8 WWE Superstars Who Don't Deserve Their Spot And 7 Who Should Be A Bigger Priority

If you haven't noticed (and most of you probably have), the WWE is currently amidst one of its lowest points in years in terms of overall relevance, revenue, sound booking, decent storylines et cetera - the list truly goes on and on. Many fans question why the WWE is making so many obviously bad decisions when it comes to how their company is run and the overall product they're presenting, and quite honestly, I truly have no idea as to why this is the case. Perhaps the company's in a bit of a "slump" at the moment, but regardless, fans have definitely voiced their displeasure over the current WWE product.

With SummerSlam 2017 wrapped up and behind us, many fans are starting to wonder what the future holds for various performers. The likes of Baron Corbin and Rusev were completely buried, and the overall booking of some of the matches was plain awful. The WWE has an extremely talented and diverse roster presently, but without conscientious booking and intriguing storylines, that really means little. Without proper direction, should-be "Superstars" are becoming complete afterthoughts which is sad to witness.

I'm sure almost every one of you can name five WWE Superstars that you feel don't deserve their current spot and another five who deserve more, and this list will likely delve into some of your picks along with other Superstars who're either over-utilized or underutilized. The WWE can absolutely change their "fortunes" if they want to, and this list highlights some of the company's questionable booking decisions regarding its performers and who should be demoted, and who should be showcased as a bigger priority.

15  15. Doesn't Deserve Spot: Mojo Rawley

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Although the impending push of Mojo Rawley has yet to begin in full force, if you're not sold on the idea of Rawley becoming a prominent player, then you'd better start accepting it sooner rather than later. It's clear that Vince McMahon and Creative see shreds of the WWE's "golden boy" John Cena in Mojo, and that's more than enough to convince the company to present Rawley as a bigger deal. It's only a matter of time before Rawley's push begins to intensify, and quite honestly, he doesn't deserve it at this point.

Besides acting incredibly goofy inside and outside of the ring, Mojo Rawley has done little to prove his worth to the WWE or for fans to get behind him, and anything above the lower midcard would seem totally out of place for Mojo. However, Rawley's good with kids, and considering the WWE likes to promote clean-cut guys for the younger audiences, I suppose Rawley's one of their first picks. All I'm trying to get across is that there are far more deserving candidates ready for an opportunity above the lower midcard right now or in the near future - though I'm not saying Mojo Rawley will never deserve a push, just not yet.

14 Bigger Priority: Rusev

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Poor Rusev. What more could we possibly say when it comes to the WWE's extraordinarily underappreciated "Bulgarian Brute?" As of the SummerSlam pay-per-view this past Sunday, it looks like any hope of Rusev getting another shot at a career resurgence is completely out the window. Following Rusev's embarrassing loss at the hands of the rather irrelevant Randy Orton, Rusev is once again finding himself in a hopeless and unfortunate  spot. At this point, the misused Rusev is probably better off trying his luck on the Indies or in another promotion seeing that the WWE have little to no plans for him.

It's as if the company has completely given up on Rusev, as his booking is absolutely nonsensical. You just don't find many 300 plus pound "big men" who can actually perform in the ring to some extent, and Rusev's one of those exceptions. Not only can Rusev perform, but he's a truly gifted athlete who's more talented than half of the WWE roster. If the company had any marbles, Rusev would be featured in or near the main event scene. An absolute shame considering the man deserves so much more.

13 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Brock Lesnar

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Although some of you may disagree with my choice of placing Brock Lesnar in the "not deserving their spot" category, Brock Lesnar's time at the top should be ending in the near future if the WWE has any sense left. The intrigue of Brock atop the industry has become increasingly stale, and fans are overwhelmingly interested in someone new having a chance to shine in the spotlight. Especially compounding the fact that Lesnar only performs select dates a year, it hurts the WWE as a whole - especially Monday Night Raw.

Brock Lesnar has gone up against pretty much everyone fans wanted to witness him fight, and one of the few remaining intriguing foes for Lesnar is Braun Strowman. I'm almost certain that everyone would love to see Strowman dethrone Brock for the Universal Championship, and this is quite honestly the best possible scenario. Brock Lesnar costs the WWE a ton of money each year to keep around, and taking into account the fact that Lesnar's not drawing like he used to, it would be better for everyone if WWE released "The Beast Incarnate" when his current contract comes to an end. I don't think most fans could handle another year of Brock Lesnar as a Universal Championship contender.

12 Bigger Priority: Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura's main roster career has gotten off to a very rocky start. The extremely talented and charismatic performer is a ready-made "main eventer" who needs absolutely no tweaking to be situated at the top of SmackDown Live. Nakamura's character is solid, his in-ring ability is exceptional, he has the charisma, and Shinsuke has the most important thing - a connection with the WWE Universe. However, for whatever reason (most likely Vince McMahon's lack of better judgement), Shinsuke Nakamura has been booked horrendously since debuting on SmackDown.

Aside from his impressive win over John Cena, the rest of his booking has been shoddy - especially his loss at the hands of the eternal jobber, Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. Most fans expected Nakamura would be crowned the new WWE Champion considering his popularity and the fact that Jinder hasn't drawn even the slightest bit in India, but obviously, the WWE are sticking with Jinder for the time being. Fans would've gone absolutely nuts had Shinsuke won the WWE Title at SummerSlam, and if the company's smart, they'll place the gold on Nakamura sooner rather than later - he must be a bigger priority in WWE.

11 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Jason Jordan

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If you've since forgotten, Jason Jordan is the kayfabe son of Raw GM Kurt Angle. Now I'm not going to get started on how horrendous of an angle (no pun intended) this is, but I'm going to focus in on Jason Jordan as a performer and why he isn't deserving of a rapid-ascent push at this point. Though Jason Jordan's an exceptionally gifted athlete (he's got all the power in the world), Jordan is far from being ready for the "big times" as a singles competitor.

Taking into account the fact that neither Jason or Chad Gable were able to truly get over with the WWE Universe as a tag team, what possibly makes the WWE think that the less popular of the two, Jason Jordan, is going to be getting over as a singles star saddled down with an obviously ridiculous gimmick? It's completely nonsensical booking, and Jason Jordan would've been better suited sticking to his tag team with Gable over on SmackDown, as they hadn't remotely reached their limit as a team (they had barely begun before their push was nixed.) Just plain dumb if you ask me.

10 Bigger Priority: Luke Harper

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When you think of underrated and underappreciated current WWE Superstars, Luke Harper has to be one of the first names that come to ones mind. The extremely talented Harper has all the necessary traits to be a "big star," but the WWE have simply chosen to squander away Luke in midcard monotony. For a brief period of time before WrestleMania this year, the company was actually booking Harper with some common sense - though all of this completely went out the window just before and after 'Mania.

Instead of becoming one of SmackDown's up-and-coming main event acts, Luke Harper has found himself in the most irrelevant spot he's ever been in. If the WWE doesn't believe that Luke possesses enough to be a main eventer, how about placing the guy in the United States Championship scene? We can't have AJ Styles battling Kevin Owens each and every pay-per-view (even though they're both very talented) for the US Title, so Luke would be the perfect candidate for a new championship contender. Luke Harper definitely deserves to be a bigger priority.

9 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Big Cass

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Where do I begin with the seven-foot tall Big Cass. Now from a distance, Big Cass looks like a future main eventer, but upon closer inspection, the guy's just not nearly talented enough (nor does he possess the right look) to be taken seriously as a main eventer. Sure Big Cass is tall, but is he noticeably strong? Not really. Is he an exceptionally talented in-ring performer for a big guy like Strowman? Not at all. Is Cass really intimidating? No, his build certainly isn't. So what makes Big Cass stand out as a star in the making?

Absolutely nothing aside from his height. However, Cass' height has seemingly been enough to convince Vince McMahon about him. Big Cass' SummerSlam match-up was the perfect opportunity for Cass to prove his worth and to make a statement that he's deserving of his push, but he failed on every level. Big Cass' match with Bigshow was an absolute snoozefest (it garnered "boring" chants), and it was in my opinion, the worst men's match of the entire night. The guy simply isn't going to cut it in the main event scene when the time comes, as Cass just doesn't have the "it" factor.

8 Bigger Priority: Bray Wyatt

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Although I was delighted to see the "Demon King" Finn Balor emerge victorious at SummerSlam (considering he hasn't been booked very well following his return from injury), at the same time, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Bray Wyatt. Now one loss here and there doesn't particularly "hurt" a performer (just look at Roman Reigns), but losing almost all major matches absolutely cripples and derails a performer. And yes, Bray Wyatt's momentum has been completely derailed time and time again.

Bray should be a much bigger priority in WWE taking into account the fact that he's talented both in the ring and on the mic, but the company has instead done a fine job in nearly killing any momentum Wyatt had. If a fan hadn't watched wrestling last year and their friend mentioned that Bray had won the WWE Championship in 2016, I doubt that said fan would've believed their friend in the slightest. That title reign has done little to establish Wyatt as a legitimate main eventer, and he truly feels like nothing more than a "jobber to the stars" at this point which is very unfortunate.

7 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Carmella

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Although I've mentioned in previous articles that the "Princess Of Staten Island" Carmella has lots of promise and potential as a performer, that doesn't hide the fact that I haven't been at all impressed with Carmella's work as the current Women's MITB Briefcase holder. Instead of establishing herself as the next Women's Division breakout star, Carmella has seemed totally out of place in the spotlight with the briefcase.

It's obvious that Carmella's still very green in the ring, and she hasn't improved noticeably enough to convince me that she's deserving of a potential Women's Championship run in the near future providing her cash-in goes as planned. I'm not saying that Carmella won't ever deserve a chance to shine and perform in the spotlight, but I still think it's a bit premature at this point. There are far more talented women on SmackDown's roster who're deserving of a championship opportunity, including the highly misused Becky Lynch (who I believe should've won the briefcase to begin with.)

6 Bigger Priority: Sami Zayn

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Recent rumors have suggested that Sami Zayn may be in-line for a big push into the main event scene later this year, and by all means this is fantastic news for Sami Zayn, his fans, and for SmackDown Live in general. Zayn is an exceptionally gifted in-ring wrestler, and though his outside appearance resembles that of an average Joe versus a stereotypical WWE main eventer (chiseled, huge and ripped), Sami Zayn is the perfect candidate for an underdog main event Superstar - much like Daniel Bryan.

It's no secret that Sami's not the greatest when it comes to promos, but his character portrayal alone is enough to convince fans to get behind Zayn - and they already have. Up to this point, Sami Zayn has been completely misused and mistreated, and his recent loss at the hands of Mike Kanellis last month on SmackDown speaks volumes in regards to his mistreatment. Sami Zayn could be a huge star in WWE if presented correctly, and if the rumors prove to be true, perhaps we'll be seeing a career resurgence for Sami later this year (let's keep our fingers crossed.)

5 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Aiden English

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Though Aiden English is far from being the most over-pushed Superstar on SmackDown Live, I truly don't see any point in attempting to push English whatsoever. Now I like to give wrestlers the benefit of the doubt, but considering how talents with similar gimmicks to Aiden end up in WWE (guys such as Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Adam Rose et cetera), I say save the trouble in trying something that will ultimately fail in the end. Now I'm not saying that English's a bad wrestler, but there are far more deserving undercard guys that should have a chance to shine in the spotlight - guys like Erick Rowan and especially Tye Dillinger.

Speaking of Dillinger, Aiden English recently defeated Tye on the Battleground 2017 pre-show, much to the disappointment of fans. Though I haven't included Tye Dillinger as a list entry for a Superstar deserving to be a much bigger priority, he's worth far more than Aiden to the WWE in the long run, and he's already far more talented. Aiden English is one of those guys who'll probably be released from WWE within the next couple years after a failed (and undeserved) midcard push.

4 Bigger Priority: Dolph Ziggler

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When you think of current WWE Superstars who deserve so much more, Dolph Ziggler should be at the forefront of that list, no doubt. Ziggler is a truly gifted athlete, and he's great on the mic as well. When Dolph's booked with some thought, it doesn't take very long for Ziggler to get himself over with the WWE Universe despite all of his crappy booking prior. However, it doesn't seem like the WWE have any major plans for "The Showoff" in the imminent future, and I'd have to argue that his peak years in the business have sadly been wasted.

Rumors suggest that Vince McMahon lacks faith in Ziggler as a performer, and I doubt things will improve for Dolph anytime soon (he'll probably retire a midcarder.) Although some dub Dolph Ziggler a "Shawn Michaels wannabee," that doesn't take away from the fact that Ziggler's one of the WWE's most rock-solid performers. It's not like SmackDown's roster is that jam-packed, so at least placing Dolph in US Championship contention would be a wise choice if the main event scene is out of the question.

3 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Randy Orton

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Now you may be wondering, how could a wrestling legend, a 13-time World Champion like Randy Orton classify as a WWE Superstar who doesn't deserve their position? Well, considering how irrelevant Randy Orton is in 2017, I'd say fairly easily. Randy Orton hasn't been a relevant main eventer for years now, and with each year Orton becomes increasingly stale - and this all falls back on the WWE's lack of developing Randy's character to suit the times.

Instead or reinvigorating Randy's career by having "The Viper" return to his psychopath days of being a cold and calculating snake who fans secretly adored, the WWE have continued to saddle down Randy Orton with a boring and generic character that lacks any form of intrigue. Regardless, Randy Orton's just coming off a WWE Championship run earlier this year, and he most recently completely buried Rusev at SummerSlam this past Sunday after an emphatic RKO within seconds of the bell ringing. When I say that Randy Orton doesn't deserve his spot, I'm specifically saying that in regards to his current shtick. If Orton was to reinvent himself and become interesting once again, then that's a totally different ball game.

2 Bigger Priority: AJ Styles

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Although "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles is the current United States Champion, I'd still classify Styles as being a Superstar who deserves to be a much bigger priority in WWE. AJ has proven time and time again that he's the WWE's most talented in-ring performer today, and he should be utilized as a main eventer rather than a midcarder. It's no secret that Styles' far from being a "young buck" at 40 years old, and he would be much better fit in the main event scene. Of course a midcard run here and there isn't "bad" considering it makes talent seem fresher when they re-enter the top storylines, but in AJ Styles' case, few if any fans have grown tired of seeing such an extraordinarily gifted athlete perform at the highest level - in the WWE Championship picture.

AJ's WWE Championship run was a huge success (one of the best WWE Title reigns in recent memory), so it's odd to me why he's being squandered away in the US Title picture. Now I'm not trying to knock the US Championship, but if the WWE had all its screws, Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles would swap places. You just don't come across talent like AJ Styles everyday, so it's better to get as much as you possibly can out of them while they're still performing at the top of their game.

1 Doesn't Deserve Spot: Jinder Mahal

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Aside from being absolutely shredded and Indian, the "Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal has done absolutely nothing to be deserving of his recent superpush to the main event WWE Championship picture. Jinder Mahal went from being a career jobber to becoming SmackDown's top heel in a matter of months which is absolutely mind boggling. However, it was later realized that Mahal's sudden push was because the WWE was attempting to grow their presence in India - one of the largest WWE consuming countries.

With that said, since being thrust into the main event scene and carrying the most prestigious title in Sports Entertainment on his shoulder, Jinder Mahal has failed to establish himself as a top star, nor has he drawn in significant numbers from India. Mahal's main event run has been a complete flop up to this point, and with how things are currently going, it looks like it will be a flop right till the end. I can admire the WWE's willingness to push new faces into more prominent roles, but Jinder Mahal ranks as the least deserving of his current spot compared to all the other wrestlers on this list by far.

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