8 WWE Superstars Who Were Kicked Out Of The Locker Room (And 7 Who Should Have Been)

Getting kicked out of the WWE locker is always a bad sign. Some have suffered it, but others came extremely close as seen in this list.

Politics plays a huge role in the wrestling business and even though a superstar is well-liked on WWE TV it doesn't mean that they are liked by the other members of the roster. When WWE Superstars reach the point where they are so annoying that a fellow star can't put up with them, they are sometimes literally kicked out of the locker room and then forced to dress in the hallway. This is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to any WWE star and it can cause problems for them on-screen as well if they are in a storyline with a star that they don't like because the feud will then become much more real than WWE would want.

Backstage heat can cause a number of issues for the star and if they manage to fall out with someone who is much higher in the company, then this could end up costing them their job. The following list looks at all the WWE stars over the past few decades who have been kicked out of the WWE locker room as well as all of the reasons why they weren't allowed back in for quite a long time.

15 Was: Matt And Jeff Hardy


Matt and Jeff Hardy were two of the biggest stars that WWE had during the early 2000s and have been able to easily fit back into that position in WWE since their return earlier this year when they made their shocking return at WrestleMania 33 to win the Raw Tag Team Championships.

That being said, it seems that even Team Xtreme managed to be given their marching orders out of the WWE locker room from JBL back in the day when they sat in Kane's seat on a plane ride that WWE had organized. Apparently, this was seen as disrespectful to a WWE legend and they were only allowed back into the WWE locker room after they had done a number of jobs for JBL to get back into his good graces.

14 Should Have Been: Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns has been given a lot of abuse over the past few years on-screen, but he was always well-liked in the WWE locker room until it was revealed that he had failed WWE's Wellness Policy test and was then suspended for 30 days while still being able to return and main event a pay-per-view.

The WWE locker room was so annoyed about it that Roman was forced to perform a public apology in front of all of the other stars on the roster at that time and was then kicked out of the main event picture as punishment. Luckily, Reigns appears to have learned his lesson and the heat has died down a little. If the locker room didn't accept his apology then things could have been a lot different.

13 Was: Big Cass


It is rumoured that Big Cass was kicked out of the WWE locker room along with his friend Enzo Amore, and he just received a lot of heat for being friends with him, but there were a number of contradicting reports a few months ago that pointed out the matter, so we can not be sure this actually happened. It is still very likely to have been true with how controversial Big Cass is backstage.

Cass's main issue was the fact that he was a Donald Trump supporter and he was very outspoken about it. This annoyed a lot of people backstage and has caused him a lot of problems because he doesn't know when to keep quiet. Luckily, his injury seemed to come at the right time so that he could get away from the heat and give the locker room time to settle down.

12 Should Have Been: Mickie James


Mickie James has had a lot of heat on her over the past few years and it all started when she was part of a very public affair with John Cena back in 2008. Mickie was then transferred over to the SmackDown brand to get her away from John Cena and was also told to lose weight.

When Mickie refused, she was then made part of a cruel storyline where she was referred to as "Piggy James" until she was finally released by the company. A lot of Mickie's heat has come from her fellow female wrestlers over the years, but it seems that the fact that this began when she was a few years into her career meant that she was much higher up on the ladder when it came to many of the women, so they were unable to kick her out.

11 Was: The Jackyl


One of the more forgettable stars to have graced the WWE over the past decades, Don "The Jackyl" Callis was best remembered as the manager of both Truth Commission and Oddities back in the 1990s. Even though his stint with WWE was short, he managed to become another star who was forced to dress in the hallway when he annoyed a WWE legend.

It seems that Callis managed to annoy JBL to the point where he actually ordered The Hardy Boys to snap toothpicks in the locks on his car doors so that they were allowed back into the WWE locker room. It is unknown what he actually did to annoy JBL, but at this time in Layfield's career, he wasn't a very nice person and the smallest things could be taken out of context and he would then have reacted by showing the power he actually had over the other stars.

10 Should Have Been: Ryback


Ryback was a strange individual, so much so that at times it seemed as though WWE had no idea what they were doing with him. He managed to rub a number of people the wrong way throughout his time with the company, most famously managing to annoy CM Punk. Many stars realized that Ryback was just another strange entity and left him to it, while others just found it hard to work with him when the company pushed them together. Ryback's mouth finally got him into trouble when he decided to share his thoughts on WWE's pay scale, which was the reason why the company decided to release him. His contract was coming to an end anyway, so it appears that Ryback wanted to go out with a bang. Had he not been released, he definitely would have been booted out of the locker room.

9 Was: Mr Kennedy


Mr. Kennedy found out the hard way back in 2005 that there are a number of rules in WWE that need to be followed, or people will see it as disrespectful. Kennedy was at a house show in November that year and was being put over in a Battle Royale.

After the match, Kennedy apparently forgot to go backstage and thank all of the people who had put him over that night, which is a customary wrestling tradition. Hardcore Holly called him out on it and then the following night at an arena in Italy, Holly made a point of picking up Kennedy's bags, throwing them into the hallway and telling him to get out until he told him he was allowed to come back in. Hardcore Holly was not a man to be messed with!

8 Should Have Been: Goldberg


Goldberg may have recently been able to return to WWE and become the Universal Champion, but just over a decade ago he was another superstar who was humiliated backstage because of his ego. Goldberg and Chris Jericho had a lot of heat from their WCW days when the former undefeated star refused to work with Y2J. It seems that this followed over to their WWE career and the duo finally got into a real fight that Jericho won. Goldberg was then forced to admit that Jericho was the better wrestler in front of the entire locker room as well as admitting that he had lost to a much smaller man in a real fight. That's about as close to getting kicked out as you can get. No wonder he decided to leave the wrestling world for more than a decade.

7 Was: Matt Striker


Matt Striker was hired by WWE after he was fired from being a school teacher and this persona then followed him over to WWE. He was best remembered for his school teacher gimmick, but it was his obnoxious personality that managed to get him kicked out of the locker room.

Striker was part of WWE during their first brand split and was drafted over to SmackDown from Raw in a time when there was a genuine rivalry between Raw and SmackDown, Matt was overheard telling one of the road agents how much better he thought the Raw roster was, which was seen as him being disloyal to his brand. This then saw Chris Benoit physically throw Strikers' bags out into the hallway where he forced him to change.

6 Should Have Been: Muhammad Hassan


There was probably no one in WWE who gained the amount of heat backstage that Muhammad Hassan managed to generate, but most of this wasn't his fault. WWE gave him a monster push with a gimmick that many of the WWE Universe found racist. But even before he was given a push with this gimmick, he still managed to get on the wrong side of Eddie Guerrero. The story goes that Hassan saw Eddie using the Camel Clutch and told him to stop using it because that was his finisher. Eddie found this disrespectful from a young talent and also refused to stop using the move that his father actually invented. Hassan was hated after this and it was also reported that he once brought every wrestler shots in the bar but they all poured their drinks onto the floor as a sign of their disdain for him. A symbolic kicking out!

5 Was: The Miz


The Miz is perhaps one of the best-known examples of a star that was really not well liked when he made his way over to WWE. Miz had no experience as a wrestler and was signed after appearing as a reality show star, which already rubbed a number of wrestlers the wrong way.

This led to an incident when Miz was caught eating chicken over Scott Armstrong's bag and he was then seen by Chris Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine reacted by kicking him out of the locker room, but the issue was, this was a few weeks before the Benoit tragedy which meant that Miz had no way of getting back into the locker room because the person who kicks you out has to let you back in. Luckily, The Undertaker stepped in and allowed Miz to come back in.

4 Should Have Been: Daniel Puder


Now, wrestling in WWE should come with a cheat sheet because it seems that most rookies make a number of mistakes that then lead to a lot of heat in the WWE locker room. Daniel Puder was booked in a squash match with Kurt Angle and instead of actually allowing the veteran to squash him, he locked in a genuine Kimora Lock and almost forced the veteran to quit. The referee called a false pin and saved Angle from having to kick out, but it seems that the WWE locker room was already annoyed. Their punishment then came at The Royal Rumble when all of the veterans ganged up on Puder and legitimately beat him up before they eliminated him from the match. It seems that mistake affected Puder's career much more than they thought it would.

3 Was: Melina


There were not many people in the WWE Universe who were shocked when Melina was fired from the company since she wasn't well-liked backstage throughout her career. Melina's self-righteous attitude got her into a lot of trouble backstage a number of times, and at one point she was even taken to wrestler's court.

Melina managed to annoy WWE Hall of Famer Lita while she was still working for WWE which is a shock since Lita is usually said to be one of the most laid-back stars backstage. Lita had had enough and decided to kick Melina out of the locker room until she apologized to all of the women that she had managed to irritate. It seems that Melina didn't learn her lesson though since she continued to rub people up the wrong way until WWE decided to release her.

2 Should Have Been: Randy Orton


Randy Orton may be one of the faces of the company and a former World Champion, but it seems that when it comes to his reputation backstage the Orton made a number of enemies because of his antics early in his career.

Orton was reported to have defecated in a Diva Search contestants bag as well as doing a number of disrespectful things to other wrestlers in the locker room. Luckily, it seemed that Orton had Triple H on his side throughout his career otherwise it could have been very different for The Viper. If Miz was kicked out of the locker room just for dropping crumbs in someone's bag then surely there should be a much more severe punishment for someone who decided to use someone's bag as a toilet.

1 Was: Enzo Amore


Enzo Amore could be one of the most hated stars in WWE right now. His backstage heat has been referred to as nuclear a number of times and it seems that Enzo has a major issue with Roman Reigns, who kicked him off the WWE tour bus earlier this year.

It seems that Enzo didn't learn his lesson since he began bringing some questionable people into the WWE locker room who broke all of the rules by taking videos and pictures of the superstars who were trying to get changed. Many thought that Enzo should have known better as a 30-year-old, which is why the punishment was so severe. There is no word yet on whether or not Enzo has been allowed back into the locker room since then.

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8 WWE Superstars Who Were Kicked Out Of The Locker Room (And 7 Who Should Have Been)