8 WWE Women Who Didn't Deserve To Be Champion And 7 Never Given The Chance

The WWE Women's Championship has a lengthy history that surpasses the two current belts that are used in the Raw and SmackDown brands. Back in 2008 WWE decided to bring in a Divas Championship as well, which was basically when the entire Women's Division became laughable.

The original Women's Championship was retired back in 2010 when it was decided that WWE was in the era of Divas and it was time for just one belt for one WWE brand. This lasted up until WrestleMania 32 when the Four Horsewomen had managed to substantially change the opinion of both the WWE and The WWE Universe and it was then decided that the Women's Championship should be brought back and the term Divas was to no longer be used in the company.

A Brand Split was later established and then it was decided that there needed to be a champion on each show. So there are now two titles all over again. Over the past few decades, there have been many Women's Champions and Divas Champions. Some who deserved it and some who definitely didn't.

The following list looks at the women who didn't deserve to win a championship and the women who fought hard in WWE but were never given the chance to hold a belt.

15 Undeserved: Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn came into WWE though the all-female season of NXT. She was signed to WWE with no prior in-ring experience in 2010 before she became part of the NXT brand alongside the likes of AJ Lee, Aksana and Naomi.

Kaitlyn was unveiled as the winner of season three before making the switch over to the main roster and becoming part of a team with AJ Lee. She was later pushed into the spotlight because she represented a different kind of Women's wrestler and was able to defeat Eve Torres for her first Divas Championship in 2013. Kaitlyn only held the championship for five months before she lost it to AJ Lee and a new era in Women's wrestling began. Kaitlyn quit the company in 2014 to pursue other interests and has since set up her own company. She never had that much of a passion for wrestling and a five-month reign is hardly worthy of the record she will be remembered for.

14 Deserved: Sunny

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Sunny may have gained the wrong kind of reputation over the past few years for her actions outside of the wrestling ring, but when she was part of WWE, she completely missed out on her chance to be champion. The Women's Championship was retired back in 1995 before Sunny was made part of the company and then came back in 1998 just after she had left.

Sunny was wildly successful as a manager of tag teams with almost all that she managed becoming Tag Team Champions. She was also the woman who was seen as the first ever Diva in WWE and paved the way for many women who came into WWE after her. This is the main reason she ended up in The Hall of Fame.

13 Undeserved: Brie Bella

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Brie Bella has had a lengthy WWE career but she has only ever managed to win the Divas Championship once. Her reign lasted just 70 days after she defeated Eve Torres back in 2011, and was then defeated by Kelly Kelly.

Back then Brie and her sister Nikki were not seen as the fan favorites they are today. Instead, they were not very good in the ring or on the mic and it was rumored that WWE had only signed them because they wanted twins on the show. Brie and Nikki left the company not long after this to pursue separate careers before being scouted to resign to WWE again back in 2012. This  when they were pushed properly by the company and seemed to care much more about the business.

12 Deserved: Taryn Terrell

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Taryn Terrell was part of WWE for a number of years after coming in through the ECW brand back in 2008. She was known as Tiffany and was even able to compete in the WrestleMania XXV Women's Battle Royal to crown the first-ever Miss WrestleMania.

Tiffany was moved to the SmackDown brand after that and feuded with LayCool when they first became Divas Champion. She even had a match for the Women's Championship but came up short against Michelle McCool. Tiffany was then suspended from WWE for an incident with her husband Drew McIntyre and was then released from the company before she was able to return. Tiffany deserved a chance to be Champion and her run as a Champion in TNA where she decided to work afterwards only further proves this.

11 Undeserved: Alicia Fox

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Being a champion should be something that only the best people in the company can brag about. The fact that Alicia Fox was able to lift the Divas Championship so long ago and now she has become a joke on WWE TV, means that that title had no real credibility, to begin with.

Alicia was once seen as a decent star but she was signed to WWE with no prior experience in the ring as she was spotted in a fashion magazine. She hasn't had a decent feud in a number of years and has been reduced to working as a valet for members of 205 Live instead. The fact that she has won the title the same amount of times as someone as talented as Natalya is laughable.

10 Deserved: Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson was one of two women to come over to WWE from WCW. She was used as eye candy throughout her career but after a few years of dressing as a school girl and competing in Bra and Panties matches, WWE decided that Torrie should be treated seriously. Vince's Devils them became credible for a while as Candice Michelle and Victoria joined Torrie.

Wilson improved in the ring and was fighting the likes of Trish Stratus and Mickie James on a weekly basis that proved that she could hold her own when it comes to former and future champions. Torrie really put in the work with WWE and managed to improve in the ring, which makes it terrible that she was unable to lift the gold once throughout her lengthy career.

9 Undeserved: Jacqueline

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Jacqueline went into the WWE Hall of Fame last year and many of the WWE Universe felt insulted that she was able to go into a class of the most elite stars in the history of the company despite not achieving a lot in terms of her career.

Jacqueline has also had a lot of rumors circulating about her and the things that she got up to during her WWE career with married wrestlers. Given WWE's opinion of Sunny and the Hall of Fame, it makes them complete hypocrites. Jacqueline was not very gifted in the ring and was actually the one who was defeated by Stephanie McMahon when she won her first match, which was a horrific main event. Jacqueline's career is just a footnote and one that doesn't deserve to have a Championship reign as part of it.

8 Deserved: Katie Lea Burchill

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Katie Lea Burchill was well-known on the Independent scene in the UK and America before she signed with WWE. For most of her career she was kept away the championship. Katie was a two-time Women's Champion in OVW and had experience on her side, but lost both of her Women's Championship matches to Mickie James and was never able to win a title in WWE.

She later moved over to TNA and became known as Winter. While she was there she managed to win the TNA Knockout's Championship and the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Championships within her first year, which proved that WWE was unaware of the talent they had at their fingertips at that point. The company were instead more bothered about coming up with controversial storylines for her and her fake brother.

7 Undeserved: The Kat

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Let's be honest, whether she was known as The Kat or Miss Kitty, Stacy Carter was never the kind of girl in WWE that deserved to win the Women's Championship. At that time the title was being defended in Pudding matches with women who just wanted to take their clothes off on TV and possessed no actual wrestling talent.

It was a horrible time to be a wrestling fan because the decline in female wrestling saw the birth of Evening Gown matches and bikini contests. The fact that the Women's Championship was lost amongst many of these matches is a disgrace to the history of the belt and it's much better for everyone involved and the new generation moving forward if we forget that The Kat was ever Women's Champion.

6 Deserved: Stacy Keibler

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For some reason, even though she was never a Women's Champion and was never given a decent chance at the title during her time with the company, Stacy Keibler has still managed to be one of the most memorable women that have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring.

As a manager Stacy was The Duchess of Dudleyville. She was Super Stacy when she joined The Hurricane Gregory Helms and she was once part of an incredible storyline with Randy Orton. But her long legs will always be the things that she is best remembered for. Stacy left WWE and has since pursued acting which included a stint on Dancing with the Stars. But it would have been great for the former WCW star to have a title next to her name in the history books.

5 Underserved: The Fabulous Moolah

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The Fabulous Moolah is the longest reigning Women's Champion in the history of WWE with an actual record of around 10 years. but because WWE doesn't recognize the title changes from 1956 until 1984, it means that Moolah's record stands at 28 years. Moolah is a well-respected pillar of the history of WWE but the way she became this legend doesn't sit well with many fans.

Many female wrestlers who worked with Moolah over the years accused her of financial and sexual exploitation and that she had the wrestling world on lockdown. This was the reason she was able to hold the title for so long because she controlled the female wrestlers at that time and no one could get close to her. It's a damning truth that WWE won't clarify, but it says a lot that this year's tournament is the Mae Young Classic, not The Fabulous Moolah Classic.

4 Deserved: Luna Vachon

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Luna Vachon should have been helped in WWE by the fact that she came from a famous wrestling family but this wasn't the case. Even though Luna was well ahead of her time when she came into the company and she was given opportunities to win the championship from Alundra Blayze, she wasn't able to actually hold the title.

Luna was a talented female wrestler but she didn't fit in with what WWE thought a female wrestler should be. So they never pushed her to the top of the company which was perhaps something that she deserved at the time. Luna's is a sad story overall, but it would have been much better if she had been given the chance to be the Champion even if it was only once.

3 Undeserved: Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is one of the biggest stars in WWE right now because of the fact that her family owns the company. Back in 2000, she was able to defeat Jacqueline in one of the worst main events in the history when members of DX helped her to defeat the Women's Champion and lift the title.

Stephanie didn't put in any of the work in the match and later lost the title to Lita. It's a blip in WWE history and now Steph will always be known as a former Women's Champion and the first female to main event SmackDown because she was part of a much bigger storyline. Her win was undeserved and unwarranted but it just further proves the mess the Women's Division was in at that time.

2 Deserved: Aksana

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Aksana was the first ever Lithuanian WWE Diva as she came into WWE through the all-female season of NXT. She then signed to WWE after she played her part in the competition but was actually eliminated.

Aksana then dyed her hair black and then began competing on the main roster of WWE for a while but she was never given the chances that other women were, despite having a good gimmick. Aksana was the reason that Naomi needed surgery on her eye merely months before the former NXT star was released from WWE. It's a shame that she was unable to make her lengthy time with the company mean more and lift the title just once, especially considering the kind of women who were able to lift the title before her.

1 Undeserved: Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall was perhaps one of the worst female wrestlers that ever stepped in a WWE ring. She botched a lot of moves and caused many women to get annoyed with her, but for some unknown reason WWE decided that it was a valid option to put the title on her, even though she was a joke.

Jillian did only hold the title for two minutes before Melina was able to claim it in a rematch. But she still goes down in history as a Divas Champion and that in itself is something that should never have happened. The championship meant much less afterwards. Thankfully the Divas Championship was retired in 2016 and now the Women's Championships are back, so there will never be this kind of issue again.

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