just one or two at a time, Bliss is defending her title in a match against the entire SmackDown women’s roster. This would put Bliss in an obvious disadvantage with a low percentage to win.

10 10. Right - Seth Rollins


This one was extremely predictable the moment Triple H cost Seth Rollins the WWE Universal Championship. The Game had grown tired of the long-time star supported by The Authority. Since then, we’ve seen a long face turn for Rollins. Granted, it took some time to take him seriously in that good guy role. He had spent most of his time on the main roster after The Shield break-up as a whiny, suck-up WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

9 9. Wrong - The New Day


From 2015 and through 2016, the trio of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were easily the top dogs in the WWE’s tag team division. Their dominant 483-day reign as the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions put them on a different level than any tag team in the last 10 years. But ever since The New Day dropped the titles to Cesaro and Sheamus, their status has dropped off a bit. But surely they would have a chance for tag team gold, er … silver, at WrestleMania 33, right?

8 8. Right - Chris Jericho


While he might not be in the main event of WrestleMania 33, Chris Jericho is being booked properly for a likely departure after WrestleMania 33. The fans loved his friendship with WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The two provided some of the best segments on Raw during Owens’ reign as Universal Champion. There were some who thought that Jericho and Owens would go into WrestleMania to face each other for that title.

7 7. Wrong - Samoa Joe


It was exciting to see the Samoan Submission Machine make his main roster debut by attacking Seth Rollins. The idea of having Samoa Joe become Triple H’s new heir apparent was a good call. But there’s just one problem with the call up from NXT - what is Samoa Joe going to be doing at WrestleMania 33? As of this writing, he’s not announced for any matches. With about two weeks from the big show, this will likely be addressed soon.

6 6. Right - Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt becoming the WWE Champion felt like a long time coming. He’s been one of the best villains in recent history. His promos are crafted with a unique creativity that trumps the other 99 percent of the WWE main roster. For a larger guy, he is able to move well in the ring. And there aren’t a lot of wrestlers who are able to do an upside-down crab walk that makes him look like someone who came out of the television in a horror film.

5 5. Wrong - AJ Styles


AJ Styles had one of the best debut years any WWE Superstar has ever had in 2016. After making a huge debut in the 2016 Royal Rumble, Styles rose to the top and was one of the wrestlers to greatly benefit from the recent brand split. Styles was undoubtedly a success as the WWE Champion on SmackDown Live. He has every reason to gripe about having to settle for facing Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33.

4 4. Right - Randy Orton


Questions were certainly raised when Randy Orton would join forces with Bray Wyatt. It might have felt weird at first to see the 12-time world champion become a sidekick to the Eater of Worlds. However, it’s become one of the more intriguing storylines in the last few months. From the winning the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship and then seeing Luke Harper become a face, it’s led up to a match between Orton and Wyatt.

3 3. Wrong - Roman Reigns


In all honesty, there is going to be criticism wherever the WWE decides to put Roman Reigns in their WrestleMania plans. But a match with The Undertaker in what could be The Deadman’s last match - yes, that’s the thought seemingly every year since around 2010 - will likely set a record for the loudest boo for any WrestleMania event. While it’s true that Reigns continues to improve overall in the ring, he’s still hated by a large portion of the WWE fanbase.

2 2. Right - Goldberg


There are a lot of fans would have preferred to see Kevin Owens keep the WWE Universal Championship into WrestleMania 33. The feud between the former best friends and defending the title against Chris Jericho could have been a true main event. Instead, Goldberg would steamroll Owens and win his first WWE title in more than 13 years. While a number of fans might not have liked the title change, it made sense in terms of ratings and live crowd reactions.

1 1. Wrong - John Cena


John Cena deserves better. There I said it. While he might not be everyone’s favorite wrestler of all-time, he has done a lot of good things for the WWE and professional wrestling. To say he has been a perfect role model for the younger members WWE Universe is an understatement. He’s also one of the hardest working superstars on the WWE roster. That’s why he tied Ric Flair’s record for 16 world championship reigns.

However, the creative booking team has decided to have Cena involved in a mixed tag team match. It makes sense that he’s teaming up with his girlfriend Nikki Bella. But downgrading the two men who were in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII six years ago is a bit of a surprise. Both men should have been involved in some kind of championship match.

You could argue The Miz has been mis-booked as well, as he had a great 2016 as well.

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