8 WWE Superstars With Perfect Entrance Music (And 7 That Need To Be Changed)

WWE officials spend a great deal of time creating and fine-tuning the characters which are utilized by the company's Superstars. An important part of this creative process is choosing the perfect entrance theme for these wrestlers. Not only should an entrance theme be catchy and memorable, but it must also encapsulate whatever it is that makes this character unique. With over 50 superstars currently under contract, this can be quite the task for WWE execs.

As such, this list will count down 8 WWE Superstars who have just the right entrance music, and 7 whose themes don't quite fit them. Through this list, I think it will become apparent how important the perfect entrance theme is to manufacturing the wanted response from the WWE Universe. Those superstars with the perfect entrance themes will always have a leg up on their competition, while those whose could use some work will be missing that one element which could raise them to another level of superstardom. All facts and songs mentioned in this article are from the first-hand knowledge of the author or are taken from WWE.com.

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15 The New Day - Perfect Entrance

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Despite not having a real storyline in what seems like years, The New Day continues to be one of the most popular acts in all of WWE. This is mainly due to the outstanding ability and chemistry of its members, but don't discount the impact that their entrance music has had on their popularity. Amazingly upbeat and catchy, "New Day, New Way" by Jim Johnston is the perfect way to introduce the WWE Universe to the power of positivity. I've seen a few rumors of a New Day breakup in the works, but I can't imagine that any of the members will have the amount of individual success that they have had as a group. Even if Xavier Woods and company do get that lucky, it will be hard to replace their clap-happy entrance video, and the way that it instantly pumps up the WWE crowd.

14 Braun Strowman - Needs to Be Changed

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Braunnnnnnnnn!!!” That is how the WWE Creative team decided the WWE Universe should be introduced to Braun Strowman. Given the big plans that WWE reportedly has for Braun, you would think that they would have tried a little harder to come up with an appropriate entrance theme. If WWE is in need of inspiration for how to handle a monster like Braun, they should look no further than his SummerSlam opponent, Brock Lesnar. The intense riff which begins Lesnar’s theme is instantly recognizable, but is still cool and fierce enough to represent Lesnar. I think this is what officials were going for when they developed Braun’s theme, but it comes off as way to ridiculous and childish. A change in Strowman's theme would certainly benefit him as a performer, and could ease the process of putting him into the main event scene.

13 Sasha Banks - Perfect Entrance

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Due to the limited amount of attention that WWE Creative gives to the Raw and Smackdown Women's Divisions, it was hard to find a female competitor whose entrance theme competed with some of the male superstars on the good side of this list. The one exception to this rule, might be “Sky’s the Limit” by CFO$, the song which accompanies three-time Raw Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, to the ring. While her character is less concentrated than it was during her time with NXT, "the Boss" persona is still one of the more unique and exciting female acts going. “Sky’s the Limit” perfectly encapsulates this, and the catchy hip-hop song has become synonymous with the talented Banks. It is no surprise then that this is one of the most downloaded WWE themes on Itunes.

12 Seth Rollins - Needs to Be Changed

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As a huge Seth Rollins fan, it brings me down a level every time I hear his terrible entrance music. At the onset of The Shield's split, all three members were forced to create their own unique gimmicks, including ring attire and entrance music. While WWE has to be happy with what Rollins (and arguably the two other members) has done with his singles push, they should not be happy with his current entrance music. A superstar's entrance music should be an embodiment of everything that they are as a wrestler, Rollins entrance is glorified static which provides no clues as to who the Seth Rollins character is. Worse than that, the music is so annoying that it cuts into Rollins' current face push, something that should be very alarming for the Raw Creative team.

11 Randy Orton - Perfect Entrance

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In 2007 WWE took a heck of a chance with the Randy Orton character. Despite being an already established main event superstar (Orton was already a multi-time World Champion at this time), WWE decided to completely rebrand the RKO character. Abandoning the entitled “legend killer” persona, Orton adopted the vicious “viper” character that he uses to this day. To accompany this personality change, Orton was also given a new entrance video; “I Hear Voices” by Rev Theory. This was an incredibly risky move, but a good choice in entrance music (and Orton’s own wrestling acumen) has allowed this character to reach a near legendary status. Orton’s theme song is currently one of the most widely recognized in WWE.

10 Nia Jax - Needs to Be Changed

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It has been the goal of WWE officials for a number of years to create a monster in the Women's Division, similar to what Kane (and now Braun Strowman) has been for the men. While there have been a number of failed attempts at creating this female monster (Kharma and Victoria come to mind), since making her debut, Nia Jax has had a great deal of success in this role. This is even more impressive when you consider that Jax has been successful despite having one of the most inappropriate entrance themes in the entire WWE. As a monster, Jax's theme should be at least somewhat sinister. Instead, Jax makes her entrance to an upbeat, pop song, which totally disrupts the monster aura that she is trying to build.

9 Shesaro - Perfect Entrance

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Up until earlier this year I was not a fan of when wrestlers combine their entrance themes when entering into a new tag-team. Unfortunately, this often comes off as choppy, and is no more effective than if the wrestlers would merely make their entrances separate using their own unique themes. An exception has emerged to this, however, in the team of the “Swiss Superman” Cesaro and the “Celtic Warrior” Sheamus. The team known as Shesaro has become a staple of the Raw tag-team division and they are currently the reigning Raw Tag Team Champions. To correspond with this tumultuous tag team, WWE’s production team combined their individual theme songs in a way that is better than the originals. When this team inevitably separates it will be the loss of one of the greatest entrances currently in the WWE.

8 Mike Kanellis - Needs to Be Changed

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To be fair it's not just Mike Kanellis' entrance music that needs to be changed, but rather the entire character that he has adopted since coming to the WWE. The overly romanticized character that he had adopted beside his (real life) wife, Maria Kanellis, was developed to create heel heat for Kanellis. While this has been somewhat successful, without a sense of dangerousness this persona is doomed to fail. Unless the character can be further developed to make him a threat to face wrestlers, Kanellis is little more than a jobber, a la Curt Hawkins. Part of the Kanellis character being so ridiculous is his cartoonish entrance theme. When Kanellis makes his entrance, he comes off more as a dating show host than he does someone capable of taking down SmackDown Live’s top performers.

7 The Miz - Perfect Entrance

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One of the hardest parts of choosing an entrance theme for an incoming wrestler is finding a song which can be used in various stages of the characters development. For instance, you don’t want a song that is too dark and ominous if you have plans for that character to be a face, and similarly, you can’t have your top heel walking around with an upbeat and peppy entrance. Mike “The Miz” Mizanin has made this part of the job easy for WWE producers, as he has been a heel character for almost the entirety of his time with WWE. “I Came to Play” by Downstait is the perfect entrance for this uber heel, and it truly speaks to the boastfulness and arrogance of his character. The entrance has been adopted a few times during Miz’s career (to correspond to minor changes in his character), but the base of the song continues to perfectly correspond with the “Hollywood A-Lister”.

6 Big Cass - Needs to Be Changed

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I want to start this entry by saying how impressed I have been with how WWE is handling Big Cass’ recent heel turn. Far too often, WWE Creative forces a major change on these performers without laying the groundwork for them to be successful as villains. Such has not been the case with Cass, and he has been consistently getting negative reactions (which is what you want as a heel wrestler) at WWE Live Events. With that being said, the choice of Cass’ new entrance theme has been the main downside of this recent character shift. WWE was clearly going for a darker more aggressive theme, however, the song is so similar to others on the roster that it takes away some of the impact of Cass’ entrance.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura - Perfect Entrance

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An important tenet of choosing WWE themes is that they cannot be too similar to another wrestler already on the roster. When a superstars entrance hits, you don’t want the WWE Universe to be in any way confused about who is about to make their way to the ring. The theme of WWE phenom, Shinsuke Nakamura, certainly achieves this aim, as his theme is almost as unique as the wrestler himself. Instead of utilizing a soft rock song like several other superstars, WWE officials chose for Nakamura a violin-based theme. This theme provides the sense of anticipation and foreignness that WWE execs want the Universe to feel when Nakamura is in the ring. Not only this, but the theme is catchy enough to make it a favorite sing-along for many WWE Live fans.

4 Lana - Needs to Be Changed

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I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE merely took the push that it always had inevitably planned for Eva Marie, and only slightly changed it before giving it to Lana. The SmackDown Live Creative team has pushed a storyline where Lana’s character isn’t nearly ready to compete on the main event stage, but is still inexplicably given opportunities over other, more deserving superstars. The problem with this, however, is that it's a pretty accurate portrayal of what’s actually happening with Lana. Lana is far too often coming off as cartoonish during her promos and matches, and her overcomplicated entrance is only a part of it. Unless major changes are made to both Lana’s entrance and character, I worry about her viability in an increasingly competitive SmackDown Women’s Division.

3 Bray Wyatt - Perfect Entrance

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WWE thankfully avoided giving Bray Wyatt the typically soft rock entrance music, thus ensuring that he became one of the most unique and exciting wrestlers in the entire company. The slow, methodically entrance song perfectly encapsulates the head of the Wyatt Family. One of the best parts of a WWE Live show is the interacting element, and Bray’s “firefly” entrance has to be one of the most fun live interactions currently going. The spectacle of seeing thousands of cell phone lights would be minimized, however, were it not for the perfectly eerie song which accompanies Bray’s entrance. If only WWE officials would get behind Wyatt as much as the WWE Universe has, we could really see some development of one of the more compelling characters in all of WWE.

2 Dean Ambrose - Needs to Be Changed

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Many of the superstars on this list have succeeded despite their less-than-perfect entrance theme. Dean Ambrose is the first example, however, of a superstar who has been held back by his entrance theme. I see what WWE officials were going for with Ambrose’s current entrance theme, the crashing noise (followed by rock music) is meant to invoke memories of Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and WWE’s Attitude Era. Instead, all it does is remind us of the lack of direction of the character. The Lunatic Fringe is exactly that, a character so lost and confused that he has become uncompelling to much of the WWE Universe. Given Ambrose’s immense talent, WWE would be smart to look into a character change, including a much needed change to Dean’s entrance theme.

1 Sami Zayn - Perfect Entrance

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There's not a superstar currently in WWE who is benefiting from his entrance music more than Sami Zayn. The "Underdog from the Underground" made his WWE debut in 2016, and has muddled around the mid-card ever since. Despite his less than stellar win-loss record, Zayn is one of the most popular superstars on the entire roster, and consistently gets one of the best fan reactions when his entrance music hits. While a lot of this can be attributed to Zayn's own talent and charisma, his popularity is certainly furthered by his entrance music. Zayn comes out to "Worlds Apart" by CFO$, a zany new age rock song which perfectly fits his character. Rumor has it that Sami is getting a main event push after SummerSlam, something that wouldn't have happened if not for his perfect entrance theme.

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