8 WWE Superstars Fired For Ridiculous Reasons And 7 Who Are Next

WWE's roster is currently the biggest it has ever been with three different brand as well as the 205 Live Roster, the UK Championship roster, and the current crop of women who have been signed to WWE ahead of the Mae Young Classic in a few weeks time.

WWE usually decide to have a clear out of their roster following WrestleMania, when they realize that they have too many people in contracts so they release them. This happens all the time in WWE, but Superstars getting fired for random reasons is much more common now as well.

There are a number of stars who have been fired from the company over the past few years for some of the strangest reasons. While CM Punk and Ryback in recent years were perhaps some of the most justified firings that WWE has ever made, there are a few that were a bit ridiculous.

The following is a list of eight of the most ridiculous reasons WWE used for firing Superstars and seven names who are definitely on the chopping block in the near future.

17 Ridiculous Reason: Emma

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Emma hasn't had the best career in WWE. She has been part of the company now since 2012 and has failed to lift gold in NXT and the main roster in those four years. The most noteworthy thing that Emma has done in her WWE career was get fired.

Back in 2014, it was reported that Emma had been fired from WWE after she was arrested for apparently forgetting to pay for an iPad case at the local Wal-Mart. It was thought that Emma's Visa could have been in dispute after this so WWE reacted by releasing her from the company. Shockingly, WWE then changed their mind merely hours later and reinstated the former NXT star. They have seemingly forgot that the strange incident ever occurred.

16 14: Next: The Singh Brothers

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The Singh Brothers were once known as The Bollywood Boys in NXT and have recently been called up to the main roster to be part of Jinder Mahal's on-going WWE Championship storyline. The brothers have botched a number of moves on WWE TV recently, including being put through the announce table by Randy Orton, before then ruining an RKO attempt.

The two brothers have been wrestling together for more than a decade but they don't seem to show this on WWE TV. When Jinder does finally lose his WWE Championship then there will be no need for The Singh Brothers. Much like J&J Security a few years ago when they were aligned with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Jinder will move forward and The Singh Brothers will easily be forgotten.

15 Ridiculous Reason: Mr Kennedy

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Mr. Kennedy probably made a much better name for himself during his time as Mr. Anderson in TNA. But before he was forced to make the switch to Impact Wrestling, he was a member of the WWE locker room, and a well-known one at that.

Mr. Kennedy's biggestmistake was getting on Randy Orton's bad side. As part of a tag team match Kennedy delivered a back body drop on Orton and The Viper looked furious following the move. He then proceeded to head backstage and call for his head in a situation where it is thought that Orton gave WWE an ultimatum and they choose Orton's side. Mr. Kennedy was then fired and he was forced to make the switch to TNA to continue his career.


13 Next: Rhyno

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Rhyno could easily be considered to be the next WWE star on the chopping block. He has become the man who stands by the side of Heath Slater over the past few weeks, rather than the duo being seen as an actual tag team and former SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Rhyno returned to win the Tag Team Championship with Heath Slater back when he was first part of SmackDown Live, But now, he has now over stayed his welcome. Rhyno has expressed the desire to go into a career in politics and could be about to leave the company to pursue this. Rhyno will always be seen as a legend in hardcore wrestling circles, but it could be time for WWE to cut their losses and let him leave once again.

12 Ridiculous Reason: Kharma

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Kharma made her name in wrestling as Awesome Kong while performing for TNA. But she decided to make the switch over to WWE and became known as Kharma. The former TNA star was then forced to announce that she was leaving WWE because she was pregnant, when in reality she had actually suffered a miscarriage.

Kharma returned to be part of the Royal Rumble match in 2012, only the third woman to be given this honor, before she was then released from her WWE contract with the official word being that Kharma had gained too much weight. Kharma then went on a mission to lose weight and has seen been seen in a number of images looking much slimmer, but it is unlikely that she will be returning to WWE any time soon.

11 Next: James Ellsworth

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James Ellsworth has had a good run in WWE. From the feud with Braun Strowman, then the switch over to SmackDown Live, and the key role he played in the feud between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. But he has become annoying and unneeded recently.

Carmella doesn't need James to speak for her. This is like when Ricardo Rodriguez aligned himself with RVD, there was no need for it. She is able to speak for herself and could easily be pushed much further in the next few weeks while James is suspended. Ellsworth is a well-liked guy, but his career has reached the point where WWE should cut their losses rather than keep struggling to think of ways to allow him to remain relevant on WWE TV.

10 Ridiculous Reason: Brad Maddox

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Brad Maddox had a great start to his WWE career when he played a rogue referee and cost Ryback the WWE Championship. He then went on to become the General Manager of Monday Night Raw before he was seen as a singles wrestler.

Maddox has been involved in some controversy of his own recently which has seen him leave Social Media, but it was one promo and one word that was banned by Vince McMahon (P**cks) that ended his WWE career. Brad was known as Joshua Kingsley at the time and he was told to cut a promo by WWE. He used a certain swear word that WWE were not too happy about and it was decided that he should just be removed from the company rather than even being given an internal form of punishment.

9 Next: Eva Marie

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If WWE can fire CM Punk because he breached his WWE contract by not turning up for WWE events, then there should be no reason why Eva Marie is still contracted to the company. Eva Marie was suspended back on the 18th of August 2016 in the build up to a SummerSlam even that she was supposed to be part of.

Eva was only suspended for 30 days, but she hasn't been seen on WWE TV for almost a year. The self-proclaimed Red Queen has been hinting that she wants to leave WWE and instead continue to appear in films. WWE has made no official statement when it comes to Eva Marie's future but at some point the company will realize that she has no desire to return to the ring and be forced to terminate her contract.

8 Ridiculous Reason: Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio has had two stints with WWE where he has been both World Champion and United States Champion. His first run came to an abrupt end when it was reported that a member of WWE's backstage staff made a racist joke that was aimed towards Del Rio and the former champion responded by slapping the taste out of his mouth.

The employee was also released from the company and Del Rio was then able to move on and re-sign with WWE back in 2015 when he made his return to WWE to win the US title from John Cena. Alberto has left WWE again since then as it was decided that he would be released from his contract early after he too was suspended back in the summer of 2016 for violating WWE's Wellness Policy.

7 Next: Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose is one of the biggest stars in WWE right now but if rumours are to be believed, The Lunatic Fringe has caused a few problems with officials backstage. There were also reports a few months ago that Ambrose was seen as lazy and complacent.

Ambrose has since been taken off Total Divas alongside his wife Renee Young and had the Intercontinental Championship taken from him as well. Ambrose has continued to push the limits on WWE TV much like making comments about the name of WWE's latest pay-per-view on Raw when he was on commentary last week. Ambrose does seem to be walking a tight rope at the moment, but with Austin Aries recently being released, it could happen to anyone.

6 Ridiculous Reason: Austin Aries

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It was recently revealed that Austin Aries had been released from WWE. Early reports suggested that Austin had asked for his release, but new information suggests that he was fired by the company.

The Cruiserweight competitor wasn't well-liked backstage and was seen as quite arrogant because of the amount of time he had been in the wrestling business. He was also not happy that he was stuck on 205 Live. The nail in the coffin was when the former TNA star found out that his match against Neville at WrestleMania hadn't made it onto the DVD so he would not be receiving any royalties for it. Austin was understandably annoyed at this and WWE decided that this would be the best time to cut their losses and set him free.

5 Next: Curt Hawkins

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It is still unknown as to why WWE even resigned Curt Hawkins or why the former Tag Team Champion decided to return to the company if he knew he would be put in the same position in the company that he was in before.

Hawkins has become a joke. His matches are now lasting just a number of seconds rather than minutes as he struggles to put together any momentum on the Raw roster. At some point, WWE will need to trim down their rosters because of how many stars they currently have under contract. Curt would have to be seen as one of the main people on the list to be released or fired because he is the one who is used the least on weekly WWE shows.


3 Ridiculous Reason: Dawn Marie

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Dawn Marie was never really able to make an impact in WWE. Considering her most memorable storyline was where she decided to marry Torrie Wilson's father and then kill him on their honeymoon. Dawn was treated the same way as many women of that era when it was thought that they were only seen as eye candy and lacked actual wrestling ability.

Dawn decided to take some maternity leave from WWE back in 2005 when it was announced that she was pregnant. WWE granted her the leave and released her from her contract as well. Dawn then filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2006 stating that she was wrongfully terminated from her contract and that she had suffered mental distress as a result. The case was settled the following year.

2 Next: Paige

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Paige has been having a whole host of problems in her personal and professional life lately and it seems that WWE are continuing to stand by her despite this. Paige was suspended from WWE twice in 2016 for violating the Wellness Policy before she was then seen at a rival promotion as she proposed inside their ring to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio.

Paige was recently seen at TNA: Slammiversary as she supported her fiance, something that WWE doesn't usually take lightly. Paige looks to be doing everything she can to force WWE's hand when it comes to her position with the company. Once she's recovered from neck surgery, WWE will then be able to make a decision and it could well be the one that Paige has been hoping for.

1 Ridiculous Reason: Robbie McAllister

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The Highlanders were a well-liked WWE tag team for a number of years before Robbie made one fatal mistake. Back in 2008, Robbie decided to attend a TNA event and was actually caught on camera which meant that WWE then became aware that a member of their roster had been seen at a rival promotion.

Robbie was called and told to leave which he did but as a result of this he lost his $5,000 WrestleMania pay and was then fired by WWE along with his storyline cousin Rory. Robbie later admitted that he was unhappy with his career in WWE at that time and that it was his way of being fired from the company. It's just sad that Rory was fired as well for the actions of his kayfabe cousin.

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