14UNDERPAID: Darren Young 

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In lieu of Mr. Bob Backlund’s efforts towards making his protégé great again, Darren Young’s status in WWE has gone on a bit of a rollercoaster throughout 2016. He’s been with WWE over seven years, signing with the company in 2009 to train at Florida Championship Wrestling. He debuted on

the WWE main roster with The Nexus, returning to NXT when he failed to stand out amidst the luminaries in that group. Young was called back up to SmackDown alongside his new partner Titus O’Neil as The Prime Time Players, which is ultimately why Young finds himself on this list. O’Neil signed with WWE the same year as Young, though he didn’t do much of note until The Prime Time Players got together. Somehow, though, Titus is said to earn around $265,000 per year compared to Young’s $175,000, a discrepancy Mr. Backlund should probably look into when making things great again.

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